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  1. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    Attention, troopers,
    The Adeptus Terra has just assigned you, and every other loyal warrior of the Astra Militarum, mandatory weekly reading orders.


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  2. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal


    Despite many glorious Imperial victories in the Eastern Fringe, and the tireless work of the Commissariat, rumours persist of the alien Tau and their so-called frightening technology. Such lies are nothing more than the salacious rantings of cowardly xenos sympathisers seeking to spread fear and dissension. So fear not, loyal Guardsman – remain steadfast in your duty, for today we bring you the truth.


    Owing to their ugly, odd shaped xenos heads, the Tau are forced to wage war in helmets with only a single eye lens. This moronic design flaw renders their depth perception patchy at best. The Tau are unable to properly judge distances or relative sizes, making their shooting wildly inaccurate. Should a shot strike you then you have simply been unlucky. Perhaps you have been lax in your devotion of late – regular prayer will ensure the Emperor protects you form such ill fortune.


    In further news, it has recently been proven beyond doubt that Tau technology is inferior to our own. Battlefield tests have shown that Tau laser technology is far inferior to that of your trusty lasgun. Their rifles cannot even pierce our fatigues, let alone break the skin. Guardsmen Atkin of the 22nd Cadian Rifles encountered the Tau on Eraedon Moon and had this to say:

    ‘We were hunkered down in an old refinery when those cowards ambushed us. Dozens of ’em. Their weapons flashed out towards us, and they were bright for sure. Bright as a flare. But we felt nothing. Just these dots of light dancing over us.’


    And sh[​IMG]ould you ever find yourself outnumbered by the Tau, you need only remember that you are in peak physical condition, while most Tau are too feeble to support their own body weight and must be carried around the battlefield in barely-stable mechanical suits.

    So fear not Guardsman, the Emperor stands with you.

    Thought for the day: A questioning mind betrays a treacherous soul
  3. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    Genestealers are not to be feared.

    The weakest of the tyrannic organisms they are cast out by their own vile race. Left to drift through the universe, Genestealers are nothing more than parasites, clinging to the dregs of worlds and starships long since abandoned as scrap. They have no courage and no honour. They are cowardly creatures, hiding underground in terror of the Emperor’s light and Mankind’s righteous wrath.

    To defeat these pathetic organisms you need only position yourself within a tight corridor. With their useless extra limbs, Genestealers struggle to move in tight spaces and cannot run without toppling forward. So get inside, funnel them towards you and gun them down. Without the protection of armour, Genestealers will succumb to even a glancing hit from a well-maintained lasgun.

    Should your power-pack fail you, draw your knife. Genestealer’s malformed hands prevent them from operating weapons and they unable to hold even a single blade. Cutting them down in close quarters is a simple feat for any guardsmen fit to wear his uniform.

    [​IMG] Thought for the day: A coward’s only reward is to live in fear another day.
  4. Warsmith Warsmith_Dantioch Active Member

    Aaah, brings me back to the good old Imperial Infrantryman's Uplifting Primer.

    Imperial propaganda Truth at its finest.
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  5. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    Hail, loyal Guardsmen.

    Following last week’s informational about combatting the Genestealer menace, it has come to our attention many of you are unable to identify the different strains of these creatures. To prevent future failures of duty, we have compiled this detailed and comprehensive guide to the various stages of the Genestealer infestation or cult.


    These are your standard Genestealer xeno-types. Like all aliens, they are naturally inferior to humans. A few variations have been observed, sporting a variety of uncouth facial shapes and appendages, but all are universally four-armed and equally repugnant.


    Genestealers are capable of overpowering poorly trained or ill-disciplined guardsmen and implanting them with alien DNA. If you believe you have been infected, please report to your local Commissar for medication.


    These creatures are the first spawning of hybrids, birthed by infected human personnel who failed to report to their local Commissar. If you suspect a squad mate to be infected and not going to see a Commissar, it is your duty to escort them to the commissariat aid station immediately.

    Most of this generation display a mix of human and Genestealer genetic traits, and are easily recognisable by their additional arms, purple complexion and ghastly alien claws.

    They will likely try to hide themselves from the light of Imperial justice, by skulking in the shadows, and seeking to disguise their monstrous form. Regular patrols of high-risk underhive, and deep-ship locations are essential to flush out such degenerates.


    These hybrids are if anything more repugnant, for they cloak their alien origins in the appearance of honest humanity. Still, distinguishing signs remain – they are traditionally lacking any hair, and many have noticeable ridges upon their forehead.

    To be safe, it is mandatory that all

    follicly challenged
    imperial personnel in high-risk xenos-infected areas report to their local Commissar for testing.



    This vile creature is the originator of the Genestealer infestation – more dangerous and larger than any other of the cult. Unless you have attended one of our commissariat-approved training days on combatting large Tyranid bio-forms, please do not engage this opponent in combat. Report your sighting and await specialist re-enforcement. We cannot guarantee your safety if you do not follow these instructions. Failure to follow these instructions will result in summary punishment.

