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  1. 1.8 Marketing:
    1.8.1 Q: Beta
    When is the beta?

    A (Homepage):
    We can’t say quite yet, but there will definitely be both closed and open beta phases. Sign up on this site to get access details first!

    1.8.2 Q: Beta
    How do I get access to the closed beta-test?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    The first to Register on the web site will be the first to be invited to the betas

    1.8.3 Q: Community
    What is the age rate you aim for?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    We are aiming for a Mature rating.

    1.8.4 Q: Community
    What is your plan to get non-warhammer fans into the game?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We're making a game that groups of friends will love to play together, that shooter and action gamers will enjoy, massive PvP fans will love, that RPG players will really dig into, that MMO fans will immerse themselves in. We're making a game for community leaders, for collectors, for theory crafters, and more- we're making a game for gamers.

    There will be a ton in here to bring new fans to Warhammer 40,000, and show them the glory of the grim darkness of the far future.

    1.8.5 Q: Gameboxes
    Do you have plans for a founders pack with exclusive items and beta access?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Yes, we are looking at an option like this. We're still finalizing exactly what this option will include, but we will likely offer a founder's pack.

    1.8.6 Q: Payment
    What business model will the game use?

    A (Homepage):
    Although it’s still under consideration, the current plan is that Eternal Crusade will be “premium with a free-to-play option.” By purchasing a copy of the game, you will have access to it forever with no need for a subscription. There will be post-launch expansions, as well as a cash shop for customization & convenience items. If you don’t want to buy the box, you can still try the game as a free-to-play version of an Ork character. As opposed to the premium Orks, your progression will be slower and some options will be locked off, but you’ll be able to go anywhere and fight for the Waaagh! If you like it but still don’t want to pay the full price, you can unlock some of the missing options with microtransactions.

    1.8.7 Q: Shop
    What can we spend our Money on?

    A (25.09.2013 Patrick):
    Cash shop (No Pay 2 Win!!!!), buy factions (starting factions) or the whole game, merchandise (possibilities like e.g. t-shirts), cosmetic stuff for your character, probably some unlockables buyable, character slots, faction change (not decided yet if possible), name change, etc.
    The really important part is going to be: this game will not be pay2win!!!! it's f2p for parts of the orks faction, but if you invest full price game money, you get all factions at launch.

    1.8.8 Q: Release
    When is it coming out?

    A (Homepage):
    Late 2015.

    1.9 User Interface (UI):
    1.9.1 Q: Design
    Will the UI and menus be different for all Faction?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Whatever we can get away with and have the resources for!

    1.10.2 Q: Features
    Will some parts of the UI be gone when I take my helmet off?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We'll see... since we're an MMO, we expect that if we were to hide UI elements, players would find a way to show them again regardless. We're investigating.

    1.11.3 Q: UI
    What about the UI?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    We will make sure that the UI can tell you everything you need to know - and if e.g. a commander will say what the objective for a battle is, then your UI will tell it to you. So expect some sort of marking - also I personally liked the group marking stuff Aion had - I expect something similar also available.
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  2. 2 Factions:
    2.1 About Factions:
    2.1.1 Q: Alliances
    Can my faction alliance with any other faction we want to?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    This is a delicate matter since some alliance combinations are forbidden by the lore. We want to let players decide what they want to do but we also want to stay in-line with the lore. This is something we will debate with the design team for a long time I am sure.

    2.1.2 Q: Balance
    How will you balance the different factions?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    The important thing for us is to keep the feeling of each army, even if we have to adjust the actual balance of classes. Space Marines should feel like heavily armored super-soldiers; Orks should feel like a horde; Eldar should feel like an army of specialists.

    We're balancing the factions according to an asymmetric balance- Space Marines may have more armor, but Eldar may be faster, for example. While one Ork may be able to kill one Space Marine, the Ork will have to exploit his own advantages (for example, powerful melee attacks) while setting the Space Marine at a disadvantage.

