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Riders of the Dathedian [M42 DE RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 14, 2019.

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    "Don't you worry your Comorrite behind about that." Tarnilos said, getting a shiver from the deadly serious voice of the Reaver. Whether it was out of fear or excitement, even a trained Dark Eldar like Kaemore couldn't tell. "But I would worry about getting your behind in the straps." The corsair artisan said with a wink.

    ~~ The Green Comet Strikes ~~
    The Thunderhawk launched with full velocity and maybe more power than one would have given trust into a Mon'keigh vessel as it shot forth out of the hangar bay before putting the afterburners on full throttle, tossing individuals about if they were not strapped in or otherwise properly secured. The reaver bike luckily was magnetic-grav locked in place and was prevented from being thrown around and thrashing the Thunderhawk from inside out.

    Obviously the Thunderhawk would be not alone in it's assault, it was protected under the high-velocity mass reactive shells being fired by massive ordinance weaponry of the Space Marine Strike Cruiser, as well as a barrage of torpedos - heading straight for the rivaling Kabal vessel.

    And all that occurred while the engagement between the Imperial Navy and the Dark Eldar continued ruthlessly. That distraction proved as perfect cover for the Green Comet as it too elegant for a simple space marine dropship evaded incoming interception fire and replied with deadly payload unleashed by Tarnilos.

    ~~ Inside the Obsidian Rose Flagship ~~
    Unharmed, save for a few marring shots, The Green Comet landed inside a blown-open hole in the bulkhead of the Dark Eldar ship. The artificial gravity inside being still active and keeping the effects of the vacuum in space at bay through superior technology compared to the primitive Mon'Keigh who rely on blast doors and other physical means.

    Once the Thunderhawk landed, everyone was good to disembark. However their vessel was detected and a big group of Kaballite Warriors moved in to intercept and stop the invaders from their boarding attempt. The Thunderhawk unleashed its deadly payload in a wide arc, but was shortly after temporarily disabled by a rain of haywire grenades.

    They had the higher ground, aiming their splinter rifles down at where they assumed the hostile forces would rush in from. Each and every Rider of the Dathedian that moved out of the mon'keigh flyer would be able to see them clearly, as the kaballites lacked any sort of cover beyond the simple railings. The room itself was a standard vehicle bay for anti-grav planetary raid vehicles - however it was empty besides the Thunderhawk, leaving no options for vehicles beyond the Reavers' jet bike.

    3 squads of 12 kaballite warriors present.
    Squad #1 - left of the door deeper into the ship
    Squad #2 - center in front of the door deeper into the ship
    Squad #3 - right of the door deeper into the ship.

    If Squad #2 is destroyed, anyone can move through the door, as only they are blocking the entrance.
    Kaemore gets flank advantage when using jetbike to outmaneuver the enemies.
    Thunderhawk weaponry is stunned for 1 turn.
  2. @ Everyone

    Lian grinned as the troopship landed, bounding up from her chair and heading for the exit. Taking note of the pitiful number of kabalites blocking the group's path the wych moved to be just inside the troop hold, a plan forming as she considered the plasma grenade she was still passing from hand to hand.

    A sly smile appeared as she finalized her plans and Lian turned to the rest of the group.

    "I'll throw this little beauty and then this beauty will carve through the squad in front of the door. I'll see you on the other side."

    Matching actions to words Lian sprinted from the Thunderhawk, her sword-form razorflails in hand, and hurled the plasma grenade, tracking its arc with half her attention while keeping the rest on the kabalites before her.

    OOC: Throwing plasma grenade at Squad #2 and closing to melee range
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Kaemore let those on foot burst out of the Thunderhawk first. It wouldn't do if he decapitated most of the squad with his Grav Talons on "accident". Nevertheless that thought still made him chuckle warmly, there'd be so much blood.

    When the coast was clear, Kaemore took his bike out, firing the splinter gun to suppress anyone if they took him as a target. He swerved the bike to the right and planned an approach that'd bring the Talons into full effect.

    OOC: Grav Talon attack on squad #3
  4. @Uriel1339

    Kaela looked out of the metal transport and snarled at what he saw. Many enemies. Much trouble. Many small fleshy things to tear through. He growled and moved his head, drawing out the double sword. "Trouble." Was all he said before charging out. He was able to keep up with, and even potentially outrun some of the Eldar. In the blink of an eye, his dark lance fired and cut through the metal of the walkways, hopefully sending their enemies tumbling down to ground level. From there, he would keep away from the explosion of the plasma grenade before charging in, cutting the obstacles to his master with every sweep of his head.

