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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

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    The Horror Hawk gently pushed Tarnilos to the side when it got to invading personal space.
    As people continued to appear, some on four legs even, he just idled.
    Kaemore grabbed his mask and checked its surface for any dirt, scrubbed some off with his sleeve and inspected it for scratches.
    He did turn to glance at this sensation from below. The conclusion was that the Forgehammer was an ugly ship and full of flaws, better served as space debris if it was up to him. A makeover was necessary in the least.
  2. The mandrake would, seeing that there were now more peoples in authority, dives towards the shadows, startled at the sudden wash of sensation over her daemonic form.
    now wrapped in the shadows, she begins looking around frantically.
  3. @ Anyone in Barracks

    Still smirking to herself over needling the Lhamaean Lian shuddered when she sensed a change in something she couldn't quite place, the movement rippling along the length of her shapely body. Rising to sit upright the wych glanced around the room.

    "Did you feel that?"
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    Kaela's lips drew back in a snarl, and his hackles raised a bit before he settled down, staring at the wrack with a growl in his throat. "You are trouble." he said. "You watch what you do. If you cause trouble for my master, you will find yourself..." he paused and his words drew away as there came a shudder. It was an odd thing, as the beast - while smart - couldn't be considered very psychically sensitive. "Strange. Trouble." he said, distracted for a moment though he was very aware of the wrack in the moment.
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    ~~ In the meanwhile on Deck 166 ~~
    @Colapse ( + For everyone to read from Private Discord chat)

    Harkon did not need to be told twice when the alarms went off that it was time to end his quest in blessing the pathetic human vessel with the gifts of the war god and went onto his way.

    ~~ Near Observatory ~~
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    A wrist device on Tarnilos' lower arm went off. "We are here." He said, a sudden smile on his face. "Better get back on the bridge fast." The corsair said with reborn vigor and enthusiasm, before his eyes met the Lhamaean. He gulped. "I-I'll be in the hangar!" The young man for an Eldar gave her a quick salute before shooting off.

    Shortly after the artisan disappeared, dozens if not hundreds of Eldar - with the vast majority being Comorrites - started leaving the mess halls, barracks and other facilities to get ready for battle.

    ~~ Barracks ~~
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    A primitive alarm went off along with a red light that dipped the room in its color, shortly after, the bone-cursed executioner of the Velosraptor arrived. "To the bridge."

    ~~ Back on the Bridge ~~

    As each of Urelius chosen handful made their way back to the bridge led by his inner circle, they could see through various windows that the have indeed left the warpspace already and that realspace was outside. In the far distance a battle could be seen between a bigger Dark Eldar cruiser and some imperial ships, with the Forgehammer straight heading for the skirmish.

    However once the crew arrived on the bridge they would see quite an interesting scene unfold. There was a cutout that one would expect to see on a pict-screen, with a doll popping up from behind it dressed like a Space Marine, the only thing that seemed to be authentic of one however was the helmet.

    It appeared they interrupted a live communication but were unseen. From behind the pop-up theater, they could hear Urelius speak in a much deeper tone than usual. "This is Captain Ha'Tzu of the Salamanders. We are moving in to engage. Destroy all vessels but their flagship. They stole a relic of ours and we need it back, by direct order of Guilliman."

    The man on the receiving end seemed to be quite young for such position of commanding a cruiser. "God-Emperor bless your timing, Captain Ha'Tzu! I confirm that we shall not destroy the Xenos flagship but rather disable it. Guilliman be praised!"

    "Good. See you after the skirmish for celebration." And immediately as he was done, he cut the feed and pushed over the theater and tossed the doll in some deckhands lap. "Sorry about that." Urelius said, looking at his honor troupe. "Oh well, not really sorry I suppose." He chuckled and stretched.

    "Soooo. See that pretty ship over there?" He pointed at the Dark Eldar vessel. "Thaaaat belongs to Lady Aestra Khromys. The Queeeeen of splinters." Velosraptor made an exaggerated gesture as he dragged her name long.

    "We are tearing her little wannabe fleet apart and take her captive and then bend her to whatever needs we have. After all. We were supposed to meet here but it seems those Mon'keigh found her first aaaand I rather make this easy for everyone." He grinned fiendishly, looking over everyone assembled.

    "So you will be taking our Thunderhawk, right into the heart of the Obsidian Rose flagship and take her captive. Just make sure none of the Mon'keigh see you take the thunderhawk back to us. Queeeestions? My beautiful monsters?" Urelius licked his lips, clearly excited for his masterplan to be put into action.
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    Harkon stood in silence during Archon's speech, his robes dirty and his armor a bit battered, but the Blood Priest seemed to radiate a different aura than the last time he was with the rest of the group. Pent-up anger was gone, instead a razor-sharp focus took its place.

    "Why don't we also destroy the human fleet?" he asked once their leader was finished, "They aren't suspecting treachery so we have them at a disadvantage. If we break them once the ship of this so-called Queen is close to being blown up, we could take both her vessel and whatever spoils are left from the Imperial wreckages."

    "After all, having Forgehammer is one thing, but also having a support fleet and a Dark Eldar vessel at our leasure could open quite a number of possibilites in the future."
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    "Spoiler alert! Bad bad Harkon!" Urelius said with a grin, then glanced at Kasimir, giving him a glare of daggers with his eyes before turning back to the blood priest. "Either way. We will see what we do with the humans once we have what we actually need. I would hate to get our vessel too badly damaged... Besides we could... Naaah... You just get me my queen of splinters, yes?" His grin crept more into a smirk.
  8. The Wrack did not react to the boastings about the winged canine's capabilities or its own personal threats. He stood there about to offer a response before he felt the same thing they all felt. The natural involuntary fear flooded his form for an instant, if he had body hair then it surely would be standing on end. But this was simply for a moment and keeping or regaining composure was rather easy when a metal mask covers your face. "I promise you that I do not intend on causing trouble for your master. I simply like to make my opinions..." He stopped talking as communications went off saying for them to go to the bridge as the ship prepared for battle around them as the crew went to their stations. Of course he did not show it he felt disappointment in not being able to finish talking.

    Once on the bridge Eyneer did not dignify the puppet show with any sort of response but did listen to the information. Kidnapping the Queen of Splinters and using her for their or well the Archon's gains. Though the Archon used words like we or our Eyneer was fully aware all of this was just for the Archon's own gain. Everything these politicians did was for themselves and usually by extension the rest of the Kabal. But this Kabal meant nothing to Eyneer and neither did this Archon. Just how the Archon surely thought nothing of him and those assembled here, except perhaps the poisoner. Eyneer found himself curious about what concoctions that... thing was able to create due to their training.
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    Kaemore twirled his splinter pistol by his hip, he was wearing the mask again.
    "Not a bad plan I guess. Let's fly already, I ache for speed and carnage. This yapping can drive a man mad."
    The Reaver spun his pistol and tossed it in the air, he caught it and holstered it with a final spin to his thigh strap.
    "One queen, coming up."
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  10. "No torture-screams?"

    Lian left the barracks when summoned, following Velosraptor's one minion back to the bridge, and paused when she noticed the Space Marine doll, laughing out loud in the entrance-way. Making a note to capture a real specimen for the Archon to display the wych listened to Velosraptor give them tasks, shrugging when he seemed to have finished.

    "Bag one Archon. You could have picked something harder."
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