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Q&A Answers Compilation Thread

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Djemo-SRB, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 36th Q&A thread

    1. (team) How many elite/veteran classes can we expect for release and how often will new ones be added to the game?

    BRENT: Veterans first, once we get the first set of elites in they’ll be more regular afterwards.

    2. When is damage from vehicle ramming coming back?

    BRENT: Isn’t it back now?

    3. Will the advancement be very specific to sub-faction like annunciated before (more melee for space wolf, more JP option for blood angel, more warp option for sorcerer etc....) ?

    BRENT: We will be adding that over time.

    4. Will we eventually see vehicles display more subfaction heraldry, have more spiky bits for Chaos (Vindicator is identical to LSM right now), and perhaps display the newly revealed guild banners?

    BRENT: That is a goal for us once we add vehicle customization.

    5. The orks will be able to use other factions weapons, or even necron gauss weapons?. If we can, Will be for all or will be something special for something like a flash git? We will have big penalties for using something like a orkified shuriken cannon?

    BRENT: The Looted ‘Umie Bolter is still coming, but you won’t exactly be using other factions’ weapons. More that we will be incorporating weapons that are thematically looted from others. In some cases that will bring properties that make them unique for the Orks.

    6. Is it still the plan to change vehicle spawning to require some sort of player owned points in the match? If so, will that be implemented before or after launch? (it seems like something that has the potential to change the game quite a bit and/or require a lot of tuning).

    BRENT: There are already points that can be taken to gain control of vehicle spawners…?

    7. Will Tyranid Hives be selectable from the world map rather than a queue (or both?). I'd much prefer to "start" a mission to a Hive by directly selecting the option to do so, and then wait for/invite players to join the mission lobby, rather than waiting in a queue for ages (think Mass Effect 3 multiplayer's lobbies, where the player hosts, and then waits for people to join).

    BRENT: We have adjusted the system to work more like this, so we’ll see how it goes!

    8. Trade between players or the auction?

    BRENT: Not planned for the near future.

    9. When will there be a difference between armour save and ward save? As ward saves should be better against weapons with high Armour penetration. Like Plasma, lascannon, reaper missiles and melta. So far we have 2 possible ways of getting ward save. The storm shield and the warlock robes. Storm shield works when you raise it. But the Warlock just has armour and dies just as fast as others to plasma, lascannon and melta bombs ( yes you can tank a melta bomb with a storm shield ).

    BRENT: That is a mechanic for simplifying the tabletop experience. At some point we might add pure damage mitigation again, but it is very similar to simply having more health.

    10. Can you share any of the brain storming being done on the mandible blasters for striking scorpions?

    Cannot answer right now.

    11. Will there be any kind of manually triggered cooldown abilities, e.g. Eldar Dire Avenger Exarch (I guess it will be an elite) might be able to activate a blade storm ability for a certain amount of time?

    BRENT: Yes, we’ve already done so for the Howling Banshee and we will be expanding on it in the future. Leader-type characters will have things like this, and in fact, we’d like to change over some of the Apothecary/Painboy equipment to cooldowns rather than limited counts.

    12. Will you have your full team working on the game post-launch, or can we expect people to be delegated on to other projects?

    Cannot answer right now.

    13. Why are Blood Axes brown?

    BRENT: That is how they are frequently depicted. However, we will add more clan-specific visuals in the future such as camo, Imperial-style gear, etc.

    14. ETA on the Power Klaw please.

    BRENT: Well, it’s in now!

    15. When will the Fire Pike (Fire "Spear" considering the length) and Singing Spear be ingame?

    BRENT: Can’t say when for sure, but not long. The Singing Spear is “just” a matter of coding the feature and doing the animation, but the Fire Pike is currently quite problematic due to its shape & size. We’ll figure it out, but we don’t know quite how yet.

    16. Wasn't there some talk about a Predator Annihilator some time ago? Will we see it on the battle field (same goes for the Damocles, Razorback and Fire Prism, which were all either in previous dev builds or have been talked about)?

    BRENT: We will add plenty of new vehicles, alternate loadouts, and customizations including everything you’ve mentioned, but Terminators will come first.

    17. When do we see our first falling (not static) Drop Pod, Dread Claw, Rokk or suddenly opening Webway portal?

    Cannot answer right now.

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    Answers from the 37th Q&A thread

    1. (team question) Can you guys please change the colors of the Nurgle and Tzeentch heal to green and blue respectively? This goes beyond simple immersion, it has very genuine problems gameplay wise with just letting every psychic heal be purple. Lets compare it to the Apothecary for example, his heals consist of 3 vials and each has a very unique and easily distinctive buff attributed to them, because all these buffs have a different visual look. The heal over time vial gives you a green aura, the damage mitigation vial gives you a yellow crosses aura and the melee damage buff vial gives you a blue lightning-esque aura. Like this picture for example, see how its clear that this Wolf Priest has both the damage mitigation and heal over time vial injection on himself.

    BRENT: We intend to standardize the heal vfx as soon as other priorities are out of the way.

    2. What is the future plan for how the game will work? will there always be timers on maps, or will it end up being more stock/reinforcement based, creating longer trench warfare style battles without a rush timer?

    BRENT: This is something that is certain to evolve and change over time, but my goal is still to eventually get to a point where we can have a territory-scale map that feels like “free-roaming” with multiple outposts and a fortress.

    3. What is the ideal distance for a melee to beat a devastator? Because currently devastators can kill in less than a sec at point blank easy.

    Cannot answer right now.

    4. Is the shorter timer to recap a point as a defender intentional or is it (hopefully) some kind of bug?

    BRENT: I’ve never heard of this. If it is the case it is a bug, but I don’t believe it’s happening at the moment.

    5. Why are the gunturrets and vechilces respawning? I mean, if u destroy smth its destroyed right? And why are the turrets in certain maps placed 100m from spawn? And If u bring down a wall of a building ( if it was possible ) should it respawn after 10 min then?

    Cannot answer right now.

    6. When the ¨perils of the warp¨ will be implemented? What kind of things we can expect from that? More power but more risk?

    BRENT: When we add perils of the warp it would be alongside “bigger” powers to have additional risk/reward. That’s a ways out though.

    7. Question, could there be a weapon mod that changes the bullet tracers to every 3rd or 5th in row, as opposed to every round being a tracer round as it is atm ? When i start shooting i cant see the enemy anymore.

    BRENT: Sounds to me like that’s a vfx issue, rather than something we’d want to fix with a weapon mod. In general we need to tone down our vfx spam.

    8. Will it be possible to give every healer class the possibility to use the Q key on friendly wounded targets to "tell" them (message displayed on the targets screen) that the healer is trying to heal them?

    BRENT: That’s an interesting idea! I have taken it under advisement.

    9. Will we get points for the healing via healing grenades?

    BRENT: Yes, we just need to do the underlying tech (it’s more complicated than it seems). Shouldn’t be too long though.

    10. Should you guys change the name of Ork Veterans from Nob to Skarboy? Because right now the "Nobz" aren't bigger yet, it's much more logical to have Skarboyz replace them for now until Nobz can be properly implemented.

    Cannot answer right now.

    11. Do you plan to make any changes to preset loadouts? Or better yet, allow community to make them for you? Also, you are going to fill the presets with 1000 loadout points each, right?

    BRENT: Yes. One of the biggest problems is that they’re missing weapon mods.

    12. Why still only 5 load out slots? With Vet load outs needing a slot this has just become a much bigger issue.

    BRENT: Veterans don’t take one of your 5 slots, they have their own.

    13. Will maps have mutator/biome variations at launch? (eg warp storm on Blackbolt, Zedek snow)

    Cannot answer right now.

    14. Why do we have lives as veteran class?Wouldn't be better to just add timer on them? like 5-10 min between spawns? ( Timer could start on death ) And perhaps if someone is loosing heavily you could buff the veteran timer to allow more spawns of Veteran classes, you know like reinforcement.

    BRENT: This system will change in the future.

    15. When will the Orks get the power klaw, fixed melee (right now power choppa can't beat a combat knife in a clang), dakkas that actually beat boltguns in short-range, and some orky/lore friendly weapon mods (orks don't use muzzle brakes, they paint their barrels red!)?

    Cannot answer right now.

    16. I heard that in the future in the PC version of the game will be removed toggled auto aim with red circle. Is it true and if yes then when?

    BRENT: That is not true.

    17. The orks can have other abilities in waaaagh if, for example, we put some warpaint on us? Like a % to not waste bullets or to ignore damage %?

    BRENT: Eventually the Waaagh! is supposed to be a warlord power, and at that point we can have multiple types of Waaagh!’s. Having alternate powers is an interesting idea though. Since a Waaagh! isn’t guaranteed, it’d probably have to be like the standards where it doesn’t cost loadout points but instead just changes the bonus.
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    Answers from the 38th Q&A thread
    1. (team) What are the plans for the games background, and when will we discover why the Tyranids are on Arkhona and what is Abaddons plan?

    BRENT: The campaigns coming in the next patch will be the introduction of narrative, but it will be more about the characters and faction flavour. However, as we expand the campaigns in the future it will be the source of this sort of information.

    2. What is the plan for RTC weapons, are there going to be any changes in the modding policy? Items such as the Litany of Wrath have the exact same stats as a Power Maul but cannot be modded, making it objectively inferior to a base weapon, is this intended?

    BRENT: Currently the RTC weapons all come pre-modded, that is they have a full set of mods built into their stats so that they are equal to a fully-upgraded version of the standard weapon (but less flexible). However, we are reviewing this and will likely make some changes soon.

    3. How does life-steal work? Do different sources stack additively/multiplicabley? (ie life-steal weapon mod stacking with khorne) Does the healed amount round up/down? Tangentially, do executions do damage, so that life-steal would take effect?

    BRENT: Life steal from a weapon adds to life steal from a piece of wargear, so if you get 10% from a weapon and 10% from wargear it’s 20%. It does not currently affect executions, but that’s something we want to add in the future.

