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R.i.p. - Star Wars Expanded Universe (1978 - 2014)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by KillboFraggins, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. R.I.P. Corran Horn, Bastila, Revan, Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Gavin Darklighter, Kyle Katarn, Cade Skywalker and countless others.

    You deserved better than to simply be deemed to have never existed, and erased without sendoff or fanfare of any kind. You didn't deserve to have filmmakers say you never mattered while Jar Jar is still canon.
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  3. Okay, i'll admit, her stuff is one thing I won't miss.
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    *sends in Scorch to kill the heretic*
  5. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    What does this. Mean about Knights of the old republic?

  6. It's non-canon now, just like everything else which made up the universe. Beyond anything shown in a cinema or on TV, so far as new creators are concerned it never happened.
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    Quick read through that...
    The "first and foremost" point is pretty dull. "Obsession in Mandalorians". Sure, but this doesn't show too much in any of the books and in those few that it does a bit, what about that? How would she write what she has by changing the perspective without making everything look weird?

    Those political opinions drawn in there by the writer, I don't want to take any stand on...

    About the stance on jedi...
    Oh god...

    At this point I know the writer of this has read the books but made some VERY weird conclusions.
    Yes. A jedi character within Hard Contact is taught to fight in melee.
    A padawan.
    ...quite new padawan.
    And the teaching there? No, not really teaching, just a few quick tips. What the padawan does ask the commando to teach is how to lead them ("If I order you to do something stupid, tell me.")

    Also the darn main character warms up quite nicely after his mild intolerance, with two of other characters being his friends and some of the most fleshed out characters in the series. Jedi-characters.

    I'm not going to read this much further, because from the following texts just turn more silly.

    After quick read, the ONLY thing I find correct and well presented there is how some of the jedi were given some powers there probably are not anywhere else.
    ...which by the way contradicts quite well on the quote above.

    Did you take this seriously? Have you read the books talked about in the blog?
    I don't want to sound offensive, but some of the stuff there is very debatable and contradicting.

    Also, I haven't read the clone wars series by her, I don't want to argue for that.

    All in all, I'm not going to take anything by that blogger very seriously if I ever stumble on to it again
  8. Doesn't show up? Nearly every single book she wrote contained the Mandalorians in some way, and the one series which wasn't supposed to contain them she promptly shoehorned them in without communicating with her co-writers. She then went even further later on and had them effectively replace the Jedi within the Alliance and beat the living snot out of the main villain out of seemingly nowhere.

    Her obsession overrode any other part of her writing to the point where she openly admitted she re-wrote the entire Mandalorian history into invincible Mary Sues who could beat up anyone. That is not something which doesn't show up too much, and it was a definite problem. Hell, even her books beyond Star Wars have obvious Mandalorian/Clone Trooper stand ins shoved into them..

    No, that goes on for the rest of the series where the Jedi begin being casually beaten down, disgraced and presented as overconfident slave drivers who care nothing for the lives of those under their command.
    But let's just explore that specific bit shall we - We have a Jedi being taught how to properly fight in close range by a Mandalorian. If it was a few basic things I might agree with you, but some of those things are effectively bare basics of things they should have known from day one.

    The Jedi are an Order with several thousand years behind their history with every single member of their kind taught from a very early age how to effectively fight at close range with a sword or their hands. Their are entire documents covering this, multiple styles, various Masters alive to teach others, yet she's shown getting some very basic points wrong. This might have been fine, were it not for the fact the Mandos primarily fight with guns.

    The 40K equivalent of this would be a Death Cult Assassin being told that using the pointy end of her blades is a good idea by a Stormtrooper.

    It was the first stage in something the series would become, a massive, poorly researched, poorly thought out, preaching essay which might as well have been titled "Mandalrorians: Good, Jedi: Evil". Showing the former in nothing but a completely positive light, while the latter are ineffective, immoral and can barely fight properly.

    This isn't even the only time it happen either. Later books had the Jedi being repeatedly beaten down by Mandos with ease at close range, and Jaina Solo (AKA the Sword of the Jedi) being effortlessly curb-stomped by Fett. Traviss completely ignored all prior combat experience and history in order to try and pointlessly show up the Jedi so she could stroke her ego.

    Jedi characters who are used near elusively to show how ineffective the order is by Traviss completely rewriting entire sections of them to be weak, failing an ineffective. Ones who side with the Mandalrorians at every turn, abandon the Jedi effectively and go around wearing Mando armour. Not to mention one of their number dies heroically sacrificing herself to prevent a Padawn from killing a clone trooper during Order 66, and it being presented in a positive light.

    Well congratulations. You can't be bothered to deal with half the points made so you just skip them. I don't see why I should take anything else written by you seriously then, were it not for the next point.

    Actually, that bit says the opposite and cites just how badly Traviss presented the greatest strength of the Jedi -
    Yes. You have to take things seriously and you need to read them in order to criticise them.

    Which you have only proven so far by skipping nearly the entire article, openly saying you will ignore major points against the author, and misquoting one part.
  9. Mngwa Mngwa Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to fight for Karen Traviss just because of this, but I will speak for my own feelings that I do not find such a blog-post serious after seeing how it calls itself "reasonable" while rambling on about many points drawn from the book. I don't want to criticize his/her (the writer of the blog) reading and/or the way she/he translates anything said by the author, but he/she keeps up talking about things which can still be viewed from many perspectives and definitions which I cannot agree to.
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