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    We don't want 'balance' like in most MMOs, war is not balanced. It’s about being tricky if you are the underdog, and we will make sure it is possible to win fights when you are in the minority.
    One thing we are adding are the Tyranids controlled by our hive-mind-AI system. Which might pop out some hordes of npcs in the face of a storming army who was just about to capture a fortress.
    Another thing will be back doors and secret passages to give scouts and small squads the opportunity to matter too.

    2.1.3 Q: Daemons
    When Daemons are coming out, can we expect them to be allied with the Chaos Space Marines faction or can we fight them?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    Like all new factions, our goal is to the players to decide whether they'll ally with any of the other factions or try to take the world for themselves.

    2.1.4 Q: Daemons
    Will there be Daemons for chaos?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Chaos Daemons will be a post-launch race. Daemon Princes would naturally accompany them.

    A (03.05.2014 Brent):
    Daemon Engines & Princes are still post-launch, although of course I think most of the Daemon Engines should go to the Chaos Space Marines. My Daemon army gets proper demons + Soul Grinders.

    2.1.5 Q: Factions
    Which Warhammer 40,000 armies are in the game?

    A (Homepage):
    At launch, there will be Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks and Eldar. Tyranids will also be in the game, but only as NPCs. We aim to release the rest of the races from the universe over the lifetime of the game.

    Players may make characters in multiple factions, but non-combat interactions between factions are extremely limited. All the factions are unique and opposed to one another in their goal to conquer the planet!

    2.1.6 Q: Imperium of men
    Will there be any imperial guard at all?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    If the Imperial Guard will be added this is going to be post launch. This is one of the challenges we will have to address at that time.

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Not at launch, but we're hoping to add every army eventually, after launch.

    2.1.7 Q: Inquisition
    Have you considered Inquisition with Grey Knights as a separate faction?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    We are thinking about it

    2.1.8 Q: Sisters of Battle
    Why you don’t want Sisters of Battle for launch?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    it's not about we want to - we need to focus on what we need to have in the game to make it fun at launch; adding SoB later is still something we want to do!

    2.2 Sub-Factions:
    2.2.1 Q: Player made
    Will it be possible to start our own sub-faction?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Unfortunately, no. That's why we want to be sure we offer a good range of Chapters, Clans, Craftworlds, and Warbands. You'll be able to form your own Strike Forces (our version of guilds) though, and these can include players from multiple Chapters etc.

    2.2.2 Q: Sub factions
    Are there different Chapters, Craftworlds, Clans, etc.?

    A (Homepage):
    Yes, when you create your character in a faction you also choose one of that race’s sub-factions to identify with.

    2.2.3 Q: Vote
    When will we vote for the 5th Sub-Factions we shall get at launch?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    i would love to give a date for this, but all I can say right now is be patient. We will make sure there will be a vote for this and we will make sure everyone will be asked - that said, best to sign up on our homepage to get the infos for that.

    2.3 Load-Outs:
    2.3.1 Q: Ammo
    Power-weapons spends the energy of the power armour, is it the same in your game?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    This is a false information but it is easy to do the mistake because of the name similarity. Power weapons have their own source of energy usually built in the weapon itself, concealed within the hilt or haft. And this is how our power weapons are going to work in Eternal Crusade.

    2.3.2 Q: Armour
    Will it be possible to acquire Sub-Faction specific armor models?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We're currently discussing how we can handle customization of your character's armor. This may end up factoring in, if we have the resources for it!

    2.3.3 Q: Capacity
    Will there be a slot for gun, the pistol, the tool/rocket launcher, then several other slots for grenade/armor perk/customizations?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We're prototyping a number of options for this right now! We haven't finalized how loadouts will look, but your expectations are in line with one of our proposals

    2.3.4 Q: Capacity
    Which options do we have for our load-out?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    Our target experience is that building your loadout should have the same sort of feeling as building an army in the tabletop. We’re looking at games like the Armored Core series for inspiration, but while we really want you to be able to get in there and make minute tweaks to your build if you want, it should also be easy for you to put together a “tough” build or a “long-range & accurate” one.
    In addition to helmets and wrist guards you’ll have all sorts of little bits and bobs to snap onto your armor (some visible, some not) and an additional system for upgrading and tweaking each weapon the way you want.

