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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Seeing enemies fall in agony of course amused Eyneer almost as much as the feeling of his bleeding and leaking of fluids be stopped by his chemicals. His body closing up blood vessels and chemical movement veins through the solution he injected into himself. It was an interesting sensation that he did not feel very often, self harm was not within his entertainment vocabulary. Causing pain to others or having someone bring pain to him was how he did things. As such he continued firing at the remaining Kabalites, he hoped they would contort into interesting poses as the glass plague did its work on their body.
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    Dar'Nak Would have red sprayed on them as they gutted there last foe, "Oh look, You got red on me." Dar'nak said with a laguh drinking in the pain as the last kabalites made a stand. "If I didn't know these were just simple gifts given to us." Dar'nak Said as they went forward to the last kabalites Jumping, ducking, and dodging as they went.

    OOC all out attack on the last of the kabalites.
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  3. Teraseth would bring her blade slowly to her lips and lick the blood off of her blade while staring at the remaining targets. A glint of blood lust showing in her eyes as she tasted the fresh blood. Quickly charging into the next group of enemies and continuing her onslaught. She was now lusting for more blood. Her own body getting turned on by the thought of their blood spilled upon her.

    “Please die slowly so I can hear those beautiful screams of agony.Your beautiful screams and blood are all I need.”

    Not holding back at all. She kept moving gracefully though the blood was only fueling her lust more. She wanted more screaming. She was lost in her own ecstasy.
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    ~~ To the Bridge ~~

    Lian assaulted one particular distracted Wych who appeared to indeed consider Harkons offer. Apparently the other Wyches despite their heightened Eldar senses and reflexes did not know whether two Wyches fell upon one another, but interfighting started immediately without further ado. None died yet, even the one that Lian fought maintained survival. Although Lian caused severe wounds, the other female warrior brought her own flail up matching each attack.

    Harkon enticed some of the Wyches enough to make them pause. But nobody could have predicted Lians perfect timing of the attack as well. Chaos ensued as the Wych clan clearly fell under the impression to fight either in the name of their current Archon or to become a bride of Khaine. Which side who was on, nobody could tell. But the blood priest watched with great interest as none could get the upperhand over any other one. In the meanwhile he was also smart enough to maintain his attention and reflexes active, avoiding various stray rounds that could have inflicted all sorts of agonizing pain throughout his system.

    should have been eliminated by the Talos Pain Engine, as the dragonwolf despite his wounds risked making himself the priority target once more. However, Blazingfang also risked hitting his teammate. The batteries fired up the back-mounted high-power energy weapon and unleashed it in its full glory once more. It was a clean shot once more, but appeared to have only hit a minor system, if any at all and not just a mass of flesh, as the pain engine simply kept on moving towards the Mandrake.

    found herself in quite a predicament, expecting the pain engine to simply move in a bodyslam sort of attack like it did to Kaela. Only she found out to be wrong. Ymgur instead raised its cannon-esque arm and unleashed the deadly payload. The splinter cannon would roar like a beast if it could, endless streams shooting forth. The Mandrake caught due to swiftness only a quad of splinters before landing behind cover and evading anymore hits. Luckily a Mandrake was not exactly mortal and ripped the poisonous pieces out quickly, being almost unaffected by it besides the pain and potential long-term effects of the poison.

    1 Pain Engine - 'Ymgur' attacking Lian and Kaela.
    6 Wyches - Fighting Harkon, Lian and each other

    ~~ In the Hangar Bay ~~

    came back into the hangar only to realize that the last remaining foes were being torn apart in that very moment. Shortly after, Oberxerix and Kasimir, the members of Urelius' inner circle, ran past him and up the staircase.

    glass plague penetrated and spread through one kaballite almost instantaneously as he must have hit a primary vein. The effects were not only visible but audible for a nicely long and enjoyable time as the fallen Dark Eldar screamed in pain, filling the hangar with the noise of pure agony. The Wrack could not tear anyone else apart as the others were finishing off the remaining three kaballites.

    would leap over the blade of the first foe, landing on the flat side of the second warriors, using it as a springboard for a somersault. As one of the two aimed his pistol at Dar'Nak, the trueborn shielded themselves with their blade. As soon as the Comorrite landed, they dashed forward and tore the first one apart before making short but enjoyable display of the second one as well.

