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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. @The_Raven
    Eyneer nodded. “Understandable though I’m afraid I can’t do such things as easily as you can, or really at all.” He referred to his overall above average size and musculature. He was built to be a durable battering ram in battle and while he retained some measure of the natural Eldar speed and agility he certainly was not as stealthy as a Mandrake. He moved from his position at looking down under the bed and got to his feet. “I will look for my own entertainment I suppose, you may follow me if you wish. Otherwise I will not pretend to have any form of true control over your actions.” He started walking out of the room then, simply thinking he may wander a bit until he found something worthy of his interest.
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  2. @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    as the wrack moved pout the room and down the hall he would find that each shadow he passed would grow cold for a second, the mandrake silently teleporting from shadow to shadow as she followed the hulking behemoth.
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Kaemore got to his full height after having checked the below grav talons. The chuckling first drew his gaze then the direct introduction got his attention. He returned the handshake.
    "Guard that optimism, you're in the wrong company for it to last."
    Horror Hawk returned his attention to the bike and got on the seat, he turned it on and checked if it ran smoothly as before.
    "Too clean, too nice." He muttered about the artisan, having his own thoughts about what to do to innocence. Corsairs here too, what a clash of cultures this was. A madhouse. Guess it was to be expected for a raider crew, realspace lacked the "safety" of Commorragh for their souls.
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    "Last time I checked I've been around longer on The Forgehammer than you have." The Corsair winked. "But hey at least we got some good looking folk around finally." Tarnilos gestured towards a group of Eldar working in a corner on a Salamander Thunderhawk.

    "Don't look at them with their masks off, they look uglier than an Ork and a Tyranid having a child." He gave the reaver a friendly elbow into his abdomen.

    "So newblood, want a tour through the Forgehammer? Heard you new folk don't even have private quarters and instead the Velosraptor wants to see how a bunch of wild animals act thrown together and stuck in one big cage." Tarnilos wanted to play it nice for once, but as usual Comorrites only get pissed off by actual niceness as if they were allergic to it.
  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Kaemore landed the Reaver and turned it off, after the elbow pat he crooked an eyebrow curious. He took his mask off and hung it on his belt. Glancing at the Thunderhawk made him shake his head.
    "All this human tech, looks ugly as sin in comparison. Just feast your eyes on me then, I only have good angles."

    The Reaver got off his bike and looked at Tarnilos. "Why not, got nothing better to do. The barracks - yeeaah - not an attractive fact to face right now. I'd rather sleep here with the bike."
    He kept his true sentiments to himself, Archon's always had plenty of sycophants and spies to out dissidents.
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @The_Raven
    The mandrake who would remain unseen by most of the crew followed the intimidating Wrack. Individuals moving left and right whenever he approached in the spacious hallways or turning before he got to them apparently convinced he was going to rip them apart in a moments notice, maybe it was the cold and deadly aura the shadow-beast emanated?

    Eyneer and Xenara would not really find anything of interested as it seemed they traversed through a sector that offered nothing but barracks. Eventually one individual either insane or brave enough approached the walking tower of monstrosity that the Wrack was.

    "You look like you are lost. Let me show you something more interesting than the sleeping quarters of these fools." The woman was dressed in craftworld healer robes except... Heavily modified. It was mostly revealing as one would expect from a Comorrite and one would have to guess she was based on the fact it was also pitch black with a crimson red trim adorning the robes, the décolleté, boots and even the veil that hid her face. Her hat was more akin to a tiara with an attached veil that could be either worn on the front as she has, or towards the back - like brides of ancient times.

    Along with that, Eyneer as well as Xenara could spot the pale Comorrite skin revealed from the exposed skin between her clothes. Her top shoulder-exposing uniform with the far too deep V-cut would wrap tightly around her body like a second layer of skin and wrap around her female genitalia. While her long heeled boots would go up just above her knees, before her thighs. Surprisingly she seemed unarmed - but one could never tell where weapons were hid. The absence of jewelry was noteworthy along with the short, sky blue hair.

