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Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Zaphkiel_ElRaziel, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. I believe the DA already have confirmed surplices. Not sure about the other chapters though.
  2. Fethaus Fethaus Arkhona Vanguard

    It's pretty much a given that each sub-faction will have something visual beyond colours to make them stand out. Hopefully that means robes and whatnot for DA, everything wolf related under the sun for the SW, etc.

    I wouldn't get my expectations too high though. There'll be a metric ton of things they could choose from.
  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Why do you want robes anyway? They only slow you down in combat
    inb4 whats a DA without a robe (a normal marine perhaps? :D)/but they are soooooo kewlllll
  4. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    the dev say something about robes but i can't find now, it was someting about we must first see if clipping i'ts ok or similar.
  5. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    You can't put the Unforgiven in a game and NOT give 'em robes.
    That would just be wrong man, wrong.
  6. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member would be HERESY!!!
  7. Dirus Dirus Forum Beta Tester

    Robes? Psh.

    Tabards are where it's at.
  8. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    Quiet you.
  9. Steelhide Steelhide Well-Known Member

    I would like to see cosmetics like these. Tabards for the Dark Angels, with or without hood, different styles, winged helmets, etc... everything which can make you unique and fits the Chapter. (That would also mean wolfteeth necklaces, pelts, and runes for my Space Wolf armor.) I would really like to get a free hand to a degree to forge my own looks from a plethora of choices, not just some limited customisation options like we seen in Space Marine... I wouldnt mind if the coolest ones would be locked for a certain goal to fulfill.
  10. If you guys are expecting to NOT pay for some or all of these cosmetic options you're gonna have a bad time. Some minor cosmetics like shoulder insignia and other little things may be related to player rank and deeds though. Maybe something really nice though for people that have reached level max or whatever the game is going to use.

    But since so many people are gonna want to make their character unique and cool as all hell then the devs would be stupid to not try and pump out tons of cosmetics to sell. Basically every chapter could have its own "Super Saver Pack" of cosmetics to slap on your marine to make them look like a freaking Primarch strolling around smiting F2P kiddies. So everyone wins! Except the poor...

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