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Reward/requisition System

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Revenlear, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Jericho Jericho Forum Beta Tester

    Organising large scale assults will be like herding cats, props to the guys who try to handle it all.

    It would help a lot if there is a reward tied in to following the commands to encourage the average joes to fall in line.
  2. Warsmith Matt Warsmith_Matt Well-Known Member

    They say there will be in almost every article also
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  3. Rurik Fral Rurik Curator

    Yah that is where the hard balancing issue comes into play. You want the benefits to be good so that players follow orders but not so good that you feel that that is the only way to play the game if you want to advance and gain xp/loot etc.

  4. Honestly, I have no issue with this.

    I get that people should be able to have fun and play the game the way they want, but rewarding people for doing what's best for the faction, rather than running around killing AFK people and then getting slaughtered is hardly coercion. If you want to run around doing whatever, you should know and understand that you will not be advancing as quickly. If that's ok with the player, then fine. Much like any other MMO out there, if you really want to advance and get all the shiny purple stuff, you need to be part of a group. Nothing wrong with continuing that tried and true MMO tradition.

    As for how factions will organize themselves - I don't think it'll be as hard as people think. Each faction will essentially get carried by a handful of well-organized Strike Forces whose leaders will make up the War Council. Those groups will set the objectives and take overall strategic command - keeping track of what's happening and where the faction's forces should focus their efforts. The rest of the faction - made up of random squads and solo players - will simply participate... or not.
  5. Revenlear Revenlear Subordinate

    This was one reason for my concept. If you don't participate, you want get shiny trophies and additional resources, forcing players (at least the ones in a commanding position) to stay in contact with their leaders.
    In Planetside 2 on our server, we have this problem that we don't get our asses together and coordinate ourselves, making the practilly impossible to play against the opposing factions.
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  6. That's the key, and everyone has experienced the price of disorganized groups in PvP. Everyone that's ever done any kind of PvP in any game should know that organization is everything. In fact, save dumb luck, there's no other way to win.

    Yeah, we're here for fun. What more fun than winning?
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  7. DoWIIAtlas Subordinate

    As long as MOST of the rewards are automated, I think it's actually a great idea that players can reward other players more or less on percieved effort. It's kind of lulzy though to think of one of the War Council Members for the Spess Mehreens to be the venerable Brother-Treasurer, but it works.

    My idea for what resources should be is a little different and is as follows:
    • There's actually 4 resources, labeled A,B, Power and SF Points
    • A and B are both different resources that are used in construction of war assets like tanks and guns. You get them via NPC mining in the scenarios you've mentioned. A and B are scattered across the planet in various quantities and concentrations.
    • Power is used to power facilities and is gained via territory control. The longer you hold it, the more of a Power Reserve you build. You can destroy them to shut down factories,shields and so on till there's enough Power to restore function.
    • SF Points are the resource that the players requisition to other players. This is considered the prestige points, and merging this idea with another in the vehicles thread, is what Strike Forces use to purchase assistance like tanks, orbital strikes and so on and so forth.
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