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Q&A Answers Compilation Thread

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Djemo-SRB, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 26th Q&A thread

    1. (team question)What is the asymmetrical element that makes each factions ground "assaults" (footslogging melee classes) different from one another? In particular will the Orks "ground assaults" be a standardized/prominent choice (like the bolter is more of a standard weapon for SM) to incentivize the melee-centric nature of the Ork faction?

    BRENT: Our goal is to make the Slugga the most common Ork class on the battlefield and are looking into ways to incentivize this. Sluggas will be very strong at close/melee range, have a wider selection of pistol types to choose from than other factions, a Waaagh! mechanic that is particularly beneficial for them, etc.

    Eldar have two footslogging melee classes but with very different mechanics. The Striking Scorpions are a stealth class, and the Howling Banshees charge forward and suppress their targets with a scream to make it harder to take them out in the final approach.

    2. What are the Arch-Deacon, Cardinal, and Arch-Cardinal reward items?

    Cannot answer right now.

    3. Will Meltaguns or even Multimeltas also be usefull against infantry? Both are mainly anti vehicle, but the Meltagun is also a useful weapon against heavy infantry or quick assassination of important targets.

    BRENT: They’ll be more useful against infantry than the lascannon and particularly useful against storm shields or characters with high toughness like Nurgle marines. However, they’re still a bulky heavy weapon meant primarily for vehicles so against most infantry targets you’ll prefer other choices.

    4. When do you plan to release linux client? It will be available during closed alpha or later?

    NATHAN: For Linux, it’s last on the list right now as the audience is less than 2% of founders. However, both Mac and Linux are native to Unreal Engine 4 and we expect not too much effort starting up those clients. We have no timing at this point, but obviously we’d like this to happen before launch. In fact, our server builds already run on Linux.

    5. I'm curious as to where the combat system is going. As someone who loved THQ's Space Marine's combat, I've found EC's system to be very restrictive, especially with camera/character movement. In Space Marine, there was no camera locking in combat, will EC take this direction soon or are you planning something else?

    BRENT: I assume you’re talking about melee, since there’s no camera locking in ranged combat. Space Marine had great melee systems for what it was, but the system was built around beat-em-up combat against AI and therefore was a bit more shallow than what we’d like to achieve. We are finding the lock-ons to work quite well, especially with the new improvements for the jump pack characters, and are looking at ways to make them easier to use. However, they’re entirely optional just like in most melee games if you prefer not to use them.

    6. With redeployment, will we see a "cast time" added to prevent players from constantly abusing it (such as to avoid a death by another player)?

    BRENT: Yes, that’s coming soon alongside a change to make it so you don’t drop dead when you redeploy, but instead give your salute and fade out.

    7. To what extent will vehicles be functionally customisable? For example the use infra red sights or enhanced zoom on the main gun of the predator or the addition of extra armour to the front or rear of the tank?

    BRENT: You’ll be able to add visual customizations, change out the weapons, and possibly a few other accessories to affect its survivability. At launch it’ll be a bit less extensive than the infantry customization but we’ll build on it over time.

    8. I recall during a certain video... Angry Joe's pre-alpha impressions, I believe... Someone on the team in the video had mentioned an idea. All structures, or most structures, in the game can change based on what Faction controls it and for how long.

    BRENT: That’s not a question! Currently we intend to have outposts & strongholds display banners appropriate to the faction that controls them. In addition, turrets will change out to whatever is appropriate for the faction.

    9. A question about Eldar: Given that only Aspect Warriors will be playable in the game, which color scheme do you plan to give the Aspect Warriors? The Craftworld's color, Aspect's color, or a mix of both?

    BRENT: We’re following GW here, so you primarily see the Aspect’s colour. We would like you to be able to pick shrine colours as well though. Your Warlock and your vehicles will take on your Craftworld colours.

    10. Before the open world is implemented, how will the battles between factions be organized? How one faction is going to attack another?

    11. If the Techmarine and equivalent are confirmed, can they deploy a sentry gun, like a Tarantula Sentry Gun for the techmarine?

    BRENT: This is post launch, but once they get in I think that’s a pretty safe bet.

    12. What are the current thoughts on the crafting system?

    NOAH: Eternal Crusade doesn’t have a classical crafting system where a recipe and ingredients get combined to make an item. What Eternal Crusade does have is a lot of different weapons and modifications that go into the creation of a load-out. We feel this scratches the “combine these to get this” sort of theory crafting gameplay while focusing on war rather than inventory management.

    13. What shade of Green are the Orks? Yes this is actually an important factor. If Orks aren't the right shade of green then they'll look werid, or sick,or Nurgly.

    NATHAN: We try to closely follow the official color range from Games Workshop, they are not always entirely identical due to lighting and other environmental effects but the base is often the same as the recommended for the tabletop miniatures.

