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Red sergeant Helmet... the fluff... please...

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Djidona, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. John Djidona Master

    hello ! I come here because I would like to understand one thing.
    How is it that the red helmet (of sergeant celon the lore of the universe) is only given to the imperial fist?
    When the Ultramarines invented it? #Aeonid Thiel
    Is it possible to respect at least the basics of fluff? just a little ?
    So I would like to know when will the player who will play sergeant have their red helmet?

    There are billions of faults in this game ... but correcting it would make it a little more fluffy and would only take a few minutes to code and integrate the game ...
    Thank you and good day

    Frensh version :

    bonjours, voila je viens ici car j'aimerais comprendre une chose.
    Comment ce fait-il que le casque rouge (du sergeant celon le lore de l'univers) soit uniquement donné aux imperial fist ?
    alors que ce sont les Ultramarines qui l'ont inventé ? #Aeonid Thiel
    ... ?
    c'est possible de respect au moins les bases du fluff ? juste un petit peu ?
    donc j'aimerais savoir quand est-ce qe les joueur qui joueront sergeant auront leur casque rouge ?

    il y a des milliards de défaut dans ce jeu... mais corriger celui-ci le rendrait un peu plus fluff et ne prendrait que quelque minutes à coder et intégrer au jeu...
    merci et bonne journée
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  2. John Djidona Master

  3. Threule Threule1994 Firebrand

    Pretty sure we have a chapter full of sergeants lol

    I just want fluffier stuff for my BR
  4. John Djidona Master

    [QUOTE = "Threule1994, poste: 1446567, membre: 56886"] Assez sûr que nous ayons un chapitre complet de sergents lol

    Je veux juste des trucs douillets pour mon BR [/ QUOTE]

    Pas nécessairement, juste que quand vous devenez sergent de l'équipe, votre casque est coloré en fonction de votre chapitre et ses traditions
  5. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    I'm pretty sure Ultramarines have white helmets on their veterans. Sergeants have red, but we don't really have sergeants
  6. John Djidona Master

    This is not true, the veterans are sent as sergeant in the other companies and then own the red helmet, and the sergeant of the first company have a red helmet with a white bar in the middle or white laurels (#lecodex )

    And if we have sergeant. Those who guide the squad ... the fluff what ...
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  7. Tiberius Brad83 Subordinate

    ER sorry about this but the ultra marines had a red helmet as a mark of censure which was why thiel had it. As he produced a theoretical of attacking other marines. It is in the lore, but since the heresy it was seen as a mark of honour.
  8. John Djidona Master

    Uh ... yes i know, what is the connection? X)
  9. Tiberius Brad83 Subordinate

    I was just providing some more detail so people unstandardised that's all.

    But in honesty I don't understand the issue. Is it with ultra marines getting the red helmet as that is a mark of censure.
    Or is the issue with the imperial fists, sorry I don't understand the issue.

    But you are totally correct there are a lot of visual problems with the lore and the game. Totally agree

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