    2.3.5 Q: Damage
    Will there be different types of damage (heat, explosion etc.)?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    Yes like in the table top different weapon will have different effect, damage, strength, range, fire rate … different weapons for different purposes.

    2.3.6 Q: Equipment
    What kind of items will we find? Will they always have effects or are some just target-markers for enemies?

    A (09.09.2013 Patrick):
    well all equipment will be so that it makes sense for the classes available - tbh, I am not sure If I understood your question right, but expect that everything you can use/wear will have some sort of meaning. Also, some equipment will be better for specific classes ofc.
  3. 2.3.7 Q: Equipment
    Will I be able to pick all equip as I want to or like Space marine where my tactical had always the same secondary weapons?

    A (13.08.2013 Patrick):
    Dedicated weapon classes - for sure, we still want every class to have a melee and a ranged component, but your primary weapon will be select able.

    2.3.8 Q: Warp Magic
    How will the Psychic powers work?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    You select the Psychic Powers you want to bring to the field as part of your loadout and then fire them away in the field alongside your Force Weapon. Expect more details on this to be revealed as time goes on, but Perils are a factor and Psychic Powers should feel genuinely dangerous to everyone.

    2.3.9 Q: Warp Magic
    Will the Psyker spells be the same as the codex/rule book entries?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Yes! It's likely that many psychic powers will have the same name (and general effect) as in the codex

    2.3.10 Q: Weapons
    Will there be One-Shot-Kill weapons?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    This will probably be rare, but with the combination of weapons you can equip, and the combination of things your target can equip, it will be possible to one-shot certain targets.

    2.3.11 Q: Weapons
    Will there be flamers?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):

    2.3.12 Q: Weapons
    Are you planing Sniper Rifles and stealth skills?

    A (25.09.2013 Patrick):
    There will be sniper weapons, and we want you to have many possiblities to change your armor, tint it etc so you can appear very stealthy, but we won't have a button that makes you invisible as of now. Ofc this might change at some point, but no promises.

    2.4 Classes:
    2.4.1 Q: Abilities
    Will there be classes who can teleport?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    Deep striking units are part of Eternal crusade, so this is a yes.

    2.4.2 Q: Abilities
    Do all classes have some form of Melee?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Yes, if you can do melee or not is depending on your weapons you bring with you. So basically everyone in the game will be able to do ranged and melee attacks.

    2.4.3 Q: Elite classes
    Will there be any limitation of classes?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    Yes there is a limit for powerful classes but we are talking about soft constraints like a cooldown or cost, not a hard number count.

    2.4.4 Q: Elite classes
    How will you handle Heros and elite units?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We have strong plans for these, but we're not ready to talk about them yet. Follow our website/ twitter/ Facebook to find out that information when it's released!

    2.4.5 Q: Elite classes
    How hard will it be to get a special class? (Like terminator or Mega Armor nob)

    A (September.2013 Patrick):
    We will make it not too easy to get Terminator armor, make sure it's rare enough so it makes sense with Lore. But how exactly we will achieve that is not decided.

    2.4.6 Q: Faction differences
    Will the class system be different for each faction?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    We don't want to make it feel 'less' to any race - we are considering to have different numbers of classes - but the overall amount of possibilities will be the same. If e.g. the eldar will have less classes, then expect those classes to have maybe deeper progression trees - let's say it like this: the choice of class/race won't affect the fun you will have

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Our races will have unique classes that you'll recognize from the tabletop. Chaos Space Marines and Space Marines may share some, but the others be more unique.

    2.4.7 Q: Faction differences
    Will 'jet pack' troops from different factions feel different?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    it's to early to say how that will be realized - but you will be able to progress up in your 'class' and become an 'advanced class'.

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Basically yes - we don't want to have classes and races play the same - so a difference between 'jump packs' are intended

    2.4.8 Q: Game description
    What classes are in the game?

    A (Homepage):
    Each faction features a unique selection of classes drawn from their lore, and each character in a faction has the opportunity to choose from a variety of classes when they deploy on the field.

    2.4.9 Q: Progress
    How will the Classes work everyone starts off as the same and we progress into a specialty?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    You will start with a selection of classes that you can manifest on each respawn and you’ll unlock more as you play the game. Each class has its own progression system.

