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Renegade Heroes [scenario Rp - Legacy System]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Info for Current Players:

    Info for curious individuals:

    Legacy System Registering Form:

    Legacy System Information:

    RP 'how it came to be' Information:

    So here is what you need to know:
    Max Players: 6
    (I won't be one of these, I will purely GM and well play through NPCs I suppose :p)

    Players are RENEGADE Marines. NOT Chaos Space Marines. RENEGADES. See definition help here:

    The available EX-Legions are:
    Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Word Bearers, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor's Children
    (For lore & char background purposes only, won't affect gameplay itself)

    Since you will be Renegades, you don't swear allegiance to the Emperor or any god. So if you play World Eater, you won't praise to Khorne. If you play Death Guard you won't praise to Nurgle. If you are Thousand Son you won't praise to Tzeentch. If you are Emperor's Children you won't praise to Slaanesh.

    Important Background Information:
    You live individually, not as a group. You know one another by name, rank, and general background (which is why the char sheets will be posted here publicly). The Population knows you as Heroes, Legends and in mythological beings as you lived on the planet ever since the Horus Heresy ended and now is the 41st Millenium, meaning you are truly legends that are 10 thousand years old.

    You may even choose to have your character live with some of the population and therefore be a true living hero, others may be more mythological if their background is to live far away from everyone.

    The Population itself is in a Renaissance-Era like time. This means they have early inventions and applications of gunpowder. You saw them grow from tribes people, through the medieval times to the Renaissance. The Imperium does not know of this world as many records have been lost, plus that you covered your exile by faking your death and have made sure that this planet in particular never was to be found again, having it eradicated from the Imperial Star Maps altogether.

    There were 2 major campaigns you had your hand in before. The first was a Feral Ork invasion that almost eliminated all of the tribes of this planet, you intervened and killed the Orks, purged them for good. An old friend by the name of Jurt Zethica has died during this fight, he was an Imperial Fist who joined you, not having been capable of accepting the Codex Astartes, not bending his knee to Guilliman as Warmaster just like Dorn didn't bend to Horus. This was around 6000 years ago.

    The second major campaign was against what you have come now to learn as 'Eldar' They raided and burned early medieval-era cities and castles, having kidnapped at least five thousand. In fact you were incapable of fighting them back, they just disappeared after they had gathered enough slaves. Still you were praised as heroes, especially after you found the webway gate and made sure it was never opened again. This was around 2500 years ago.

    Now it was a new menace that was coming upon the planet. You only know that SOMETHING is coming but not what, so you gather in the biggest city of this world - Adranur

    The individual character intros will be about their travels to Adranur.

    Basic Classes determine your main combat focus. Advanced classes can be taken ADDITIONALLY to allow you special interactions and/or influence. But you can only pick 1 of each. this means even if you have 1 Mechanics and 2 Psychic Skill you can only choose Sorcerer & Engineer or Sorcerer & Druid; not Sorcerer, Druid & Engineer. 1 of each category.

    Available Basic Classes:
    Tactical / All-Round - No Requirement (Is average in all)
    Havoc / Devastator / Heavy Weapons - At least 2 skill levels in Combat Training (1 must be 'Heavy') [bad in melee, but good on ranged]
    Raptor / Assault / Melee - At least 2 skill levels in Combat Training (1 must be 'Melee') [bad on ranged, good in melee]
    Sorcerer / Librarian / Psyker - At least 2 skill levels in Psychic Skill [slightly under average in all, but can use spells]

    Available Advanced Classes:
    Techmarine / Engineer - At least 1 skill level in Mechanics
    Druid / Spirit Ambassador / Farseer - At least 1 skill level in Ritual & Psychic Skill
    Lordship - At least 1 skill level in Character
    Blacksmith / Crafter - At least 1 skill level in Crafting
    Healer - At least 1 skill in Medicine
    Hunter / Watcher of the Nature - At least 1 skill in Survival

    Overview / Info of Advanced Classes:
    Engineer - Fixes stuff
    Druid/Farseer - Can interact with peoples spirits and the nature to gain more insight into various things (such as weather change)
    Lordship - Rules a village or city or castle and the people trust him
    Blacksmith/Crafter - builds stuff
    Healer - heals people
    Hunter/Watcher - knows all about flora & fauna of the world

    Char Sheet:
    Character Name:
    Basic Class:
    Advanced Class:

    Brief History (in 3 parts);
    #1 During Horus Heresy
    #2 Time on this world (Arrival until Eldar Invasion Summary)
    #3 Recent history (around the last decade)

