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    Imperial tank commanders are the bravest and boldest tank commanders in the galaxy. So unconcerned are they with their own safety, so disdainful are they of the enemy’s mightthat they stand tall from their tank’s turret, never thinking to close the hatch and cower inside.

    Conversely, the enemies of the Imperium are universally cowardly and craven wretches, more likely to hide behind thick walls and in deep trenches than face the righteous might of the Emperor’s armies in open battle.

    During your service in the armies of the Astra Militarum, you may well be called upon to drive the enemy from his hiding place and assault a fortification. Supported by the armoured might of a tank division and the fury of an artillery company, this will not be difficult.

    Your officers are well versed in siege warfare and briefed on all the tactics necessary to prosecute a flawless siege. Follow their orders and they will lead you to victory.


    Contrary to section 1, Siege warfare is a grueling and bloody affair. It is highly likely casualty rates will be at omega level or above.You will lose many men. Luckily, the Emperor has seen to it that we have plenty of those.

    The following is the correct procedure for conducting a siege and should be followed at all times:

    Surround the enemy fortification

    Ensure the enemy fortress is fully encircled. The enemy must not be allowed to break out and escape the Emperor’s justice. If you have enough men, have them stand shoulder-to-shoulder to form a cordon around the structure. This will make them easy targets for grenades and other area effect ordnance, but the psychological effect this halo of courage and steel will have upon the foe will more than make up for a few additional casualties.

    Probe the defences

    Finding weak points in an enemy position can be tricky from a distance. Instead, gather your fastest runners and have them get up close to the enemy structures for a proper look. This approach has the added bonus of uncovering any minefields, electro-snares, razor-pits or other traps that might have otherwise hampered your assault. Remember, troopers do not need their weapons to look for weak spots. Be sure to strip them of all equipment before sending them out.

    Exhaust their ammunition

    Once surrounded and besieged, the enemy will have limited supplies and ammunition. Every shot fired at you during this time will be one shot not fired during the final assault. Of course, your own supplies may be limited too. One way to keep potential ration use down is to consider sending some of the more insubordinate troops on early assaults against suspected weak points. This will force the enemy to use up their ammunition, and have the added bonus of further damaging enemy morale by showing them how fearless our men are.


    Hammer their position

    Artillery units are an essential element* of a successful siege. Have your attached artillery units unleash their weapons upon the fortification. This barrage should be constant and unceasing.Note that while some officers** have expressed concern that this tactic means their men are unable to sleep during long sieges, this is in fact good news! During a siege you can place all troopers on 24-hour shifts without the need for stims. Officers will, of course, be issued with Munitorum-approved auditory suppressors.

    Seek a gap in their defences

    Before launching your final assault, it is imperative that you identify the weakest point in the enemy defence. If you have done your job properly, either the artillery barrage or one of your preliminary assaults will have uncovered such a section on which to focus your assault. If not, repeat the earlier stages until one is located, or you run out of men and ammunition.

    Launch the final assault

    Muster your forces and launch a glorious final attack. Victory is at hand.

    Caution: we do not recommend that you personally lead the first direct attack on the enemy fortress (commonly known as the “Forlorn Hope”). If it is unsuccessful, you will be slain and thus unable to rally the force for another, more successful attack. Instead, when it becomes clear that your assault will be successful, you should vox ahead and order the regiment to hold while you take your rightful place at the head of the formation. Remember to find a suitable enemy corpse upon which to place your victorious boot.

    May the Emperor guide you in your endeavors.

    Thought for the day:“Success is commemorated; failure merely remembered.”

    *If your force has not been assigned a detachment of artillery, you will need to use your standard support units. Mortars and missile launchers can, in some situations, suffice. Be aware that under these circumstances, your casualty rates will be higher than projected. Plan accordingly.
    **Offending individuals summarily punished by their regimental commissars for improper application of empathy.
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    – In the event of breakdown –

    The redoubtable workhorse of the Astra Militarum, the Chimera is the most reliable* transport vehicle in the galaxy, and you should feel honoured to be carried into battle in such a noble machine.

    However, there are occasions when poor maintenance, extreme enemy fire, or a lack of faith on the part of the occupants have led to these dependable transports breaking down.

    In the event of such an unlikely occurrence, follow this simple guide.


    Step 1: Exit the vehicle

    If your Chimera ceases to move in a combat zone, calmly exit the vehicle and examine it.

    (Important! If you are currently embarked amidst an aquatic assault, do not exit the vehicle – this is key.)

