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  1. This is a collection of Questions and Answers about Eternal Crusade

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    Question Counter: 214 Questions answered!

    0 Developers

    1 General (135 Questions answered)
    1.1 Gameplay
    1.2 Game-mechanics
    1.3 Combat
    1.3.1 Mechanics
    1.3.2 Melee
    1.3.3 Ranged
    1.3.4 Vehicle
    1.4 Environment
    1.5 Customization
    1.6 Lore
    1.7 Hard-/Software
    1.8 Marketing
    1.9 User Interface (UI)

    2 Factions(48 Questions answered)
    2.1 About Factions
    2.2 Sub-Factions
    2.3 Load-Outs
    2.4 Classes
    2.5 Vehicles
    2.6 Tyranids

    3 Spacemarines(12 Questions answered)
    3.1 Chapters
    3.2 Spacemarine Load-Outs
    3.3 Spacemarine Classes
    3.4 Spacemarine Vehicles
    3.5 Spacemarine Combat

    4 Orks(4 Questions answered)
    4.1 Clans
    4.2 Ork Load-Outs
    4.3 Ork Classes
    4.4 Ork Vehicles
    4.4 Ork Combat

    5 Chaos(12 Questions answered)
    5.1 Legions
    5.2 Chaos Load-Outs
    5.3 Chaos Classes
    5.4 Chaos Vehicles
    5.5 Chaos Combat

    6 Eldar(3 Questions answered)
    6.1 Craftworlds
    6.2 Eldar Load-Outs
    6.3 Eldar Classes
    6.4 Eldar Vehicles
    6.5 Eldar Combat
  2. 0 Developers:
    0.1 Q:
    How many people work at your office?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Well our team is growing almost daily atm, we are around 15, some on vacation some only temporary. But the studio has more than 100 people working here

    0.2 Q:
    Which Factions do the developer prefer?

    A (3.9.2013 Patrick):
    Miguel Caron
    Faction: Chaos Space Marines
    Sub-Faction: Iron Warriors

    Steven Lumpkin
    Faction: Dark Eldar
    Sub-Faction: Kabal of the Obsidian Rose

    Brent Ellison
    Faction: Chaos Daemons
    Sub-Faction: Tzeentch

    Patrick Balthazar
    Faction: Space Marines
    Sub-Faction: Black Templar

    David Ghozland
    Faction: Space Marines
    Sub-Faction: Dark Angels

    1 General:
    1.1 Gameplay:
    1.1.1 Q: Character
    Will I be able to create multiple characters in one Faction?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    probably yes - will depend a bit how much we figure it is important to focus on one character or multiple - like e.g. in TSW it did not make sense to have more than one character because you could change 'classes' on the fly by learning different skills and also learning all the skills available.
    For us that probably won't work, but we still want to make sure that it makes sense for all players in general - still some players prefer to have multiple chars in either case

    1.1.2 Q: Character
    Can we get titles?
    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Not sure about titles yet, but there will be batches, war medals etc. - also something showing your political status.

    1.1.3 Q: Crafting
    Will there be crafting?

    A (Homepage):
    Yes, in a form that fits with the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You won’t be able to be a “crafter”, but there is an extensive upgrade system for weapons.

    1.1.4 Q: Crafting
    What sort of craft able items can we expect?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Full armor sets, Customized weapons, Upgraded vehicles, customizing personal quarters in the orbital fleet

    1.1.5 Q: Items
    Where do i get new Weapons and Armor?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    You do not find new weapons directly, you might find some relics or stuff like that, but don't expect a dungeon boss mob to drop the next best bolter you can think of. That’s not how our system works.

    1.1.6 Q: Items
    What kind of loot can we expect?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    I seriously doubt that e.g. a tyranid will drop some gear a space marine can use - that just does not make sense. But they might drop something 'valuable' that can be collected and sold or traded for gear. We will have an economy system and we will have also some crafting - expect items that drop or can be found or harvested to be used for that stuff.

    1.1.7 Q: Objectives
    Will there be a campaign like in Space Marine?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Since we're a player-driven, massively-multiplayer war, we don't have a "campaign" like a single player game has a series of levels that tell a story. We will have regular rotating War Campaigns where armies’ battle over a continent to achieve their own objectives, and these will be ongoing.

    1.1.8 Q: Objectives
    Are there quests?

    A (Homepage):
    Not in the traditional sense. Instead of looking for quest-givers to give you things to do, you can just head out into the world to find procedurally-generated content in your own or the enemy’s territory.

    We’re currently working on short, horde-style firefights and longer dungeon-delving experiences. In both cases, the content will be randomized so it’s new every time, but with parameters and details specific to the locations.

    Of course, you can always look to the community channels and your faction leaders to get some direction. In addition, there are mid- and long-term opposed goals for factions that appear on a regular basis as part of the campaigns. More details on this soon!