    1 Knife / Shortsword (no Power Weapon)
    1 Pistol
    1 Basic Weapon (Bolter, Melta, Plasma Gun, etc. any regular 2-handed Ranged Weapon)
    Power Armor (Mark 1-5) [The Mark is only for looks]

    Basic Class-Specific Bonus Gear:
    Havoc/Devastator - 1 Heavy Weapon (Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, etc.)
    Sorcerer - Staff or other 1 or 2 handed Psychic Weapon
    Raptor - Power Melee Weapon (if one-handed, also get a shield)
    Tactical - 2nd Basic Weapon for variety

    Advanced Class-Specific Bonus Gear:
    Engineer/Techmarine - Mechadendrite
    Druid/Farseer - Animal Companion
    Lordship - Symbol of Authority (can be hat, a medal or anything else, up to you)
    Blacksmith/Crafter - Anvil & Hammer
    Healer - Bags of Herbs & Potions
    Hunter/Watcher - Self-Reloading Crossbow (via drum, like in the Van Helsing movie)

    Additional Info:
    The RP will be held in this very same thread once we are setup. Should anyone jump off the RP while it is undergoing they won't receive Building Points (except it was really near the end) and their chars might be botted by me or taken over by another player.
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  2. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    Heh, my heresy know no bounds. I left your other Rp to free up a spot for this one. SO count me in.

    Just some feedback.
    Wut. What is the point of even being a legion or even writing a past if it doesn't effect our characters. We could all just tell our story through the RP. No, it should really give you an advantage with what Legion you pick since the coolest thing about all the (now Chaos ) legions is they all have some kind of unique combat trait to them (Really alot of the loyalist ones don't). Speaking of renegades why cant any other legion be a choice? From what I remember some of the loyalist chapter had some kind of turn(I can remember the White Scars specifically), so I feel like any legion should be able to be one of a renegade especially since none of us worship a god.

    Speaking of that, as you put it "He lives for his own goals," so why can't we worship any gods? I guess its is weird to have a Khorne worshiper not trying to kill everyone, but we cant even worship the Emperor? That could be a big reason why we didnt go to the Eye of terror in the first place.

    And worst of all. YOU FORGOT THE SONS OF HORUS/LUNA WOLVES! and that other one that may or may not exist
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I didn't forget Horus ppl, I chose to not include them for different reasons. And the Legion should have no influence itself except aesthetics and background. And I restricted it to these legions for lore reasons.

    For Example Luna Wolf & Raven Guard would mean only trouble, because we all know about a certain gate battle that broke their relation.

    As for the Emperor, I want to keep it as a plot thing that so far nobody of you believes into him or that he is an actual god and/or the salvation. I want you to think about YOUR personal reasons, not about fighting for some god. To allow you to be far more intrinsic rather than extrinsic in personality.

    And your goals should not be related to your gods, but to yourself. If it is power you seek, then you should train hard and want to defeat others by yourself, not entrusting your power into others. That is where true strength lies, within yourself.

    Believe me I made the choices consciously for lore, character and plot reasons. I know that each Legion had their own Renegades, especially the Red Corsairs are prove enough that Renegades can come from anywhere.

    While I thank you for your critique, I think the setup is quite good - except others have similar complains. I am always open for change prior to start, but only if it truly is a good reason.

    Oh and one thing why I restricted it down to Horus' Side Legions is because I don't wanna see stuff really like a Word Bearer and Ultramarine wrestling all the darn time or an Iron Warrior brawling with an Imperial Fist or as earlier mentioned have a Raven Guard and Luna Wolf / Son of Horus having their disputes with one another.
  4. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    You could just tell us not to try to wrestle. If I am correct, we all know each other and if we did ever have issues, we would either kill each other or get over it in the 10k years. I still dont understand why are origin doesn't actually effect us. Not only are we Primarch(gene-seed wise) compared to the new SM, but they all have a unique trait (like the hardiness of the DG or the berserk strength of the WE). But its your show.

    Ill get my Char sheet out in a little.
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Good joke, that one :p The players of this forum love combat, be it against one another or against foes. And I think you kinda missed what I meant that the legion is only aesthetic....

    Look. You are super-duper compared to other Astartes, no question. But I am not making you more super than you are anyway. Look you are darn Astartes with just common humans around you, you already are like 9000 times more superior. One of you probably could slay the entire population of the entire world xD

    As for unique traits and what not, I actually was not going to go with that just because the fact of that it should come with the class. It is purely to make the choice of legion more favorable for you guys.

    I don't want one to choose Thousand Sons just so he can play a better sorcerer. I want you to choose your legion because you know the lore of them or just because you like their colors or their logo or go figure what attracts you to a certain legion.

