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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

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    "First blood!"

    Letting out a cry of triumph upon reaching the area the squad she'd targeted had been, at least before the Archon's pet had opened fire, Lian picked her way across the wreckage and through the combat raging around her. Stepping out of the chamber the Thunderhawk had landed in the wych spun to make a quick assessment of the remaining kabalites before smirking to herself, sketching a mocking salute to the 'allies' she could see.

    "Keep them busy and I'll be back with Lady Aestra before you know it."
  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "I have fans here, how charming." Kaemore muttered to himself with an amused chuckle when he was recognized. In fact he was flattered.

    "Enjoying the ride?"
    Kaemore punched the still live one in his Talons in the face. More than just sadism it got the victim a little more loose for the next trick to work. The Horror Hawk braced himself and slammed the brakes, the kabalite in his talons slid off it right into his sights. The following Heat Lance blast left little but molten remains about the kabalite.
    Quickly, Kaemore cranked the throttle again, ashen remains trailed behind the bike as he swooped through the aftermath. He twisted into a spiral down, correcting it at the last minute and blasted the bike full throttle into the crowd again. Kaemore managed to decapitate one with the next Grav Talon charge.

    His smile was wide now and he yearned for more. He swerved around quickly and throttled it again, he unsheathed his axe ready to swing it and Grav Talons hungry for more blood.

    OOC: attack on squad 3 with axe and Grav Talons
  3. Eyneer found himself enjoying the many sensations of battle, blood bumping through his veins, muscles tensing and releasing the energy contained within the countless cells contained within slightly less countless bundles. The sound of flesh being split apart by shrapnel, the quick hissing of boiled blood and charred destroyed bodies falling to the ground. He had gotten close since his firing of the hexrilfe and taking cover from the grenade. The sound of the crate crushing a Kabalite's skull, the wet splatter of bone fragments and brain tissue upon the wall. "Wonderful." He said aloud as he moved forward after the canine had vaporized several of them with its back mounted weapon. The canine's way of killing was... wasteful in his eyes. Far too quick, mercy is a waste of resources, his way was the best way. The way of the Haemonculus and their disciples, he would show everyone here this way now as he approached two more kabalites. His blade oozed a baleful red ichor that glowed under its own chemical power. With a quick slash the farthest of the Kabalites got their upper body covered with the liquid which quickly hissed as it began to eat through their armor and exposed flesh.

    A cry of pain demanding help escaped the farthest Kabalite's mouth but the nearer Kablite would not be able to help them. With a quick surge forward, bare feet slamming against the cold floor Eyneer slashed along the chest of the nearest Kabalite. The toxin pores were inactive though, Eyneer was simply playing, the farthest would find them self unable to stand for much longer due to the pain. Eyneer wished to remove their helmet but even then he recognized that this was combat not the operating table. So with a frown he moved forward some and aimed his sword a bit. Slamming it down with the top concave blade between the two prongs on either side of the cleaver's tip. The blade would cut deeply into the Kabalite's neck leaving several major blood vessels cut, they would bleed to death in agony, that made Eyneer feel like it wasn't such a waste. The one that had received a slash to the chest and was now laying face towards the ground would get a shot from the hexrifle. A pose of despair, he would like to collect this statue after the mission. Getting a nice collection going would give him something to pay attention to during the long warp trips human warp drives afforded.

    With those two dead he turned to the rest of their squad, might as well kill the rest of them then. He raised his hexrifle and began firing and advancing with his cleaver ready. He wondered if this death strengthened Ynnead or Slaanesh, he hoped Ynnead but knowing the absolute suffering that awaited those that went to Slaanesh. He may be persuaded to enjoy either option.

    OOC: Attack on Squad 1 with Hexrifle and Venom Cleaver
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    Widowmaker sang in Harkon the Red's grip, both the weapon and its wielder coming alive as the battle was joined. Sounds of dying filled his ears and in the pale crimson light of his draich, the Blood Priest could almost see the silhouettes created by the discharge of living forces, the souls of the dead going into the afterlife screaming. Unfaithful for the most part, these Drukhari were chaff needed to be harvested before the blood moon's gaze but Harkon knew better than to offer only these meager sacrifices to his lord.

    Greatsword came about and another head was looped off, this time the unfortunate Kabalite did nothing more than stand in Harkon's way as the priest advanced inside the interior of the ship. All of the enemies close to the doors were killed except for one Dark Eldar moving in from the rubble, perhaps trying to retreat, maybe even line a proper shot. But before he got the chance Harkon slammed his sword into his chest, the murderous blade cutting through simple armor with ease.