    1.1.9 Q: Play-style
    Can I play solo?

    A (Homepage):
    Solo players can easily find and join battles with their faction by either looking at the world map or deep striking into the top conflicts of the moment. They will also be able to access and progress through procedural content – it will definitely be a challenge, however!
    Progression & Economy

    1.1.10 Q: Play-style
    Will we be faced with permanent choices?

    A (September.2013 Patrick):
    Yes, there will be permanent choice to some degree - but I can see already possibilities for fees to revert choices

    1.1.11 Q: Play-style
    Do I have to do PvP?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    It will be possible to only do PvE, but avoiding PvP might be its own minigame

    1.1.12 Q: Play-style
    What are my options regarding Game Modes?

    A (25.09.2013 Patrick):
    "Game Modes":
    Well don't expect quests like in an MMORPG, most of the game is combat and war - on PvE and especially on PvP level! but yes, we will have campaings for factions, orders for strike forces and objectives for squads and even for single players. Don't expect book like stories, unless you write them yourself – co mmanders and war council will be able to create those orders/objectives and you can choose to follow them or not.
  3. 1.2 Game-mechanics
    1.2.1 Q: Blocking
    Can I walk through other players or will they “block” me?

    A (05.09.2013 Steven):
    Players have collision, just like in real life! You may be able to roll through them though.

    1.2.2 Q: Character
    Do characters have levels?

    A (Homepage):
    No! As in the game, you’ll pick what unit class type you want to bring to the battlefield and have access to a huge amount of customization, but since this is a PvP-focused game the progression won’t be primarily about increasing power, but rather gaining access to a wider variety of skills and better specialization.

    Certain powerful but limited unlockables will be available to truly dedicated players, however. More details on this soon!

    1.2.3 Q: Character
    Can I remove my Helmet?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Yes we want to be able to see faces in the game

    1.2.4 Q: Character
    Will there be a reward for playing only 1 character?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    There are no levels, but there's still advancement and progression. You'll get more powerful and more specific gear, and you'll unlock new options for your build. Your one character will be able to spawn as any class for his race, and so if you get tired of playing in one style you can switch over and play in a different style (a different class), with all new advancement and progression.

    1.2.5 Q: Currency
    Will we have a currency system?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    I've read some design on this and I know there have been a lot of discussions, so I'll try to sum up what I know. E.g. a Space Marine won't earn Money, but he will earn some sort of Reputation Points, maybe call it some sort of Imperial Currency...not decided in any way yet. Those points will not be something you just use to buy health potions or new armor, but they will unlock e.g. ranks or levels of access to different armories - so most of the stuff you can use the currency for is not something that you will have to re-buy, more like access passes which work all the time after purchase. Now ofc this is not for everything, and we want some economics going on too, so there will be other stuff where you can spend constantly that currency, or maybe even a second currency e.g. tokens on. There should be player trading and bragging rights are also very important - but lets just say it's to early too define all those mechanics.

    1.2.6 Q: Gamediscrption
    What kind of game is this?

    A (Homepage):
    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is a 3rd-person, PvP-focused, Action MMORPG. Players select one of the factions of the 41st millennium and fight for control of a persistent world, claiming territory in massive battles and hacking their way through procedural content while earning the right to customize their characters in a deep progression system drawn from Warhammer 40,000 lore.

    1.2.7 Q: Gamediscrption
    Will it be realistic and immersive like planetside 2 and spacemarine?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Immersive, immersive, immersive! Over-the-shoulder camera, you shoot where you point and click, you can sprint, charge, shoulder-bash, hack with your chainsword, and bloodily execute your opponent as he's bleeding out on the ground. Our entire team is tired of the gamey hot bar combat from classic MMOs.

    1.2.8 Q: Factionswap
    Can you play different factions with 1 account?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):

    1.2.9 Q: Factionswap
    What are you planning to prevent faction hopping?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    we are currently thinking about how we can prevent race/faction hopping, especially so that there won't be too much spying. but on the other hand there is always the possibility of someone having two or more accounts, so we will try to find a good way to make it still possible in some sort, if players reconsider what faction/race they want to play.

    1.2.10 Q: Factionswap
    Can I convert my Character to another faction or do I have to create a new one?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    You will have to restart from the beginning the progression but there is no level in the game. The progression is mainly horizontal which means that even with limited options your very first character will be efficient on the battlefield.

    1.2.11 Q: Objectives
    What happens when a faction is destroyed?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    You won't be able to "destroy" a faction, though if you're skilled and coordinated, you may be able to push them off of a continent.

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    you cannot erradicate a race from the game, but for the current skirmish (campaign) some races can be 'removed' - that does not mean that the whole planet is wiped from those races.
    There will be war everywhere to continue playing, an who knows, if orks and eldar focus on the campaign on e.g. one continent, maybe other continents might be there to be taken in the meanwhile.

    1.2.12 Q: Objectives
    How does a faction win?

    A (25.09.2013 Patrick):
    this is not only about resources, territory, buildings, equipment, unlockables, relics, artefacts, tech, etc... there is many things that if possessed might turn the tide for your faction - but also it's to early to point out exact conditions and reveal exact mechanics :)

    1.2.13 Q: Objectives
    Can Players create content?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Players will create ALL the content in the game, by driving the war- you will choose what to attack, and where to defend; what underworlds contain the most valuable resources to you, and whether it's more important to protect your flank from Chaos or your interior from Tyranids.