    14. Except the survival mode for Coop,any other modes can be play in coop?

    BRENT: You can always play co-op against other players in PvP!

    15. Out of curiosity, would there be plans to represent smaller chaos chapters like the Sons of Malice to play as , and if so, how would features such as the coms rose work for them, as they dont actually speak?

    BRENT: Well we’re adding the Altansar who only speak in whispers and it’s going to be tough enough with just that restriction (how do you whisper “Grenade!”?). I don’t think we’ll be taking on the challenge of adding non-verbal sub-factions any time in the immediate future.
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    Answers from the 27th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) Do you have a rough target date for transitioning to Beta and what assets and systems need to be introduced and fully tested in Alpha before we move towards Beta ?

    NATHAN: We’ll transition sometime early in the new year. We want to have more depth of character in there before we begin Beta, such as character progression, personalized loadouts, 100s of items, visual customization, perhaps actual sub-faction flavor, warlords and veterans. After our goal is territorial conquest, game modes, campaigns and such to bring purpose to the character and his achievements.

    2. Eldar are close, can you tell us how do you guys want each class to work?

    BRENT: Real quick summaries that don’t go into any of the intricacies of the classes:
    • Dire Avengers – Tactical unit for capturing points, great at short range, terrible at long range.
    • Howling Banshees – Charge & suppress in order to reach melee.
    • Striking Scorpions – Use stealth to reach melee, go behind enemy lines, etc.
    • Swooping Hawks – Harassment unit, the only jump characters that can use light weapons.
    • Fire Dragons – Melta unit.
    • Dark Reapers – Long-range fire support.
    • Warlocks – Psychic support

    3. Marines with jump packs have trouble reaching melee right now, what will you guys do to make the 3 eldar melee classes able to reach melee with no jump packs, shields and also having lower resilience than marines?

    BRENT: There are only 2 eldar melee-dedicated classes - Striking Scorpions have stealth and Howling Banshees will be able to suppress their targets for the final charge. Warlocks have many other tricks besides melee.

    4. Can you give us a basic rundown of how the vanilla eldar weapons will work and their strenghts and weaknesses?

    Cannot answer right now.

    5. What made you guys choose a lock in animation melee system rather than a free aim melee system similar to Skyrim or Chivalry?

    BRENT: By “lock in animation” I assume you are referring to the fact that you can’t move independently while meleeing. While Skyrim and Chivalry have fun melee that I enjoy a great deal, it simply does not work for the 40k experience. There are two problems with those systems – the first being that it would look ridiculous on a Space Marine. Note how the upper-body animations are not linked to the lower body in those systems. You get this weird separation at the hip where the melee attacks have no effect on the character’s legs. It’s nothing like real swordfighting and with a huge, chunky character in power armour it would look even worse.

    Secondly, the type of melee encouraged by those systems where you shuffle back and forth in and out of the enemy’s range simply does not match the vision for 40k combat where characters crunch their weapons together and aggressively try to beat down their opponents. As we push further and polish up the clanging system, we feel we’ll be able to achieve something that is both deep and fits the experience better.

    6. Is the Eldar colour scheme for troops going to be the colour of our Aspect, our Craftworld, or are we going to be given the option to choose between Aspect/Craftworld colours?

    BRENT: This was answered last time!

    7. Will Tyranids have unique mechanics to make them more challenging & induce a certain feeling during gameplay? Such as grapples which were used well in Left 4 Dead?

    BRENT: Yes, they will have unique mechanics to make them more challenging & induce a certain feeling during gameplay.

    8. Will the chosen Chaos god mark on Aspiring Sorcerers change Undivided powers in any way like enhancing or adding an effect?

    BRENT: No, we’d prefer to keep it clean by having god powers be unique. That said, there will be god powers that are designed as tweaked versions of Undivided powers.

    9. Did you guys really need to double down with naming the new class Traitor Assaults? A lot of us Chaos fans(as opposed to the Loyalist fans that were the ones to suggest Traitor be our class name in the first place) are still hoping you could at least change Traitor back to just a Tactical...

    BRENT: This is the name given to us by the brand.

    10. How will the Striking Scorpion's mandi blaster work? Will it be more of a active weapon working exactly like the boltpistol, doing direct damage, or will it work like a passive distracting weapon staggering the opponent? Could it be used while attacking with the melee weapon, since it doesn't need a free hand?

    Cannot answer right now.

    11. Eldar should be faster and more agile to fit their character. How will this be balanced? Will they be weaker and easier to kill, have smaller ammo clips (to encourage hit & run tactics), or what?

    BRENT: We’re going to be testing this soon, but you’ve pretty much stated our intentions. They will be able to maneuver better while sprinting or vaulting and roll more often,

    12. Are the console controller controls being looked at right now, or are they here to stay (For the near future, at least)?