    2.4.10 Q: Psykers
    Will there be psykers?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Yes! We'll have Psykers. Eldar without psykers? C'monnnnn.

    2.4.11 Q: Special classes
    Will there be Sub-Faction special units?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Different Chapters will have access to different classes; for example, instead of Librarians, Space Wolves may have Rune Priests instead.

    2.5 Vehicles:
    2.5.1 Q: Air units
    Are controllable Air units planed?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    For launch they will be probably aesthetic ... but we want flying units ourselves ... so let's see maybe there is time to add them

    2.5.2 Q: Air units
    Will we have air-units?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    These will be in the game!

    2.5.3 Q: Artillery
    Will we have mobile artillery?

    A (September.2013 Patrick):
    Possible - we have the tech to support stuff like this, if the designers find a way to make it not to overpowered and working with the gameplay, sure, i don't see why not.

    2.5.4 Q: Crew
    Will vehicles require a crew of multiple people(1 gunner 1 driver)?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    The driver will probably have a front facing gun of some sort, but multiple people can have 'shooting slots' e.g. predator

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    You can put men in the vehicles! After all, Rhinos and Wave Serpents and Trukks are primarily troop transports.

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Tanks will likely be crew-manned; the driver may have a small gun, but we expect major guns to be available seats for other players to take, while the driver dodges the incoming fire.
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  4. 2.5.5 Q: Game description
    What vehicles will be available?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We can't confirm them for launch now, but we're trying to get all the iconic vehicles of each race in. We'd prefer to launch with Land Raiders, yes!

    2.5.6 Q: Titans
    Will we get titans?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Sorry. :( We're focusing on a smaller scale experience, so we won't have Titans.

    2.5.7 Q: Transportation
    Will we get Bikes and drop-pods?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    i hope for bikes too, pods will be there for sure in some form (you need to get from spaceship down to the planet)

    2.5.8 Q: View swap
    Will I be able to have a first person view as well as a third person view inside a vehicle?

    A (09.09.2013 Patrick):
    We aim for being able to switch between different view, inside, outside, etc.

    2.5.9 Q: Walker
    Will there be Walker (dreadnoughts, etc.) and will they be playable?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    Yes the mighty Walkers will be playable, with restrictions.

    2.5.10 Q: Walker
    Will we be able to use Dreadnoughts or Wraithlords or the like?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    This is trickier- your character can spawn as a number of different classes, but a Dreadnought or Wraithlord requires you to be dead! They're quite iconic, so we'd like to incorporate them somehow, but we're still evaluating how we can make this work.

    2.6 Tyranids:
    2.6.1 Q: A.I.
    How will Tyranids act in this game?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Well they will be swarming. They will be significant in the battles - if they interrupt an ongoing advance, you will have to focus on them or be slaughtered.

    A (25.09.2013 Patrick):
    They are bothersome to every playable faction, they might take over buildings you posses, they might interfere with your battle plans, they guard the important relics and they are in general going to be very unpredictable. Sometimes they might help a winning faction, sometimes they might fight them - they create opportunities and they make sure you have to always consider other options - this is war and you might win everything, but also loose everything!

    2.6.2 Q: Battle
    How will Tyranids affect a battle?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    The Tyranids will probably not attack in the middle of a big battle- we want to reserve all the computing power for you and your friends. What they will definitely do is attack the Fortresses and Outposts you've left undefended behind your lines, which will make them a big threat. If you don't beat them back, you can lose access to critical wartime resources!

    There will definitely be multiple types of Tyranids. The Carnifex is so iconic, I can't see us not including it.

    2.6.3 Q: Classes
    What sorts of Tyranids we can expect to see on the field?

    A (03.09.2013 Patrick):
    Expect a lot of melee ones and some ranged ones - the idea of nids for us is more like a huge swarm attacking you than individuals camping and shooting at you. This is also very early - so expect changes too

    2.6.4 Q: Factions
    Is there any other AI faction then Tyranids in the game?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    The Tyranids will be our major AI PVE element, there will be no other big PVE NPCs. However, your Fortresses and Outposts may spawn NPC defenders allied with your faction.
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  5. 3 Spacemarines:
    3.1 Chapters:
    3.1.1 Q: Choices
    Which Chapters do we get?