    1.2.14 Q: Physics
    What sort of physics are you expecting the game to have?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Physics will be mostly for collision detection - making physically correct impacts might be too heavy for the servers - so if we do anything like that it might just happen on the client for 'show'. The tech we are using is supporting fully simulated server-client synchronized physics, but as said, it might be too heavy to use.

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    You'll see physics in things like vehicle movement, missiles and projectiles that arc, and the shells that pop out of your gun. We're still investigating whether it makes sense to have ragdoll on death, as that can be very heavy on the server. We could do it clientside, but then you and your friends might not see the corpse in the same place.

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    There will be some physics - but not too much since it would kill our server performance.
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  4. 1.2.15 Q: Squads
    Will Squads have the same rules like in the Tabletop? (Limit of weapons etc.)

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Warhammer 40,000 is perfectly designed for a tabletop war-game. It's a great game, with a great set of rules that we all play and love. Unfortunately, some of those rules- like squad coherency, min/max numbers, set heavy weapons- don't make sense for a video game. We're trying to make our game be the perfect design of Warhammer 40,000 for an MMO-third-person-shooter - so when you want to play an Assault Marine with Lightning Claws and your pal wants to play a Devastator Marine with a Plasma Cannon and you still want to group together, we will let you.

    1.2.16 Q: Squads
    How can I play with my friends?

    A (Homepage):
    The Battle Squad is the core of the game. With friends (old or new), you’ll be able to create and earn rewards for your small community and then join Strike Forces made up of many Battle Squads. Strike Forces are the pillars of their factions and will make a huge impact in the gameworld.

    As a team, you will traverse the landscape in various modes of transportation and participate as a unit in territory conflicts, or seek out and fight together against Tyranids and other forces in various forms of procedural content.

    1.2.17 Q: Spaceship
    Are there any player- or community-owned spaces?

    A (Homepage):
    Yes – different levels of community may own different types of spaces on ships in orbit. Details on this soon!

    1.2.18 Q: Spaceship
    What is my spaceship good for?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    Players’ quarters and guild halls will be in space in the fleets. Strike cruisers owned by the guilds are upgradable and will be able to support the troops on the ground.

    1.2.19 Q: Travel
    Will there be fast-travel?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    fast travel will be needed in some sort. but don't expect a teleport npc or something like that - we will try to make it according to lore. the world we are building is just too big to just walk from one end to the other when you need to concentrate your troops in specific areas for war

    1.2.20 Q: War Council
    How will the War Council be chosen?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    it will be a combination of 'skill to unlock' in some sort and a voting system. so not everyone can become part of the council. i personally don't like the idea of fighting to become a leader, because leading is not about being the best fighter, its way more about strategy and the big picture. how the mechanics exactly are going to be is not to be revealed yet
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  5. 1.3 Combat:
    1.3.1 Mechanics Q: Crowd-Control
    Will troops be knocked up or away from an explosion epicenter?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Yep, if the explosion is strong enough, i mean a SM is like half a ton, a normal grenade will not knock him away Q: Crowd-Control
    Can I taunt an enemy? (Force them to attack me)

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    There won't be systems like taunting in standard mmos - if you want to taunt another player you will have to make him aware of you yourself Q: Damage
    Will we have a detailed damage-model for Characters?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    too early to say - we want something like that yes, but we have not made it work yet. Q: Damage
    Will bodyparts get ripped-off (explosions, sword strikes)?

    A (09.09.2013 Patrick):
    Yes we have plans to do so. Q: Damage
    How brutal and graphic will combat be?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We want visceral combat! Where you aim is where you'll shoot, if your chainsword connects with an enemy, you'll do damage. When your enemy is bleeding out, you can execute him with a brutal finishing move. Q: Defense
    How long does it take to kill an enemy?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Our time-to-kill will be more like Space Marine than Planetside 2, but probably a bit longer than Space Marine as well.

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We want a slower time-to-kill than in Planetside. We're targeting something more like in Space Marine's PvP, or maybe even a little longer than that. After all, you need to be able to reach melee and exchange chainsword blows!

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    As far as how many bullets it'll take to kill a target, across different weapons- we're tweaking this right now, every week! We do two playtests as a team every week just to see how the combat feels and plays, and time-to-kill and weapon power are two of the things we look out for. Q: Defense
    Are there automatic defense systems?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Well, yes and no - don't think a sentry gun will be able to report to the chapter that it is being attacked or something. But something simple to give some basic defense to a controlled building is very likely. Q: Defense
    Can we build defense?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We're currently evaluating playfield deployables like sand bags and other sorts of cover and defenses. We don't know what our decision will be, but we're investigating! Q: Destruction
    Will structures take actual damage?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Structures and most objects in the world will be destructible. Q: Friendly Fire
    What are the team's plans regarding Friendly Fire?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    FF is something that’s a big matter for a huge discussion - there is ofc the lore and being realistic and stuff - but we want to make a fun game. So we will try to add FF and make it easy to see if you 'hit' or 'might hit' a friendly character

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    friendly fire is still up for discussions - I am a big fan of being able to kill your teammates when you are not careful, but that means we need to make the system/UI so distinct and make sure you can recognize your comrades very easy, which e.g. with some color schemes might be difficult - we'll see. the last word is not spoken yet. Q: Gamediscription
    What is the combat like?

