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Reskin wolfpriests to look more like apothecaries?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fiesty_Won, Mar 26, 2017.


Reskin wolf priests to be more similar to apothecaries?

  1. Yes, add some white to them so they are similar to other apothecaries.

  2. No, I need more Lore Porn.

  3. Herpa gurderpah derh

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  1. Fiesty_Won Fiesty_Won First Blood!

    As title says....since they are literally the same thing now. I think it is only fair they are as obvious as apothecaries and not looking like another tactical.

    Quoting myself further down in the posts......

    If the wolf priests are going to behave exactly like apothecaries....then they should have some similarity visually. That way I can identify them in the match and kill them first. Right now they look like tacticals, which for the game is a problem considering all other "support" classes are easily identified. This was never a problem before because that giant rights of fire mace was easily identified.
  2. Honestly all subfactions should have visual customization and uniqueness... SW are the only ones actually implemented. First they gave priest boltgun, now you want it look like a normal apothecary...

    Guys wtf is wrong with you? You want to look like an Apoth? DON'T PLAY SPACE WOLF.
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  3. Threule Threule1994 Firebrand

    Let's not fuck the lore even more shall we?
  4. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    Voted no. Chapters should look more unique, not less.
  5. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Make apothecaries wolf priests instead, at least then I can actually use the MkIII backpack I bought and still can't use on them.
  6. Threule Threule1994 Firebrand

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  7. Hunter Tarrus TARINunit9 Well-Known Member

    1. Wolf Priests taking boltgun weapons IS part of their traditional loadouts. Combi-weapons, but still
    2. bE probably couldn't if they wanted, they're beholden to the style guide
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  8. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    shouldn't blood angel apothecaries get jump packs?
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  9. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Apparently only elite/veteran ones, command squad ones are literally Apothecaries apparently, I don't think they even get the blood chalice but the elite ones on TT can get jump packs and even chapter relics.
  10. I voted for the option that had both "porn" and "lore" in it.
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