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RIP - Summon Me Bak If Da True WAAAAAGH! Returns

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Corie, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Gots ta take me a break from dis fight an' dere ponzi schemes - playin' only in da kampayn fer junk den zoggin' off again.

    Dint last wun year.....sod it. Raise da Bannerz if da Orks makes a kombak an' I shud see 'em; see if any new Boyz gots wot it takez or if dey iz no gud. I miss da dayz ov da true Orks wiv lotsa Boyz 'fore June/July. :(

    Gork an' Mork bekon ta me. It iz time ta leave youz sorry gits but ya can chat wiv me spirit - may da Dakka be wiv ya.


    I iz been sort ov reincarnayted az a mercenary fightin' in da Star WAAAAAAAAAAAGH! fer sum time; so yer no where ta find me.

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  2. :-(

    Shame; I was trying to get @Rokdakgut-rippa to get the Boyz out and krumpin'...
  3. YEA!

    weze doin dat

    I have one message for Ork community:

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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Oh, that Ork whos name almost was curry left?
    Sad world, but totally understandable
  7. [​IMG]

    Left the game but not the forums; not yet anyway...... :confused:

    Edit: Forums seem to be fucked; can't add in a gif....
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  8. DLB is great and all. Though I'd like for the randoms to return and stay. Life blood of a game is the number of active players.

    Meanwhile Steam appears to have disabled the online player count - that or the players above 250 just quit the game shortly after checking the map.

    Appreciate your work for a proper story though it's but the icing; whilst the cake itself has long since harboured a growing mould, spreading to every corner.

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