    A (Homepage):
    Eternal Crusade's combat is fully action-based, meaning that you hit exactly where you shoot or swing and it's up to your skill whether you pull off a headshot or block that incoming chainsword. In addition, gamepads will be fully supported.
    Both ranged and melee weapons have equal emphasis – as in the iconic battles of Warhammer 40,000, combat begins at a distance with guns and heavy vehicle-mounted weaponry before progressing to bloody blade-on-blade action with brutal executions. Q: Gamedescription
    How big are you planning the battles to get?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Bigger than anyone ever before Q: Gamediscription
    In PS2 the main fights are always in the same places and that gets boring kinda fast, how will EC handle this?

    A (09.09.2013 Patrick):
    oh I totally understand that problem and agree - but it's not that easy to come up with incentives to make a player want to fight at places where he won't get xp or we have a few ideas on making fighting more interesting in other places too, e.g. resource transport protection and ambushing etc., but in the end, it's all up to level design, and without tapping myself on my shoulders, having heat maps and similar tools to evaluate the levels will help us figure out hotspots like this during alpha and beta. we are aware of the problems and we will for sure test some ideas we have. a final perfect solution depends on so much more than just a good idea sadly - but also makes it very interesting Q: GvG
    Can guild strike cruisers be boarded for some guild vs guild fighting?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    No, the Game is focused on planetary warfare. The battle will only happen on the surface of the planet.

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    At launch, no, although we’d like to explore guild v guild and arena-type combat in the future. Since the factions are really run by the guilds (Strike Forces), we don’t want to take the focus off of faction v faction battles at the beginning.

    That said, we’re looking at ways of getting squad and strike force banners into the game world, something that would include placing them out at Strongholds to declare your devotion to defending these locations. Q: GvG
    Will there be Guild vs Guild?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    In an open world everything is possible, but this specific aspect is not going to be encouraged by the game design. Q: Health
    How will players get health back?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    Each race will have its own means for healing, Apothecary, Painboy, Regeneration, life stealing ... etc. It will be themed and balanced for each faction. Q: Killing
    Will executing an enemy be the only way to kill him?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    No, it won't be the only way to kill an opponent. Details I cannot reveal yet since it will be up to the designers and players testing it and making it fun. Q: Killing
    How hard will it be for new players to kill veterans?

    A (September.2013 Patrick):
    In general - a good player with a brand new char will always be able to kill veteran players too! Q: Killing
    What happens when my health drops to 0?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    If you drop to 0 hp, you'll begin "bleeding out". During this time, the enemy can execute you with a gory animation, or your allies can resurrect you and get you back into the fight. If you die, you will have to respawn and either travel back to the battle or drop pod in. Q: Killing
    How will Orks or Eldar be able to kill a SM in 1vs1?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Well, we're primarily aiming to retain the FEELING of the balance of the tabletop game. We don't want Ork or Eldar players to have a shit time because they literally can't compete 1v1, but Orks should still FEEL like a horde, and Eldar should still FEEL like an army of specialists. Even if one Ork Boy can press his natural advantages and kill a Space Marine 1-on-1, it should feel like he was able to do that because he's one of DA ORKS! WAAAAAAAAGH!
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  6. Q: Movement
    Is the run speed for all the same?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Well we will try to be true to lore, we need to consider gameplay too, so we might have to make systems that in general everyone can follow each other. On the other hand, we are not trying to balance perfectly Q: Movement
    Is there a normal Jump like in GW2 and other MMOs?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    No jumping for SM and CSM unless you got a jetpack. For Eldar and Ork, maybe. Q: Objectives
    Will battles use a ticketing system like battlefield 3 or will it be capture points or a combination?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    There will be a combination of rules that support the capture and control of large regions of territory. Q: Objectives
    How long will it take until we can recapture a territory again?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We want Territory to feel important, and part of that is making sure it doesn't just change hands immediately after you've won it. We're still figuring out exactly how long we want that to be, but turnaround shouldn't be immediate. We've discussed some ways for players to fortify territories by paying a cost at a fortress, for example, but we're still evaluating the impacts of this. Q: Skills
    Will I have Skill slots like in other MMOs?

    A (September.2013 Patrick):
    Expect no action bar at all - more like Diablo, planetside, space marine, borderlands like Q: Skills
    How do you plan to make stealth work?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    We are currently not focusing on any stealth mechanics Q: Skills
    Will it be possible to capture enemies?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    Probably not, at least at launch. Q: Rewards
    If we kill certain high level enemies will we get trophies?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    Yes! Pending testing of course, but we really want you to be able to have some permanent record of your accomplishments against the other factions and build your legend.