    4. Southern hemisphere servers when?

    Cannot answer right now.

    5. Will we see sub-faction specific weapons such as Noise Marine blasters, Plague Marine bile spitters, Dark Angel master crafted plasma weapons, Space Wolf Frost weapons or Blood Angels inferno pistols? Or would that be too OP for the game as it is?

    BRENT: Yes. Although chaos cult weapons are different from “sub-faction specific” categorization as far as our game is concerned.

    6. What is the devs current stance on the state of melee? Are they monitoring its stats (damage output, percentage of the playerbase playing melee classes, kill rates etc.) at all? Should they concede that it is not where they intended it to be: what steps, if any, have they in mind to address this?

    BRENT: As mentioned on Twitch recently we are currently doing a review, and we will be starting with addressing the dbash stagger being ineffective and the durability.

    7. How are you going to address the fact orkz suffer greatly from a lack of melta equivalent weaponry? As it stands out atm, orkz are the slowest at destroying enemy tanks, which can be felt greatly especially on fortress maps.

    BRENT: We recently nerfed melta, and intend to do a review on rokkits since the Ork anti-vehicle strategy should be about rokkits & klaws.

    8. When might we start seeing mods for heavy weapons?

    BRENT: Very soon! It’s actually the next set of mods we’re doing.

    9. Any chance we'll some some neutral start take & hold maps? The original vision is gone & as attack/ defence isn't tied to map progress its not going to hurt the metamap.

    BRENT: Yes, that’s something we’ve discussed although we will need to do that with new maps since it’s very difficult to adapt an existing map to a symmetrical structure. Before that happens, we’ll be revamping the Deadlock game mode to be winnable by the attackers.

    10. I think alot of us are excited for the World Map features. Can you explain what's coming with this? And when?

    BRENT: The big World Map improvement coming in the content update is the ability for you to view and join ongoing battles. This means we’ll be moving a lot more onto the world map rather than menus, and it will give you a better view of the populations and what’s going on with matchmaking. In an update planned for the following content patch we will be adding multiple warzones so that one faction can “win” a warzone and move onto the next, leaving behind a history of what happened before.

    11.During this week's twitch Brent talked about the space marines not having their own identity and unique play style and that they are taking steps to implement one.Can I ask how you view the Orks in regard to this as they were very much a soft mirror of the LSM (shields, apoc style healing, jump assaults the same etc). The Orks always seem to be behind Chaos and Eldar on the map just in front of marines, and do you also feel that the Orks do not yet have their own identity and unique features and if so can we also expect them to receive something as the LSM are? .

    BRENT: We’ve been monitoring the win rate across different factions and things have actually fluctuated quite a bit (for a while there Orks were doing a bit too well). The main unique features for the Orks right now are their rokkits/kannon deffgun and the Painboy’s focus on poison and debuffing. We’re going to be emphasizing both of those more, and once Warlords go out they will get further differentiation.

    12. Will the Garrison ever feature an obstacle course of sorts to train new players. Maybe include mock-up maps to train players in different tactics. For instance, allow groups of players to join an empty map and swap attacker/defender roles at will among the same faction. So let's say that space marines want to practice a fortress battle with 14 players. Allowing them to enter the map and pick 7 members for each side to practice maneuvers, tactics, and coordinated strikes.

    BRENT: We will improve the Garrison over time, but the first thing we’ll be adding is basic dueling. Everything else must follow after that anyway.

    13. On the subject of tactical in the live stream you said the way you where buffing tactical was to actually buff apothecary instead, seeing as how apothecary is presently generally leading the other melee classes on leader boards for kills and damage any thoughts to why you would buff one of the strongest classes on LSM particularly strong at doing JPA or GA's job but also a passable healer to help another class which is the weakest ... it actually seems like it would continue to exacerbate the problem or apoths being the go to front line combatants over GA and JPA and even more tactical shortage problems ? Especially when it seems to most LSM fans more lore friendly to add some melee umph to tacticals/vet tactical via sword/chainsword/powersword (things at least vets can have in TT and things any SM can have in tapletop RPG) or give them more CqC related firearms to choose from like an asartes shotgun or at least zone denial like a grenade launcher(possibly with smokes) or some more survive ability gear to pick from ?

    BRENT: Adding more special tools unlike what we have so far is a potential solution path, but one that certainly takes more time to implement. In the case you’re referencing we needed a short-term improvement, but as we add content to the game we’ll be looking at doing so to address issues and deficiencies like this one. For example, the Grav Guns are intended to allow the Space Marines to have more control against fast-moving opponents, and to give the Tacticals more power against incoming melee units. In the future we will continue with this philosophy.

    14. : The guild system in game seems rather unfinished as it is still not functioning correctly with only showing 50 members (we have 220 members), So will this be fixed along with more ranks added that can be customized?

    BRENT: This is being worked on, you should see an update soon!

    15. Will we ever see Nurglings in game in any shape or form? I'm even willing for them to be glittery for Katie's sake.

    Cannot answer right now.

    16. What are the plans for giving Orks AV, new weapons, tuning the existing weapons or is it where it's supposed to be?

    BRENT: Ork anti-vehicle is all about rokkits and power klaws, so we want to work on those two. Rokkits in particular need some big improvements, so that’s going to be our first focus.
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    Answers from the 39th Q&A thread

    1. (team question) For Brent: Are the class numbers in each match trending the way you want atm ? You said a while back that Tactical classes should ideally be the bulk of the game but I see a majority of Support classes, Heavies, GAs (especially Eldar) and Jump Troops lately with just enough Tacticals to cap or hunt vehicles.

    That question is addressed to Brent and he’s not here.

    2. Will the rogue trader store become just skins and cosmetics? It would be a shame that so many cool weapon looks and designs won't be used. Being just a skin won't affect your play style and make more "fashion" shows that might make people use their Rogue Trader Credits more. Maybe even add a skin slot next to weapon mods. Like a World of Warcraft Transmog.

    We’re moving in a direction like that. We’re starting with allowing RTS items to be modded. One thing we’re not doing or don’t plan to do is let any look go on any tier of weapon. A standard tier Boltgun will never look like a Mastercrafted or Relic.

    3. Are you working on character history? Like deaths by melee, deaths by granades, deaths by headshot, xxxx orks slayed or something like that.etc

    We track all that data and more but displaying it all isn’t in our short term plans.

    4. What happens when you add new troop-types to EC, e.g. TEQs? Is there a "hole" in the gameplay where this new troop-type would fit in like a puzzle-piece? Or would this new troop-type make it necessary to change everything else in the game (the other troop-types and the maps and the weapons and the items...) to balance?

    The new class will change the meta and players will adapt, so adding new things won’t change the entire dynamics of the game requiring a full rebalancing.

    5. What other vehicles might make it into the regular game? (as opposed to vehicle specific maps)

    Too soon to speculate but you can assume that variants of the chassis we already have would be the first to get their variants before adding entirely new class of vehicle, ie Land Raider and equivalents.

    6. What are your current plans for subfaction specific characterizations? (Visual differences, specific bonuses/abilities, etc.)

    We’ve got some ideas but it’s too soon to go into specifics but we’re taking every opportunity to add on a regular basis more flavor. You should already see that happening in some places.

    7. Will we be able to remove pistol from our loadouts to save up some LP to get other item?

    That is not currently planned.

    8. It looks like the Match Maker system will allow dozens of one faction to enter a battle with just a few opposing faction players (we often see 15-20 LSM up against 4-8 'other') but also allows more players in to fill the gap and eventually be even. Many times the opposing players will lose a few people before more show up and often the games pretty much half over before the game manages to even out the forces. I can only assume that if all parties involved want to go around again it may work out but I don't get to experience that often. Since you will allowing in-game character customization than perhaps a longer pre-battle timer is in order. I personally would hate to wait longer at any given time but 20 vs 4 is even worse. Some games make you go as far as waiting to fill the gap before the event starts... we have to wait long periods of time for a match and end up getting a few opponents and it really makes me wonder why the system spent 5 mins to basically fail.What will you be planning on doing to fix this issue with the match making system?

    The match making system was never supposed to let an imbalance of more than 3 players happen. There were bugs that have been fixed and perhaps still are some bugs that allow larger imbalances. Large warparties can also quit causing a big imbalance. With that said, work is ongoing to improve the match making system but the focus should really be on improvements to the meta-game on the world map and giving players better information about where other players are fighting. Which is exactly what we are doing.

    9. When will you be able to raise the player count? Due to some matchmaking errors there have been 45 or so players in a game that the pop limit was 30, 15 v 30. The game was able to play and handle that, so is it possible to increase the player count soon?

    Higher numbers of players isn’t an end goal in-and-of itself. More or less players should be decided on based on various factors such as; if it’s more fun to play with more players, if the majority of players have the hardware to support that number of players, if there are enough players to match into a larger map. Not necessarily in that order.

    Increasing the performance on network, client and servers on current maps is the current priority with the current number of players as well and in the meantime, we have a lot of ideas to actually fill in some smaller and intermediate match modes that are pretty standard and fun in other games, with a 40K twist.

    10. When will we have more skins and appearances options like robes, clothes and backs ( furr for space wolves) and more decorations on the armor ?

    Those are all past the concept stage and being modeled. Concept art was shown on the Dec 2nd Twitch and we might be able to see the 3D version on the 9th.

    11. What gamemodes are you working on? Fortress , ToW, tank battles and what else?

    Another PvE mode will be revealed soon. Let the speculation begin what comes next. We’re also tuning current game modes.

    12. Are there plans to increase inventory space once more loot items drop or are there plans to rework how relinquished items show back up in the loot boxes? My concern is once more loot appears and we end up having to relinquish items to make space, those relinquished items will keep appearing over and over again in the boxes leading to much frustration. I can live with that if that is the games intention, I just want to prepare myself now.

    Yes there are plans to revisit the system. The original inventory space was set to a number higher than the amount of items in the loot boxes so people wouldn’t run into storage problem before we had a chance to address it.

