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Really hoping for some communication from the devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thorgrom, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Thorgrom Thorgrom Arkhona Vanguard

    As the title says I am really hoping for some communication.

    EC is getting ripped to shreds in reviews and new player experiences. I am curious to see what's next for EC and hope it will be up long enough for it to see updates of a certain magnitude.

    A post from Nathan about the roadmap or activity of the devs in the coming weeks would be nice. Something like a trello board that Evolve devs are using to show the community what they are working on. Transparancy could be key in retaining players and keeping new ones interested after they are seeing this Alpha game being sold for 50 euros/dollars with really expensive cash shop items. I mean, we expect 5 to 10 euros cosmetic things from a free to play title but not an alpha state triple A priced launched game.

    I'm fearing the worst for EC if this continues without damage control from the community manager or higher ups.
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  2. They are pretty transparent. It's only been a week, they're probably off their feet.

    The game works and all content is in, patience.

    Also you can safely ignore a lot of bad reviews, because a great chunk are bashing it because it's not got every single thing ever promised in; despite several of those being reworked and refunds offered at the time.
  3. Thorgrom Thorgrom Arkhona Vanguard

    I don't know man. This isn't the time where they can afford the luxery of staying quiet as they know the state of their product and the prices they are asking from customers.

    50 euro's for the game in it's current state and then all the absurd prices in the store isn't something to ignore. Then there is the fact that the infographic got changed after launch without word of it getting changed.

    I know they are transparant but from what I can see silence isn't doing them any good now. Around Launch is when you should be most active to catch any negative sentiment or atleast engage in open discussion about the game if you want it to be seen differently or get a better name for the studio.

    I just really want this game to succeed and not die out like Space Marine. There is so much potential here. I've already seen this ride with Evolve.
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  4. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    Oh, no, if only someone had seen this coming except everyone who isn't Behavior Interactive or Bandai-Namco...
  5. EL-MACHINO EL-MACHINO Steam Early Access

    I bash the game because i can fucking play it. I buy it in Feb. and played 200+ h straight, but since the last 4 months the performance is getting worse, i cant enjoy a game with out 20-30 lags.
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  6. Fretensis Recruit

    Game has 1500 concurrent players immediately post launch, when player count should be the highest. It is also dropping.

    Game is very new user unfriendly with it's weapons and match making. You can try to explain to new players about getting one shotted or constantly losing in melee all you want. But it frustrate people. It is not fun. It is not intuitive nor engaging. People will get frustrated very soon after getting one shotted out of no where (no death cam either so you can't even find the guy that killed you) a few times.

    Game is very buggy and unpolished (things simple as moving on the ground can be frustrating because terrain decorations stops movement and cannot be vaulted).

    Anyone of the above is enough to piss off new and old players alike.

    Given that starting population is low, and game clearly cannot attract new players due to overwhelmingly negative reviews; even those who decide to go against reviews and try the game, they'll be bashed in the head with the later two points above.

    At this point, if the points above are not fixed, even if the game goes free to play there still wouldn't be any higher player retention.
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  7. Well last time I checked it had 2,741 and the count was rising.
  8. Arteek Arteek First Blood!

    It has literally been less than 3 days
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  9. Yeah, good point.

    Plus I didn't notice it taking over the Steam page like other big releases. I was sort of expecting that. I didn't even get a Steam news popup saying now available.
  10. Wait till 6am or later. Even tomorrow. The devs should be resting right now after some serious cafeine and computer screen madness.

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