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Que prioritization (again)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Talron, Feb 19, 2018.


1-10 man que prioritization

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  2. no

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  1. Orkan, if you ever played Warframe, you know that it is possible! Warframe has it's own engine which originates from UE3. But, anyway, all modern engines are similar.

    I would like to ask the devs to share with us more technical details. I can assure you that we have people able to understand it and spread the info. Because we are Homo Sappiens as well and most of us simply can not "buy" the idea of "it cant be done cause our code doesnt allow it"....
    And just look how skilled I am dodjing the word "bullsh*t" :))))))
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  2. I guess the question isn't "can it be done" but rather "in how much time can it be done considering the flexibility of our code". I work in game development and I can tell that the initial flexibility of a given code base can have a huge impact on the time it takes to modify a given feature. Too often the vision in software architecture is not clear enough at the start of the project, and there is no time to do stuff properly and ensure code flexibility for future features.

    I fear that we face such a situation with EC code base. That's why all I ask is a little tweak to the existing match making code. Garrison or FFA while queuing would be great but that's probably too much work if their code base hasn't the flexibility needed. But change a few numbers and prioritization parameters in the existing system, that should not require much work.
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  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    A great example of this would be your basic back bag space in world of war fart being hard coded into the engine so you cant upgrade it like you can with the normal bags.
    And blizz can't change it without breaking the game.
  4. I'd be really interested where you pulled those 70% from. Also, please consider that some guilds consist of less then 5 people, so they probably count more towards solo players.

    I understand that guild play shouldn't be punished, but I feel EC doesn't make it very easy to get into guilds, as there are almost no basic communication features. With that in mind, more guild stacks, with no easy way to get in a guild ingame, will definitly drive off new players. I mean honestly, we have 30 seconds after a game for communication. That's about the best possiblity you have to get some contact with guilds. It's just ridiculous to think that someone who is new to the game and just got his ass handed to himself will use those 30 seconds to apply to the guild, rather than just vent or quit.

    With the communication and guild systems we have right now, in my opinion more guild stacks will definitly be the end to the already very low influx of new players.

    Prioritizing smaller warparties, like up to 5 people, might be fine, but above that I think it's a very bad idea.
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  5. Eilhander Eilhander Steam Early Access

    Currently the ones who are keeping the game alive are mostly guild members, Giving something that makes new players to search for warparties/guild would help alot. Those improvements could be like an XP bonus if you are on a warparty size X or more. By giving more visibility to warparties on going or even by adding a faction chat while you are on the lobby so you can ask on that chat to all the players who are on queque if there is any warparty up to join for or if someone wanna start a warparty.
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  6. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    So we have done 8 runs on Saturday for JGC (Joint Guild Council) And we consistently bring in around 200 or more players among all the guilds while the total player count is roughly 350 on these days even at peak time. The best we have gotten was 420ish cant honestly remember the exact number. So even with that guilds make up 50-70% of the active player base based on steam stats alone. Now of course that doesn't factor in all those that have the game but Currently it is a pretty accurate number. Not trying to make guilds sound like they are better or anything but they are currently one of the largest chunks of the player base and shouldn't be punished for playing in a small to semi large group in a multiplayer focused game. Also if the parties que in with a 10 man party the likelihood of getting a 20 man map is very high and it would place them against another 8-10 man group. Thus helping to avoid the pubstomps again but it is impossible to avoid them outright that is just a fact.

    This is all in a perfect world of course so just remember. Band aid until we get a specific group vs group queing system. I try to talk to the devs every single day and have been racking my brain against a wall trying to figure out how to make both sides happy with what they have to work with and this is basically the best we can have currently. And one last thing I do like the idea of small 5 man parties fighting each other but that isnt what this game is. It isn't squad based it is an mmo (Yes I know it barely qualifies as one but it is) and being an mmo means massive fights and the game does have a guild system (yes a horrible one but one) AND it has a warparty size of up to 30 players. Realize what this game was suppose to be and not what people want it to be.

    That sounded really harsh and wasn't meant to. Im just tired of this guilds are killing the game shenanigans when the game was clearly meant to be focused on them.
  7. Remember, this is not specifically about guilds. It is about warparties. Two + unguilded friends in a warparty are affected by this just as much as guild members in a war party. If you play the game with a friend you suffer in the same way a guild does and that is very much an issue.
  8. I prefer to take the game as what it is. I understand that guild play is meant to bring in large warparties and surely is fun for those attending, but I'm also sure that large warparties are the biggest point of frustration for new players. Saying they can join a guild to change that over and over again won't change the fact that the game itself doesn't really promote to join a guild. And as long as that is a fact, large warpartier are pubstomps most of the time and that is a problem and thus shouldn't be supported even more.
    Ingame guild/warparty promotion and communication has to be fixed first, or you will probably lose 30-50% of the player base!
  9. Seraphel Recruit

    The Eternal Queuesade needs to be solved. Queuesade is not fun.
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  10. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    So it seems the devs have indeed noticed this thread and do indeed want to change this. However it will not be possible in the near future simply because the question system is far more complicated than we are making it out to be. With that in mind however most of these ideas will probably not be used since something far more complicated will need to be implemented to fix it. This isn't a bad thing however because it does mean that they do know of this problem and they do plan on fixing it somehow. Now all we can do is wait and hold onto this tiny victory. So thank you all for putting in your feedback and bringing this to the front again. Hopefully they can think of something to make us all happy.

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