    Teraseth went in with elan and glee, but would be met with heavy resistance. Maybe having encountered the most skilled warrior of this troupe, she exchanged many blows, always just a hairlines thickness away of spraying the enemies blood. What a teaser this one was. Teraseth pressed harder and faster, the bouts becoming more viscous and showing her clear need of blood. The blade of her foe went for her shoulder, just enough to spray some of Teraseths blood but not cause any other significant wound. That is when she went in for the killing blow, cutting horizontal along the artery of the Dark Eldars primary arm. The blood gushed forth and screams of terror and pain filled the room just when Eyneers victim had stopped at last. The Kaballite tried to stop the bleeding with his other arm until getting lightheaded and dropping to the floor.

    Oberxerix and Kasimir gazed upon the corpses for a moment before deciding to get moving. "Enough distractions. Let us regroup with the others and get the Archon!" The consort to the Velosraptor ordered, not caring if they would listen or not. Kasimir knew better than disobey and headed along with her. But maybe the dragon cursed individual was more eager to reunite with Harkon.

    No enemies left; Oberxerix and Kasimir are going deeper into the ship to catch up with the rest of the Kabal.
  5. Grinning to herself when the rest of the wyches turned on each other Lian put most of her focus on her initial target. Evading strikes by the tiniest of margins she caused her weapons to live up to her cult's name, razor-flails becoming nothing more than flickering blades to all but the best gladiatrices.

    Switching one of her razor-flails to its rigid sword-form Lian took a measured step deeper into the melee. In her head everything was planned out: use the whip to entangle her opponent's razor-flail and then kill her with the sword.

    OOC: Using razor-flail #1 (whip) to entangle opponent's razor-flail. Using razor-flail #2 (sword) to attack opponent.
  6. Seeing that there was nothing left to cause suffering to, or at least nothing left he was allowed to make suffer, Eyneer lowered his weapons. "Well that was successful, shall we find the others who simply pushed through without finishing the combat?" He asked those around him as he turned towards the hallway a few of their group had gone through earlier. He knew he should go there to find them but at the same time he wanted to go elsewhere, find more things to make feel pain. More sensations to inflict on others and have inflicted on himself, though that was not his purpose on this vessel. Simply put he was conflicted, if another member of the group made the suggestion of going elsewhere which would allow more time to enjoy himself he would second them.
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  7. Kaela snarled at his miss, staring down the beast as it charged towards one of the others. He wasn't fully sure why he worried about hitting the others - though he figured his master might be upset if he killed one. He shook his head and then charged while readying another blast with his cannon. Once that was loosed, he would pounce and use his sword to strike at flesh.
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    "You're all equal in the eyes of Khaine, until you claim life of another and put your souls at His mercy," Harkon intoned, the mask hiding his wide grin. "The crucible of battle is what feeds our Patron and the altar upon which we pray to Him. All of us, no matter the rank, must never forget this lesson least we pay for it with our own blood."

    Following on his own advice, Blood Priest suddenly moved into attack, his large draich singing through air in search of the closest Wych and her exposed neck. Gathering disciples was one thing, but not doing one's duty was a sin in the eyes of the Bloody-Handed God and Harkon wasn't about to let Him down. There were plenty of opponents to chose from, their life a thin thread which he was about to sever.

    This was also a test unto itself for the culling of the weak was part of Blood Priest's various duties and those that survive the trial would find themselves offered a service beneath his gaze. The rest will be placed upon the pyre to feed the fiery forges of Lord of Murder's domain.

    OOC Attack on the Wyches in order to keep the blood flowing.
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    Lack of bodies to kill was tad disappointing but Kaemore knew there'd always be more. Optimistic and purring with sadistic delight he turned to follow those seeking to regroup, happy to bring this mission to its finale.
  10. xen would dive towards the closest shadow, intent on appearing behind the talos and firing a bale blast into it's rear

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