    "Die now and be reborn in the sweet embrace of Khaine," he whispered as the corpse fell from the weapon, leaving the path open. Once Harkon was through the portal, he would bring up his own knowledge of the Dark Eldar ships and try to path the quickest route in his mind that would take him to the Bridge where the Archon's prize hopefully awaited with bated breath.
  5. Kaela rumbled in his throat a little and would charge forward through the door, slicing the legs off of one prey that had been unfortunate enough to be too close to the door. This left them alive, which would perhaps leave some of his 'allies' happy. But he didn't truly care about that. He needed to keep track of these things, otherwise they might cause trouble for his master - like killing his prize.
  6. Xenon ignored the fighting. Instead choosing to bolt down the corridor towards the next door and. Having avoided nearly all the need to exert herself in combat. Began to try to sneak up towardo the command deck
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    ~~ To the Bridge ~~

    Lian, Kaela, Harkon and Xenara were going straight from the hangar bay into the corridors of the vessel, managing to avoid a new wave of attackers that the ones standing behind in the Hangar would have to deal with next. Lian led the way through the vessel, Kaela was in the rear as if he was hounding the group in the right direction.

    Harkons own experience aligned with the leading Eldar and the mandrake also couldn't imagine a better route. So out of a common goal, the four individuals were grouped together. They made it swiftly into the staircase, ascending it rapidly with only a few stragglers in the way that were either shot on sight by Lian or cut down by the blood priest.

    As they got onto the deck above however they would meet heavier resistance, walking into an Atrium-esque area. It was an alien world of plants and other growths. Apparent living plants, drooling with yellow-green liquids, while others had teeth, wiggling around as if a breeze was moving them - albeit there was none. But that was not the true concern for the invaders. The pain engine accompanied by a group of wyches however was.

    "Get them, Ymgur!" One of the wyches called out, the pain engine rotating on the spot before heading for full-speed ahead towards the quartet, ripping plants apart that were in its straight flying path.

    1 Pain Engine - 'Ymgur' attacking the players
    8 Wyches - watching with great interest

    ~~ In the Hangar Bay ~~

    Kaemore, Eyneer, Dar'Nak, Oberxerix, Teraseth and Kasimir
    eliminated the rest of the enemies with deadly precision, especially as the Thunderhawk delivered a deadly salvo into the remaining exposed forces, ripping them apart and spreading their limbs all over the place.

    However just as the individuals could regroup near Oberxerix and Kasimir who were at the center of the fight now, the second wave of assailants came rushing in. They were a group of Kaballite Warriors equipped with shard carbines and others with power swords. They managed to land sporadic shots at everyone causing minor damages to their armor. Only Eyneer suffered any notable wound as a power sword penetrated his defense and left a bleeding slash mark on the left side of his abdomen. The kaballite warrior then somersaulted backwards out of range again.

    As Kaemore went in for an attacking vector, five Helions came shooting forth, swinging their heavy weapons of two-handed glaives, two-ended spears, etc. in mock and battle readiness. One particular weapon strafed the engine cover of the jetbike. Leaving an ugly mark. The talented jetbike rider disposed quickly of one of the skyboard users in vengeance, leaving only four more to eliminate.

    "You might have killed these fools. But we are veterans!" One of them bellowed, only to get a shot straight to the head by Oberxerix with her shardcarbine. The corrosive acid pierced the helmet and ate away at skull and brain, devouring the mans life in a most painful way.

    1 squad of kaballite warriors blocking the door deeper into the ship. - 14/15 left
    Hellions - Chasing Kaemore - 4/5 left
  8. Kaela had indeed been watching the others, hounding them to stay together. He would not see his master disappointed because these things got too trigger-happy and killed his prize.

    Though, faced down with some strange thing, one that smelled of flesh and metal in a way he was unfamiliar with, he snarled and hunkered his stance, weapons at the ready. With a loud snarl he let loose a blast at the thing, directly at the largest central target.

    OOC: Laz0r blast at Pain Engine
  9. Eyneer offered a grunt as he suffered a wound from one of the supposed 'veterans' their arrogance was perhaps ill placed but perhaps they did deserve some commendations. His wound bled a mixture of true blood and a mixture of various other fluids that circulated his body. His internal chemical fabrication systems ran through his entire body after all. Which made his bleeding rather... annoying was perhaps a good word for it. The chemicals that were leaking with his blood took time to build back up again and worse still if he lost enough he would have to get a transfusion. So he prepared on of his syringe tipped fingers with a blood clotting agent and injected himself above the wound. It wouldn't completely heal the wound but it should at least stop the bleeding and leaking of chemicals at least. While that happened and he enjoyed the sensation of the wound's pain combined with the prick of a needle his hand carrying the hexrifle aimed and began firing from a distance as he did the small medical application.

    OOC: Shooting at Kaballites and stopping the bleeding
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  10. When the Archon's pet opened fire upon the Pain Engine Lian decided to take action, despite having never encountered one of the creations before.

    Snatching her splinter pistol from its thigh holster the wych opened fire, aiming for the Pain Engine's exposed organics.

    OOC: Firing splinter pistol at Pain Engine
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