    A (Homepage):
    Space Marine chapters at launch include (at least) the Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Blood Angels and Space Wolves. Expect more information on the rest of the factions over the course of development.

    3.1.2 Q: Differences
    What does it change when I chose a chapter?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    It’s mostly looks, but also some class restrictions, not all chapters with the SM have e.g. librarians.

    3.1.3 Q: Differences
    Will each chapter be different from each other?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    While we're not forcing each chapter to conform rigidly to lore-accurate codex formations (only 1,000 Ultramarines characters total?), the different Chapters will have a unique feel, and may have unique classes as well- like the Rune Priest, for example. We don't want our Chapters to feel bland and generic, we want to represent them faithfully.

    3.2 Spacemarine Load-Outs:
    3.2.1 Q: Warp-Magic
    Do you plan on implementing chapter-based psyker powers?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Class/chapter based specifics will be present in the game.

    3.3 Spacemarine Classes:
    3.3.1 Q: Abilities
    Will Terminators be able to deep strike?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    Deep striking will be a part of the game, but as to whether it's a special Terminator power is still up in the air.

    3.3.2 Q: Abilities
    Will I be able to do a combat-roll?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Yes, a SM will be able to roll/dodge in some way. Even though their armor is not really made for it, it is a fun way to play the SM

    3.3.3 Q: Elite class
    How will terminators be implemented?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    Terminators will be an elite class with their own accessories and weapon loadouts that require a cost to manifest them. We want everyone to have access to Terminators, but we don't want everyone playing Terminators all the time.

    3.3.4 Q: Game description
    Which classes will we have at Launch?

    A (Homepage):
    For the Space Marine faction, a few of the classes you can choose from include Tactical Marines, Devastators, Assault Marines, or Apothecaries (Wolf Priests in the case of the Space Wolves).

    3.3.5 Q: Specialists
    Will there be Tech. Marines?

    A (07.08.2013 David):

    3.2.6 Q: Specialists
    Will I be able to be a chaplain?

    A (09.09.2013 Patrick):
    chaplains will not be playable themselves, if anything they will be more like npc's or something, maybe the faction council leaders can have that high ranks or something

    3.4 Spacemarine Vehicles:
    3.4.1 Q: Transportation
    Will there be a chance to mount a motorbike as a Raven’s wing member for example?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    All space marines chapter might have bike companies. The Raven’s wing will be featured with the Dark angels chapter for launch.

    3.5 Spacemarine Combat:
    3.5.1 Q: Corruption
    Can my Spacemarine join chaos if I do heresy?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    This is not in the scope of Eternal Crusade. We are not treating the “Fall”.
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  6. 4 Orks:
    4.1 Warbands:
    4.1.1 Q: Choices
    Which Clans do we get?

    A (Homepage):
    Deathskulls, Blood Moons, Goffs and Evil Sunz.

    4.2 Ork Load-Outs:

    4.3 Ork Classes:
    4.3.1 Q: Choices
    Which classes can I play?

    A (Homepage):
    Mega Nob, Storm Boyz, Ork Loota, Mekboyz and free to play Orkboyz

    4.3.2 Q: Progress
    Will orks get bigger as they get stronger?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Though we would like to see growing Orks and stuff like that - to make it happen is a very different thing. I'll give you an example: Executions. If you make an interaction between 2 players (chopping off the head of the other player) the animations need to be in sync, both time and space wise, now if an ork would be larger, the chainsword might not hit his neck see the problem?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    There is a number of reasons why we should not change the size of orks (animations etc.) - but we have discussed it and ofc we would like that approach - but it's to early to say if we will do it. There will be definitly ways to show the experience of a player, so don't worry about that.

    4.4 Ork Vehicles:
    4.4.1 Q: Loot
    Will orks be able to loot vehicles?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    This isn't a focus of ours at the moment. We want to be sure the orks have their own awesome toys to play with.