    1.3.2 Melee Q: Gamediscription
    What can you tell us about the Melee-combat-system?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    it will be fun. There will be some mechanics to make the melee combat skillbased, but also with a little help from the computer - like a little autotargeting etc. - it's hard to say exactly how everything will playout because we have reserverd a lot of time to iterate this and make sure it is fun. If you think of Space Marine, Gears of War and maybe Batman Arkham City - those are references of how we plan to make melee happen. And all with the lore limitations ofc. - as much as possible

    1.3.3 Ranged Q: Aiming
    How will the accuracy system work?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    There will be some RPG elements like accuracy, but the game will be mostly skill based. We don't want a new player to not have a chance at all against a veteran player - so the vertical progression will not be like in most MMOs - expect more diversity. I wouldn't compare it to Counterstrike because there was basically no randomness in the accuracy system there - we will have a bit randomness, but it won't dominate - so you will be able to counteract the recoil if you are skilled enough Q: Aiming
    Can I hit enemies from any range?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Take a Bolter as example, it has a limited range and accuracy - sure you can try to shoot an Ork 1km away, i seriously doubt you will be able to hit him - but maybe a sniper rifle might do the trick. I can't reveal the calculations we are doing, but there will be accuracy and limited range, not exactly like in real life, but according to TT rules and lore. Q: Aiming
    Will the projectile system taking into account additional factors like self propeled projectiles wind and or variable gravity?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    hard to say atm - we are planning to have weather and weather effecting the gameplay - if it will effect it this much - will depend on load and stress tests of the servers i guess, don't forget physics is expensive, especially if you have a lot of players doing a lot of stuff at the same time Q: Ammo
    Will the bolt rounds for bolters actually explode upon impact like they do in the Lore?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    I thought Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine did a pretty good job with its bolt rounds! We're currently looking in this direction for our effects. Q: Damage
    Will Weapons be Hit-Scan or ballistics?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Your standard weaponry will be hitscan, but heavy weapons like Plasma or Missile Launchers will be projectiles with ballistics. Artillery will likely fall into the projectiles category!

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    both. everything is verified on the servers, so it's not gonna be as quick and snappy as first person shooters can be, but we have done a lot of optimizations and it's all looking really good so far.

    A (26.09.2013 Patrick):
    all bullet based weapons will be some sort of hitscan, but since we are not a first person shooter and don't want to be depending on latency too much we will have RPG elements included there and have special functions to determine if you hit and how you hit. to the player itself will look like hitscan with a bit randomness which will give a more realistic feel. this is one of the topics I might elaborate about at some point when it's final - like most of our mechanics and systems this might all change in future and i refer to current state of code and the fun it represents so far :) Q: Playstyle
    How Skill depended will Melee combat be, will there be blocking/directed swings?

    A (13.08.2013 Patrick):
    we want to have blocking of some sort, but we are still in the testing phase for it. Attacks will work similar to Space Marine, so you decide in which direction you swing, but you don't decide the swing itself. (as of now, this all might change in the future) it will be not about who smashes the button faster but more about who uses his weapon and his skills more efficient. Our tests so far have a quite nice combat feel, and some of us are pretty good already and very hard to kill

    1.3.4 Vehicle Q: Crew
    Will we be able to kill someone who is in a vehicle with well aimed shots?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    maybe, technically we are able to do that, it's a decision that will be taken from a gameplay/fun point of view Q: Drop-Pods
    Will there be a feature to squad deploy via droppod teleport homer etc. like in planetside 2?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    Yes! Although it might be a bit less common than in Planetside and have more of a strategic impact. Q: Drop-Pods
    Will landing drop-pods do damage to enemy?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    On the damage part we are still debating that specific aspect. It is a mechanic which could be fun for sure and we might end up adding a damage zone around the landing Area, but this is not decided yet. Q: Tanks
    Which hit-system will you use for shooting at tanks? World of tanks like?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We probably won't have a system as complex as World of Tanks, but what we hope to have is results from the damage tables: "Weapon Destroyed," "Immobilized," or even "Exploded!" We're looking at the possibility of being able to shoot a tank's weapon to destroy it, but we want to balance this with the potential loss-of-fun for the gunner using that weapon. Q: Tanks
    Will my tank-cannon make craters?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    There will definitely be craters and holes and trenches that we've placed out, but if you mean "I shoot a shell and make a crater," our tech isn't able to do that unfortunately. But we're focusing our efforts on other areas of the game to give you a great Warhammer 40,000 experience.
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  7. 1.4 Environment:
    1.4.1 Q: Ambient
    How will the environment look like?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Snow, wastes, deserts, badlands- definitely. Jungles, I'd really like to do. Cities, we need to evaluate what the impact on the battles would be, but I'd like to have them. Day/night cycles, definitely. Weather, we hope to have. Seasons.... that's unlikely, unfortunately.

    1.4.2 Q: Ambient
    Will we fight in urban areas?

    A (September.2013 Patrick):
    Maybe - but according to warhammer 40k lore ofc - expect maybe abandoned old cities or buildings, broken stuff, ruins etc. Some fortresses and typical imperial stuff also very possible.

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    urban combat - if so, then very limited i guess; don't expect fully build cities, there is war everywhere, so if anything it will be more like a destroyed city.

    1.4.3Q: Ambient
    Will we have water and bridges?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    I can't say 100%, but I will say 95% certain we'll have bodies of water and bridges.

