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Road Of Damnation [casual Rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Road of Damnation

    Dramatis Personae
    (in alphabetic order)​

    Aileen Serpentine - Captain of the Battleship "Lost Mercy"

    Aldian Tacet - Tzeentchian Telepathica Scholar (@SorcererAlhendors )

    Alexandra Nox - Chaos Sorceress (@Vulpas )

    Argyle Voncarr - Khornate Astartes (@DeranVendar )

    Atax Echidna - Dark Mechanicus Slaaneshi (@Casavay )

    Cryzarion the Phoenix - Thousand Son Sorcerer (@lord-watchman )

    Dyson Oni - Aspiring Iron Warriors Warpsmith (@DaKaptin )

    Grythan Konenos - Undivided Emperor's Children Raptor (@Nurianis )

    Hydratus - Undivided Alpha Legionnaire (@DeathKorpsOfKrieg )

    Klaus Eisenhaut - Former Lord Commissar of the Deathkorps of Krieg, Leader of the Lost Mercy Lost & Damned

    Krax Brutalus - Black Legion Undivided Astartes (@Colapse )

    Novae Cabella - 'Head Nurse' of the Lost Mercy

    Oraan - Machine Spirit of the Lost Mercy

    Orgeten - Tzeentchian Cultist Ritualist (@bossaroo )

    Othim - Salamanders Traitor & Khornate (@Valonox )

    Patch - Some stitched up Mutant-Human Servant of Alexandra & Seth (@Vulpas )

    Redeger uq Hashet - Corrupted Astropath (@Loldoom )

    Rorschach - Undivided Night Lords Raptor (@Xaphen )

    Satharn Tem - Night Lords Astartes (@Jorimel )

    Seth - Chaos Apothecary (@Vulpas )

    Vortex - Dark Mechanicus Secutor - Security officer of the Lost Mercy

    Warpsmith Har'az'ahl - Master of Armory of the Lost Mercy

    Zadkiel Malkuth - Commander of the "Lost Mercy"


    Mission #1 Briefing:


    An organization so secret that not even the 'Holy' Inquisiton of Terra knows of their existence. Which could be due to possible infiltrators among them... If there are any, that is. Furthermore they are so secret and omni-potent that one could whisper their name at night at home and be forever gone from the next day on. Where they draw their strength and armies from, nobody knows.

    Sometimes Chaos Warbands fight for them while not even knowing them. But this troop is a different one. Having docked at a major space station in the Eye of Terror, the "Lost Mercy", the pride of Commander Zadkiel Malkuth, man who recruited the recent men from the world beneath. He stood on the bridge with his arms crossed. Heads of Humans adorned on right and left on top of his shoulder plates.

    A banner sticking up from his backpack, showing him as Veteran of all Black Crusades, but any association of his former legion or Warband was missing. The armor was pitch-black with silver lining. It looked quite similar to the Black Legion armor, but the silver was quite distant. On the shoulder plates where one would expect his tactical markings, were only hundreds of miniature skulls painted on the forehead of each a name.

    But it was not he, the recruits would meet. No. They would meet Vortex at the loading dock. The might Dark Mechanicus Secutor who was augmented more than even the average Secutor. Nothing at all seemed human about this man anymore. Perhaps he was one of those who had nothing but their brain left, and all else has become Cybernetic.

    Nonetheless he stood vigilant with two Servo Skulls floating above him while his watching eyes threatened anyone who came too close. His Power Axe-Halberd was two-handed, yet he had two Mechadendrites coming out from his back that had Long-Las mounted modules, ready to kill anyone on distance, and if he was as Cybernetic as he appeared... Everyone knew he would not miss.

    Next to the machine stood an actual man. In Commissars dress code, but damaged with holes and burn marks. He wore no Gas Mask, instead he had a slashed face. It looks like a hundred different blades cut across his face. He just stood there with Power Sabre on one side of his body, hanging loosely, a Master Crafted Bolt Pistol on the other side, while having a Data-Pad in his hand and a stack of more Data-Pads next to him. Next to him was a sign posted "New Recruits, register here." While appearing human, there was something about him... Something more than dark and chaotic.

    What would one expect to join this mysterious warband which had no info except promises of the best loot, an escape from the forsaken planet beneath and to crush the Imperium from inside out under a man who was said to have served Abaddon in all 13 Black Crusades. Who would join him? Who would follow him into a goal so many before him attempted?


