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[QUESTION] What can the Personal Goals System do currently?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Katzu_HSM, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Nathan repeated says he wants to try to integrate the Goals system into the Campaign system, and ideas we come up with to bring us close towards that. So I have been wondering lately what the system tracks, what it might be able to track, and what it cannot track at all. If @Oveur @jbregg @NoahWard or anybody else knows, I'm sure it'd help everyone going forward.

    Things we know it tracks:
    * XP gained in squad
    * XP gained as individual classes
    * XP gained in a support role
    * Number of Executions
    * Kills against certain classes of players in PvP.

    Things you COULD track and why:
    * (Essentially anything we get Steam Achievements for.)
    * Number of Revives

    Things we CAN'T track:

    Can the Goals track this thing?
    * Number of Personal Goals Completed?
    * Kills against specific Factions?
    * Kills against specific Subfactions?

    Post observed Goals, what should be trackable (and why/where this comes from) below and I'll try to update this as I see them. Devs please let us know if we're not accurate about any of the things we post here!
  2. Probably almost anything they like...
  3. Possibly, but this is a question that can help us suggest cool ideas for future waves of Goals. Imagine an Imperial Fist getting a goal to kill X number of Iron Warriors, or Word Bearers to kill X number of Ultramarines, or Alpha Legionnaires to get X number of friendly kills.......)
  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure it track stuff via an API of sorts.
    So it could potentially track everything that's going on in a game.
  5. Well one of the stated design goals in my campiagn discussions with Nathan (as he has stated here publicly) is to design the Missions in such a way as to tie into the Personal Goals system, and if - say - The UM decide to REALLY take it to the Eldar in story, I want to know if 1) Just the UM can get a Personal Goal, 2) can it track specifically Eldar kills, and 3) can it target specifically kills against Biel-Tan? Highly specific example, I know, but it really is a case that would open up a degree of liberty in tailoring a set of personal goals to run on a 10-day cycle and (along with a transition away from the Faction Leads and onto a small group of Faction Liaisons) allow the players a chance to feel like Subfaction choice really matters.

    My goal in writing the storyline is to allow for player agency and to really feel like the choices you make have some degree of meaning both to yourself and to the opportunities you're given.
  6. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    Got "Seasoned" challenge on my Rank 1 alt. Vets are unlocked at Rank 5. Is waste of slot before rank 5.

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