    1.4.4 Q: Ambient
    Will we have different kinds of terrain?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    The campaign will rotate between regions of the same planet, but those regions will have different environments and terrain. I want to be sure we have enough variety that's exciting to look at and play in.

    1.4.5 Q: Atmosphere
    Will the game design be dark and gory

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    The building’s appearance will be affected by the controlling faction. We have a dark and grim game but we don’t want to fall into the trap of gore escalation. There will be gore where it makes sense to have it.

    1.4.6 Q: Atmosphere
    How gory will it be such as will body parts be able to be blown/sliced off?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    We’ve already got a really gory execution in the game. Space Marines & Eldar are more efficient in their kills, but Orks and especially Chaos are pretty bloody disgusting.

    1.4.7 Q: Atmosphere
    How we have to imagine the environment?

    A (25.09.2013 Patrick):
    Imagine Space Marine, bigger - and gory, dark, grim and everything you'd image a hostile planet would be which is important for all factions :)

    1.4.8 Q: Dungeons
    Will there be Dungeons where I can enter just with my squad and no other player characters? Or will we meet other players in a dungeon?

    A (September.2013 Patrick):
    We want to have both - to what extend, not decided yet.

    1.4.9 Q: Dungeons
    How will dungeons be?

    A (13.08.2013 Patrick):
    so the dungeons will be mostly generated - similar to a system that hellgate london used, but a little bit more interesting. that also does not allow for too much story and too much specific AI in there, but we will add for sure the 'fun' factor to make them interesting enough to repeat those many times, also we have some mechanics in mind which will be revealed later that will give incentives to actually clear these dungeons, not only for PvE but also for PvP purposes.
    For the crowd control mechanic questions - I'd say it will play a lot more like Space Marines - we don't have dedicated roles like in an RPG, so don't expect the typical tank, healer, dd group setup in any case - but tactics and coordination will definitely be needed ;)
    Dungeon types: neither WoW nor GW2, we are doing our own flavor, there will be some story in some cases, but mostly dynamic stuff. e.g. lets say a fortress is captured by the SM and the SM in that region are focusing their efforts on driving the front-line and don't clear out dungeons enough, it might be that the tyranids dig out near the fortress and take it while the SM are occupied somewhere else. now to retake it you have to clear the dungeons under the fortress - some kind of mission briefing like that can be expected.
    a typical quest story line of "A has done this, and B fled here, find C to do D etc.." - NO
    the time spent in those dungeons can vary from 5 min (solo probably) to i guess around 30 min (solo and group modes). we might get some special dungeons/instances too, also different 'game modes' there.

    1.4.10 Q: Structures
    Will there be structures like fortresses, outposts that can be occupied, upgraded, repaired, requisitioned with various merchant NPC's?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Yes there will be capture able structures - how much they can be customized, upgraded, repaired etc., will mostly depend on what sort of structure it is.
    Merchant NPCs are probably not part of those structures, social stuff is more focused to be happening on the spaceships.

    1.4.11 Q: Structures
    Will captured Structures have a fast-travel-point?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    there will be structure you can capture, and regions to make your own that way - that might include any fast travel system we implement too - but for now, we are only discussing vehicles which are player driven, if we implement some sort of teleport/warp device or not, is not sure yet - i personally like the idea of a player driven infra structure. we'll have a look if we can do this maybe with the lore and game

    1.4.12 Q: Structures
    How will you make defending a captured base attractive for players?

    A (09.09.2013 Patrick):
    Defending Base: there will be reason to hold them, not only because of territory control and stuff, but in general, there will be benefits to have those. that said, the exact mechanics are not set in stone yet. but we will make sure that there is reason to have proper engagements over bases and other locations. we don't want a capture mechanic which is only there to be there.

    1.4.13 Q: Weather
    Will environment effect battle (fog, rain, thick mud)?

    A (28.08.2013 Steven):
    That is our intention, but we will only do so if we can do it right.
    We’re going to be experimenting to see if we can do weather, thick fog, etc., without sacrificing other things.

    1.4.14 Q: Weather
    Will we have day and night and weather effects?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Day/night, definitely. Weather, we'd like to have, if we have the resources for it.

    1.4.15 Q: World
    Will we have multiply continents?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Yes! We'll have multiple continents to fight over. We'll probably segregate starting locations by in-game race, instead of by real-world continent, but that's the idea.
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  8. 1.4.16 Q: World
    Do you plan to add other planets later in the game?!

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We may add other planets post-launch, but we'll have to see what the game needs at that time.

    A (26.09.2013 Patrick):
    For release there will only be one planet ... that said, again, this is current plan and might change also depending on a lot e.g. preorders, suddenly more money, bigger team, etc...

    again, best way to put it, 1 planet for sure, multiple regions/continents, very big all - lets just say vehicles will be needed to get in time to combat zones, and travelling and the time it takes is an element of strategy that has to be calculated in

    1.5 Customization:
    1.5.1 Q: Armour
    Will armour that you wear be RPG (collecting them piece by piece) like?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    There will be RPG elements to the armour - but we are not planning to collect all pieces first before you can wear something that looks cool, it will be more like you have armour sets or something similar.

