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Q&A Questions Thread #43

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Djemo-SRB, Mar 17, 2017.

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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Welcome to the Q&A thread.

    In this thread you should post the questions you wish to be addressed by the devs, and the chosen 15 will be sent to the development team. The answers will appear in the following thread when the questions are answered (please check here before asking your questions, they might be answered already):

    Now a few guidelines to the thread:

    1)This is not an arguing thread, so if you have something between you to discuss on the matter of a question please do so in a PM or a designated thread about the said topic. The posts that should be posted in here are questions you want the developers to answer and the “sourcing posts” (explained below).

    2) Any questions about the Q&A thread itself should be directed to me through a PM, I will not be cluttering the thread itself with those discussions, I hope you wont either.

    Disclaimer: Some questions might not get an answer even if in the 15 chosen, due to the devs not even starting development on the subject in the particular question or cannot talk about it at this time.

    In consultation with Katie, it has been decided that 1 of the 15 questions is relegated to the Q&A team. Based on current events (hot topics people didnt ask in the thread, other very important subjects) it might be raised to 2 from time to time.

    Be the helper of the 41st millennium:

    This is what I meant above with the “sourcing posts”. Basically as a community we can answer allot of things and direct the people to the said sources of answers. So outside posting questions, if you know the answer to someone elses question, feel free to answer it.

    However please do so by also linking a source to the information (a post, interview, livestream etc). Im sure you would like people who tell you similar things to do the same. The Q&A team will be doing this as well ofc, but we can miss some of them that already have answers, so it would be very helpful. By doing this you are helping eliminate the questions already answered and the other ones have a better chance of being in the chosen 15 (cause they have less competition).

    Thank you for reading, and lets get started!

    Next thread will be: April 15th
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  2. Sceviour Sceviour Arkhona Vanguard

    Right now the Eldar vehicle weapons barely do any damage to their targets so that means most people will end up using the Eldar vehicles as lawnmowers instead of manning the gun and firing. I want to be able to kill things with my gun, I dont want to be pigeonholed into using the vehicle as a battering ram since my gun is practically useless. Can you increase the damage from the Wave Serpent and Falcon weapons and lower the damage from ramming speed so that roadkills are less frequent?

    It currently takes about 3 shots from the Warp Hunter to destroy a Rhino yet it only takes 1 shot from a Vindicator to destroy a Wave Serpant. Why is this the case, when Eldar vehicles are supposed to be ridiculously deadly but made out of glass? I mean come on, the Warp Hunter's gun literally tears a hole in spacetime and transports its unlucky targets into the Warp. The Vindicator just fires a large bomb. How in the world is ripping apart spacetime even comparable in damage to a large bomb? When will you buff the Warp Hunter's D-Cannon?

    and 1 more:

    If Eldar are supposed to be the "Hit and Run" faction, why are they forced to defend Imperial fortresses and nodes across a map? What do the Eldar gain from holding Mon-keigh buildings and structures which are far less advanced than Eldar stuff?
  3. ItsGary Recruit

    1. The Eldar vehicles are a weird. They have inflated Kill counts due to the lawnmower theory. This means they need to hinder them in other ways. The weapons of the wave serpent are pretty lackluster. The turrets on the serpent and falcon are great at infantry killing at range and the tank itself mows everyone down.

    2. Similar to one, the vehicles are so weird that they perform well without weapons, The warp hunter does less damage again purely because of the agile platform it is on.

    A simple solution to prevent the easy mower kills would be to not kill players who crouch. You still catch players off guard and run them down. If they are paying attention players can duck much like if players are paying attention they can just walk out the way of the other faction vehicles.
  4. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    Is there anything planned for the RTC stuff being master crafted as default? Even with next patch and the MC stuff stats revamped, I'd like to have the choice to just use it as a "skin" for "regular" wargear I decide to bring in and not have to sacrifice a 100LP just for a paid skin that I find is looking cool.
  5. Voip:, what is it's status towards being re-introduced.

    also obligatory terminator question
  6. Q: When there is the update to the world map coming, will we learn more about the story of Arkhona? Any plans to make special campaign specific matches using Mutators or slight map modifications? Something which makes the next campaign unique over the previous one while driving a storyline onward?

    Q: any plans on improving the quality of the text from Belial? His sentences don't even make sense. Honestly this refers to alot of info boxes in the game. It could be less casual language and more imperial Gothic style we use to read in the GW codices, BL books or Lexicanum. More technical with cryptic Adepts Mechanicus designations and time stamp.
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  7. Hania Steam Early Access

    Can we get assurances that the new world map revamp coming for the campaign system isn't just a copy of the current system with different shaped landmasses? Will the new system possibly introduce the prospect that certain factions will be unable to fight each other because their front lines have been cut off from each other by a third faction? Will it be possible to push a faction all the way back to their staging point (their HQ)?
  8. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    Any news on if and when gifting will be a thing?
  9. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Question 1)
    Will you let use get XP for destroying "objects" (Abiding Beacons, Sicky Bombs, etc.), "Blocking Ranged Attacks" with a Shield (minor XP for actively blocking when near allies, as you essentially "guard" them from incoming attacks. Like when you use the Riot Shield in CoD:MW2) and for driving around or being near a Rhino (essentially this would be an XP reward for "guarding" the Rhino).

    Question 2)
    What purpose will the "Vehicle Orientated Map" server when there are no vehicle customization and (to be honest) terrible balance between the MBT across the different Factions.

    (Falcon got no firepower at all, Predator is good and the Gun Wagon got terrible handling and no bonus "HP" to compensate)

    Question 3)
    Any ETA on when we can have our pimped out Veterans be the "Front Figure" in the Faction Selection Screen?
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  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    While im sure most of us agree that the prices across the board are bad, this question has been asked and answered multiple times now, most recently on the last Twitch by Noah saying "when the times right" or something to a very similar extent. Not really a pleasing answer sure, but im doubting the community will get a different one after such a short period after it already being answered.
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