    Step 2: Secure the area

    If the vehicle is under attack by the enemy, it is your duty to protect it. Eliminate all enemy in the vicinity before seeking to aid your vehicle. Standard Armoured Fist Squad size is 10 well-trained and -equipped Guardsmen of the Emperor’s glorious Astra Militarum – more than a match for any enemy presence nearby.

    Step 3: Determine severity of problem

    – No obvious signs of damage

    Strike each track of the vehicle 12 times with the butt of a standard issue lasgun while reciting the Litany of Mechanical Reignition. This will assuredly fix the issue.

    If this fails to fix the issue, vox a report to your Regimental Enginseer. They will advise you on your next course of action.

    – Vehicle is on fire

    Calmly move to a safe distance. Chimeras are, of course, immune to simple flame. After a short time, or mild rain, your transport will be ready to board again. If you yourself are ablaze, do not re-enter the vehicle.

    – I can see through the hull

    As many squad members as required should immediately remove their flak jackets and jam them into the holes in the hull. This will quickly and effectively ensure your continued safety. Troopers should contribute their armour in reverse height order. While it requires more sets of smaller armour, they’re harder to hit. Any holes remaining at this point, once all troopers have contributed their armour, can be used as additional firing points from the vehicle.

    – Machine-spirit not responding

    As explained earlier, the Chimeras is a very durable transport, so its destruction is likely the result of your own incompetence, such as a complete inability to carry out the simple repairs listed above.

    But set aside your shame. You should now fight all the harder to seek penance for your failings, and avenge the machine-spirit of your fallen vehicle.

    We hope you have found this instruction helpful.

    If you have not, please re-read it until you have fully understood. You will be tested.

    Thought for the day:“Our armour is contempt.”
    *According to tests perfomed by Munitorum-approved Chimera manufacturing facilities on the forge world of Gryphonne IV
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    Something we get asked a lot here at the Munitorum Department for Astra Militarum Discipline, and Spiritual and Moral Well Being, is what makes the perfect cup of recaff

    Well, fire up the stove, Guardsman, and recite the machine rite of aqua-vaporisation, because we’re about to tell you.

    What is recaff?

    Recaff is the caffeinated beverage that oils the mighty human war machine of the Astra Militarum. It is the ever-present* companion to the Guardsman on watch, a warm comfort to the trench-hardened soldier, and the guaranteed reward of a mission accomplished**.

    Methods of recaff production vary across war zones. Common blends include extracts from local plant leaves as well as Adeptus Mechanicus-approved – and almost entirely hygienic – filtrated regimental waste. Especially skilled quartermasters are able to re-acquire the caffeine additives from waste that has gone through this cycle seven times.

    Brewing the Perfect Cup

    1) Prepare your containerMany squads maintain a dedicated recaff kettle. For luck***, this is never cleaned. While the brown-green sludge that forms inside may appear distasteful, it would be true to say that this adds to the flavour.

    2) Boil the WaterThe first thing you’ll need is boiling water. Be aware to take into account your altitude and the planet’s gravity and atmospheric density, as this may affect boiling point and thus the flavour. Such factors may also hamper your ability to survive whilst brewing.

    3) Prepare the recaff additivesYour regimental quartermaster will have issued guidelines on the correct composition of recaff for your deployment. It is vital that you follow these instructions. Any troopers found using unauthorised plant material in recaff, or additional caffeine, will face summary punishment, followed by death, and having their recaff confiscated.

    4) Lower recaff additives into water, inside a suitable filterIdealy, this should be done inside a Munitorum-approved Perforated Hot Water Submersion Container. Failing that, a standard issue Guardsman’s sock will suffice.Note: the taste will likely be affected if this sock has been previously used for its standard purpose.

    5) Wait for the percolationThe correct time to wait is as exactly long as it takes to recite the 113th verse of the Mantra of the Emperor Ascendant (which, as a faithful Guardsman, you of course know by heart). Then remove the Munitorum-approved Perforated Hot Water Submersion Container (or sock).

    6) Enjoy a delicious cupWith all this done, it’s time to pour yourself a delicious mug of recaff.

    Good job, trooper – another victory for the Imperium!

    Thought for the Day:

    “Get me a mug of recaff and a lasgun, and I’ll take on a Hive Tyrant!”– Sergeant Vladimir Brosk, Vostroyan 34th****

    * Statement should not be taken literally. Recaff is often unavailable.