    13. Can we Orks have grots later as types of wargear?

    Perhaps someday but keep in mind every grot running around on the battlefield is using the resources that could go towards another human player.

    14. When will we have dual wield for melee weapons and two handed weapons ?

    In a future free expansion. Likely after we’ve done the Terminator equivalents and Bikes. All of which are pretty big features that are currently higher priority than dual wielding. Dual wielding requires new animations and our animation focus right now is on Terminators.

    15. What kind of vehicle customization might we see? (Banners, spiky things for Chaos, flashy bits for Orks, etc)


    16. In which content update do you currently plan to release the Ship gameplay modes?

    Actual ships aren’t on the horizon but game modes, but pve/pvp maps that “happen” inside a ship might.

    17. What will you be able to do to make it easier for leaders to form groups of friends for battles? I personally don't invite people but I have heard it can be a hassle. From what I understand you have to invite each player with no option of "Invite all guild members online to join you" or "Invite all friends online to join you" and there's the issue of the need to drop the whole party if someone crashes or new players wanted to join in (this may be outdated).

    This is one of those “will you do my suggestion” types of questions. “Invite all” seems like a good feature request. It could work like a public war party but limited to my guild or friends list.

    18. Please explain when you will start working on mandiblasters. The striking scorpions are still not complete and that is little embarrassing.

    As soon as that feature makes it to the top of the priority list.
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    Answers from the 40th Q&A thread

    1. (team question) Are you guys aware that currently abilities like the Warlocks Embolden and the Apothecaries healing gas grenades (that apply a HoT) make you completely immune to DoT (damage over time) effects? You can easily test this, apply Embolden on yourself and then get attacked by things like the Stream of Corruption, Flickering Fire or the Sicky Shoota. The first you will be totally immune to and the other two will only do the small amount of direct damage they do, but will not be able to apply the DoT because things like Embolden and healing gas grenades HoT make you immune to such DoTs. Is this intended, and if it is, why? I can understand the HoTs functioning something like a "cushion" that would hamper the potential of the DoT to do its full damage, but giving HoTs the ability to outright make you immune to ailment application is too much. It basically invalidates certain abilities completely, even more so when you see how long these HoTs tend to linger on people (basically granting the said ailment immunity for a very long period of time).

    BRENT: This has been changed in the latest patch. Thanks for reminding us!

    2. Any chance for a fortress defence gamemode with Tyranids instead of players?

    BRENT: We’ve discussed it a few times but the Tyranids would not play very well in that scenario, at least without literally hundreds (maybe thousands) at once. As a swarm faction, they really need space designed for them.

    Now, an alternate PvE mode that plays like the fortress (where you defend and fall back) could be interesting…

    3. When can we expect to see the first iteration of a true Urban map, where there are limited access with vehicles (at least until TEQ and Bikes arrive)? Like a classic WWII Stalingrad map.

    BRENT: I always think of Stalingrad as having plenty of vehicles, ever since Battlefield 1942’s take. In any event we’re planning on making a map that is larger and more focused on vehicles next, and then a smaller, tighter map with an urban focus.

    4. Will there come a time when the chaos shoulder/pauldrons which appear to be mutation based with horns and faces have their base colours set to match the subfaction colours of the chaos marine wearing them? As an IW player I refuse to purchase/use these mutation shoulder/pauldrons since they clash horribly with the rest of the armours existing colour palette and look ridiculous.

    NOAH: No that is not planned.

    5. If possible could get some information about the Eldar Ranger and it's expected release or it's mechanics vs Scouts? Also have they even been in development since the last amount of information we received on them is rather outdated and is causing confusion and discussions about stealth mechanics for other factions with classes like the Space Marine Scout and balance of the two considering the Ranger was planned to be an elite.

    BRENT: The initial Outcast Ranger will be an elite and we are working on it now. Expect more information very soon! Scouts are much further off.

    6. Are you satisfied with the current state of vehicles in the game? This includes damage output, versatility, survivability and the "feel" of the vehicles. For example, I'd say most vehicles still don't behave appropriate for an object of that size and weight. They still bounce about far too much. Also, Eldar vehicles seem good for little more than farming roadkills - at which they excel, however. Is that the intention? It completely negates close range AV at the moment, as a simple touch of them will stun and then kill you.

    BRENT: Anytime you ask “are you satisfied with the current state of X…” our answer is likely to be “No” because this is a live game and we can always get better. So yes, we plan to improve vehicles both in terms of physics and gameplay. Basically at one point we’ll say “time for a vehicle revamp!” and we’ll work on all those things, just like we’re doing an LP/class balance revamp at the moment.

    7. Balancing VETs (Veterans, Elites, and TEQs) seems like a nightmare considering how much work there still is to do for the basic classes. Are you considering taking some of the basic classes weapon choices away in order to give unique things to the VETs, such as Storm Bolters, or Direswords which remain (or will become) abundant due to their effectiveness and/or rarity? Also, how can you claim horizontal progression if VETs are arguably stronger than anything else on the battlefield? Lastly, cosmetics, they're getting unique things like tabbards. Can't basic classes get those things as well? Where's the line drawn between a VETs visual customization and a basic?

    BRENT: In general we don’t want to take things away from the basic classes, particularly weapons, since they add so much variety to gameplay. We are planning on moving some wargear to veterans though, particularly those that were priced out of basic classes anyway. And there will be elites with completely different weapons and powers that you can choose instead of veterans if you like.

    As for the cosmetics, the main thing we want is to have one big, obvious thing that makes the difference between a basic and an elite target clear to other players. Tabards & robes for space marines, skull spikes for chaos, etc. So while those are elite-only, there’s quite a lot for basic classes to customize themselves with.

    8. Will veterans have access to all weaponry ? Or will only stats be tuned?

    BRENT: This is after the release so you probably know, but veterans can use anything a basic class can. In addition, we will be moving some items to veteran-only in the advancements revamp.

    9. If an Alterac Valley is the culmination of core pvp mechanics in wow in a single map, the region it lays in the physical, albeit open world; Alterac Mountains is its territory. Are we going to see actual physically large zones of open conflict called territories instead of lines drawn on the map? A persistant and large area that has no timer and at least a semblance of the original vision of open world massive combat? Such as GW2, or WARs RvR lakes, if they extended the entire zone? After core combat is figured out of course? If so, how do they plan to be implemented and when can that be reasonably expected? @BrentEllison also once confirmed that factions will seek to hold land on the map based on their faction's archetype, i.e. Orks want it all, SMs want kingdoms, Eldar play to objectives, chaos looks like a metastasized cancer. Is this still the the direction?

    Cannot answer right now.

    10. What are the "Slates" mentioned in their own "tab" in the Inventory?

    BRENT: Those are consumables you can get from reward boxes and use during matches, to be added soon.

    11. Do you have plans to implement a full-fledged tutorial, and if so when? The recent influx of new players from the Steam sale has shown again that new players need more than the servo skulls scattered all over the garrison. I daresay that a good tutorial might go a long way towards better retention of new players.

    BRENT: We are adding an improvement to the starting experience, including a new section in the garrison. In addition, we’re revamping the advancements and initial gear to make progression and customization easier to get into, adding map/objective details to loading screens, and putting in post-death tips for new players.

    12. What might PvPvE look like, and how will it tie into following; Better GvG, Territories (physcial not logical areas on the map) and VETs (balance, spawning, and purpose) - if at all.

    BRENT: That’s a lot of disparate elements right there. Initially, PvPvE will be a smaller-scale (5v5 to 10v10) competitive mode where the players attempt to complete objectives in the presence of tyranids. Imagine something like a capture point battle but in the underground PvE. One element we are investigating is the possibility of this being more of a drop-in, drop-out system, where enemies can show up all of a sudden while you’re otherwise just killing tyranids and completing objectives. Of course, if enemy players invade your mission you’d have the possibility of receiving more rewards as well.

    13. Would it be possible to see metrics on mod usage ... by which I mean which mods are used on which weapons by the majority of players, or a percentage of usage statistic on a mod by mod basis? I wonder if the team have explored what it is that players want from mods vs what mods have been made available.

    BRENT: We are in the middle of revamping mod costs and stats, since it’s pretty clear that most mods are unpopular, and certain mods are auto-include due to their ridiculously low LP cost.

    14. Could we at some point place our barriers / boxes as we like? Or idols / items in the guild garrison?

    BRENT: Someday, maybe! It is not a big focus right now, although we’ve talked about possibilities for guilds.

    15. (team question) For Brent: Are the class numbers in each match trending the way you want atm ? You said a while back that Tactical classes should ideally be the bulk of the game but I see a majority of Support classes, Heavies, GAs (especially Eldar) and Jump Troops lately with just enough Tacticals to cap or hunt vehicles.

    BRENT: The patch coming right now includes a big change to the Jump Pack classes, as we feel they’re not behaving as Hit & Run characters like they should, and instead stealing roles from other classes. The patch after that will be an even bigger revamp - changes to pen & toughness should help restore the value of the boltgun, we’re looking into specific improvements for the Dire Avenger and his Catapult, and changes to class stats will serve to make the dedicated melee classes better at doing their job relative to the jump and support characters.

    16. The competition mode seems like a timesink for both you and the community as it is currently implemented. What are the plans for improving GvG and organized play? How will it be meaningful?

    BRENT: Competition mode hasn’t had much time dedicated to it so far, otherwise it would be much further along. The first big step towards making GvG a thing will be using Competition mode with organized tournaments, which is why we’re working with the Eternal Battles team. Currently the only thing missing is a spectator cam, which is in progress. Once that’s done we’ll be streaming the tournament matches and making a big deal out of the winners. Then, going forward, we plan to implement features on the world map to show the banners of the guilds that win matches.
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  6. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 41st Q&A thread

    1. (team question) Is there a plan to improve the rewards of the campaigns? In particular in making the player involved in the victory of a faction instead of farming a reward.

