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Raptor builds

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Data8671, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. anyone got any really good raptor builds? Can't seem to get mine to work well...
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  2. Nurgle all the way, necrotic chainsword, +4 fuel, and blight grenades.
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  3. Antheus Fiendly Confessor




    MoS or MoK depending your preference, both are very good on Raptor. Well I'd recommend MoK if you like fighting a lot, and MoS if you like more to hunt down preys. But really, both marks are good.

    I like to use a plasma pistol too but hey, it's up to anyone tweaking his builds here and there at one's own convenience ;)

    This Raptor Nurgle build Vaanes mentionned is kinda working too, but once you used all your fuel, be ready to wait a big ass long time before you can jump again. It's pretty meh to be honest but it's fun to play at times to bully people with the poison ailment :CSMServo:

    If you're interested into watching some Raptor gameplay and maybe get some extra tricks, I'm linking you couple videos :

    Kind of builds I believe are solid and fun to play :

    Nurgle Build :
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  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Nurgle raptors are basically more mobile Nurgle Ground Assaults.

    If you can make a Nurgle TA work you can make a MoN Raptor work.

    I use this build a lot.
    You get 3 jumps thats 3x Iframes compared to the usual 2x the typical MoN TGA has.
    The nade is there to spam at doorways and reload at chests etc.

    MoN Raptor.jpg
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  5. Why not a Frag Grenade instead?
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  6. Blight grenades detonate on contact and frags do not. If you are jumping into 2 or more guys you can drop the grenade on one and stun the other and continue the fight. It is a bully build and you do have to practice fuel management, but you get good damage and fights aren’t slugfests with poison.
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  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I trow nurgle nades into chokepoints .. than reload at a chest and throw the nade again .. and rinse and repeat that

    This way you can keep a chokepoint gassed and anything that's coming through the choke point will have to move through the nade cloud.
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  8. My quick overview :

    1. Mark of Slaanesh - Max fuel and superior fuel regen, makes a terror out of you.

    2. Mark of Tzeentch - Armor and armor regen, makes you hard to kill.

    3. Mark of Khorne - Constant lifesteal gives you a reason to solo, but you need to kill constantly.

    4. Mark of Nurgle - Suffering from a HUGE hit to fuel regen, you may as well be traitor assault. People do make it work, but I believe it contradicts the whole point of being a raptor (mobility).

    Remember the two raptor armor upgrades are equal to the warp-touched. A power sword will have you swinging faster than any other in melee, and don't forget the lifesteal mod.
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  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Tzeentch is no where viable on raptor
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  10. Yeah Tzeench could be viable on other classes but not Raptor. Raptor doesn't have enough armor stats for armor regeneration to be viable and the Tzeench mark makes you even more squishy as it chips down health.
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