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Reserve Your Guild Name

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieFleming, Jun 17, 2014.

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  1. Sharr Savage Curator

    "Sons of Lorgar" for chaos marines.
    Thanks :)

    I only now saw the update to Guild name reservations. If for some reason the Sons of Lorgar cannot be accepted, I'll change mine to "Word Bearers 3rd Host" or "Sons of Aurelian" though I'd prefer Sons of Lorgar tbh. *fingers crossed*

    A link to our recruitment page
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  2. Kleon Stephanos Crimson_Lord Arkhona Vanguard

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  3. I'm assuming if someone doesn't commit to the game later on the guild names that are being reserved will be available again right? Our guild hasn't been stated but I find this "reserving" kind of intriguing without a transactional commitment to the game.
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  4. Dirty Hippy dirtyhippyz Subordinate

    Steeehl Rehn
  5. Boss Zarg New Member

    Honor Guard
  6. The Committee
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  7. zeke New Member

    Legio Noctis
  8. The PS3 Soul Drinkers of the SMCA hereby claim:

    Soul Drinkers (unless lore chapters are a no-go)

    Raven Lunatics if we cannot use lore names
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  9. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    i claim the name Legio Solvit on behalf of the two masters (sent an email as well)
  10. South of Heaven
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