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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Harkon the Red stood in silence as the Archon of his new Kabal spoke and while his elongated skull mask gave away no emotions, his body language spoke a different story, a story of pent up rage just waiting to be unleashed. He met Urelius' gaze with an angry stare of his own, although that anger wasn't that much directed at the leader. Executioner has seen a plenty of madmen over the span of many centuries and contrary to what some thought, madness itself wasn't a bad thing, especially if harnessed and channeled into right direction. This direction, this correct path, was the road of blood every devotee would have to thread and one day, if was up to Harkon, the number of devotees to the Bloody-Handed God would eclipse every other soul in this galaxy.

    There were others around him of course, but it is how it has always been. Some looked promising, others less so, but that was also the way life worked around here. All of this, all of it, he could stand. Except one thing.

    "Accepting the offer to join your Kabal aligns our goals with yours, no doubt about it. I am at your disposal, the Widowmaker yours to command," Blood Priest finally spoke pointing at his strange greatsword, his tone at odds with his posture, as it was uttered with such clarity that couldn't betray the thirsting soul that uttered it.

    "However one thing escapes me. Of all things, you have chosen to make your lair aboard a vessel of a lesser race? It's beneath the one who calls himself the Archon and while it undoubtedly serves some distant tactical sense, its corridors are filled with foul musk of the Mon'Keigh who call us Dusk Raiders. Khaine knows, this requires rectifying and I wouldn't be much of a priest if I'd allow His blessing to pass us by due to such negligence."

    Harkon stepped forward now, placing one hand on the pommel of his draich and the other on the intricate rune painted across his chest. "Unleash me. Allow me to scour the depths of this ship in search of the unworthy, let me smear the walls in their life fluid and with it, pave the way for the gaze of our murderous father to fall upon us and assist us in the fight to come!"

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    The Velosraptor like the predator he was maintained the gaze on the Wrack, until Harkon spoke up. One had to choose his fights and the former was not worth it... Right now. But the fortitude and silence of the oversized individual was intriguing. Something so solid, so well built, so strong. What fun it would be to... Pierce it.

    "Good child of Khaela Mensha Khaine. Slaughterer of evil, protector of good. Hero of blood and bringer of justice." Urelius made a theatrical bow that was intended to mock, but only because the blood priest dared to mock the house and flagship of his gracious host.

    "This!" He stretched his arms out and spun twice in a full circle, gesturing towards the ship. "You call of a lesser race. And yet is it not them ruling the stars in our stead? Is it not these Mon'keigh multiplying like wild gyrinxes in the slums of Comorragh? Having come to such a size that sacrificing a billion to deny food to the Great Devourer is acceptable?" The Archon burst out into laughter, not able to keep his act up. It took him a while to regain composure.

    "You are correct. This vessel was made by a biologically and scientifically inferior race. And yet it harbors something no Dark Eldar vessel does. The Crucible of Nocturne. Imagine one of Vauls legendary furnaces in which he crafted Anaris and other blades. I possess such an item. And it only works integrated into The Forgehammer. That is why you are a warrior, and I the lord, master... Archon." He grinned with pride, walking straight up to the Blood Priest, putting a hand on his chin before giving him a kiss on the mask.

    "And I love that passion of yours, my dear dear Prince of Blood. Son of Khaine. Lord of Fire. Bringer of Death. Burning with more fire than Fuegan. Each of your words makes me burn on the inside with passion to burn things." The grin faded into a smile, a genuine smile of terror. Harkon could guess the Archon was relishing past terrors and pains done to his victims as there was an excited sigh along with a soft tremble arcing through his body.

    "So yes! Spread the blood, write your runes and if we capture an Exarch during our travels I dare you summon an Avatar of Khaine!" Urelius grabbed the Blood Priest by the shoulders, turned him around and gave him a gentle push to send him off into the hallways. "Go to the Furnace in the lower decks near the warp drive!"

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    Oberxerix Iruthsaeth couldn't help but smirk at the mention of being purchased when she had helped Urelius up to his feet for his inspection of the newcomers. The Lhamaean certainly looked the part, with the top cropped to expose a modicum of flesh around their mid-riff, and with a flowing shin-length skirt with slits for the legs to show through. Evidently quite happy to show off the bodywork, but then again, that came with the territory of her line of work.

    Her eyes looked at the newcomers that had come to the court aboard a vessel that well.... Had a habit of changing hands, from human hands to her Kin. Eyes were ever-so-slightly rolled at the Archon's dictation and general antics towards the newcomers, but they were stilled soon enough. Mostly due to keeping an eye on the Mandrake that now had their eyes on her.

    As for gossiping about circumstances, Oberxerix quietly said to those near her "Well, I have a feeling he's wanting to pay a visit for either some.... Special toy, or something like that. Given where he's going that is." Otherwise, she was trying her best to remain... Impartial to the state of affairs so far, with folded arms and an attempt at looking unfazed by what she was overseeing. The success of that was for the individual to decide.
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  4. Xena had seen enough y this point, and so quite without ceremony she quietly retreated to a corner of the command deck that was wreathed in shadows and curled up o a chair, scanning the room ad almost daring someone to come over and interact with her, her eyes twin blazing orbs in the darkness.
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  5. Having the Archon’s attention off of him for now, Eyneer relaxed mentally just enough to notice the Mandrake move to the dark corner in the room. The creature facilitated him, perhaps not this one in particular but Mandrakes in general. Their abilities were something akin to a daemon and yet they are eldar to some degree. This one was also female which seemed rare to him, as such he moved from his position to approach the creature, just to study them from a closer position.
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  6. Xena, in response to this would simply stare back at the wrack with something approaching interest, her head cocked to one side and awaiting patiently.
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  7. @Uriel1339

    "A superweapon?"

    Lian wanted to scoff at Velosraptor's ambitions, especially when he talked of making Vect jealous.

    "There's showing off and then there is just riduculous."
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  8. Eyneer stopped his approach about four feet in front of the Mandrake, their tilting of the head producing a small endearing spark to ignite within the cold reaches of the Wrack’s mind. It amused him, like a human child seeing a domesticated feline for the first time. This seemingly aloof creature recognized his existence with but a turn of the head. Eyneer liked the attitude of this half daemon creature, and yet he also recognized that if he spoke first he would seemingly give in to their demands and would be rendered submissive to them. As such he remained silent and continued to look down at them, though he wore a mask perhaps they would understand he was not blinking. A small contest to determine which of them is dominant over the other, he was determined to win of course.
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  9. Kaela looked at the bones that his master procured from the bag, eyes flicking between them and his master himself. Then they were in the air and after a moment, faster than one might think a beast his size would be able to move, Kaela grabbed them and chomped down on them, crushing them between his teeth in a mere moment. His wings spread and gave a flap, though when Lian ( @Avenging-Angel ) spoke ill of his master, he eyed her and let out a soft, rumbling growl even as he continued to chomp the bones into powder.
  10. Xena continued to stare blankly at the wrack (@TuskatheDaemonKilla ) shifting to sit more upright to meet his challenge. this was strange, normally people were afraid and avoided her, but to challenge her? most curious...

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