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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. The Wrack was needless to say not at all impressed by the living quarters and ajacent facilities that have not at all be altered from their human manufactured state. Though perhaps he wasn’t as shocked as others might be, he had lived in worse in his time among the lower ranks of Wracks. Really you are little better than a toy and a slave when you first.... He paused in his thoughts as the hole in his memory before joining Everspiral under his master flashed in his mind. Oh yes, he remembered now, he was born as a Wrack, there is no life before Everspiral. Yes...

    Continuing in his thought process before the interruption, the lowest rungs of Wrack society he guessed he could call it were little better than specially kitted out slaves. He of course started from the very bottom so he was once forced to live in very minimal conditions. As such these human amenities will do, with mild modification it can be quite comfortable. As such when he entered the living quarters after taking a brief tour of other areas he got to work pulling four beds together. Bending away or otherwise removing banisters so the beds can be pushed together to form one big enough for him to comfortably lay on during times of rest. With no lab to himself he would have nothing to really do at this point so he laid himself down and splayed out his limbs to ensure that the combined beds were big enough for him. He found that they were and continued to lay there.
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  2. @Maleth

    The inelegance of the barracks being given to them was to be expected after the walk through the rest of the ship. After watching the wrack claim his beds Lian chose one of one of those remaining, sprawling onto her back bonelessly and watching the others through narrowed eyes.

    "Poisoner. What has been your experience with your master so far?"
  3. Xena, upon seeing the accommodations let out a squeal of delight, it was gloomy, dull and all the beds had thick shadows underneath them. to think that her first ever accommodation to be given to her freely would be so suited to her kind was certainly a pleasant surprise, seeing the wrack pull 4 beds together only made her more happy, as she took an enthusiastic running slide under the wracks sleeping arrangement and curled up in the shadows that writhed there, staring out at the feet of others.
  4. @The_Raven
    Eyneer of course heard the squeal and turned his head to funnily enough see the Mandrake slide under the beds he had gathered for himself. Was the Mandrake determined to amuse him or was this simply its natural behavior? He wondered this as he moved to one side to partially hang over the side to look under to see what the Mandrake is doing. “Are the shadows simply more comfortable than a bed or are you simply doing this due to our brief contest?” He asked, his mask covered head popping up into the Mandrake’s view as he looked under the bed.
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    When the Reaver got into the hangar, his and the other Reavers bike were standing as if nobody ever touched them since they arrived. Once Kaemore arrived at it and inspected it, he found it flawless. No tampering, no nothing. One of the technicians noticed the frantic behavior and chuckled.

    "The Archon cracked a joke that got you all paranoid?" The Eldar had a non-comorragh accent and removed his protective mask to show his Craftworlder face. He extended his hand towards the Comorrite.

    "Artisan Tarnilos on loan from the Void Dragons serving under Archon Urelius Velosraptor." He offered a friendly warm smile. One that typically would believe too good to be true, but Kaemore could tell sincerity in the words and facial expression of Tarnilos.
  6. @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    The mandrake looked at the wrack, her entire form, even the glowing tatoos invisible to him all he would be able to see in those twin baleful eyes staring back at him. She thought on his question for a while before speaking in a voice that sounded like silk being pulled across naked flesh.
    "The shadows are by a long way more comfortable, it is like being subsumed into a nice bath and becoming dissolved, when i the shadows, i can reach all the way across the ship and yet be absolutely nowhere, i am not in the shadows... i AM the shadows... un-light given life"
  7. @The_Raven
    “Hm yes I see you have been practicing that explanation, regardless I don’t suppose you understand the exact science behind your abilities do you?” Eyneer asked this but didn’t expect an answer in any form. One of half truth or entire lie or perhaps not even responding. Mandrakes perhaps weren’t even aware of the nature of their own abilities anyways. But still, asking a question won’t harm anything, in theory anyways.
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  8. @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    "In the same way birds know how to fly, I know what I can do and how to do it, but not why I can."
    a piece of shadow reaches out, it turns out to be the mandrakes hand and arm, gently poking the wrack directly in the forehead.
  9. @The_Raven
    The Mandrake's finger would of course only touch the metal mask that encased Eyneer's entire head, specifically her finger managed to poke into a view hole on the edge of the spiral pattern. "An expected response, I cannot blame you for not knowing the reasoning behind your nature. Your kind make for an interesting subject of study, Half Daemon." Eyneer noticed the cold once again as it radiated from under the bed, the prickling sensation from before. "Regardless of that I find myself without a place of study or of any proper duties to attend to as my true master is not present aboard this ship." He was hesitant to call this human made tub anything other than a tub but still managed to refrain from it. "Perhaps you would have some idea of an activity that could entertain us both?" He asked the Mandrake, he felt it could be an opportunity to study more of its behavior. An important learning experience if he were to get anywhere with his curiosity with Mandrakes.
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  10. @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    The mandrake yawned and began to think "most of the time i resort to spying on people in their private moments, it's quite exciting and... intimate, you learn a lot about beings when they think no-one is watching""

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