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Replacement Options for Double Melta

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Seraphel, Dec 21, 2017.


Of the Options Below, which is the best Doublemelta replacement.

  1. Stronger Melta

  2. Vulnerable Melta

  3. Weaker Double Melta

  4. Stronger Fusion Rifle

  5. Meltatraps

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    because it would be more effective at AI than the AI classes, melta is already viable at AI , the multimelta is 25% more powerfull than a regular one and you want the eldar melta to do 50% more damage ... see the problem or still not ?
  2. Velenor Subordinate

    considering its limited to cqc and doesnt have a capture key, why is that a problem? just make the dire avenger the mid-range class it was meant to be.
    eldar melta only does more damage because other factions are more durable and we need the high damage to normalize our TTK.

    By your own argument we shouldnt give LSM something like multimeltas because theyre viable against infantry and kill tanks.
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    FD : Mobility + melta bombs (no cap key)
    Devastators : Less mobility , no melta bombs , +25% damage (no cap key)

    not difficult to understand why doing that :
    FD : Mobility + melta bombs +50%damage (no cap key)
    Devastators : Less mobility , no melta bombs , +25% damage (no cap key)

    Would be wrong

    And Da is a short range skirmisher , not mid range
    Are you really gonna complain about ttk between melta users ? wtf

    the only viable choice to this thread is 7k damage bomb over 2*4k , all the others suggestions are just crap
  4. Velenor Subordinate

    we're talking about melta bombs replacements, I wasnt suggesting to make the fusion gun more powerful and keeping the double melta bomb wargear.
    on the tabletop dire avenger shuriken catapults have an 18 inch range, bolters 12 inch when moving 24 when stationary. Using this as a reference the shuriken catapult should excel at medium range with mobility, while bolters should be decent at mid-range but have a better long-range option. Dire Avengers should be short-mid range, while tacticals mid-long range.

    I want all meltabombs to get a nerf tbh, but I also want a change in the spawn system so players get a better chance to actually use their melta weaponry to kill tanks.
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  5. Dragonkindred Dragonkindred Arkhona Vanguard

    Where is the "None of the above" option?
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    1st off : dont compare a video game to the tabletop
    2nd off : bolters can fire once at 24 inches while moving
    3rd : in table top less than 24 inches is short range , 24 to 48 is medium range 48+ is long range

    and what makes my point invalid in what u said ? its still fucking stupid to do that
    FD : Mobility + melta bomb+50%damage (no cap key)
    Devastators : Less mobility , no melta bomb , +25% damage (no cap key)

    we had a time where melta were effective , devs decided to nerf it because it was too good at everything , its in a good place right now , even if i dont like getting killed by a shitter after i killed him
  7. No "throw it like a frisbee" option?

    Else @Rheeva isn't too far off; there's no point tweaking stuff that risks generating butthurt when we could have a proper retooling of the system. Running out of APCs on Lavaworld regardless of which factions are fighting is a death sentence, regardless if they were hit by hyper-efficient Dragon-Hawk teams or a really slow and lonely Ork in his empty partyvan.
  8. Marat Al Fattakh data_angel Steam Early Access

    another eldar nerf. Well, I don't think this will stop lsm from whining
  9. Seraphel Recruit

    A nerf and a buff together, so that TTK remains the same but takes more than two button presses. A real nerf would be deciding that eldar vehicles couldn't roadkill crouched targets

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