    We always plan to improve all system in our game. If the second part of the question is asking if we plan to give incentives to not play all factions then the answer is no. We do not see value in giving more incentives to stick to a specific faction. The world map is already a major incentive to help a specific faction win. A majority of players already pick a faction and stick to it so the incentive to play multiple factions and be rewarded for playing multiple factions is there to get people playing all factions and filling matches with all factions.

    2. Will you limit Clan Stacking in public games?

    Given the fact clans can collude outside of the game to pick a specific match on the world map there wouldn’t be much value in creating mechanics to limit clans. Clans want to fight fair and challenging matches just as much as people in pubs don’t want to get stomped. What we would prefer to do is to improve the competition mode and have a place where clans can fight other clans.

    3. Melee stuns make Melee combat for the target non-participatory. A stunned player is typically watching an extended execute animation. Do you have any plans to make Melee more of a dynamic and participatory experience for both players?

    We always plan to improve all system in our game. We do not plan to remove stuns if that is what the question is alluding to. Players who have been around since Early Access started will be aware of the fact melee balance has constantly been tuned and timings of stuns have been part of that tuning.

    4. What is the current status of allowing vehicles to have their weapon loadouts changed?

    Current status: Still planned, still desired, not currently being worked on but high enough on the priority list it might get worked on soon.

    5. Will be possible to have some maps without timers or A,B C cap points.

    The answer is yes but it’s too early to speculate what those maps would be like. A pure sandbox map could get boring for a lot of players after a while so some incentives to fight there would be necessary. We’re well aware that there are some members of the community that would love to just drive across the badlands while doing karaoke over voice comms. We need to cater to both to make a “timerless” map worthwhile.

    6. When are we going to see/hear anything about the slates?

    Slates or Stratagems will be shown as soon as there is more info. They are currently still planned but not actively being worked on.

    7. What function and benefits do you imagine two-handed melee weapons to have once they are implemented?

    It’s really too soon to speculate.

    8. Is there any plans to change the visability of veterans when aiming over cover? (CSM poles obscure the view).

    Is this still an issue? These should be transparent if they obscure the camera.

    9. Stalker Bolter: Right now the accuracy on stalker bolters is flat out terrible. You can almost never hit the target you're shooting at with the stock Stalker Bolter as it has a huge radius even when crouched, it's got a very slow fire rate, and it takes roughly 2-3 headshots on a target who isn't getting healed to down them. As it takes multiple shots, are there any plans to increase the accuracy of this weapon? Right now you almost never see it being used. Meanwhile on my CSM I can snipe more accurately with the Auto Cannon. (And it's significantly deadlier).

    Improvements have been made to the Stalker Bolter since this question was asked.

    10. What weapon setup will the TEQ have access to when they hit the Live Client?

    This is a question to be answered on a future Twitch.

    11. What is the current status of weapon mods for weapons/categories that currently do not have any?

    Work is ongoing.

    12. What are your future (near term) plans for expanding the campaign system that you can share with us?

    Nothing we can share currently.

    13. What are your plans to increase player squad cohesion, as many players do not care to either issue/follow orders?

    We plan to give squad leaders an incentive to give orders by giving them a small bit of XP when other members of their squad followed the order.

    14. You guys keep coming out with all sorts of new customizations, especially for orks. Yet there are still many customizations that are either still not in the game (IE: Champion Chestpiece, I believe there's an ork weapon and a few other things), are lacking artwork for certain variants (IE no graphic for the Champion Shoulder pad on Artificer and Relic armour for LSM), and none of the blood angle JPA specific chests actually show anything. JPA chest variants for both LSM and CSM are also either lacking artwork, or are glitched. When do you guys plan on fixing what's already in the game or has been promised since the original RTC store?

    Work on adding those items is ongoing.

    15. (team) Will Eternal Crusade adopt the evolving narrative and lore expansion that 40K is undergoing (with Gathering Storm) or stay focused on the original Arkhona timeline ?

    The original Arkhona narrative still has a lot of content to get through. The evolving 40K narrative is as much of a secret to us as it is to anybody. We will react to anything major if necessary.
  7. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    MEGA BATCH (42nd, 43rd and 44th batch)
    1. Outside of the offensive powers for psykers being rather undewhelming in potency, there is another reason why people avoid taking them. The Sorcerers/Warlocks healing mechanic and his offensive mechanic draw from the same pool, that being Warp Charge. This means that these classes cannot do both of these things, if they try to do both they will be mediocre at both. If they try to heal then they wont have Warp Charge to use their offensive powers, and if they use their offensive powers then they wont have Warp Charge to get their allies back up. Compare this to the Apothecary, his healing and his offense is not tied to the same resource, and he can do both quite effectively without one mechanic stepping on the other mechanics toes. The boltgun has its own resource pool (ammo), healing has another (vials) and then his other type of ranged healing has a third individual resource (renewable beacons/HoT grenades). I hope you see the issue here, the fact that everything the Sorcerer/Warlock does is tied to a single resource pool (as compared to the Apo) really shows ingame when you try to play these classes. Are there any chances you might consider changing the design here in some way? Maybe make the offensive powers take from the "Maledictive Warp Charge" pool and the healing/buffing taking from the "Benedictive Warp Charge pool", or greatly lowering the actual price of casting either healing or offensive psychic powers? I feel this problem really requires a good look at how these classes work, cause im sure you can see by the numbers in the statistics how underused offensive powers are.

    NR: No. While I don‘t expect us to split the warp pool, like you mention, I foresee a couple of things happening which will help this. We‘ve seen the fluctuations in potency over time, as part of our general balancing work and the numbers. So while I‘m sure people would love having a „nice warp“ pool and a „bad warp pool“, that isn‘t really the solution to anything, nor make a ton of sense from the lore perspective.
    With Michael Chan back from eating Hong Kong, our next stop prioritizing our upcoming combat, melee, ranged vs melee and individual classes. I expect LP balancing, and more gear, to have the biggest effect while we continue fixing and making melee itself consistent.

    2. Eldar visuals - is there an honest plan to improve them at some point soon ish or is it more of a pipe dream? Aspect warriors are recolored dire avengers, the hawk and reaper have some slight tweaks but other than helmet none are true to form,the warlock has very weird forearms and the cloth on the female lock with the craftworld symbol clips heavily, also the robes are way to fluttery always floating around your midsection while moving, Eldar rtc items like shrines are still overpriced and many options like the shoulders are incredibly bland and washed out especially given the costs and the advanced LP armors outside the reaper have no visual difference despite having to unlock 7 of them at 85 points each (ok the warlock has diff colored shoulders it barely counts). Also the revered classes just have some glow effects.

    NR: Honestly, Eldar being the last faction into the game, and the time it takes to do the archeology, they‘ve gotten the short end of the stick many times. They are the furthest removed and with a time machine, I certainly would have selected another faction. So we have plans but only are being executed now as part of our prioties.
    We have 3 long term initiatives right now, in addition to two others which will all affect Eldar. First it‘s the list of things we already have 3D assets for that needs to go through the integration pipeline – which is almost half of the work after it arrives here. Second is us analysing missing assets required for the next batch of heroes and third, we have „model sheets“ that have a good selection of new Eldar visual cosmetics.
    Sure, some form of Steam Workshop could add to the 3D asset library but as you can see of that list, our backlog is in the integration, not 3D assets. The two others will be LP balancing, and price balancing, which will be our second round of that.

    3. What purpose will the "Vehicle Orientated Map" server when there are no vehicle customization and (to be honest) terrible balance between the MBT across the different Factions. Falcon got no firepower at all, Predator is good and the Gun Wagon got terrible handling and no bonus "HP" to compensate.

    NR: This is nothing to worry about right now. The purpose of creating vehicle maps are not to make World of Tanks. You still have infantry. It is the map, game mode and the objectives themselves that cater to vehicles rather than re-enacting the battle of Kursk (I‘m sure there is a tank battle somewhere on a planet called Kursk in the 40K universe).

    But it‘s still EC, and you can still exit vehicles.
    Regarding balance of the various vehicles, I‘ve seen the prototype vehicle customization system in action, where we can now create new visual prefabs you can get and spawn in. It‘s not like fitting your character. You choose prefabs. Then we‘ll one day be able to have variations (i.e., Predator vs. Baal Predator) which of course would get a balancing pass.

    4. Since you will be making supports much less durable, how do you plan to balance Pain Boys and Wolf Priests who are forced to go melee with close range heals? They will be at a massive disadvantage compared to Sorcerers and Warlocks who have ranged heals/revives, and Apothecaries who have Bolters.

    NR: You take it as a given that they will just become less durable. I wouldn‘t do that. It hasn‘t even happened yet. We want to provide choice. And choice means sacrificing one thing for another. We‘re behind on providing those choices so one of the first things we‘re going to do when Chan comes back from eating Hong Kong, is looking at the entire LP balance, and hopefully fill in the gaps to provide more valid choices.

    5. Would it be possible to have a different running/sprinting animation for ranged and melee weapons. By example the 'High carry' of Eldar rifles is nice, but when you run around with a Banshee and her sword, it looks like she's slapping her face with it. Having the Dawn of War 2 weird ninja-like animation would be dope.

    NR: No, we have no bandwidth for what we deem as „luxury“ animations right now. All our animation power goes into fixing melee right now. After that, we have a backlog of things that need animation fixes in general, so anything like that is far away. If it would be something new, I‘d rather look at 2-handed animation sets.
    And yes, DOW has some cool stuff but we‘re so far from being comparable in what the effort is to animate something in DOW and EC.

    6. For Csm and lsm you said a long time ago that the mods you put on a weapon would allow it to be unique and have a diffrent look, "aside from just the scope and mag on".So will we be able to see more pattern weapons and diffrent mods than the basic 4 catigories, and possibly have the unique customizing that was said during alpha?