    4.5 Ork Combat:
  7. 5 Chaos:
    5.1 Legions:

    5.2 Chaos Load-Outs:
    5.2.1 Q: Possessions
    Will daemonic possessions be in the game for both person and weapons?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    It's in the plans for vehicles and weapons. For people, we're still investigating.

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    This is a reasonable assumption. Each race will have specific perks and powers, in-line with the IP, helping them on the battlefield.

    5.2.2 Q: Weapons
    Will there be weapons like sonic blasters, blast masters, reaper auto cannons and other exotic chaos weapons.

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    Yes, definitely although not necessarily all of them at launch. Reaper autocannons should be in by then, but sonic weapons might be part of a post-launch chaos update.

    5.3 Chaos Classes:
    5.3.1 Q: Abilities
    Will Terminators be able to deep strike?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    Deep striking will be a part of the game, but as to whether it's a special Terminator power is still up in the air.

    5.3.2 Q: Differences
    Will there be any major differences between Loyalist Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines in terms of gameplay?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    Although they will share a number of things, we'd get in big trouble with the players if we just reskinned the Space Marines. Expect Chaos to fall more on the melee side and have more regular access to the weird stuff like Psychic Powers. Also chainaxes.

    5.3.3 Q: Elite classes
    Will we be able to ascend to Daemon Princedom as Chaos Space marines or will it be only Daemons?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    Most likely yes, but in a post-launch update.

    5.3.4 Q: Elite classes
    How will terminators be implemented?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    Terminators will be an elite class with their own accessories and weapon loadouts that require a cost to manifest them. We want everyone to have access to Terminators, but we don't want everyone playing Terminators all the time.

    5.3.5 Q: Specialists

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    Of course!

    5.3.6 Q: Specialists
    How will you implement Chaos Sorcerer’s in terms of gameplay? Will they be the dedicated healers as well as an offensive class?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    They might have some healing-type powers but it'd be weird to have them play medics. They'll be shooting fire from their fingers and cursing people!

    5.3.7 Q: Specialists
    Will Plague Marines, Noise Marines, Bezerkers, or Thousand Sons make an appearance?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    Yes, for sure, but most likely in a post-launch update.

    5.4 Chaos Vehicles:
    5.4.1 Q: Dread claw
    Will chaos be able to enter battle via dread claw assault pod

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    If Chaos doesn't get drop pods it will be because they have something cooler. We have some ideas...

    5.4.2 Q: Walker
    Will helbrutes aka Dreadnaughts in the game? Will we get daemon engines like the defiler or the forge fiend to pilot?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    The Forgefiend is basically my favorite unit, but I don't think we'll get it in at launch, at least as a controllable unit. Daemon engines and dreadnought-class units will definitely be a part of the game at some point, however, as long as I have anything to say about it!

    5.5 Chaos Combat:
    5.5.1 Q: Chaos gods
    Will there be a shrine/devotion system allowing us to dedicate our war-filled lives to a particular chaos god?

    A (28.08.2013 Brent):
    The chaos gods will have a presence in the game, although it will expand over time. Expect them to be involved in your loadout at launch.
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  8. 6 Eldar:
    6.1 Craftworlds:

    6.2 Eldar Load-Outs:

    6.3 Eldar Classes:
    6.3.1 Q: Balance
    How will the eldar be balanced?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We want each race to "feel" like they feel on the tabletop. So while the average Eldar may not be as heavily armored as a Space Marine, or as strong in melee as an Ork, they will be faster. You can expect the weaponry and classes for each race to feel the way they feel on the tabletop.

    6.3.2 Q: Gender
    Will you be able to choose the gender of your eldar?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Yes, players will be able to choose male or female for Eldar. Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, and Orks will be true to the tabletop, and all look masculine.

    6.4 Eldar Vehicles:
    6.4.1 Q: Balance
    How will Eldar tanks be balanced?

    A (03.09.2013 Patrick):
    In general expect the game to be NOT balanced on a per unit base! An Eldar has much less armor then a SM - nothing we want to change. But an Eldar will be more agile ;) We will handle it the same way for vehicles and tanks etc.

    6.5 Eldar Combat:
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  10. thanks :D ya i need to update it
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