    But as she turned around the corner and both Eyneer and Xenara had followed, if anything to spy on her, she had disappeared. And instead at the end of the hallway stood what looked like a Craftworlder next to one of the Reavers from before, Kaemore. The former having a unique las pistol aimed at the Wrack. Both the mandrake and wrack could hear him say "What the hell is that thing?!"

    The Artisan laughed at the thunderhawk commentary. "It looks worse than it is. Just wait and see until your first raid under the Velosraptor. You will come to terms with it pretty quickly. We all had that attitude towards this mon'keigh equipment. Until you realize its potential." He shrugged it off and left his mask dangling from his waist as he started to lead the way for Kaemore.

    "If you want, I can be your dedicated tech on the bike. Most of us technicians are non-comorrites and have this foreign concept called 'honor' and 'respect'." He smiled up to the slightly taller Eldar as they started to go through the ship.

    "The main attractions are obviously the mess where you can have as much food and drinks as you can fight or win in games. Never go to any below deck 50, that is for slaves - so protein from whatever garbage they can harvest it from. Then you have Velosraptors private deck on deck 7. All sorts of weird stuff going on there, all of his inner circle have shared private quarters there. Kasimir and that Incubus lady in one. Him, his concubine and that massive wolf-thing in another. Of all the other amenities... Let's just say everyone who was curious enough to check it out never came back." Tarnilos shrugged and rolled his eyes, gesturing at it as if it was some urban legend.

    "In the very lower decks, around 100-something is the gellarfield generator which allows you Comorrite folk to not feel She Who Thirsts while in realspace, as well as the warp drive is also located there. Nobody knows where the Navigator is located to make this happen, but he has to be somewhere for sure. Rumor has it that it is in fact a trapped Eldar seer." Again the gesture of urban legend.

    "But the most important thing I will show you for now is..." They had traveled somewhere past private quarters and storage rooms, when suddenly an immense figure stood at the end of the hallway, near the room that the artisan wanted Kaemore to see. Immediately the artisan drew a las pistol that with a few modular additions he slapped on there turned into a splinter-carbine-like-weapon.

    Kaemore would immediately recognize the figure as the Wrack from earlier. "What the hell is that thing?!" Tarnilos snarled, bracing the weapon against his shoulder, ready to unleash it's full potential.
  7. Eyneer had followed the curious woman a bit simply on a whim after so far being unsuccessful in his walk to find something worthy of his attention. And then upon turning a corner she disappears and leaves him with nothing but an insult from a random stranger. What kind of rude harlots does the Archon have employed upon this tub? He thought to himself briefly before figuring he should pay attention to the, he squinted his eyes under his mask as he tried to identify the origin of the one pointing a peculiar weapon at him. "Craftworlder? No doesn't seem quite right... A Corsair perhaps, yes that could make more sense." He said to himself as he continued walking forward towards the person pointing a weapon at him. "Must you be so rude to simply point a weapon at someone without proper cause?" He asked, his metallic talons clicking against the metal floor as he approached with his four arms held outward to insinuate he means no harm.
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  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate


    "Let's just say.... His reputation is well deserved." Oberxerix said, looking at the Wych. "So this sort of thing is completely in character for him." She sighed and then said, looking crestfallen at having to stoop low in an attempt at being appeasing for the change. "But, I'm happy to look the other way if you decide to organise some improvements for this room, and make it more liveable."
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  9. @Maleth


    A small grin had appeared when she noticed the change in Iruthsath and Lian idly glanced around the barracks as the Lhamaean continued talking, paying more attention this time round than when she'd first entered.

    "Oh, don't worry about that. I certainly intend to make some changes here."
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  10. The mandrake peaked her head out of the shadows directly in front of the assailant and stares him directly in the eyes.
    "that is not a wise move"
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