    NR: Great question and I happened to answer Katitof this on the forums just yesterday, so I‘m going to paste that here. Good for posterity. The short answer is no, and the explanation why is below:
    Katitof: @Oveur quick question on the matter, the cause of lack of weapon balance, new mods and stuff lies where exactly?I Is it lack of game design time?
    Is it lack of possible 3d asset production possibilities?
    Is it lack developers time, not being able to actually code that all in?
    It's all three and depends on which weapon classes and what needs to be done we're talking about.
    Basic balancing is continuous. The first rule of balancing club is, you do a set of limited changes, you deploy, you evaluate the result, repeat. Iteration. It just takes time. Nothing is blocking changing the stats etc. on our currently deployed weapons.
    Creating new items that don't have a visible component. Usually the same as above. It's considered part of general balancing, but also requires translation, icons and so on. Usually pretty simple as we can re-use base icons.
    Creating new items that have a new visible component, 3D model, VFX, animation. Takes ages. It's a serial process that requires a lot of different people.
    Creating new effects that don't exist. Like an entirely new ability, requires programming time, VFX time, balancing, etc. but after it's created, it's often "easy" to re-use or adapt to another similar function.
    Note, that when a game developer says "easy" it means measured in weeks instead of months. That's how slow game development is. And imagine, today with tools like Unity and Unreal Engine 4, integrations and improvements to content creation tools (Maya etc.), it's orders of magnitude faster than 10 years ago.
    So read this again, start at the top of the list with the basic fundamental way of balancing. Then you add into that process the various new additions, with the time they take to create, and voila, you can quickly calculate and extrapolate why things don't just magically appear in the 100s.

    7. If CFX/SLI support will ever work correctly? Like in november, for example - it works almost normally back then. As i recall, is some faq topic it was stated that the game is support SLI/CFX. On the official UE forums, however, Epic Games said, that UE4 is not supporing SLI/CFX and never will be. Sooo?

    NR: Unreal Engine 4 actually does support a form of SLI. I quote from a news article „UE 4.15 introduces experimental support for HDR (high dynamic range) output, a new texture streaming system, and support for alternate frame rendering (AFR) in Nvidia SLI configurations.“
    4.16 just got out, which has further stuff for us, so we‘re eagerly awaiting to upgrade, although we‘ll be going dark for at least a month to upgrade. It would be longer if our sister team weren't handling most of the integration work, as they are building their game on top of our work.
    Going black means no patches after we start. We can still run campaigns and so on, and enable content over time that has been deployed before that starts, but it‘ll be a dark costly affair.

    8. Why are JPAs/Raptors/Stormboys having their health, armor, melee damage, and power weapons nerfed on UAT when they have worse kill-death ratios than tactical or devastator equivalents?

    NR: Probably because KDR isn‘t really popular or even useful for balancing in games. Especially as a standalone metric. We don‘t publish KDR in the detail you explain. What is the indvidiual KDR of the various loadouts of a JPA vs say the CSM heavies various loadouts for example and how does that compare to any other Ork class with it‘s various loadouts?
    Just this simple complication makes KDR almost worthless as a metric. In context they can help when you dig into them like I described but generalization like that. Besides, we‘re deploying to UAT far more frequently. What you see one day is not what you will get. On those classes specifically, and what‘s being done, is part of our continuous balancing effort. I‘d assume part of our texting loadouts vs base stats.
    Besides, all you bouncies are supposed to pop fast unless you tank up, it‘s what your speed and ability to jump is for.

    9. What is the design goal for Painboys to make them balanced against their Apothecary/Sorceror/Warlock counterparts?

    NR: That we haven‘t decided yet. We have limitations, and Painboys have always been problematic. I think we‘ll just put in a self-applying ailment, so he‘s always in pain. Sounds logical amirite?
    They are high on our list, but melee as a system for the entire game is far higher prioritized than a single class of a single faction, regarding balancing. C‘est la vie.

    10. Newbs and a welcoming community are the soul of online games (<3) so: What steps are you taking towards making EC's entry level less steep for new players and how can you help cushion the impact on veteran players as they learn the combat and meta in-match?

    NR: EC will never be an easy game or simple. It‘s not „git gud“ that I‘m referring to, I‘m talking about understanding your role, your part of a squad, teamwork, vehicle and spawn point management. Getting it all right.
    We do have a new player queue in the matchmaker, but it only kicks in over a certain population limit, as below that limit, you‘ll have increased queue times.
    We also have a lot of underutilized and not implemented things which will help more, we can put tips in more places, tooltips, easier comparison and explanations of class and stats, death tips contextually tied to why you died and explaining what you should do.
    It‘s just been on the backburner due to our top 10 priorities. In the meantime, Valrak, DJ Penguin, and others have been great at helping out new players. They are listed on our Steam store page. We just opened the New Player Tips & Tricks forum as well!

    11. After the penetration/support class rework what will be the future long-term rebalance plan?

    NR: We‘re still on our long-term rebalance plan but I intend to make two Top 10 lists today for melee specifically, and melee vs. ranged.
    As for what‘s on the list, it‘s fixing melee so we can improve it knowing it‘ll be consistent and work as intended on the live server. Melee vs ranged combat is also separate, balancing LP cost will probably have far more widespread effect than expected, more war gear to provide (hard) choices, and of course server-client mismatch issues which affect the combat itself.

    12. After the free carnage release, is there some aspect of the game or a feature that will require a redesign or some heavy modification?

    NR: No, since the game inherently was created to scale in the new architecture we adopted, more people just means more „content“ or opponents for players. The changes we expected to do, were also more or less a part as we only shelved „Free to Waagh“ and when we were going to implement it, the design didn‘t fit anymore.
    It would have created what you saw in the Space Marine campaign. An endless flood Orks, and all matches against, Orks, even the same class all of them. That would ruin it for other factions, as well as those that want to play Orks and paid for it. Sure it sounds romantic and a proper Waaagh but it‘s just not practical and fun. That‘s not saying that one day we might do something akin to that, but we have now far better systems in place to create that without having necessarily part of our business model.

    13. Right now the Eldar vehicle weapons barely do any damage to their targets so that means most people will end up using the Eldar vehicles as lawnmowers instead of manning the gun and firing. I want to be able to kill things with my gun, I dont want to be pigeonholed into using the vehicle as a battering ram since my gun is practically useless. Can you increase the damage from the Wave Serpent and Falcon weapons and lower the damage from ramming speed so that roadkills are less frequent?

    NR: Specifically those two? No. It could be, but part of addressing lawnmowers is part of solving the physics engine in general. We don‘t have experts to do that. PhysX is an old engine and only released their first patch in 3 years.
    Funnily the patch addressed vehicle control and physics, as well as performance. We can‘t update that due to Unreal Engine upgrades.
    But we do have some changes for vehicles, especially Eldar, as part of our continued efforts on making the hovercrafts for battle, and not gardening tools. Just as much as we don‘t like Ork vehicles about as easy to handle as a golf cart with 4 people hanging onto each side. These are creeping in slowly and some seem to help quite a lot already.

    14. Is there anything planned for the RTC stuff being master crafted as default? Even with next patch and the MC stuff stats revamped, I'd like to have the choice to just use it as a "skin" for "regular" wargear I decide to bring in and not have to sacrifice a 100LP just for a paid skin that I find is looking cool.

    NR: Our customization system doesn‘t easily allow for that kind of setup, where you just select skins. The weapons are simply more complicated builds than that. We‘re modular and flexible in creating an item, but there isn‘t UI support for that.
    However, we are working on a plan to at least provide more variety. This includes not having to spend 100LP in general, as part of LP balancing, and creating some variations of the guns as separate items, in support crates or the store. We‘re going to start there before starting to rework our character customization system.

    15. When there is the update to the world map coming, will we learn more about the story of Arkhona? Any plans to make special campaign specific matches using Mutators or slight map modifications? Something which makes the next campaign unique over the previous one while driving a storyline onward?

    NR: Our intent for the world map and the meta-game in the long term is still tying multiple systems together, into Campaigns and the World map. We aren‘t in a position to change the world map, or add mutators right now even though this latest visual upgrade now allows us to do that. The old world map didn‘t.

    16. Any news on if and when gifting will be a thing?

    NR: Steam gifting works totally fine. You can buy all the DLCs, and RTC credit packs and gift them. Always have. That‘s why you got a giftable version of the game. You can put it on the market, give to a friend or apply it to yourself. Next step is enabling it ingame, so you can pay with RTC to gift, along with more services, like Faction change.

    17. Will you let use get XP for destroying "objects" (Abiding Beacons, Sicky Bombs, etc.), "Blocking Ranged Attacks" with a Shield (minor XP for actively blocking when near allies, as you essentially "guard" them from incoming attacks. Like when you use the Riot Shield in CoD:MW2) and for driving around or being near a Rhino (essentially this would be an XP reward for "guarding" the Rhino).

    NR: We‘re well behind on adding more XP events. The personal goals system screams for us to track more things and apply those things to new goals. Personal Goals has been in development now for 5 weeks and not done, so no promises on new events yet, as we have far more than enough that we track already.
  8. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    18. What progress, if any, has been made towards improving Guild vs Guild/Competition mode? The current system isn't really up to the task. This only adds to the frustrations of both guild players and random players in public games, since many guilds have nothing better to do than clan stack.

    NR: Nothing has progressed but we have a design which pretty much mimics old school guild pickup games, and kind is a list of war parties that fulfill the criteria, and you can choose someone to play and if both agree we fire up a server.

    It‘s something we need to do to make less clashes of guilds vs. pugs, and we can reward guild matches individually, especially if we tie them into Campaigns and Personal goals in the future. There is no timeline for when we get to that point, but we consider it as part of „game modes“ in general.

    Till then, make sure to check out Eternal Battles!

    19. When is Flickering Flame going to be fixed? It's easily the worst weapon/ability in the entire game. An entire boosted bar of charge isn't enough to kill someone - it costs more than a pistol and does far less damage. What's the point of even having it in the game?

    NR: Michael Chan is back and you should see fixes to the Flickering Flame deployed shortly on UAT. It was bug that was the fundamental fault, but with all fixes we‘ll test it out on UAT as well as the stat changes.