    (Firing Dark Lance at walkway, then charging into Melee with #2)
  5. Xen, seeing this carnage, and being far from a front line fighter, would duck into a dark corner and meld into the shadows, aiming to appear in another shadow behind the main door.
  6. Teraseth stood near the archon. Already unsheathing her blade and standing in a defensive position. She gave a small grunt of disgust at the enemy before taking her cape off and tossing it to the side. She took up Her defensive stance and ready to fight though she also awaited the Archons orders.

    “If a crew is in danger should I show this low life enemy no mercy or play with them?”

    The last words she gave a smirk too. Her eyes were already showing the bloodlust inside her. The only pleasure she wanted right now was to hear the enemy in agony. An before they die the screams of torture as they beg for mercy. Her body shaking a little at the excitement of fighting.
  7. Eyneer breathed in and out, in through the nose, out through the mouth. The moment the doors opened to the interior of the ship he kept out, then he got a quick grasp of the situation and leapt again onto the side of the primitive shuttle and then off of that onto the level where the guards were. From there he charged them with his cleaver prepared to hack and slash through armor and flesh. He prepared his hexrifle too but he did not prefer it like he did his cleaver. Today a lot of drukhari would die, souls would be lost forever, that was good or at least his master would say so. The old haemonculus followed the Phoenex, the destruction of all things including the Eldar themselves. That’s why Eyneer was out here, Ynnead, his master wanted him to find Ynnead. Death was the Eldar race’s destiny and let them find death in Ynnead. Or at least that is what the old man had said, Eyneer himself simply preferred destruction.

    OOC: Charging into melee against squad 1 while taking shots with the hexrifle
  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    During the short trek via crude Mon-keigh aircraft, Harkon remained silent, sitting in the back. He wasn't showing it on the outside, but was working his mind to reach that state of razor-sharp focus which would prepare him for the battle ahead. Spilling blood of fellow Druchii was not something he would prefer when there were humans about, but in the end they too would be sacrificed to the Lord of Murder. It was the way of war and the Executioner was ready to deliver swift judgement once the Thunderhawk landed and the ramp was open.

    "BLOOD FOR KHAINE!" Harkon roared as he got out, Whidowmaker held in two-handed grip, the curved sword glowing in faint red color as it reflected its wielder's emotions, preparing itself for the bloodshed to come. There would be time for talks, perhaps even some tactical plans to become reality, but for now the Blood Priest had only one thing in store for the defenders. They would be the first offering on the altar of ruin.

    Following the trajectory of the dark lance discharge and given the fact he wasn't the fastest of the warriors gathered, he would aim his charge into the Kabalites who would hopefully fall down from the ramp once the structure was compromised, catching them on the ground where their ranged weapons couldn't help them as much.

    OOC attacking those who fall down after dark lance\plasma attack
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    Dar'Nak had been silent holding there power blade in hand along with there side arm, strapped into the crude craft they sat near the exit ramp readying themselves for the coming battle. As the ramp lifted they unrestrain themselves and jump out looking for the nearest kabalite to attack. Seeing a dark lance going for the raptorsthe true born smiled plan formed in there mind a reckless one but one that might prove fun.

    Squating downwards they would jump up, to the top of the thunder hawk and then attempted to jump once more to reach a part of the walk way that was still in tact, The best ground they say is alwalys above ones enemy, As they say moved they would fire there side arm and have there blade out and ready attempting to help defend oneself from wounds.

    OOC one defense on self one attack on attack on possibly any dark eldar that maybe left on the walk way if they dont fall.
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    Lian was the first one to engage in the combat, tossing the plasma grenade far and wide - but not too far. It hit a kaballite warrior right in the head who was too focused on getting a good shooting position on the cannon-armed wolf-esque beast that had ran out and charged the mighty weapon. The rest of the troupe leaped and ran away as far as they could, but four were instantly devoured or fatally injured by ripping their body in two from the powerful detonation and melting effects of the plasma weapon.

