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    Don’t Fear the Knight
    Don’t Fear the Knight
    It is a truth of our Imperium that even the God-Emperor’s Will can sometimes be undone by human weakness*. Within your ranks, you are blessed by the constant care of commissars, who ensure that if you stray you are corrected, and that if that correction fails you are given the comfort of a bolt shell to the head.

    Sadly, not all Imperial servants have access to such positive influences.

    Among those deprived of such support are the pilots of the Imperial Knights

    The merging of minds between a Knight and its pilot can be dangerous, and the insanity that may result can lead pilot and Knight to serve powers that should not be spoken of – report to your commissar if you are not happy with this explanation.

    Such deranged individuals have been known to turn their backs on the Emperor and take up arms against their allies. As a servant of the God-Emperor you should be prepared to recognise and confront such scum if your paths cross.

    Renegade Knights will be easily recognisable from their Imperial counterparts. They show none of the glory and majesty of a loyal Knight of the Imperium. Their equipment will be in a poor state of repair, lacking the devotion of the Imperium’s Adeptus Mechanicus allies. Heretical symbols adorn their armour, and jagged scars mark their once noble visage – telltale signs for the keen of eye.


    When facing such a foe, remember that though they may appear all-powerful, Renegade Knights have several key weaknesses, easily exploitable by a well-prepared guardsman.

    Follow these steps to ensure victory.

    1. Though a Renegade Knight’s armour appears formidable, it is only as strong as their treacherous soul. Keep your mind pure and turn your strongest weapons against it. Lascannons, missile launchers, and meltaguns have all proven very effective. If your squad is not equipped with such weapons, simply inform command of the situation and patiently await reinforcements.
    2. Surround the foe. A Knight’s shields can only cover them from one direction of fire. Imperial Knights will be in full control of their actions, and are well trained in keeping their vulnerable facings out of the line of enemy fire. Traitor pilots, with their addled brains, have no such tactical nuance, and will likely charge directly into your formations – right where you want them. It should then be a simple matter to surround the enemy Knight and bring it down.
    3. At a push, your grenades can be used to bring down enemy Knights. Such weapons must be attached directly to the Knight for maximum effect. This can be dangerous if done incorrectly, so remember to follow the grenade safety guidelines from your Infantryman’s handbook.
    4. Out of grenades? Don’t worry – a swift bayonet to the Knight’s vulnerable ankle joint will bring it crashing down. Whereupon you can deliver the Emperor’s justice to the crippled abomination.
    5. If Step 4 proves ineffective, you’ve failed to properly maintain your bayonet. You now have no choice but to throw yourself into the workings of the Knight’s feet. Together, there is no foe that the mass of humanity cannot overcome. Rest assured you will be remembered as a hero. Survivors of such an assault will be summarily punished for poor bayonet maintenance.
    Thought for the day:“The greatest treachery begets the greatest vengeance.”

    *If you suspect you or a fellow soldier could be experiencing Human Weakness, speak to your Regimental Commissar about options for munitorum approved motivational support.

  2. Fun fact: Departmento Ministorum punishes any damages to one's weapon with death.
  3. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    But after being sentenced to Servitude Imperpituis and made into a Servitor they are mindwiped... Considering a petty criminal could be made to serve eternally as a servitor it can't be that expensive.

    Also they're really pushing these Knights aren't they?
  4. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    well ok: mind wipe that don't damage the capacity of think and the experience of the subject: selective mindwipe.
    a servitor is simple "resetted" and implanted with new knowledge needed for the duty he need to repeat.
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    Attention Guardsmen,

    Today we learn of the lords of the skies, the mighty Valkyries, and put to rest some of the heretical rumours* you may have heard regarding the aircraft of mankind’s misguided foes.The Noble ValkyrieIn ancient Terran mythology, Valkyries used to carry heroes into heaven, and that’s still broadly true. But now, the heroes are the brave and courageous Guardsmen of the Astra Militarum, carried to victory in the Emperor’s name.

    Valkyrie pilots are the elite of the Imperial Navy, an organisation that, as well you know, is second only to our own glorious Astra Militarum in the eyes of the Emperor. These exceptional pilots are only too pleased to be seconded from their otherwise uneventful lives aboard the great vessels of the void, and be allowed the privilege to fly into the galaxy’s deadliest war zones with you as their cargo.

    The Valkyrie itself is a perfect blend of transport and gunship. With heavy bolters, multi-lasers and missiles, it’s an absolute killing machine. All Valkries also incorporate grav-chutes. These are to be used to quickly and safely deploy yourselves into battle, and should not be used for recreational purposes.

    Valkyries are the equal of any foul xenos aircraft. Should you see a squadron of Valkyries flying away from the enemy, do not panic. They are simply refuelling and re-arming and will shortly return to renew their attack.


    The Ignoble Aircraft of the XenosOver the last three rotations, several of you have written to us concerned about reports of mass ‘casualties’ inflicted by enemy air attacks. After due investigation we have concluded these instances to have been falsified and wildly exaggerated. What is true is that at the exact moment an enemy aircraft flew overhead, a lone squad of troopers were blown to pieces. However, this was a mere accident and nothing to do with the enemy fighter. The careless** troopers had inadvertently triggered a landmine and were summarily blown to bits.

    Just to be clear, enemy aircraft cannot hit you. The Eldar and their flimsy flyers move much too fast to target ground troops. Ork fighters are primitive and are outfitted with inferior weaponry that lacks the range to hit anything not immediately in front of them. Necron craft rely on the same power source for both their guns and engines and cannot fire while moving.