    20. Why are cosmetics releasing at such a slow rate? Minor model changes to weaponry or simple texture changes (Hazard Stripes on a bolter) would sell really well compared to the amount of work it requires to twist up a existing model.

    NR: Because it‘s not our focus or highest priority. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, we are looking into simple variations so that could be coming, but we really aren‘t putting a lot of effort there right now. The same team is also doing heros, which we want more of, as well as make them cooler than they are now, how you achieve similar abilities through XP and making them all meaningful and I‘d say they could all use some more love in some departments.

    21. If all the models have to approved by Games Workshop, why workshop still a problem? cant you send fan made models?

    NR: Noah made a big answer to this one so I‘m going to quote him:

    Hopefully this is an informative post. I think this is the type of thing that would be great on the Steam Workshop if we could come up with a workable solution. The challenge is creating a workflow pipeline that smoothly goes through the Games Workshop approval process. The whole process would need to be streamlined enough that it could be more profitable than a traditional 3D pipeline. I don't think there is a business case for creating assets in a "less profitable" way. This means finding a solution that doesn't require a lot of extra work on our end.

    The current art pipeline looks like:

    1. Find official assets from GW source material we could use or make something new

    2. Get approval

    3. Create 2D "model sheets" in the proper dimensions for the 3D artists to work from

    4. 3D artist creates assets

    5. Get approval

    6. Animators in Maya do some magic that I don't understand

    7. Technical artist integrates Maya files into Unreal

    8. Game designer further integrates assets (adding colors based on faction, apply to loot or store, etc...)

    9. Animators sometimes have to do more stuff at this stage once the assets are applied to the characters

    10. Sometimes there is also new VFX before an asset is ready

    11. Get approval

    12. Show on Twitch

    13. Patch it live!

    Our bottleneck is not in creating new assets (step 4), we've actually got a surplus of assets already and can order more from our outsourcing partner. Our bottleneck is on the integration side. Integration means exporting the file from Maya into Unreal engine and putting all the meta data on the asset and linking things together so the asset can finally go in game. Steps 7 through 9 above. So far, to me at least, it looks like managing submissions from the Steam Workshop and packaging it in a bow for GW to approve could be enough work for a full time position. That full time position could instead be a person doing integration of the assets we already have and new assets that come in from outsourcing. The position could also be an animator or a level designer. Don't get discouraged though, we want to try to find a way to make Steam Workshop work. Other games have done it.

    22. It currently takes about 3 shots from the Warp Hunter to destroy a Rhino yet it only takes 1 shot from a Vindicator to destroy a Wave Serpant. Why is this the case, when Eldar vehicles are supposed to be ridiculously deadly but made out of glass? I mean come on, the Warp Hunter's gun literally tears a hole in spacetime and transports its unlucky targets into the Warp. The Vindicator just fires a large bomb. How in the world is ripping apart spacetime even comparable in damage to a large bomb? When will you buff the Warp Hunter's D-Cannon?

    NR: When we start working on vehicle balancing as mentioned before, we‘ll revisit all this. It‘s out there with vehicle variations (prefabs).

    23. Will Mark of Tzeentch be looked at? Considering Tzeentch is the god of sorcery, it's pretty silly that the mark is so unusable for Aspiring Sorcerers.

    NR: No, not specifically. Even though we aren‘t following the Tabletop, a +1 invulnerability save seems less lore flavored than the double armor regeneration rate, halving the time before regeneration kicks in, at the cost of 15% health.

    We‘re always „looking“ at things. A big part of our day goes into reviewing feedback, looking at live data from the server clusters, monitoring trends and the results of what we‘ve changed. That means we might draw conclusions and change it later as part of all the general balancing but, this, like most other specific mentions will have to wait to see if it hits UAT with love or not.

    24. Any plans on improving the quality of the text from Belial? His sentences don't even make sense. Honestly this refers to alot of info boxes in the game. It could be less casual language and more imperial Gothic style we use to read in the GW codices, BL books or Lexicanum. More technical with cryptic Adepts Mechanicus designations and time stamp.

    NR: I wish we had an excellent writer on the team to do that, and it is my hope that we can return to great storyline and move the overall storyline forward as we had planned, but we lack the framework and system to really do that.

    This has the side effect of the Faction leaders not being particularly verbose or in-character. I mean if it was a powerful speech about how the world story moves forward and nothing really changes in the game world itself, it‘s not really that cool. It‘s duly noted, and we are embarrassed.

    25. Are you planning some cross promotion with Games Workshop? It appears DoW3 ads and links to their site can be seen on some of the Game Workshop sites, and similar publicity could certainly help Eternal Crusade grow.

    NR: Yes, Games Workshop is changing how they work with licensees, how and where they promote them and especially cross-promotions. It‘s been slowly escalating, and there are already some planned promotions.

    Previously they have covered us, as well as others, but they are stepping up their community and PR efforts considerably recently as part of their new direction. I mean, I don‘t think the 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000 and the many updates have gone past any of you?

    26. Ranged is doing very well in the current meta, a lot of people citing the low bloom that makes highly accurate and mobile shooting (including "ADAD spam") very reliable. Is your data backing up the perception and if so what are you considering to restore a little more balance ?

    NR: Our data shows that over time melee is going down, yes. But ironically, that‘s part of us fixing exploits and bugs and making it more consistent. So that‘s been a lot of the efforts – and it‘s very time consuming due to the animations – to get done.

    Then when we have a solid consistent base, we can start more drastic changes. We are forced to do a few changes at a time along with the bugfixes and corrections, and see if it actually works as intended on live servers. Drastic balancing changes on top of fixing exploits and bugs is a recipe for disaster. You run the chance of making something ten times worse than it is.

    27. Veteran and Hero character spawns are popular and add a lot to the meta but as you know the cap of 1 per match is a little limiting and often prone to bad luck. Have you considered any new spawn rules, ways to earn spawns or increasing the cap on larger maps and modes ?

    NR: We‘re long past the consideration stage, that was months ago. We‘re just waiting for the system we want to govern that so we can implement it properly in the game. We might increase in general the number of spawns till we have that system after we see the effect of all heros out in the game, but won‘t happen before.

    28. What steps are you making towards stamping out the cheating that is becoming an issue in EC as of late?

    NR: The solution we bought takes care of that. Should be live shortly as it‘s already being integrated and deployed. Then when it gets activated, I really hope you haven‘t tried to cheat in the past. Bans are irreversible and become part of your Steam game bans.

    Oh, it apparently also tracks and links together people and their alt accounts, sounds good in theory, less manual work for us to track down and maintain a list of alts and the real steam accounts they are linked to. ;)

    29. We havent heard about the Warlords in a long time from you guys, are they anywhere in the near to mid future? And can you tell us how you plan to implement this mechanic into the game with our current gamemodes that dont lend themselves well to such a system?

    NR: They are not in the near futures as they have a lot of pre-requisites. As for how they work that hasn‘t changed. They are still going to be goal setters for squads, XP multipliers and have special abilities. So they fit perfectly within our game modes since the game modes are dynamic and designed to accommodate Warlords.

    This also ties into the system we envision governing usage and further abilities of heroes, squad leaders and all players generally, bringing special abilities into a match. I belive it‘s one of the most powerful systems to add an entire new dimension to the battles.

    30. Based on your pre-launch SotCs (State of the Crusades) and weekly stream forecasts I was expecting at least one major content expansion by now (maps, classes, pve, vehicles, brand new wargear etc). Are you still optimistic about a regular content expansion cycle and what updates can you offer restless players to keep them engaged ?

    NR: We already did one of course, but as we don‘t have the full production team anymore it‘s sure to slow down massively, compared to before launch. We simply weren‘t successful enough to keep as many people as we wanted to.

    This is slowly changing, so I‘m optimistic that this will slowly pick up speed again. Our content updates will follow the model, where it‘s more a „season“ rather than one big patch. We had to adapt and a steady flow fits us better than something every 1-2-3 months.


    31. If Eldar are getting Autarchs as their elite, what happens to the Ranger as an Elite? Postponed indefinitely?

    NR: We have plenty of heros planned, the batch of the next 4 is being prepared. No ETA but the Ranger is indeed still intended to do.

    32. Will we be seeing other types of cosmetic rewards for campaigns/other in the future such as helmets, backpacks, torso's and such?

    NR: Yes. I mean, of course. Not much else to say :)

    33. Can we hope about a proper rework of the possessed helmet, stomach and arms soon ? Currently, besides the ork komando he is a very weak elite. Will you make him tougher, or give him some special ability to balance his vulnerability ?

    NR: Yes, as mentioned above, balancing them, making them more meaningful, more cool or what we feel is missing pieces, is all our intent to do. In fat we‘re already getting in more pieces we‘ll exchange which is awaiting integration.

    34. Dire avengers are still missing some cloth cosmetics as part of their base model, will these ever be added or does cloth continue to be a problem even for the avengers? Additionally; more dire avengers are depicted with fabric bound around their limbs. Could these visual indicators be used as a visual depiction of the player using heavy armour the way other factions get visuals?

    NR: Cloth simulation got a lot of work in Unreal Engine 4.16. When we get to that point, we will revisit cloth in general. Till then I wouldn‘t expect seeing much cloth, except perhaps limited amounts on the heros. Fabric around limbs is different from cloth, I believe that‘s in the pipeline of new assets for Eldar but when we don‘t know. They are tricky as limbs are different so it‘s not a „one size fits all“.

    35. In the current meta the LSM and Orkz healing grenades are very strong because in the power to raise the players from his knees without the participation of healers. Did you notice this problem in the balance? What changes can we expect in necrogranade mechanics?

    NR: Finally Noah figured out I don‘t have answers to these questions.

    36. Can you give us a rundown of how you are planning to implement the Warlords and how one goes about becoming one in a particular match? Are you planning to give Warlords additional command tools, and if so what type of things? For example, will we see things like Squad commands, spawn mechanics manipulation, automated defences, supply manipulation (vehicles included)?

