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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Xena would let herself be manhandled a little by the wrack, her eyes blazed with green energy that seemed to change in the center, giving a faint impression of iris and pupils. as the wrack walked away she'd slink from the corner and skirt around the edge of the room, this time she started to observe the archon from the shadows just behind his throne listening to him as he conversed with his bodyguard, her eyes closed, enjoying the clash of sound in the air.
  2. Kaela, bones ground to dust and the object of his attention warned, would return to sitting on his haunches and looking around. Sharp eyes spotted something in the shadows and he sniffed the air, scenting one of those his master had purchased in those same shadows. ( @The_Raven ) "I would be careful." Kaela said, his rumbling voice sounding for the first time through his collar. "Make no false moves if you want to live." he warned "You are in a very dangerous position."
  3. The mandrake casually lounged in the shadow, ignoring the big dog's threat and instead wishing to talk to it.
    "I like to be in the shadows, they are like a part of me, and i a part of them... i talk to them sometimes, they aren't very talkative but when they do speak they share such secrets..."
  4. @The_Raven
    Kaela rumbled a little more at the shadow-dweller and turned to face it, eyes narrowed a little. "Just make sure you don't listen to them if they tell you to slight my master." he said as he stared down the darkness. "I know where you are."
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    "Don't you worry about your deliverer of justice in regards to me. I met him on many occassions." The Archon chuckled in delight. "And no matter how foolish you think of Vaul, Khaine never could forge a blade that one could call... Useful. Just like I am certain that neither you could. But that is not either of our concern here. You are here to see the light. The light of stars and the fire of the one you paint his name in blood." Urelius smirked before gesturing over Kasimir.

    "Show the good blood priest the way. I want to see how close he can get to the foundry before the light blinds him. Or maybe... He will be the first illuminated one." The Archon chuckled in delight. "Do not get burned..." He left words for Harkon as the two set off to venture into depths of the vessel.

    <to be continued in private channel on discord for 'expedition' of posts>

    - Everyone -
    Maybe they noticed, maybe they did not. But the travel through the webway was fast and easy. And quickly they were spat out in realspace. But only for a few moments before the ship hissed and shook, preparing to enter the warp. And just then, so it did. The sight outside of the windows tinted from the familiar look of the webway or even the void and stars of space into ... Horror. The gellarfield prevented most of those things to a human eye, but the Dark Eldar were more perceptive. They could feel the glances and hunger of those creatures outside.

    "Shut the windows." He said to nobody particular, but the blast doors came down all around the vessel, blocking direct view into the warp. "Muuuuch better." Urelius smiled softly and started to address the individuals in the groups and lone wolves they splintered.

    "Try to take their limbs off before killing. If anything I would like to know the reason for treason. Hey. That rhymed!" The Velosraptor clasped his hands in excitement. "Oh apologies dear. Yes I know you would kill and die for me in a heartbeat. But pleaaaase try to stay alive. I like you way too much to even know where to begin with a replacement." He sounded genuinely upset about the thought of losing her and gave her a pat on the cheek before walking of to his other gem of a female.

    "Lady Iruthsath." The Archon made a theatrical bow before giving her a passionate love-bite on the neck, but it was an excuse to whisper in her ear shortly afterwards, acting like he was nibbling on her earlobe which he did in fact not do. "Learn more about the Wrack. And get with Kasimir once he is back to learn about Harkon. They are the two highest risks." Although he wished to restrain, unlike the craftworlder folk he had no reason to do so and indeed poked his tongue out to play with her earlobe for a moment before withdrawing.

    "Have you heard of... Exterminatus?" The high gothic term sounded ugly, disgusting, primitive and uninspiring. It made him shudder. "Mon'keigh speech... Urgh... I will need some wine to get that taste out..." He complained more to himself than the lovely Lian.

    "Either way. Weapons we Eldar are 'too afraid' to use are utilized every other year by humanity and those that worship the false gods of the immaterium." He gestured angrily at the shut blast doors. "Sooooo I wanted one of my own. And that is exactly what we will get ourselves. If you doubt me sooooo much. Then do us both a favor and see yourself out until we get into a do-or-die situation, yes?" The Archon did not only walk up toe Lian, but also looked up and down that well-built body, a grin growing on his face.

    "Don't you worry your trueborn butt about that." He smacked said butt if anything to make Dar'Nak even more uncomfortable. "Just do as I tell you, let me handle the talking... Or well. That prettier-than-your-butt over there." The Velosraptor pointed straight at his Lhamaean.

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    "Hiding in the corner, I see?" Urelius marched on, scratching his dragonwolf pet behind his ears thoroughly. "Kaela. Please accompany these two fine individuals back to my consort and bodyguard, yes? Would be a shame if the shadows devoured them... Again." He winked at the Mandrake and drew out a snack for his dragonwolf out of an unseen pocket, feeding it to him before walking to the Cult of the Biting Hook.

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    The Archon approached Kaemore and Naalyssra from behind, pushing himself in the middle of them with one arm each around one of them. "Hey there! No apologies for crashing this party!" He let go of them already and walked in front of them, turning around to face them.

    "Did you know that the other Reaver here has a cool Mon'keigh name?" He pointed at the Ripper of Riders. "Sancturi. Means something along the lines of 'safe home' from high gothic or such thing. Really ironic since a feeble human gave him that real cool scar."

    "But hey. Not like the two of you would care being of the same cult and all, right?" The Velosraptor shrugged exaggerated. "Either way. I'm glad your cult produces such talented warriors. Although you were cheap compared to someone like Succubus Aesshi ( @TuskatheDaemonKilla - hint hint) also known as The Lonely Bride." He could not help but laugh, her latest title always being a delightful pain to deliver straight to her face - or so the good Archon had heard from his concubine. He waved it dismissively away and walked off to his loyal servants.

