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Questions for Twitch ( March 31 )

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieFleming, Mar 29, 2017.

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  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Use this thread to send in questions! Max 3/person please. We ask that you kindly refrain from posting passive aggressive/rude questions -- they will be removed and warning points will be issued.


    Hey Crusaders! ---- (GMT peeps, note the new time for you @ 7pm this week)

    Come hang out with us Friday @ 2pm EST for our next Twitch! Here's what's on the schedule:

    • Two month roadmap
    • Stats, Numbers, Math
    • Forum Roadmap Q&A
    • Chat Q&A / Gameplay
    See you Friday! >>>>>


    Note on development...if it's not in the top 10 list, it's not being worked on!

    1. REDUCE LAG.
    10. NEW MAPS.

    Don't forget you can send q's about the two month roadmap!
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  2. Are there any plans to implement more in depth gameplay around vehicles in terms of vehicle focused maps, rewarding exp for protecting them and repairing them or even a dedicated engineering class? On a similar note, are any further vehicles planned such as bikes and aircraft?

    Also, since the patch the Chaos Star Horns Helmet has turned metallic silver, is this a bug with changing the armour trims or an intended look for this cosmetic?
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    1. Can you tell us a little what the new Worldmap will include? Ist it just a recolor or does it come with it's own new features? :)
    2. What about that note that Brent took that said "Change visual colors of Nurgle-Heal to green" :D
  3. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    Do you plan on reworking the "order" system for squadleaders?
    Currently you can only set 1 marker (usually restricted to the point or area you are fighting over) while it would be helpfull to issue additional "go to" or "breach here and there" orders or an additonal key for "marking transport/enemy" so the orders don't get mixed up.
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  4. 1. Show eldar statistics dynamics since balance rewamp during last month. People have feelings that eldar are the weakest one faction. Even with "enhance" mechanics which just work as resrtirctions and simply trying to up eldar tacticals to the one level with opposite tactical classes.
    2. Meanings about eldar buffs? Bolter penetration increase and eldar EHP decrease hitted us twice in weak place - survivability.
    So would you plan to
    - raise eldar EHP
    - increase damage of eldar weapons. We unfortunately feel glass and our canon is not matchable to the boltgun. And in the same time our EHP is not matchable to those who carry boltguns...
    Bad felleing of underperforming and assymetrical disbalance.

    First iteration of rewamp was not bad, i also enjoyed it but, until you guys buffed JPA/healers/etc closely to old stats and left eldar nerfed. +25hp to 125 of the hawk and +25armor to warlocks wont help really.:(
  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

  6. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    It was said in a thread that the Imperial Fist red Maximus helmet had been submitted to be removed from their whitelist to be given to Ultramarines as well, now that Imperial Fists have no unique helmet cosmetics, no unique legs and only a single shoulder pad what will they gain in return?

    Will they get a special recolour for a MkIII helmet based on their legion colour scheme which implemented dark metal to many parts of the face plate or perhaps even their special unique MkIII helmet that has the extra reinforcement going down the middle of the helmet in addition to these dark metal elements or will they simply get left out? very curious to know as I feel rather left out cosmetically as both an Eldar and Imperial Fist player.
  7. Nyhilist Nyhilist Active Member

    1. How is the progress (if any) for fixing melee sprint attack??

    2-3. Refer to the first question!!
  8. Ashgarn Ashgarm Master

    First, thank you devs for your hard work i'm closing in on 1,000 hrs played and have enjoyed EC through its ups and downs.

    1) How was your day?

    2)As second in leadership of Da Lead Belchas and having to lead many war parties I found that the painboy is the weakest element in the Ork faction currently. The painboy is limited to using only a knife and pistol as their only means of defense while other factions have access to more powerful options (ie. bolters/force axes). I understand that EC has asymmetrical balance but, I find that our unique (the poison grenade/slugga) is often more a waste in LP at best and liability at worst as it shares a slot with the healing grenade/doc station. The last items given to the painboys (Burny syringe, life steal juice and poison resist) have not made it into any serious load outs for my boys as they are far to situational:
    • Burny syringe costs to much for being a burning knife instead of poison
    • Life steal only affects a small number of classes and with TTK being low its almost useless
    • Poison resist is circumvented by just bringing more doc stations.
    To get to the point the Ork pain boy is the inferior version of the Apothecary who gets to use his syringe for free and still use a chain sword/bolt gun and has much better healing options (Life steal vs Damage Reduction).

    Can we expect some extra tools for the Painboy? Some of my suggestions include:
    • Damage done increased but damage taken increase healing option
    • Sprint Speed increased healing option
    • Temporary health and/or toughness bonus healing option
    • Pain Klaw weapon that can hold multiple types of healing options
    • Expensive doc station that heals allies and poisons enemies
    • Syringe upgrades allowing you to put debuffs on melee hits ie run speed or accuracy penalties.

    TLDR; Ork painboy is the inferior apothecary and DLB only brings the least amount of painboys we can get away with just for the doc stations for AoE heals. The painboy needs more tools to remain competitive as the other faction support classes.

    Thank you for your time!
  9. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    why did you nerf your only sellable product (jetpack assault) by nerfing smart pistols?

    terminators when?

    eternal mode when?

    warlock shrines when?

    psyker buff when?

    ranged nerf/melee buff when?
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