    NR: No, as Warlords have a lot of pre-requisites to be possible in the first place we can‘t describe any deatils as those will emerge as part of developing them, and we‘re not there yet. As mentioned above, they still have their original goal, commanding the battlefield, setting objectives for squads, a multiplier on XP, and special abilities.

    37. Possible, probable?

    NR: The answer is no. We can't do local servers but we might be able to put the Garrison mode on the maps. But that's a lot of server power. Good idea though. Duly noted.

    38. Will shoulder switching ever be available? (it already exists when in cover and you do not need to mirror the animations)?

    NR: No. It doesn‘t exist when in cover, as it isn‘t switching the shoulder. And yes, we do need to mirror the animations. It‘s not an opinion, based on having tried out first all the cheap tricks on camera manipulation in the bookt. It‘s a fact and it‘s not going to change :)

    39. Knives and Knuckles cost 0 LP, but the basic pistols always cost 50 LP. Can we have a way to reduce this cost further?

    NR: No but adjusting LP cost is part of the LP balancing mentioned before.

    40. Why does the Possessed use a Powerfist? I don't mean for the weaponmodel but the stats. In the TT the Possessed only have melee weapons, basicly a chainswords. They are faster, thougher, stronger and have 1 more attack then a normal Marine which makes them AI units and not AT, what a Powerfist would make them. Wouldn't a fast chainaxe make more sense statswise?

    NR: We don‘t follow the tabletop game. We‘re a game based on the license for the universe and lore and have essentially nothing to do with how the tabletop works. We might take inspiration from it, some of the rules are based on lore we follow, but the rules themselves does not affect our license.

    Nothing says we won‘t provide variations of the same Heros though. It‘s just not possible right now in the system. As part of the previous questions on balancing and heroes, we might decide to change the basic weapon, sure, but that‘s no promise. Melee should simply work, and he should be meaningful as designed.

    41. Could you let people to protect allies using their Shield (Ground Assault and Slugga Boy) get a bit of XP when they block damage? This would encourage them to actually use their Shield to assist the team more often, which would be nice to see as it is a team based game after all.

    NR: No, although like mentioned before, we are looking at adding some new XP events along with Personal Goals. Specifically shielding allies as an event might be a heavy calculation on the server so I wouldn‘t expect that precisely. It‘s a lot of continuous proximity and line of sight checks.

    42. What's planned after the Eldar Campaign and their Elite have been finished? What's the next big thing to hit Eternal Crusade?

    NR: Personal goals, ties into the entire game, whether part of a campaign or not. Goals, purpose, a pre-requisite for prototyping the new game modes, tying in more activity and achievements to the metagame.

    Vehicle customization, as in you will have more preset vehicles, more visual variations of them, but all presets. You get the Baal Predator, and when you spawn a vehicle, you will spawn as a Baal Predator instead of a Predator. Might be two Baal Predators to choose from. But you‘re not going to be „fitting“ a tank, although our system does allow for that future expansion.

    43. There have been talks of melee reworks for some time now, can you share some of the details for the rework (I.E. durability values, swing speeds, clang metrics, E.T.C.)?

    NR: :)

    44. Can there be an achievement during the battle that if met would allow a player to spawn a second vet/elite if they have used one? This would make sales for current and future elites go up.

    NR: No. Spawning multiple times, whether as Veteran or Hero is planned as mentioned previously. The mechanics we want to use for that aren‘t there yet. Essentially you should be able to select what kind of spawns and how many spawns you want to take into a match (i.e., strategems).
  9. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 45th Q&A thread

    1. (team) Currently the poison ailment gets countered hard by allot of things (healing pack consumables, healing beacons, HoT grendes, heal over times in general) and allot of poison applying tools (outside things like the Necrotic Chainsword) feel rather weak and underwhelming to use. Would you perhaps consider differentiating between healing and curing yourself, so that healing isnt an automatic cure for a full bar of poison applied to someone (which takes awhile). If not how do you plan to approach the poison ailment to make it better and more useful?

    EC: No, we treat incoming damage equally. Creating and balancing a system which not only starts to have specific ailment heals and so forth, is not planned in the nearby future. Let’s keep it simple and address it through counters in general as you count up in your questions.

    2. What new content is coming to the game?

    EC: As we’ve covered a number of times, on Twitch, Steam news et al, what we’re working on is personal goals, customizable vehicles, next up very likely slates and game mode enhancements. More destructibles and such.

    3. Previously Nathan mentioned some resources were being moved back to EC does that mean new people to the dev team or old ones coming back?

    EC: We get people on and off all the time. We have specific tasks we request from our pool of 300 people at BHVR, if we don’t have that capacity on the team. Meaning, besides the core team of us, we get specialist for certain periods of time.

    4. Are there plans to make maps more interesting or rather put empty space to good use?

    EC: Yes, this is part of our plans for looking at game modes after our current huge tasks. Realize, when we say “game modes”, that’s everything from a ticket or life counter, to a new approach with a destructible entrance.

    5. Would you consider making skins for factions and subfactions that are on par with the Legion, Possessed and Kommando? They look really cool and more base skins of that quality would be awesome.

    EC: No. They are Heros, there will be no equivalents. You will be able to get either piece by piece some of their visuals, but those heros are heros. If anything, we’d like to boost them to separate them even more from the crowd. Slates would work fantastically with this dynamic.

    6. When will you fix the matchmaker? Its task №1 if you want to save the game. I mean completely removing gap between teams and start matches only if teams are balanced in numbers.

    EC: Matchmaking is one of the most complex systems in gaming universe. It’s why Microsoft Research was put on it and patented it. So there is never going to be “a fix” (singular). That’s like asking when will you fix the car. Tuning it, researching match startups is something we can tune. Those aren’t code fixes, it’s using data to determine the best variables. Are they off now compared to before? Yeah, I think so. Your suggestion, while simple, would not start any matches in any matchmaking system. You’d end up in an infinite loop of one quits and you then wait again till someone makes up for that 1 person gap. I mean, diarrhea determining when matches start was ruled out in the last decade.

    7. This is going to sound really sarcastic again but I'm honestly curious, what's the 10-year plan for Eternal Crusade looking like now?

    EC: It’s not changed, no matter how often you ask that question. Answer is the same. The absence of a plan, is no direction. The existence of a plan, is direction of where we’ll go. Our plan is, we have a huge universe to work with, and when we’re done filling out every corner of battles, classes, heroes, vehicles and metagame with what we’re licensed for, from termie equivalents to titans, we’ll consider what next.

    If you know a lot of people that have created 10+ year running games they’ll tell you the same. You look at the game at a regular interval and respond to what the game needs. Every 3 months you revise. If you want to read more how they work, you can look out the fundamentals of Kaizen and why people have 5 and 10 year plans. It’s to force you to constantly revise it.

    8. Will you have some changes in relationships with GW? It seems like coordination with them really slows down the development process.

    EC: GW is not slowing us down at all, never have. They are part of a licensing process, like Disney and Star Wars, they own a world that we work within. If we respond, that would not be accepted, it’s because Dante wouldn’t wear pink armour, or Abaddon have a thing for unicorns. Or us having technical limitations. GW has been great in helping us find solutions, probably one of the better licensors I’ve worked with. When I get questions like “just remove that, we’ll be fine” – it doesn’t work like that. You don’t change lore just because some random player feels it’s ok his tabard would look nice enough as a cape.

    9. Will we see a real dedicated GvG mode that doesn't need setting up via devs anytime soon? Clans are a big part of this game and just pubstomping all day is fun for no one.

    EC: Yes, sometime soon. We have a design, Asking when is fun for no one.

    10. Can we have an option to choose which game mode would like to play instead random what the matchmaker gives. Would like to filter out hold the line game-mode just like can fortresses atm.

    EC: Everything is possible but see all “fix the matchmaker” questions. More pools to match is entirely detrimental to better matchmaking. So that’s a firm no, til we have fundamental things fixed, before we add bad complexity to the matchmaker.

    11. How much delay will the transition to the newer Unreal Engine build cause?

    EC: We’ve always said on many occasions, when we start, we go dark for at least a month. There’ll be campaigns and such which have nothing to do with an engine upgrade but yes, at least a month. Note, very few games in the last 5 years actually do engine upgrades. They freeze a version and work from there.

    12. Will fortress maps ever get reworked for their phase B to be not way too easy for the defenders ? such as allowing forward spawn points for the attackers at phase B that need to be secured first, some timed demolition event that removes some of their cover, etc.

    EC: See my answer above on game modes and what that really means.

    13. Will the guild system be expanded for easier use in the forseeable future (things like invites via guild list or a basic Member rank)?

    EC: Yes, as stated on Twitch numerous times.

    14. What is the LSM win rate now that the game isn't receiving a flood of new players and the LSM base is crawling out of that noob phase and catching up to the other factions in terms of skill.

    EC: Not sure why you think we’re not getting new players, I assume you use a silly statistic as PCU, instead of DAU and MAU. Win rate didn’t change dramatically at all. All factions vs factions are pretty equal from that standpoint. Worst case in a week is 40/60 between certain factions. That means if you are losing most of your matches to any faction, it isn’t the game.

    15. Character titles? I really like how World of Warcraft used to do it with the players with the most honor getting the highest ranking titles, you have the personal stats available. I think its a great encouragement for maxed out players to keep coming back everyday.

    EC: Yes, when we have UI power, especially if we do console cross-play, those are certification requirements.

    16. Can something be done about ork movement who can get stuck on a bumpless road, somehow.

    EC: No. Mainly since Orks aren’t the only ones that get stuck. It’s a common FPS/TPS/MMO problem.
  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 46th Q&A thread
    1. (team) After the change in the matchmaking are there other changes planned for improve the game experience in maps with non ideal number of players and for underpopulated factions?

    EC: When we were testing new matchmaking parameters, the changes of map sizes were only to try new group sizes the matchmaker had to work with. They had nothing to do with any map changes. The matchmaker works with buckets (a match) that it fills, based on certain criteria, so changing the bucket size is one way of testing out changes to the matchmaker.