    1.5.2 Q: Armour
    Will I be able to customize my characters' appearance and color scheme?

    A (Homepage):
    Yes! More details on this soon.

    1.5.3 Q: Armour
    Will we get lightning bolt pattern?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):

    1.5.4 Q: Overall
    How far does the character customization will go?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    We want a lot - and also because it's an MMO we want something added with each update

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    While we want to let players customize their look, your choice of Chapter (or Craftworld, or Clan, or Warband) will define your possibilities for customization. Even the most customized Ultramarine will still be recognizable as an Ultramarine.

    1.5.5 Q: Spaceship
    How far will Customization of Spaceship go and how big will ships be?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    you can expect to have some unlocks and some stuff to be bought - since customisation is something that won't effect the gameplay or winning/losing chances, it is something where monitization can be applied very easy. About size it's a bit hard to tell at this point - but according to lore is a very good hint

    1.5.6 Q: Weapons
    Customizable weapons?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):

    1.6 Lore:
    1.6.1 Q: Character
    What about the naming system?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    I am thinking of a system similar to TSW - you have a name that can be the same for many players (first name, last name) and a nickname or call sign which will be unique.

    1.6.2 Q: Lore-Breaker
    How will you explain the respawning in a lore aspect?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    first of all - not sure yet if you will just respawn 5 sec later and stuff - there might be some cooldowns, there might be cloning facilities or something - this is NOT decided yet. We will try to explain it, but from what i remember there is a few ideas, but nothing set in stone yet.

    1.6.3 Q: Sequel
    Will there be any existing lore be represented in this game?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We'll have a specific setting and background that you'll be able to relate to the other events in the lore.

    1.6.4 Q: Sequel
    Will other events in the lore of Wh40k, like the Dark Crusades take place in Eternal Crusade?

    A (07.08.2013 David):
    No. The timeline and series of event will be specific to the campaigns.

    1.6.5 Q: Story
    Is this game Story driven? Or is it like PS2?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    There will be some story, so not exactly like PS2, and also not a complete story driven quest series from level 0 to max level. The game is about PVP and lore, not about us holding your hand and making you do stuff.

    1.6.6 Q: Timezone
    Where EC will be taking place?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    I know the time period will be the 41st millennium. Sector and Planets will be outside of any lore available so far!
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  9. 1.7 Hard-/Software:
    1.7.1 Q: Anti-Cheat
    How will you avoid XP exploiting?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Well to avoid exploiting the XP you will have to be in range and in group ofc, but how exactly that will be done is not decided yet - helping other groups to achieve their goal will most likely also be rewarded. Missions coming from Force Commander will be seen by everyone of the Faction I believe - but I think there will be some options to assign special stuff to specific Squads/Players - though how exactly is not decided yet.

    1.7.2 Q: Anti-Cheat
    How will you protect against cheating?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    We have many anti cheat systems in place and are constantly adding monitoring and other 'preventing' systems.
    In general, speaking from experience, it's impossible to make a game where cheating cannot happen, but we can make it so hard, that not everyone can do it, and we can make the core systems so safe, that important stuff cannot be cheated.

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    All gameplay is verified on the servers, so in basic cheating is not possible. as for e.g. movment, where we need to trust the player input, we are tracking the e.g. the distance and compare it to a formula which basically answers if a movement is possible during x amount of time (e.g. speed hack prevention). other stuff like item transfer, ingame money etc is logged and tracked in database and local files on the servers. there is much more, but cannot go into more details currently

    1.7.3 Q: Applications
    Are you going to have a Voice chat in the game?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    We are currently looking at some solutions, but you will understand that it needs to be something like TeamSpeak or Ventrilo to have 'channels' and stuff to support so many players. It would be great for the game, but we are not going to focus on this yet.

    1.7.4 Q: Applications
    What kind of ingame-chats can we expect?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    well first of all we are thinking of language specific chat channels. but there will be a global chat too - now ofc that might cause some problems and language barriers to happen - so in the end we might end up splitting languages on different servers, but that will not be decided in near future. will also depend a lot on how many players are actually going to be on the servers at the same time.

    1.7.5 Q: Atmosphere
    Will there be music ingame?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Yes we want to have good music - and yes we want music to be specific to races

    1.7.6 Q: Camera
    Will the 3rd person camera's position be in a static position the whole time, or will it zoom out and become free-form during melee, such as it does in Space Marine?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    Expect it to be more like Space Marine. But we will tweak it for you and us so it makes more sense.

    1.7.7 Q: Connection
    Will we be able to see client fps, ping, netgraph monitors?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    yes, yes, maybe (we will have one for devs, but not sure if we can integrate that into the release clients)

    1.7.8 Q: Connection
    What will you do to prevent heavy lagging players jumping around my screen?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    well that's something we will tackle when it's time for it. But, we are implementing a gameplay/gamemechanic which is not too dependent on having the fastest possible ping - that said, ofc it matters if you have 40ms or 250ms - to make sure that this is not a too big problem, we have a system in place that does movement prediction and a state synchronisation with the servers. that way we will adapt the gameplay of every player on the same server so that they have mostly the same experience. i know this sounds a bit fuzzy, but just from experience with e.g. TSW where we already used a "Single Server Technology" i can tell you that it won't be a too big problem.

