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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. @The_Raven
    Eyneer did not change his stance when the Mandrake moved to sit upright, a sign that they were taking the challenge seriously. This was good in his mind, perhaps at least the creature already thought of him as an equal if they are bothering to recognize the challenge. Starting out as an equal of course makes it easier to become a superior.
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  2. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    @Wata @bossaroo
    Ryssa's response was delayed by her crossing her arms and frowning at the Archon's reaction to her talking, but she soon responded to her colleague with a curt bow and a false, ironic smile. "Naalyssra, she who occasionally has to indulge in industry and politics as a bit of a hobby because we all need one." She then nodded towards Ripper. "They call me Heart-Taker, and it's always a pleasure to get to know colleagues the aediles don't want me to kill." Her tone remained rather pleasant if detached, although someone with a dab hand at reading people could easily tell there was no dishonesty in her platitudes. "What's your trade? I stab people."
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Dar'Nak, seem to stare back at the Archon there face with all there stiches and features were blank as they came up to them, only seeming to change for a momment as a simple brush of dust upon them cause what intellegeince upon them to flinch in a way at the dust dirtying them.

    As the archon went to address questions Dar'Nak seem to continue to stare at the archone as he had pulled quite a verying degree of odd moves from pulling a dead grinx out of a bag to, speaking several lines aobut there upcoming task they would be on.

    From mentions of planet crackers, to something lay at the heart of this vessel called The cruicible of nocturne, both things that maybe of something of interest later to search what they were possibly and how it would aid them. As the Archon spoke Dar'Nak would recall a familiar experience of having there ears grated off, Causing them to decidedly speak up. "So This queen how will we be handling her to get this device?" Dar'Nak asked both eyes looking towards the archon. For every mission there was a plan, even the mad had a method to there madness, for a momment the true born thought they heard some type of laugh causing almost a fidget within there eye brow.
  4. (@TuskatheDaemonKilla ) the mandrake rose from her seat, staring at the blank mask carefully, she begins to square up to the challenger.
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  5. @The_Raven
    Eyneer did not move as the Mandrake got up and squared up to him, perhaps he was making them nervous now. It could be a sign that his show of dominance was working, or perhaps simply frustrating the Mandrake. Either way he would not back down, if it went down to it he would fight this creature. Curiosity and a mild show of endearing mannerisms would only get this creature so far in his mind if they moved against him.
  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Vaul? The weakling Smith-God who's corpse even now serves as Bloody-Handed God's plaything? But there is a lesion in his death. Woe unto those who bargain and then betray Lord of Murder and all of his servants. That aside, you had my curiosity but now you have my attention. I will go and see this furnace for myself, while I doubt the barbarians could come up with anything resembling fine Eldar craftsmanship, with a proper administration even a blunt tool can be made to claim a life."

    "Your theatrics remind me of a man I once knew," Harkon replied, not moving by an inch as Urelius played out his piece, "He was a lord like you, but his foolishness to follow through a doomed quest made him overlook what was right in front of him. Be mindful, my Archon. Khaine teaches us that the quickest way to pierce the enemy's heart is straight through its chest in one blow, however it requires patience to enact such strike."

    With the advice given, Blood Priest nodded and went deeper into the ship, searching for the spot Archon told him to find and in his mind, he was already living through the blessed carnage he was about to achieve.

  7. @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    the mandrake was feeling unnerved, was he even still alive? why didn't he do anything? she slowly drops her eyes, staring at his feed and curling back up in the chair,with a small hiss, defeated.
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Archon's reply was quite telling what was to be expected, madness could be fun as long as it had some reins on it. The Reaver blinked and nodded in acknowledgment at their new raid boss.

    Kaemore chuckled warmly at the question by the blue robed Wych. He loved talking about himself and especially about Reaving. Ripper had his respect in that regard, rivals were made to be defeated however.
    "I ride the Reaver." He popped his collar, proud. "Horror Hawk, my stage name. If you want something more down to ground, I am Kaemore."
    Naalyssra's smile had him at a tinge of caution, instincts reminded him of the axe and pistol on his person along with the quickest way to draw them.
    "Politics indeed." He thought out loud. "Your hobby is more lethal than it sounds. I feel better about silver tongues when ripped out. But I'm a simple man, pay me no mind."
    His hands resumed toying with the coin, flicking it in the air with his thumb and catching it with the other hand's fingers.

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  9. Eyneer would click the metal talons he had for toe nails against the floor as the Mandrake would turn her gaze downward. The Wrack found himself victorious and moved closer to the defeated Mandrake, a hand coming out from his upper pair to touch her. Of course Eyneer had felt the distinct cold that the creature seemed to exude from the very beginning but as his hand moved closer it intensified. The prickling feeling of needles poking at his flesh, that is what this extreme cold reminded him of. Savoring the sensation his hand continued towards their head, metallic talons touching her chin and moving upward to her cheek. The motion insinuated that she should look back up at him. "You are a fascinating creature, Half Daemon." He said, examining her eyes now that he was closer. After a few more seconds of this he would let go and let her turn her head how she wanted before turning around and walking away. While that brief encounter was interesting there were still more important things going on that he should direct his attention to.
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  10. “I do not deserve such praise until our mission is over. Though I shall lay down my life if needed to protect you.”

    Teraseth stood straight and looked toward the crew. She glanced though each member before looking back to the captain and adding to her last words with a eerie grin.

    “Though I won’t hesitate to kill any of your new property if they even start to think about treason. Though I might show them their place if they come to close without your permission.”

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