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R.i.p. My Little Girl

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Gilbourne, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Gilbourne Gilbourne Active Member

    My little daughter Lilja "lily" died in cancer at the age of 6 16.2 -14....
    She was 3 when it was diagnosed for the first was gone 2 times.... she was tough little fighter....maybe too tough, she didnt want to give up even when she had excrusiating pain in her few last weeks of life.
  2. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    this is a terrible loss. condolences.
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  3. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    My condolences. May she rest in peace.
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  4. A'shen Ironfyre Well-Known Member

    I wish you and your family the strenght to carry on with your lives, the strenght to let go and yet never forget the time you were given with your daughter. May she live on in the hearts of her loved ones, and be remembered for who she truly was.
    My sincere condolences.
  5. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Terribly sorry for your loss. That's awful.
  6. May She Be With God And All The Angels In Heaven , I Know It's Hard To Lose Someone And Yet Be Strong , Your Daughter Will Lived On In All Of Our Memory ! She Will Live In All Our Hearts ! She Was Raise By Good Dad , don't Give up man

    My Sincere Condolences Man

    God bless you
  7. I am sorry for your loss and wish you and your loved ones the best in this time.
  8. i' sorry. whatever you have, hold on to it--treasure it. i really cant say anything to make it better, but losing a child is one of the hardest things anyone could go through.

    no need to capitalize everything. just a friendly tip to avoid silly confrontations with grammar nazis.
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  9. Bruva Alfabusa Bruva-Alfabusa Arch Cardinal Superior

    Incredibly sorry for your loss, I can not even imagine what you and your family is going through.
    I hope you'll be able to carry on in due time, I'm sure that's what she would like.
    Cannot even express how much hatred I have for that disease. I wish the day when the scientists come up with an efficient cure for it would come sooner.
  10. MrRcNw MrRcNw Subordinate

    My condolences man

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