    ** Supplies limited. No guarantee given.

    *** Superstition is the enemy of the Emperor. Luck is merely the manifest favour of his divine might.

    **** With moderate regret, we report that Sergeant Brosk was killed by a Hive Tyrant six weeks after making this statement. It is believed that a recaff shortage was instrumental in his demise.
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    Greetings Guardsmen,

    As you have no doubt heard, you will soon board a transport bound for the death world of Krylux V.

    To help you prepare for this exciting change of scenery, we’ve invited a special guest columnist to write this week’s edition of The Regimental Standard. This individual, this living embodiment of the Astra Militarum’s martial prowess, is a real hero. He is the man who single-handedly defeated the Hrud invasion of Delphion V, the soldier who was instrumental in the destruction of the notorious Ork Gargant Morkthunder, and the only documented human to ever headbutt a Carnifex to death. Clutch your lasguns tight, and heed the words of Captain Catachan himself.

    [​IMG]Well, well…

    What a pack of grox-fat swamp weasels you lot are*.

    Command ordered me here to turn you lowlife hive-rats into expert jungle fighters. Well I’m never one to shy away from a hopeless battle, so prepare to have your soft spines hardened.

    Which reminds me, I hope you enjoyed your bunks while you had ‘em, because you ladies are heading to the Jungle – on a death world no less – and the softest thing you’ll find to lie on are your own innards**. Heck, I’ll bet you a week’s ration of recaff that most of you end up doing just that.

    Death worlds are no place for the weak. If you let your guard down, the Jungle will eat you up and…-REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE MUNITORUM- To survive, you have to be tough and you have to be alert. Any of you that don’t want to to end up as compost and gnawed bones on the jungle floor had better follow my rules.


    Captain Catachan’s Jungle Rules

    1. Always bring a knifeA knife’s more than just a weapon in the Jungle. It’s your way through the foliage, it’s your climbing aid, it’s your first aid kit and it’s your lifeline. You won’t get 10 feet on my glorious homeworld of Catachan without a decent blade. And I mean a blade, like my Catachan Fang, not those potato-peelin’ grot-shivs the Munitorum hand out***.
    2. Stealth is the best armourBest way to not get killed is to not get seen. I’ve seen gloryboy**** Tempestus Scions in carapace armour stomp round the Jungle, lumens bazing, and get cut down like cattle – enemy saw ‘em clear as day. A stealthier unit can creep past enemy positions or set ambushes. If you think the enemy is close, (and you better assume they always are) keep your armour light, your lumens off, and only carry what you need.
    3. Don’t you eat thatIf you’re not an expert on the Jungle (and you hive-rats sure ain’t), just assume everything is poisonous. It might be tempting to tuck into a juicy xenos fruit, but odds on you’ll regret it later when you contract lung-rot, or have xeno-sect larvae exploding out of your eyeballs.
    4. Don’t let that eat youPretty much everything that isn’t a tree (and even some of those) are trying to kill you all the time. Keep your guard up and your lasgun loaded, and for the love of the God-Emperor, don’t wander away from your squad – you’ll die faster than you can say “death world cliche”.
    5. It’s hell, but it’s hell for the enemy tooWhile you’re crawling through a fungal quagmire, bled half to death by blood-gnats, missing a few fingers and probably half your platoon, just remember: the enemy has it just as bad.
    The only way you’re going to survive the Jungle is make it your ally. If you manage to survive your first week***** you might start to get the hang of it. Who knows, by the end of your rotation you might be launching ambushes, setting traps and tracking your enemy like a Catachan… Ha! Not likely. Best of luck though.

    That’s it for now – I got wars to win.

    Maybe, if you survive long enough, I’ll come back some time and share my recipe for heavy flamer-barbequed Catachan Devil. Now that’s a meal worth walking through hell for.

    Thought for the Day:
    “I love the smell of promethium in the morning.”
    – Captain Catachan

    *Please disregard Captain Catachan’s colloquial mannerisms. While initially vulgar, rest assured, you will soon find them endearing.

    ** Do not do this. Any trooper caught resting on their own intestines will face summary execution.

    *** Disregard this – your Munitorum-issue combat blades make excellent knives as well as exceptional potato peelers.

    **** Do not repeat this derogatory remark about the Emperor’s noble Tempestus Scions. Especially if they can hear you.

    ***** Life expectancy upon entering death world war zone: 18 hours.
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  9. Obviously the bigger one is an officer or an elite.
    And yet those Guardsmen both did their duty and took their respective foul Xenos down.

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