    Thought for the day: The more one learns of the alien, the more one will come to loath it.
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  6. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    Caution: This is an officer-only instructional communication. If you are not of at least Lieutenant rank or equivalent, report immediately to your Regimental Commissar for breach of confidential officer communication protocol.

    As a trusted commander in the Emperor’s glorious and invincible Astra Militarum, you have the honour of leading the very finest* of mankind’s warriors to inevitable victory on the battlefields of the galaxy.

    To fulfil your duties, it is imperative at all times that you apply the A.Q.U.I.L.A.strategy for leadership.


    Advance – Always advance. If the enemy is before you, take the fight to him. If you are surrounded – great news, you may proceed in any direction.

    Quote – Call to mind an inspirational quotation and recite it, loudly. Remember, the content is less important than the vigour with which you deliver it. Your men will take heart from your words and fight all the harder.

    Unify – Be sure to advance en masse – the enemy only has so many bullets. More importantly, this will also make it easier for your troopers to hear your inspiring words.

    Inspire – Make sure your Regimental Standard is no more than two paces from you at any given time. Should the bearer fall, have the nearest Guardsmen drop his lasgun and retrieve the banner.

    Lead – You should always be at the front of the formation. Only the bold are afforded the Emperor’s divine protection. Be sure to stop every 11 paces to strike a heroic pose upon the fallen bodies of your foe.

    Attack – Keep fighting until all the enemy lie dead. If the tide appears to be turning in the opposition’s favour, fight harder. Retreat will result in death and the damnation of your eternal soul.

    Follow the A.Q.U.I.L.A. and victory is assured.

    For more information see Bulletin #714-45 – Litanies of Triumph.


    Thought for the day:

    “Courage is the Emperor’s gift: repay him with victory.”

    *exaggerated for motivational effect.
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  7. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    Greetings, loyal Guardsmen of the Imperium.

    As you are likely aware from your recent relocation orders, many of you will soon find yourselves posted to the Cadian sector.

    Congratulations! You will find yourselves on the brink of the Eye. No other area of Imperial space offers so many opportunities for glory.

    During this prestigious posting, you might find yourself confronted with traitor Space Marines. Do not be alarmed. These so-called Chaos Space Marines are naught but poor reflections of their loyal counterparts – not even a match for a well-trained Guardsman such as yourself.

    For those of you on your first tour, your attention is required below. The attached target acquisition guide will enable you to tell the difference between a glorious warrior of the Emperor’s Adeptus Astartes and a wretched traitor. Firing upon the wrong target will result in summary punishment.


    As a Guardsman stationed in the Cadian war zone, you should familiarise yourself with the heraldry and iconography of the Chapters currently active in that sector. In this instance, the warrior shown is a Tactical Marine of the legendary Ultramarines Chapter.

    Note his excellent posture, and the holy gleam of his armour. His wargear will be well maintained, kept in immaculate condition by the ministrations of his Chapter’s skilled Techmarines.

    If you are fortunate enough to fight alongside such a manifestation of the Emperor’s Will, be sure to redouble your efforts. Laxity will result in summary punishment.


    In contrast, look upon and despise this traitorous wretch.

    So ashamed are they of their 10,000 years of failure, Chaos Space Marines often paint their armour black, the better to go unnoticed and un-mocked.

    Note the subject’s hunched and distorted frame. Some Chaos Space Marines are further hampered by malformations and mutations that lessen their combat effectiveness. You’ll notice their wargear is old and antiquated, and their boltguns often lack any ammunition. Most are in such disrepair that they are less effective than even a primitive autogun or stubber.

    A Chaos Space Marine is not of threat to a vigilant Guardsman. Be vigilant. Be virtuous. Be victorious.

    Failure to read or comply with the above notice will result in summary punishment.

    Thought for the Day:In the darkest of moments, the Emperor’s light shines brightest.
  8. Bentusi16 Bentusi16 Prefectus

    See, fun as it is that's always been a mistake fans make.

    A vast majority of the Imperium is totally unaware of the existence of the ruinous powers, including the imperial guard. Only upper officers and the commissars are given knowledge of that stuff, mostly to recognize taint in their troops.
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  9. True, but this does open a rather interesting question: What about the population, both civilian and military, of Cadia? Would they be aware of Chaos due to its proximity and frequent incursions? Would Cadian regiments deployed to other warzones be knowledgeable of Chaos and its followers? This is something I've been wondering about since I stumbled upon this reddit thread about this very subject.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    That also raises another question.
    Grey knights are said to purge any that know of daemons, At one point I rembere it being said abbadon uses daemons on cadia. Does that mean the cadians have a special a few of them are allowed to know and the areas to important to purge with the grey knights or would the grey knights have to follow the same process as amergaddeon.
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