    That being said, we did get good feedback on certain maps which we have implemented already. But this was not intended as a result of the testing nor in no way, an indication of us starting an overhaul on players per map. That would come later, way down the road when we start playing around with new game modes and extending current ones.

    2. Brent nerfed the ranged of lunge and evade attacks just prior to the game going live last September. I think we can all see the results with the current state of melee. Will we see a bit more distance and better overall mobility for melee archetypes reinstated back into evade and lunge attacks? That's assuming that these mechanics start working reliably like they used to work back during Alpha.

    EC: We didn’t change their range. We’ve already changed evade and lunge to behave properly and their effect. We’ve also made other fundamental changes to melee since we’re finally getting closer to a consistent system. You’ll have to wait till the patch to see what they are unless you jump on UAT.

    Melee is and has been a focus for us for a long time. It will continue to be so, as can be noted by the two Top 5 focus lists we did to get feedback on the state of melee and melee vs. ranged. In fact, we’re discussing today our in a meeting our priority based on those two lists. But as you mention, working reliably still isn’t quite there. We find things deep down that clash with each other.

    3. Why CAN'T we reuse certain animation sets for specific things like using the tactical's animations for a knife and bolt pistol with the devastator? I know it's lack of animators but a lot of us are fine with placeholders.

    EC: Multiple reasons. First and foremost there is no real concept of “reusing” in animation. The closest I think you get to that is retargeting. And that is quite far removed from copy-paste re-use.

    And neither us nor Games Workshop would allow broken animations like that in the game. Besides the animations themselves breaking, it can break animation sequences and blending, so it’s a lot of effort to basically introduce more bugs. And timing, sequences and blending of animations is what makes melee horrible to work with right now, as it is broken in many places.

    4. Can we delete dbash from the game? And make melee works with only fast/strong/sprint/evade attacks and strafe and evade and clang as defense? Dbash is causing a lot of animations problems, among others knowed problems.

    EC: Dbash is very much on the table for review. Wouldn’t even rule out removal but it’s not next on the list. We have other changes that are simpler already in for melee. I can at least tell you, Dbash is no particular friend of ours due to exactkt the reasons you mention :)

    And as pointed out above, you’re experiencing exactly the repercussions of attempts of retargeting of animations in minor ways, while cleaning up the melee system. Sequences are linked and blend, which is tied directly to combat effects, visual feedback (you see me stab) and so on.

    5. Whatever happened to the garrison being the hub for everything? Can we please get an in depth answer and (yes I know you hate this) a time frame for content relating to such.

    EC: Our architecture right now would require an extensive backend overhaul due to the way we segment where we run different services. It’s a huge operation. When we are able to do it, I don’t even know, but it’s fundamental to the future vision of where we’re supposed to be. We would have done it at launch if the backend server work wasn’t such a huge task.

    Think of it this way, we have to migrate fundamental services to the game servers, that currently run on the API servers and Garrisons runs on game servers. The real technical hub right now in our hub-and-spoke, is entirely on the API servers. This would be an immense improvement though, and open up so many options, that we cry every day that it isn’t like this yet.

    6. With no animator, 3D artist, level designer or PvE team does that mean we will never be seeing any fresh content from now on that is not on a ui level? And please tell me I'm wrong, but an example would be appreciated.

    EC: No, not big and extensive which I assume you’re thinking about. As we’re only one pipeline now, not multiple as before, we are currently rigged to create systems – or “features” if you will. That’s far more than just “UI” of course. Creating features will change your fundamental experience of the current maps, PvE and enabling us to have fun with game modes. It’s the easiest and most meaningful changes we can do with the least amount of effort.

    Creating a map would take 3 months, we’d do little else. When we get to slates system, it will change the entire dynamic of combat for every single person playing, fresh loot, even squad leader slates to reinforce the roles of squads.

    Regarding talent not on the team, we have a couple of 3D artists that are assigned to us right now. The technical term is “Beg, borrow and steal” from our sister teams. What comes out of that work, I’m going to keep secret for now.

    7. What can we as community members and players do to help this game out? What could we do to help move along content releases or balance fixes?

    EC: We appreciate all the people that are still submitting suggestions, bug reports and testing out on UAT. We do the lists as well to measure the state of things at any given time. This helps us improve the game in a more focused manner, and that’s the right way to move EC forward.

    But to be honest, the most meaningful thing is more sales right now . Everything that comes in goes into development. Every single dollar. The more that comes in, the more development resources we have. Even the small letter campaign helped. Everyone hearing internally that people really care and describe their feelings is always good. Reviews would usually help, good or bad, if partners and publishers actually cared about Steam reviews anymore.

    On that note, we are also actively pursuing partners for a lot of things now, as we’ve passed a corner in what we can and can’t do. No details and I can give no answers if asked, but some could drastically change our situation.

    8. What are your thoughts on releasing Chapter and Warband skins? By skins I mean, take a CSM, slap rusty Nurgle texture on him and voila! A reason for me to spend money and spend RTC.

    EC: Right now our skins and weapon variations focused on what factions and sub-factions we already have and what’s missing in the factions. Like Eldar, we’re always creating something, Noah hasn’t left the items mines. And the next steps we want to do, is more uniqueness to the factions and sub-factions. Especially itemization – that’s the trinkets and stuff you do in fitting. That creates the system for making meaningful “sub-sub-chapters”, not to mention slates. That’s like a Slaanesh dream for me.

    One fine day, we’ll be there. I don’t know when. Oh, and “voila” is not a part of the language in game development, nothing is like that sadly. It’s more like the scream of enjoyment after weeks when something is finished and deployed.

    9. While I understand from your last live stream you stated that you have designed the game in such a way that community mods cannot be implemented in game, does this hold the same in regards to making maps? Outside of a submission and approval process (and possibly access to tools), is there anything seriously barring the community from being able to create maps for the game?

    EC: It’s the exact opposite. This seems to be a common misconception. We didn’t intentionally design the game to not be moddable. You have to intentionally create systems which enable modding the game.

    Games out there which are moddable have spent years on getting to where they are now, even creating tools for you to create, export and submit in the right format, with an extensive guideline on how to create a map, with the scripting to modify game mode systems, and such.

    So the question is always, can you make systems so that the game can be easily moddable? Would love to. If you have a million dollars somewhere lying around.

    10. Any chance of getting some devs off other projects? Or have the higher ups left us to rot down here?

    EC: We’re already have devs from other projects, as well as code sharing. The big thing right now is our sister team updating to the latest Unreal Engine 4, and as they are using our code base, they are doing most of the work for us. Good stuff. I’d love to see more devs shuffling around, but they are busy as well.

    11. The drum mag astronomically increases damage output per minute at a cost of only 30LP. This item is truly a "God Mode" mod and one of the cheapest mods in game. Will we see items like the life leech mod for melee weapons being reduced accordingly from 100 LP to 30 LP or will we see proportionately proper price increases for the box and drum mag(50LP Box mag and 100 LP Drum Mag)?

    EC: First pass at LP costs and balancing them is in. Second pass will happen. I’m looking forward to it.

    12. Why cant we have territorial conquest, world map with locations?

    EC: We can’t have nice things. We have the designs, the mechanics and the latest world map update wasn’t just visual, it was a preparation for those systems and features. We don’t have it scheduled, as right now it’s Slates or Game Modes after we finish Objectives, as these systems would have a far higher impact on your day to day play, than territorial conquest. My estimate would be that territorial conquest would be the size of slates, game modes and objectives combined. That means, territorial conquest, in all its glory, will come in sections, when we get back to them.

    In fact, objectives and game modes would make territorial conquest even more interesting. Not just win matches, win x amount of a type of match, fulfill global objectives and so on.

    13. Why are we not seeing more filler recolor items and skins? I remember you saying this was one of the easier things you could do and at the moment you need any content you can get. Chapter Reskins or Weapon Reskins whatever you choose, we want it.

    EC: Because the are multiple approaches to it. The easiest would create a ton of clutter with duplicating the base weapons and color them, and that’s not a good idea. We need a system to do this more intuitively, both for players and us. You apply skin/color/etc independently from the base model. It’s very high on Noah’s wish list from the item mines though. He’s on discord and is accepting donations and is actually doing some amount of those recoloring’s I think. Just not all colors and such for all weapons.

    14. Is it reasonable to expect any kind of new item content for any of the factions in this coming year?

    EC: As mentioned above, Chan is all in on balancing melee, combat, itemization, and Noah is creating visual variations and such. We haven’t stopped creating items. When we get to Slates, they are entirely new items for all factions and all classes. Campaigns will also remain more of a constant now than before.

    15. Сan you reveal some information about preset vehicles for Eldar or orks, and will Chaos and LSM presets be different?

    EC: Too early to say. Right now we’ve migrated the current vehicles over. Then we’re going to create a visually souped up version of the current ones, basically skins. The next step will be messing functionally with them as we showed on Twitch, i.e., a Baal Predator preset. Don’t expect functional variations anytime soon though. That’s a massive balancing and 3D asset integration task.

    16. What happened to the slate system for veterans and elites?

    EC: Nothing happened to them. They are a likely candidate to be taken on next due all players will benefit from them, how much they can drastically affect gameplay, and they are pre-requisites for changing certain veteran, hero, squad leader mechanics, as well as a hard pre-requisites for a Warlord.

    17. How many cosmetics and weapons do you have locked away in your vaults? Can we see them? Why does it take so long to add stuff you already have?

    EC: We have quite a few things which aren’t integrated yet. You can’t see them as some are purpose built for certain things, there are even Warlord assets there.

    As for the speed, we could create variations and drop a ton on you, but it would not be meaningful. We are well beyond 1000 items in there already, and adding more before we have a good balance with what we have, would just add to the mess.

    So it’s a conscious decision that Noah isn’t always in the item mines. Despite common belief that we only want your money, most of our effort is going into the game itself, not monetization. Sounds counter-productive when you need more money for development I know, but if we don’t evolve the game towards our vision, in-game monetization is worthless, the 3987th time you’re on Maggon.
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