    Char Creation, here:
  2. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    "Where is that sodding coward? Find him and flay the little witch!" Redeger ran as fast as he could down the little passageways and alleys of the spacestation, not really sure of where he was going so long as it took him farther away from that enforcer and his gang of berzerkers.

    He had had a very nice position as astropath to the captain of the Ruby Talon, unfortunately it seems there had been a coup and the old captain was very likely dead. There had been whispers of the khornates being restless after recent, much larger than average, sacrifice to Slaanesh. Fleeing the scene with only his most valuable possessions, it seems that the new captain was very much opposed to psykers.

    "Found you, wretch!" The muffled cry from behind him was a burly cultist who looked more bull than man, quite literally, what with the horns and all. Unfortunately telepathy was his specialty and trying to influence the mind of most blood devoutees was like having a shouting match with an oncoming mag-train. Still, it wasn't his only trick, after swerving through an offshoot alley and stopping at the end to hurriedly trace a few symbols, tap the staff at all four corners of the alley...

    "Your skull is mine, your blood shall fill the gutters!" His pursuer had just entered the alley, gathering more momentum every second. Time was running out and if this hex didn't work then a quick death was the least of his worrys. The last word was spoken and he only had time to skitter backwards as the enraged warrior lunged forwards, bloody hand mere inches from the astropath's throat, before being catapulted backwards by the telekine web woven just moment's earlier.

    Equal and opposite reaction, telekinesis skills aren't so bad after all. Redeger didn't have time to congratulate himself though, even after being flung back like a ragdoll the berzerker still tried to scramble up and chase anew, though multiple fractures disagreed with the action. Continuing his flight the astropath kept running even past the sign that said 'Loading dock'. Another of his pursuers snatched at his robe as he now sprinted between the crates.

    Looking behind him he saw an evil smile with a wicked knife, the cultist still held onto the hood of his robe. Though gloating is never healthy, soon the smile turned to fear as a crate behind him fell and crushed him, curtesy of a small psychic shove. As Redeger reached the end of the crates, he saw the dark-looking commissar and stony secutor. But what interested him more was the 'New recruits, register here'.

    He hurried over to them, quickly checking to see if any of the hunters were following him. "Hello, room for an astropath? I don't just do messages I do barriers telepathy some biomancy I can intercept messages please can quickly I don't have much time have I said what I can do?" Really Redeger was just babbling at the moment, constantly looking around for any more of the khornates that might find him.
  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Stepping aboard the ship, the hangar clanged as the boots of another Veteran of the Long War arrived on the loading dock in front of "Lost Mercy". Wearing full suit of modified Mark IV power armor, so custom to men such as he, he made a slight nod to small Commissar in front of him, while attempting to push the little human psyker out of the way.

    His face was hidden behind his horned helmet, but the black of his current Legion was unmistakable as it shined, in black and gold reborn.

    "Krax of the XVI, Fifteen Fangs warband under command of Lheorvine 'Firefist' Ukris. I see you are taking new recruits? I am interested".
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Eisenhaut narrowed his eyes, looking from top to bottom on this... Psyker. The Commissar obviously being unhappy with him. But eventually his frowned face turned into a wicked grin.

    "The commander shall see what.... Use you will be..." He reached slowly out for one of the data-slates from the stack and handed it over. It had basic directions for the ship and an 'urgent message' that had a 60 minute countdown running down with the header 'Audience with the Commander'.

    Then another man. Easily overshadowing the little psyker. The Commissar knew he was capable, but Klaus leaned to the side and saw a bunch of stupid cultists charging. "Dispose of the Psykers pursuers, then we shall see how good of an use you are."