    Though I may be biased since that is exactly how I went with Pillars of Eternity, to choose a certain race because certain attribute bonuses xD
  6. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    Oh, yeah? :) I also assume all of us just happen to go here and meet each other. Not that we all came on the same ship. If not ill change the lore a little.

    Char Sheet:
    Character Name: Karr "The Red Wave"
    Basic Class: Assault
    Advanced Class: Lordship
    Personality: Homicidal, Respectful, Stern, Fair.

    Brief History (in 3 parts);
    #1 Karr was inducted into the World Eater Legion almost a century before the Betrayal. While many joined with their father, Karr took the path less traveled and left with a frigate with other who felt the same. While having no Idea currently of the battle of Terra, Karr with his ship found the world of Adranur. At the time there was almost a whole company of Astarte, but some kept their true allegiance hidden and attacked Karr. The battle raged on for days until the Traitors set their frigate to crash land on the planet. There plan succeeded.

    #2 The frigate had crashed into a large tribe of feral people. The ship killing most of them and the populace thought it was a sign from their forgotten god, punishing them. When Karr and another rise from the destroyed husk, they praised him as the god, and due to his Astarte form he quickly proved to be a candidate. Sooner or latter he ruled the little village, turning it to a prosperous time. At one point his village was decades advanced then they had ever had come across. This eventually changed when the Ork arrived. As the whole planet banded together to fight this threat, he met others like him either true similar info on the planet or by luck. The war proved two things, the people had fought with their 'god' harder than any other men Karr had seen and that the god was deserving of the title, The red wave.

    After the Ork threat had been eliminated, Karr found a new purpose for his people. With some practices taken from his legion, Karr quickly transformed it into a dominant military land-power for the people of Adranur. Not for any other tribe. All villages who could bear arms learned the way of the blade. Warrior first and people second. Even in the times of Gunpowder, Karr's village, The World Eaters have continued to concentrate there focus on Melee Combat.

    #3 Karr has found himself his 85th family. It had recently started and has one adopted child. A boy. A recent plague has occurred to the village. While this happens every few century's it had never been this bad. Many woman can not survive child birth due to the plague and many children don't survive. In the past 13 years, only 27 children had lived. Although they all seem immune to the Plague. Karr himself has been slowly losing his sanity, the Butcher's nail taking its tole on his mind. While he usually has supplements to tame his aggression , the slaughter continues to call him. Sooner or later he will need to fill his thirst for blood.

    1 Combat Knife
    1 Volkite Serpenta (Pistol)
    1 Bolter
    Power Armor Mark V
    Power Flail & Shield
    Jet pack

    Advanced Class-Specific Bonus Gear:
    Lordship - Symbol of Authority. A small shield that displays his old Company's Emblem. Now used as his Village's Livery. The miniature shield is located at the lower section of his pauldron, letting all who face him remember his position. A blue torn cape flows from it and over his Pauldron.
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    It was definitely organized in some way, be it a secure transmission or a general letter or even just a rumor. But it was organized for those that do not know whom to serve that they could find safe haven here.

    And btw you never registered for the legacy system? :p

    Registering Form:
  8. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    il be joining as a a psycher
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  9. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    Char Sheet:
    Character Name: dominus magus
    Basic Class: sorcerer
    Advanced Class: Farseer
    Personality: very reclusive but will talk to others if there is nothing else to do, is not used to talking with others.

    Brief History (in 3 parts);
    #1 During Horus Heresy, served in the 2nd company of the thousand sons but was away from prospero when it fell, served as a librarian before the decree of nikera
    #2 Time on this world (Arrival until Eldar Invasion Summary) been known as a Farseer that the local tribes and vilages visit every now and then to ask for fortunes to be told, and received gifts such as sacrificial animals, was treated at one point as a god but disclaimed that claiming there are no gods
    #3 Recent history (around the last decade) has been living alone with his most recent animal companion a massive lioness who stumbled on a hunt for something to eat and has been living with her ever since (mostly to keep the normal humans away as they have started to annoy him with visits and calling him a god or an angel

    1 Short sword (with an engraved term, i am alone)
    1 bolt Pistol
    1 bolt gun
    Power Armor mark 4

    Basic Class-Specific Bonus Gear:
    Sorcerer - force sword (bastard sword)

    Advanced Class-Specific Bonus Gear:
    Farseer - lioness that is big enough for him to ride (though proberly not strong enough if he is in his armor)
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    You can have the jetpack but don't forget it only has limited fuel, we may simply assume he saved it for as horrible things as what is still to come and that it will somehow last to the end of the new threat :p (Raptor without Jetpack would be a bit meh, right? :p)

    Don't forget on your player stuff to buy at least 1 character skill.

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