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Redemptor Fleet Requiem(dark Angel Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Adelais, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Bit of OOC Information. this is mainly for the Dark angel's Role players/Successor chapter role players and hopefuly to some degree able to coordinate, for Ingame matter's. if Anyone is RPing a "fallen" so to speak, feel free to toss in something.
    Name - Adelais

    Adelais-The Dark Angel's

    rank 1th Company, Interrogator Chaplain

    1 Crozius Arcanum
    1 Combi-Plasma Gun
    1 frag grenade
    1 Rosarious
    Blades of Reason
    1 Heavily Modified mark V Heresy power armor - Modifications include

    • Tanned robe's, displaying little, but a White Winged, Broken sword
    • Matt black paint.
    • Accompanying Death-Mask
    1 Indomitus Pattern Terminator Armour, Modified to fit Chaplain Standards.


    Vengeful- Adelais is harsh man, a single step out of line, for him and one has committed Heresy. the only glimps of humanity left, is often not shown, He remember's the Heresy, and he will never Forgive them.

    Scribe - Having Serverd his chapter as a Chaplain for many thousand's of years, since the Primarch Lion'el Jonsson was found on Caliban, Adelais has learned alot many of the Imperium may wish to know, Even if it may end in thier death's for what he holds.


    Fanaticism- Interrgator Chaplain Adelais, knows what happen during the heresy, the lessons hard learned, true Faith comes through absolution, From a Bolter's end
    Interrogator Chaplain Adelais, was praying in the middle of the dark room, to his side Relic's the Chapter had allowed this fleet to carry. the Fleet's order's were simple, At least so had the Initiates and the common battle-brother been told. The Fleets True Purpose however, were shrouded in Mystery.

    Apart from those who had sworn the Oath's.

    Adalais chanted, lightly the word's he used to chant.
    "Morte, lux iuravi in ​​iuramentum de secreto servando. Nescio fato nescio hostis. Deiecta leo et paenitentiam. Per ferrum et flammam, fiat. Circulus praecepta."(By Death, By Light, This Oath I swear in secrecy. I know of the fate, I know The Enemy. The Fallen, By The Lion they shall repent. Through Sword and Fire, let it be done. The Circle Commands.)

    The Brazier's light the room, Large well carved Stone seat's surrounding a circle, a layer, upon Layer. Adelais Knew perfectly well what these seats was for, and whom. There was no servitor's or such machines here, in the bowl's of the Flagship in the Redemptor Fleet, no, this was sacred ground, for those of his ilk.

    He could only but wait and make sure the room was in fit state, should against all Odds Chapter Master Azarael appear or ...worse his Mentor.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    OOC mind if I play a homebrew dark angel successor?
  3. OOC Not at all.
  4. Spurius Spurius New Member

    (OOC: How many people do you want in this RP? )
  5. (OOC: atm, any really, Mind this is Prior to Main Force of Dark Angel's Landing on Arkhona!)
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Name - Chapel

    Chapter - The Silver lions (Dark angel successor)

    rank 3rd company sergeant Tactical marine

    1 Power sword
    1 Bolter ( with a picture of a lion engraved into it)
    1 bolt pistol
    1 frag grenade
    1 krak grenade
    1 Modified mark 7 Aquila power armor - Modifications include 2 lanterns on the power pack
    Robes with chapel heraldry on it including silver lion stitched into the side


    Balanced - Chapel has balanced his combat abilitys to were he is equal at range and Melee but not masters of either

    Scribe - Chapel has found a good part of his free time in books of history or poetry about his chapter. He often finds himself writing story's or reviewing old tales he's heard from chaplains. This has given him a good advantage when commanding a squad of marines using old tactics to beat enemy's now


    Hatred of tau - Chapel has a hatred of tau for what they did to the old recruiting world of the silver lions he and even his blood brother has gained this hatred when the tau tainted the silver lions recruiting world with there word of the greater good And a coup was issued. Ever since that day Chapel has given no mercy to the blue skins.

    OOC is this good for the rp?
  7. (OOC:Yes)

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