    The Commissar was so far unimpressed, but he made clear that the Psyker was already accepted whereas the Astartes yet had to show if he was what he promised to be. He crossed his arms and sighed annoyed. Why did he had to do this crap job? Only because he was perhaps the only capable man of killing an Astartes? Man he should have stayed back on the Lost Mercy and kill some of the prisoners or something...
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  5. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    In something that was a display of utter contempt, Krax pulled out his pistol and shot the cultists from afar. "Meager prey is not worthy of me bloodying myself. But if that's the only thing your Lord will offer me, then perhaps I should look for someone else to lend him my services."
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  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Poor Redeger may very well spot another Khornate approaching, one with a suitably large Astartes sized claymore and more over a dull white tabard swaying between his legs proclaiming loudly and proudly that this warrior in ashen armor was firmly dedicated to the God of War and Slaughter. As if any more proof was needed a barbed collar of brass sat firmly a top his gorget adding a layer of protection against bullets while runes lit like burning embers revealed that his warp sorcery wouldn't be so effective against him if he dared to do anything. Despite the coincidence Argyle Voncarr did not seem to be here for him instead keeping his head high not even deigning to visibly glance at the wretch as he approached the pair of recruitment officers. Sparing only a curt smile and nod to the one introducing himself as Krax, Argyle withheld a snide comment about the ass krax of the void. Then there was something of killing cultist? Not his problem as of yet, it was unbecoming to step in on another warrior's job if they hadn't yet proved incompetent after all. Waiting for Krax to run along he idled just off to the side before introducing himself. This lot didn't look terribly tolerant of theatrics so he kept greetings polite and curt. "Sir Argyle Voncarr, of his own service. I've come to inquire about this warband and a ride off this speck of dust in the void. I've weapons and the ability and desire to use them, I've also been called deceptively friendly if such subtle traits might be of use. " Normally a flair of a bright smile or a few bows or compliments would of been in order but the effort wouldn't be valued here thus he wouldn't waste the energy.
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  7. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    “What an interesting little distraction” mumbled Grythan as he watched the berserker from his perch get flung back down the alleyway. The little cultist had skill in his art and he knew how to use it. His gaze fixed upon the cultist as pulled his hood up and walked away, berserker limping behind him. Jumping down from his rooftop place he landed on a stack of nearby crates watching as the berserker met his end.

    His watched the little cultist as he hurried over a nearby ship and his gaze was drawn to the two figures who stood guard by the ship. An unusual pair for a place like this. As he admired the Secutors Halberd another figure, almost appearing from no where, barged in.

    “And now a Astartes to the mix, what an interesting little group” With small discussion the commissar figure addressed both of the and the Astartes turned around. To look in his direction.

    “Let's see how this plays out” Grythan said to himself as he lazily dropped to a crouch atop the pile of crates.
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    The man clapped slowly in the precise display of talent. "Not just a melee combatant, but also a good shooter. Not many can claim that. Believe me. Commander Zadkiel can offer you fights that even you will fear to die. I suggest you may challenge him one day if you are still unsure." The Commissar grabbed one of the data-slates and handed it over to the Astartes, showing and expressing not a single sign of fear, for he had none.

    "Deceiving lad, yourself." The man in tattered Commissar clothes said, tilting his head. "Own service, what is that supposed to mean? Being so traitorous that nobody wants you in his rows? Having gone on a mad rampage, killing your entire warband? Ah what does it matter in the end... Act up and the Commander will deal with you.... And if you are lucky, he will put a fast end to you rather than send me." Klaus Eisenhaut smirked and handed him a data-slate, his face letting the man know that it was a dare.

    The all-seeing Secutor sent one of his little Servo-Skulls to investigate. It extended a little laser-arm while it's lens was scanning, looking for where the humanoid creature was spotted less. The last thing that they would want is some alien sneaking on board the Lost Mercy and perhaps free some of the prisoners...

    "You are invading private space. Make yourself known or be exterminated." The Skull warned, yet needing to find the hiding individual...
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  9. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    Dropping from his place atop the crates Grythan walked openly towards the ship and its rapidly growing collection of people. Directing a comment towards the skull.

    “I would like to see you try”

    Continuing his unhurried walk towards the ship Grythan kept a wary eye on the Secutor. As he reached the commissar he stopped and looked about, his eyes focusing on the sign.

    “New Recruits. Perhaps this trip could offer some diversion or possibly even a challenge. Sign me up.”
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  10. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    "Thank you so ve-", but Redeger's groveling was cut short by Krax, much screaming, threats and insults however drew his attention to the mob of pursuing cultists. He was about to turn and run when yet another astartes came walking up, very much khorne dedicated it seemed, paralyzing him with fear before realizing that the astartes barely noticed the astropath much less wished to kill him.

    Looking back to the charge, it's effect was somewhat lessened by the rapidly exploding cultists, curtesy of Krax' pistol. He took one of the data slates and headed inside the ship, shaking his head and muttering to himself about the astartes... Damn, those are some hard types. Hope they don't just lump me in with them, hah, it'd be funny though. Being in all those assaults and what not, you'd have to be insane to send me along though. Just mad.
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