    1.7.9 Q:Controls
    Can I play with my Xbox controller?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Absolutely! We're testing with both keyboard and controller, and we really want to be sure both control schemes feel perfect. We have the rights to release on next-gen consoles, and having an excellent controller experience will help us be ready if we decide to take advantage of those rights.

    1.7.10 Q: Patches
    Are you planning permanent updates and DLCs?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    yes DLC and expansions are part of our plan. content will be mostly created by players, since they can decide objectives and similar.
    all races, more planets, more fun!

    1.7.11 Q: Patches
    What will future updates bring?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    The War Campaigns I mentioned also serve to drive the story of the world forwards, and expose more of what the massive conflict is all about. We'll be releasing other playable races after launch as expansion packs, and these will enhance the experience for everyone.

    1.7.12 Q: Patches
    Which new content will await us in future updates?

    A (25.09.2013 Patrick):
    We will update the game with additional armor, weapons, vehicles, (flyers), races, classes, world parts, planets, spaceships...I think we got currently ideas and plans for most of them for half the century LOL. We will not stop developing the game and we will not stop adding new things to it - well at least as long we have players :)

    1.7.13 Q: Server
    What happens when more then 1000 go for an important strategic point?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    On the server side, theoretically this tech should be fine handling even more players in one location. On the client side, performance may suffer. We're designing aspects of territory control that encourage you to spread your forces out, rather than over-committing to a single area, so hopefully we'll be able to deliver epic massive battles at a level our technology can handle.

    1.7.14 Q: Server
    Can we get some infos about the server and client?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    well for starters we will be using multiple cores on the servers, making sure that all gameplay is verified there to prevent cheating. on the client we are going to use multiple cores for gamplay related stuff, gpu for rendering, animations etc.

    1.7.15 Q: Server
    Will we have EU and NA server to prevent high pings?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    well even if there are EU and NA 'servers', it's not for sure that the latency is perfect for everyone - a lot of games just use one hosting center in NA or somewhere else and just call the servers EU, or Asia or whatever. We are aiming to make the game responsive and playable even with a ping above 100ms. This is not a first person shooter we are making, it is not important to have the best ping and with our prediction algorythms we want to make sure everyone is equal footed.
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  10. 1.7.16 Q: Server
    Are there only 1000 players per server?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    This is a slight misconception. The servertech doesn't let us get 1,000 players per SERVER- we're hoping to have far more than 1,000 per server. This tech lets us get 1,000 players per BATTLE- imagine leading 499 space marines in a battle against the forces of 500 Orks entrenched in a fortress.

    Now, we have to make sure our client can display a large number of characters as well, so we'll see just how many players we end up getting in a single engagement. The server backend should be able to support 1,000 (or maybe more!) players in one area with no decrease in performance or lag.

    1.7.17 Q: Server
    How many Players will be in a battle?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    As many as we can get! We just signed a deal for a server technology that can support over 1,000 players in a battle- now we just have to optimize our client to show as many characters on screen as possible.

    1.7.18 Q: Sources
    Do you use any stuff from the canceled "Dark Millennium"?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    We're a brand new game, and also are focusing on completely different things from "Dark Millennium Online." We're focusing on a player-driven war across the surface of a planet with true third-person-shooting mechanics.

    1.7.19 Q: Sources
    Will it be a Planet side 2 reskin?

    A (20-25.08.2013 Steven):
    Planetside 2 is very much an inspiration for us, but we're doing a number of things differently. Conquering territory should be much slower, and the territory you own should matter a lot more to you. There will be NPC Tyranids harassing undefended locations. We have co-op PvE modes in addition to our PvP. We're including vehicles, but we're focusing on the infantry experience more than Planetside 2. We have ongoing War Campaigns lasting 2 weeks to 3 months, where you'll be fighting over large scale objectives from your faction's High Command. We certainly don't think we're just "Planetside 2 with WH40k skins", and we hope you won't either.

    1.7.20 Q: Sources
    Using the new Codex for developing?

    A (25.09.2013 Patrick):
    New Codex:
    Yes, we got them, and we use them and get inspired by them - TT rules will not 100% apply to our game, but they give us good ideas about how we want the game to behave. So don't expect the RPG system to calculate and roll like the TT, but expect the results to be similar, what i mean is the 'unbalanced balance' of the game, some classes are good against others, but bad against a third one - we want to be close to the TT for those things.

    But we might not end up using all the rules form the new codices, there is a good chance we go for more fun instead of going to be exact to all rules and codices in general!

    1.7.21 Q: Systems
    How high do you aim the graphics to be?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    DX11 similar to next gen consoles - but definitly at par with Space Marine, more likely to be better! (we aim for much better, but too early to say)

    1.7.22 Q: Systems
    What platforms will it be on?

    A (Homepage):
    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is being developed for PC and next-gen consoles.

    1.7.23 Q: Systems
    Will we get 32 and 64 bit client?

    A (August.2013 Patrick):
    64bit for sure, maybe we add 32bit if we are ok with memory consumption.

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