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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Dar'nak entered the bridge with a curious gaze at the space marine puppet, and what the archon was doing with it. No way the monkeigh maybe stupid but thaey cant be this stu- they found thereself corrected, with a grin as they heard the archons plans on capturing the queen. "Anything else you need aboard the ship besides the queen, As well as are we allowed to claim anything found onboard?" Dar'nak asked looking to the archon.
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    "Apologies for not having anything more exciting, ladies and gentlemen." Urelius complained sarcastically, throwing his arms up in the air before crossing them, a big frown on his lips. "Maybe I should ask each of you tie an arm on your back to make this more interesting?" He raised an eyebrow and then shook his head, kicking around one the floor a bit.

    "Anyway." The Velosraptor sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Yes. You can loot whatever and whoever else you want. Just get my Thunderhawk back in one piece and my dear Archon friend. Feel free to grab a plasma grenade or something on the way out and some shackles, sacks or whatever you need. Just don't go crazy, else the quartermaster might have your head..." The Archon of the Riders of the Dathedian shrugged.
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    Kaela had been by his master's side for the briefing, but had nothing to say. He was outfitted in his cannon with his sword sheathed on his side, ready to do as his master needed. Though, when the others seemed to upset Urelius, Kaela rumbled in displeasure and would lean over slightly, rubbing his head on the Archon to try and cheer him up.
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  4. Teraseth remained by the Archons side after the briefing. She gave a small sigh and mumbled so only the Archon could hear her.
    “This lot is gonna be a handful. Let me know if I should need to deal with anyone. I personally am excited to teach this bunch manners”
    She watched the group standing tall and keeping her eyes and ears open for anything that would come near the Archon. Her hand still resting on the hilt of her blade in preparation.
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    Urelius pet the dragonwolf behind his ear and smiled softly. "You are almost the only one who hasn't disappointed me yet." He whispered to the beast-pet before looking over to Teraseth to reply to her.

    "Just make sure nobody runs off and that you grab my dear dear friend. I do not care about the others." The Velosraptor said, next up was the Lhamaean that he approached now. He made it clear to everyone that she was his, with a hand on her rear and the other on her neck, pressing just enough with his nails to make it a little bit dangerous before locking his lips with hers, holding it for several seconds before licking his lips after breaking the kiss.

    "Such bitter-bittersweet flavor, my dear. I like your choice of nerve-toxin there." Urelius winked, not needing to be afraid of the deadly poisons that were hiding in the lipstick as he had been given an immunity to each and all of the ones she possessed. Or at least... As far as he knew.

    "Tata now. May Khaine guide your blows and Kurnous guide you home." He bowed overly theatrically, knowing that no further orders were needed.

    ~~ On the Thunderhawk - Green Comet ~~
    After everyone was done in the armory to grab grenades, ammunition and otherwise, they were guided by Kasimir and the rest of the inner circle to the thunderhawk in the hangar. The good thing about the Mon'keigh technology was that it was big and bulky enough to fit reaver bikes along with their entire deployment force. Which was just Urelius' inner circle and the newest 'elite' of his dark city purchase. Even the Wrack had no struggle in strapping himself in.

    The pilot was a random Comorrite, the co-pilot and gunner was no other than Corsair Tarnilos. Most likely in case the unreliable Mon'keigh technology was acting up.

    There was time left until they were in deployment range leaving some individuals like Harkon to a bloody prayer with his newest disciple. Or others like Oberxerix to explore the political climate. And of course others like Kaela Anaris Blazingfang to stare at others and look intimidating - after all, he was maybe the only one who could beat Eyneer at a staring contest.
  6. Eyneer provided no reaction to the Archon’s further antics and was glad to be out of the bridge as to not be subjecting to any more crude acts of madness. After acquiring his weapons, that being a hexrifle that held no specific significance to him and a venom cleaver. The cleaver did hold a significance to him, on some base level he enjoyed having a large bladed weapon on hand. Not to mention its ability to leak poison or even other chemicals from its many pores added a specific flair to it that he enjoyed. With it he could kill with a horrific gash or the slightest scratch. Either method would result in a horrifying death, the thought of which made his body tremble. Not of fear of the horrible pain or fear, but of the many imagined sensations of such a death. Oh how he craved such things, the many different kinds of pain that can be forged no cultivated by such acts. Especially with an audience, as he sat down in a surprisingly appropriately sized seat he looked around the group that was there.

    “You are those the Archon favors enough to call his elite, or perhaps those that were expensive enough to have to prove your worth or face gruesome death. You are all murder made manifest, each a perfect mixture of mercilessness, cunning, and well honed skill. Though none of you are exactly the same you all pledged your lives to become something greater than the wretched creatures that make our civilization function from the lowest rungs. For this I commend all of you.” He said in a manner that very much seemed entirely out of character given his previous behavior. “Know that as I say this my sentiment is true as I am simply stating facts that I have observed. But know that if you fail to meet the expections I have formed from my observation I will not assist you. The consequences of your folly will have to be solved by you and whoever else bothers to offer assistance.” He stated as the various inorganic tubes on his body began to glow red as he internally began synthesizing a battle poison. Placing a syringe tipped mechanical finger into the pommel of his cleaver. As he injected the poison the various runes on the blade began to glow the same red as the blade’s reservoir was filled combat ready. He did this as his combat blend tended to have a fairly short shelf life. It was so volatile it destroyed itself overtime meaning that he would have to empty the blade of a useless bile after every battle.

    Meanwhile his other hands almost subconsciously prepared the hexrifle, carefully inserting the cartridges that held the glass virus within them into the holding rack under the gun. A well practiced attention to detail was emphasized with everything he did to his weapons in preparation for battle. He was a Haemonculus’ apprentice but he certainly was no stranger to battle.
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    Kaemore was sitting on his bike, flipping his little coin anticipating the coming skirmish with delight. He listened to the wrack's little speech quietly and when it ended he sighed and got off his bike.
    "Delightful tale there, Jigsaw. Don't trip over your limbs when you disembark."

    The Horror Hawk walked over to the cockpit and slapped a hand on Tarnilos' shoulder.
    "You look wonderful and so does my bike." He brought his face closer. "You took the very best care of it didn't you?" Tone was lower and more sinister this time.
  8. Eyneer turned his head towards the reaver as they made their comment and left for the cockpit. “That doesn’t quite work considering my extra limbs are arms and not legs or some other appendage.” He muttered to himself as his hands continued their functions. He quickly decided to not let the reaver get to him and taint the excitement he felt. This will be a good day, or whatever measurement of time that would be spent within the ship they will be boarding.
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  9. @Wata

    "You're one to talk Reaver. Best make sure you don't crash upon turning a corner."

    Lian had slipped into one of the oversized chairs in the mon'keigh craft's troop hold, juggling a plasma grenade she'd taken from the armoury, and had rolled her eyes when the wrack made his speech.
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  10. Xenara would go to the very back of the thunderhawk, secluding herself in the corner, however her aura would make itself very present, her pre-combat stress causing her freezing presence to be amplified, ice slowly creeping across the metal and every surface of this flying metal box becoming painfully cold to the touch.
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