    might have needed a bit longer to get ready than the rest of the squad but made up with his battle readiness. One of the enemies pointed at him and his bike. "The Horror Hawk! Take him down! His head will be worth plenty on Comorragh!" And the entire squad turned around, opening fire - just as Kaemore did with his own shard weapons. Even as it rained death upon him, most was absorbed by the plating of his jetbike. Kaemore swooped down, talons ready to grab and rip which they exactly did. Three got hooked as the other ones tossed themselves on the ground, before leaping back up and shooting at him and their attached comrades. Kaemore could glance how one of the hooked Warriors got his splinter pistol out, only to get ironically shot by his own men right in the head, piercing the helmet and the poison within the shard killing him almost instantly. Another, was only hanging with his head on the talon. And the last one got it right in the chest, trying to claw himself free from the hawk of horrors. (OOC: Feel free to kill 1 more + the one hanging on your talons)

    with the grace of a bull, the wrack made it on top of the disabled Thunderhawk and from there with a short sprint onto the raised walkway. Even with Dar'Nak speeding right past him, Eyneer would not be outdone in terms of kill count - taking two out with his hexrifle as most ran for cover after the initial grenade. Then with the bulk of his size and physical prowess he shoved a crate aside before grabbing the kaballite warrior behind it and crush his skull as if it was little more than paper. Then the personal beast of Archon Urelius unleashed its weaponry, vaporizing most of the walkway and half a dozen Eldar that were all foes. (OOC: Feel free to kill 2 more)

    not just imitating but doing it better than Eyneer the wrack, danced his way onto the Thunderhawk and beyond. One could've mistaken him for a moment for a harlequin so smooth was the execution of the acrobatics. He sliced through them with his blade as if they were training puppets. Ducking under incoming blows, using a dead mans body as a shield against ranged fire before shoving him into the assailant and impale both corpse and shooter with a quick but thorough stab. Just then, Kaela had unleashed its mighty back-mounted cannon, killing the most of this battle yet but also weaken the walkway enough that Dar'Nak would drop into the rubble beneath. The injuries might have been bad, if it had not been for Naalyssra getting in the way and catching the fellow Dark Eldar preventing a fatal fall. After making sure Dar'Nak was on his own two feet, she charged into the remaining foes.

    had charged and unleashed his mighty weapon, pulverizing six Kaballites and half the walkway. Dar'Nak the trueborn had fallen, but was also caught. Eyneer was just at the edge of the crater and nobody else really was in the proximity of the detonation. He had aimed at the second squad, but they were so scattered - or maybe the weapon was miscalibrated - that he ended up obliterating whatever was left of the first squad. Considering the cooldown of the weapon and readying his blade, he managed to charge only after everyone else got into combat - having to live off of scraps. (OOC: Feel free to kill 1 more with melee)

    ready to unleash his patrons wrath moved in unison of the blast that the beast of war created. Despite the heavy weapon he moved faster than one would suspect he could. Centuries of training and battles allowed him to move with such grace. Although nobody fell down, he could quickly move with zig-zag jumps across the rubble up to the walkway, zipping past Eyneer and annihilate three kaballites of another remaining squad that the reaver just passed through. They were too occupied in attempt to shoot the jetbike down to not heed the priest of Khaine - to their demise. (OOC: feel free to kill 2 more)

    Oberxerix, Teraseth
    and Kasimir would be pleased with the initial performance of the new agents of their master and of course Kaelas performance. The latter followed Harkon closely into combat, providing him backup against any surprising assailants without neglecting his own fair share of death. Oberxerix would stick close towards Blazingfang, shooting sporadically with the splinter rifle whenever it was safe to do so. Shots rang her way, but their aim was terrible and her movements too graceful.

    Teraseth on the other hand when she charged in after Kaelas detonation, she would not go for the masses of murder, but instead pick one particular target out and dance with her foe much like a cat would play with a mouse. To see that hope in an enemies' eyes as with each blow they tried to get the upperhand. Although Teraseth in reality was leading the dance, and sadly without much strain. These weaklings were simply no match. (OOC: Feel free to kill this one as you please + 1 more if you want)

    Xenara emerged right behind an enemy near the main door, although the ones blocking were all obliterated, there were more victims to be had. And one happened to stumble backwards into the living shadow. There was a feeling of terror when the cold crept upon that one particular victim, before Shadeskin took care of him, and some of his friends. (OOC: Feel free to kill in total, including the described terrified victim 3)

    Everyone present: "Everyone. Clear the area. Thunderhawk weapons are back online." The Artisan said through the vox who manned the weapons which already started to warm up, the primitive weapons turning on their belts and chains, ready to unleash their deadly payload.

    3 squads of kaballite warriors present.
    Squad #1 - left of the door deeper into the ship. - 8/12 left
    Squad #2 - center in front of the door deeper into the ship - Dead
    Squad #3 - right of the door deeper into the ship. - 6/12 left

    Squad #2 is destroyed, anyone can move through the door now.
    Kaemore gets flank advantage when using jetbike to outmaneuver the enemies.
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