    We have also received dubious reports of Valkyries being shot down. Be assured, no Valkyries have been lost in any recent war zone. If you believe you have witnessed such an occurrence, you have likely just seen one of these fine pilots make an expert landing under enemy fire, and any explosions were most assuredly the enemy, or perhaps fireworks to celebrate another successful landing. If you find these explanations unsatisfying, please report to your Regimental Commissar for further details.

    That’s all for today, trooper.

    *Want to find out if your rumour is worth spreading? Simply check with your regiment’s commissar.**Remember, your lives belong to the Emperor. Getting yourself killed is forbidden and failure to comply will result in punishment.

    Thought for today:“Fear is a coward’s punishment.”
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    The galaxy’s greatest weapon*
    The lasgun is the finest man-portable weapon ever devised.

    The pinnacle of function, utility and durability, it is the envy of xenos races** and the salvation of countless planets. The thunderous and disciplined volleys of Astra Militarum las-fire are perhaps the most feared and respected force in the galaxy, the very core of the Imperium’s might.

    In battle, success comes from the unified strength of each individual, and as each voice adds to the whole when your squad recites pre-battle prayers, it is your responsibility to ensure your lasgun is ready to add its voice to the chorus of victory.

    You are undoubtedly very familiar with your lasgun, but have you ever stopped to think about what an absolute marvel the technology it is? If not, take a moment now to do that.

    Welcome back. Did you conclude that the lasgun is a weapon truly worthy of your respect? If not, repeat the previous step. If you are still not reaching that conclusion, report to your regimental commissar for guidance.

    Your lasgun:

    The components of your lasgun are optimised to perfection: from the durable outer casing to the pin-point accuracy afforded by the scope and barrel. It is important that you regularly disassemble and clean your lasgun as shown, not to avoid failure (the lasgun is too fine a weapon for such a worry) but to honour its machine spirit – as is only right and proper.


    1. Cadian issue las-chassisWaterproof, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable^

    2. Detachable tactical-stockAn effective bludgeoning tool. Can be removed for maneuverability in close confines. Note: If removed, do not lose.

    3. Alloyed adamantium barrelGood for 100,000 firings.

    4. High-charge power pack.Check temperature often – if cool, you are not fighting hard enough. Immediately commence firing.
    Once depleted, can be recharged by exposing to naked flame. Beware: If done incorrectly, this may – on rare occasions – result in explosion.

    5. Optional carry strapWarning! Choking hazard. Do not use unless you have completed Advanced Apparel training.

    ^upon expiration, your weapon will be passed to the next breathing recruitNote: The lasgun shown is a venerable Cadian class, the nemesis of Traitor Space Marines and cultists alike in the Segmentum Obscurus. Several other makes and models of lasgun are produced around the Imperium, all of which are exceptional weapons.

    Limitations of the Lasgun:

    The lasgun has no limitations. Of course, like any weapon, it is more efficient against certain target locations. If you fail to bring down an enemy the blame lies with you. To avoid such failure – and the certain death that comes with it – be sure to follow this targeting guide.


    Light Infantry
    Against enemy infantry, aim for the head and chest. Mechanicus research shows that malign entities possess individuals by coiling around their hearts and brains – so destroy these just to be safe.

    Armoured EnemiesAim for the eyes and joints. Better to cripple and incapacitate, then finish them with a swift rifle-butt at close range.

    Additional: While it has been observed that some renegade and xenos forces also make use of las-technology, their weapons should not be confused with an Imperial lasgun. Manufactured with neither skill nor artifice, their unsanctified weapons are little better than glorified flashlights unable to scratch even the most worn flak-plate.

    Thought for the Day:“An open mind is like a fortress, its gates unbarred and unprotected.”

    *statement is figurative

    **aliens need to use crude projectiles or unstable plasma to achieve a fraction of the deadly potential of your simple beams of light – truly, you are blessed by the Emperor.
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    Your standard issue flak armour is the envy of infantry the galaxy over. No other* form of personal armour offers such a unique blend of ballistic protection and energy absorption.

    The sophisticated armour weave used in flak armour construction combines ordinary metal plates and standard fabrics into a protective package that far exceeds the sum of its parts. Robust and durable, flak armour allows a trooper their full range of movement while offering substantial protection.

    Flak armour is so good that 83%** of Guardsmen interviewed said that given the choice they’d take flak armour over bulky carapace or impractical power armour every time.


    A recent study*** by the Sisters Hospitaller revealed that any Guardsmen wounded while wearing flak armour had simply failed to maintain it properly. Combat medics are ordered not to waste their time on troopers injured by such laxity.

    Maintaining your flak armour

    In order to keep your flak armour in optimum working order and maintain the excellent protection it affords, you are required to observe the following:

    • Do not expose your flak armour to fast moving, solid-slug ammunition
    • Do not allow your flak armour to come into contact with explosives
    • Care should be taken not to wear your flak armour near naked flames
    • Keep away from sharp implements, and from heavy objects which may fall on your flak armour.
    • Despite proliferation of enemy blood and battlefield filth, you must not wash your flak armour at temperatures exceeding 40 degrees.
    Failure to follow these instructions will result in your flak armour being confiscated. Note: you will still be expected to take part in active combat duty.

    Thoughts for the day“My armour is contempt”****

    *Testing has not been conducted on other forms of armour.**Other 17% executed for gross cowardice***Study fictional.****Unless less metaphorical armour has been provided.
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    Medication, huh? I wonder what this "medication" looks like...
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