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Rogue Trader Prices (poll)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Djemo-SRB, Jun 29, 2014.


Are you content with the current prices in the RT/Founders store?

  1. Regular FStore items yes, Heresy gear no

  2. Regular FStore items no, Heresy gear yes

  3. Im content with neither the Regular nor Heresy prices

  4. Im content with all the prices as is

  1. Feanor Feanor Preacher

    It's a ridiculous cash grab but that fits the lore of Games Workshop quite well and I'd rather not sit down and work out just how much money I've sent their way over the years. Sadly, I think the greed will cost the game in the long run. A lot of friends who usually jump into pre-orders and collectors editions balked when they saw the prices.
  2. I'm still not clear on what exactly I'm buying.

    Am I buying the opportunity to equip that piece of gear for one spawn... useable until I die... by spending "in game" requisition points?

    Or... once I buy the weapon in the store, can I permanently equip it at any time in game?
  3. BookofLorgar Kor Subordinate

    Forget the weapon descriptions, weren't we supposed to get the "dressed up" gameplay featuring orks that same friday (already delayed from founders launch)?
  4. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Well thats a topic for another thread, though you raise a good point.
    Im worrying how promises are piling up whilst not getting addressed nor fulfilled.

    Being this inconsistent and thinking it will not reflect on your products good name on the internet is being overly optimistic.
    Sure we the more understanding fans will surely let some of these things slide (though i guess everyone has a breaking point with his/her patience) but we arent the only people here.

    Someone who isnt really too understanding will go something like:
    "Oh look a broken promise... ah well. Oh look another one, well this is just ridiculous. Oh....another one....screw this *que leaving the forum/community*."

    Maybe a little over-dramatized but the sad thing is it aint too far from what would happen, the internet is made of drama.
  5. Heresy limited edition items for 35$ is way too expensive. Those are just some exclusive gun models... Can't cost more then 10 - 15 $.

    Rogue Trader:
    Gear costs should be between 2500 and 10000 points.
    Heros - 15000
    vehicles - probably at right pricing.

    Don't get where they've drown inspiration for their pricing, because I haven't seen such crazy prices anywhere.
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  6. Feanor Feanor Preacher

    Star Citizen. They've seen Chris Roberts swimming around in pools of money a la Scrooge McDuck and thought 'I would like some of that'. Ships starting at $40 and rising all the way over $1000 and Miguel, bless him, had eyes like $_$ and thought 'Well $35 seems reasonable for a Shuriken Catapult made famous by vehicle drivers who got blown up'. I fell for the SC trap as well but happily the thriving Grey Market on SC let me escape from that mistake in the black and got out a little wiser. A legendary skin in LoL is like $15 and that requires artists, animators, voice and sound talent and yet Riot is raking in cash. [​IMG]

  7. Indeed... Devs here love to talk about how they want to create situation where "players want to buy stuff", but they seem to draw thier inspiration from bad sources.

    League of Legends did their shop and prices right. I spent about 100 - 150$ in there in about a year, without any regret. I did like the game and I did like the content they are selling. It was worth the money.
    But here, right now... Nope.

    Also, devs could take a look at warframe. Game, that practically lives by selling guns and characterer. It's not a perfect example, but it could probably teach devs something.
  8. *puts down shovel*
    So, here we are 8 months later and I still don't see any appreciable change in the crazy pricing of the Rogue Trader store. Granted I was away from the forums for several months with school stuff, but did we just sort of give up on this front or was there a cool explanation that I missed? Because $25 for a hero still seems pretty high from my economic point of view.
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  9. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Great necro Necron. :D
    From what ive gathered the prices are something that will probably change a few more times before launch.
    In livestream #10 we can see Miguel saying the prices arent final (that being stated after the first pricedown), and that they will probably change again.
    Now it only depends on how Nathan inherits this job of managing the pricing of the items further.
    And looking at the stores of the games he has worked on, for example Defiance, i have a good feeling that he will steer the current prices towards more acceptable levels.
  10. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    That price on some items is not reasonable, but that is okay, for now. Because most of team are working on the game, not the pricing, they don't have the time and the manpower for that yet. Pricing is not simple, you need to find the balance so you can both make money and keep the customers happy. There is a lot of researching to be done to find that middle point. And given that they're focusing on the alpha build right now, the pricing can wait. That's why you have the ability to resell anything back to the store after you buy them, and it's gonna be that way until they're content with the price and all the weapons are fully able to be tested in the game itself before players decide to buy them. That is fair, don't you think?
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