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Reivers=Night Lords

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Brother-Bardiel, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    When I think of night lord I think of claws, terror, hit and run tactics. Especially Terror, night lords are extremely efficient against the imperial guard and not quite so against space marines because there primary weapon is fear.

    And it's true that it's quite disturbing, because when you just judge by their appearance, they look more like Catachan's devil fighter than actual Night lords.
  2. Fangz Fangz Confessor

  3. Funnily enough, that was exactly my first thought on seeing them.
  4. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Cawl did want to poke around traitor legion genseed. Who knows, maybe these Revears are already "Kurzed" .
  5. Cydonia Cydonia Well-Known Member

    ...but is "we like to use terror tactics" a genetic trait though?
  6. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Apparently, since DA being emo, IW being cynical and Kentucky Guards' love for sneakyness are all, uh, "genetic traits".
  7. No they're not.

    If they were genetic traits then that's how the Legions would have been before they met their Primarchs.
    And many of them weren't.
  8. Cydonia Cydonia Well-Known Member

    Just caught myself back up with Night Lords lore, their genetic quirk was the whole "we see the worst possible outcome" foresight thing, like what Kurze had.

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