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    "Oberxerix. Teraseth. Kaela." He called each individually out. "I believe we are done here. Escort them to their quarters. Kasimir will deliver Harkon once they are done with their venture into the belly of the ship.

    "And before anyone of you asks. No experimental workshop for you." He pointed at the Wrack.

    "Your jetbikes are parked in the workshop. No access to any of my tools or servants." He told the Reavers.

    "And yes. You will all share the same barracks. Make it work. And if it does not... Well. You can always kill each other. Just hands off my servants." Urelius turned his back towards the assembled group and pointed at the Velosraptor tattoo on his back - gesturing that his servants would have that emblem somewhere on them - compared to other newly recruited freshlings like this 'special group'. Then he 'shoo-ed' them off with rough hand gestures. But not without letting his consort off without grabbing her butt and give it a strong squeeze.

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  6. Eyneer would find himself being escorted back to the main group by a peculiar looking Kabalite along with the Mandrake after the Archon called them out for being in the shadows. But not before Eyneer caught a glimpse of the Warp itself through the windows beige they closed. In the bleak expanse of his mind that felt nothing he was filled with the briefest sense if pure terror and dread just by what he could see through the windows. This was a primal unconditional fear that no Eldar could possibly shake from themself. He had no choice but to feel it for the brief moment that he did. It was as if his heart stopped for the moment he looked outside the window. Later he stood and heard the Archon explain how this group would be sleeping in the same barracks. He couldn’t say this was a previously unheard of concept but Eyneer still wasn’t entirely pleased by this prospect. It was the Archon’s will and the only person that might be able to persuade him otherwise was currently getting groped by the Archon. As such Eyneer just followed the group to their quarters without complaint.
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  7. Teraseth gave a bow and looked to the crew. She walked towards them keeping one hand on the hilt of her blade as she walked over. Her eyes glanced at the wrack and mandrake though. Giving a curious look at them before waving her hand for the crew to follow.

    “I shall take you all to your quarters. Though do try to get to close to my captain. Wouldn’t want a missing limb from overstepping your boundaries. Though I will look forward to getting a closer look at a wrack and mandrake.”

    After she led the crew to the quarters she turned around and returned to the captains side and gave a smirk. She looked to him and spoke so the crew would not hear.

    “Mind if I have some fun with two of them? I very much fancy the wrack and mandrake. Though when bored they could be good for sparring and to give me a small amount of amusement.”
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    "Just as long, Archon, that you remember that you are drukhari, not a mon'keigh stumbling around in the dark."

    Lian endured the mad Archon's leering when he approached, she revelled in such whilst in the arena and had made her wychsuit so she could flaunt herself, but spun on a heel when invited, stalking from the bridge before the others were released from Velosraptor's presence.
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    "Then come with me for your rooms!.... If you're not going already." Oberxerix sheepishly declared, looking at one of the Wychs already departing and dealing with the granted affection of the Archon. Still, the Lhamaean set forth a path down into the ship. Moving through emphatically human-made corridors and doorways and pass additional arrivals of frankly lesser importance (either lower down the ranks or just being slaves outright), she and anyone seeking to find accommodation would eventually stop at what looked to be the entrances to some crew quarters aboard the Forgehammer.

    And well…. They were not at all a taste of luxury or even change among the furnishings of the room. In fact, it was clear that nothing had been do with the room at all, apart from wiping up any would be blood-stains from claiming the ship. The bunk beds that were for sleeping on were clearly built for humans and their sizes, not a Commorrite and certainly not going to fit a Wrack on them without some improvisation. There were two chests at the foot of each bunk with the Imperial Aquila proudly embossed on the top of the chest, and bereft of contents to play around with. All in all, a grand total of fifteen beds, and thirty places to sleep in the room.

    Looking around for the amenities (not adjacent to the bedroom alas, so more walking was reqired to reach them) would be similarly crushing in the way of luxuries granted for those seeking to use them. For instance there was not a spot of privacy with regards to bathing, given everyone had to share their facilities in that respect. Even if there was the small mercy of there being more than one washroom to use, and segregated by the physical gender that had to use them. Pity there wasn't enough aboard for everyone to have one of their own.

    Otherwise on the amenities list, there was an Imperial chapel ripe for being changed in terms of deity being worshipped at the altar. There was also a recreation-area that expected to deal with simple pleasures such as talking and card games rather than what passed for leisure time pursuits among Commorrites, given it was furnished with seats and games, not the tools of torment or chemical stimulation, drunken or injected.
    Finally, there was a small kitchen-area that might serve food for those in need of sustenance in that respect, if the hard graft was done by someone rather than done for them by a slave assigned to the task (for now).

    The 'Lady' Iruthsath said nothing, but their face betrayed more than a little concern at what the reaction to being offered such.... Accommodation would elicit from everyone that had come to see what they would be sleeping on. Especially if it would end with them on the business end of violence.
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    To the Archon's taunting and interruption of their "party", Kaemore just crossed his arms. Especially after mentioning the Wrack, he got more aloof toward the mad raider. Learning the human nickname for Ripper just got a hmph out of the Horror Hawk.

    "What Warp damned foolery is this? Bring Reavers to your crew and not let them work on their bikes? I don't trust this." Kaemore's visage turned into a snarl, he had to check the bike before anything else, go through the whole body and system to make sure some amateur or saboteur had touched it. He did so even against the barks to follow to the living areas.

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