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Rituals and Rewards (Interest Thread)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Nurianis, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to run a small, simple game and I was wondering if anyone would be interesting in playing. The premise is deceptively simple. I want your characters to do a ritual to thank the Dark Gods after your victory in a revolution.

    You would each be playing a prominent member in the recent overthrowing of the Imperial government on the agri-world of Darius III, and after that guerrilla warfare has finished and the Cults of Chaos has come out victorious you, the characters, will have to perform a ritual to the Dark Gods (one or all of them). The only problem is that none of your characters know how to do any form of ritual. Sure you know the common names of the Dark Gods and their preferences, but beyond that your characters are clueless.

    I’m going to keep the in-game time-frame very short (the ritual set up and the ritual itself) and the number of characters limited (2 – 6) because this will be the first RP game I have run on a forum (I have run face to face RP before) so would like to work out what is possible and what isn’t. There will be no combat and it will be conversations between your cultist and the enactment of your ritual(s), so descriptions of your actions would be key in this game and I would give relatively free reign to enhance the descriptions of the surroundings that I have given.

    All your characters have to do is work out what to do. Will you all work together and create one big ritual to all the gods? Or will you each create a small personal ritual to your favoured god? Will, with your limited knowledge, you get the attention of the gods? Will they reward your efforts or not?

    The ritual is fraught with perils…but so was the revolution you won.

    If you are interested, then I’d like you to create a basic character who took a major part in the uprising on the planet Darius III. All the character will be humans, no abominations or mutants. No character will have psychic powers and no characters will have any knowledge of the Dark Gods beyond their names and general preferences.

    Pre-Revolution Position:
    What they did during the Revolution:
    Which Dark God they prefer:

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