    BRENT: We are going to have gamepads, if that’s what you mean! Like the keyboard controls, we will offer two default schemes – the one we have now (or whatever it ends up being as we evolve it), and one very similar to standard Shooter controls with a toggle sprint, etc. As for the actual tuning of the sensitivity, dead zones, acceleration, etc., there is a lot more work to be done there and it will continue to be adjusted through launch and beyond.

    13. For PvE engagements, will there be difficulty settings or will the game generate difficulty by analyzing player performance?

    BRENT: Difficulty settings – in the context of a persistent MMO it’s very dangerous to have dynamic difficulty with performance-based rewards. Of course there are some techniques that could be deployed in the future (such as unlocking harder content based on how fast you kill a boss), but to start we’re planning to have you choose your challenge from the beginning.

    14. Will the Warlock get a spiritseer ability/perk in the future to buff the terminator class equivalent Wraithguards or even Wraithlords?

    BRENT: Either a Warlock ability or just a Spiritseer class. To be determined!

    15. What are your thoughts on keeping, removing, or lessening friendly fire damage in the alpha?

    BRENT: We don’t intend to change much from what we have, particularly when it comes to ranged attacks. You can really screw up the tactical experience by not penalizing friendly fire. We will need better griefer detection/reporting/punishment systems, however. It’s also possible that other factors around certain weapons create more accidental friendly fire, and those should be improved as we find them.

    16. Any chance we see EU servers during Alpha?

    NATHAN: Yes, I find it likely but at least in Beta. We use cloud services and decided to only have server in North America while we were developing the software to manage, distribute load, fire up servers on demand and create the database for a persistent world before firing up battleservers all around the world.
  3. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 28th Q&A thread
    1. (team) Will Undivided powers (the purple healing beam especially) have different variations based on the God Mark of the Sorcerer (Undivided spell adapting to the equipped Mark for example)? Or will we just have 1 power pool for each Chaos God and 1 for Undivided?

    BRENT: Instead of having the power change based on the god we will have powers assigned to gods or undivided, then your god alignment or lack thereof will determine which spells you have available. We haven’t yet determined exactly how the breakdown will work, however. It might be that being Undivided lets you have one undivided and one god power, while god alignment forces you to have two god powers. Alternatively, Undivided might be the only way to get two Undivided powers while you’re forced to take one god power if you have a mark. As we create and test more powers this will become clear.

    2. Is there a chance heavy bolter's overheating will be decreased, the same about recoil and spread? I think at least 30% down would be satisfactory.

    BRENT: Sure. See next patch!

    3. How will the Shoota compare to the boltgun in terms of design? Will it be considered the all-rounder of the Ork arsenal or fulfill a more narrow purpose like the Dire Avenger's shuriken catapult?

    BRENT: It’s in-between because we’re going to put more emphasis and variety on the Sluggas compared to what you’ll see with the Bolt Pistols. The Shoota will be a good all-around weapon, but we want to see lots of Slugga boys on the battlefield so you may prefer one of those at closer ranges (combined with a choppa of course).

    4. Might we possibly see voice packs for different factions in the store/dlc down the road as new content? It could add a lot of variety per race and per character to be able to swap between a few different voice stylings.

    BRENT: Yes!

    5. Are there any plans for players to be able to set their own default fire mode? For example, when spawning with a Stalker Bolter have the weapon set to always start off set to semi auto instead of burst.

    BRENT: It already remembers it across respawns so that’s something we could potentially expand to. We’ll look into it.

    6. Will we have the ability to give our hero, warlord and similar special characters traits that are akin to the TT such as Eternal Warrior and Feel No Pain?

    BRENT: This will be handled as part of the accessory system. We are already looking into special properties like those!

    7. How will EC improve upon the multiplayer melee system of Relic's Space Marine?

    BRENT: Unlike Space Marine, Eternal Crusade needs to provide an experience that is infinitely extensible and driven by an underlying RPG system. In addition to providing more weapon variety and the ability to modify ones’ survivability in melee combat through accessories, EC combat has 3 different types of standard attacks (in accordance with a rock-paper-scissors philosophy) as opposed to the 2 in Space Marine. EC also features two melee classes per faction, as well as shields and melee procs based on your loadout and weapons.

    Our goal is that while most melee fights must resolve relatively quickly while the bullets are flying around you, memorable melee standoffs are still a possibility. This and the cover system are by far the two biggest gameplay challenges we’ve had on this project, but we’re confident that by the time the game ships the melee will be the deepest ever seen in a PvP shooter.

    8. Is bE aware, and/or addressing the similar problems (Stunlock from massed groupings of Assault Ground Slam, stunlock from certain ranged weapons, the ever present dichotomy between ranged and melee combat) SM faced and EC adopted - and agitated through its stamina/poise mechanic?

    Cannot answer right now.

    9. What is being done to improve the flow of melee and eliminate loopholes, such as crouching under an attack?

    BRENT: Well, being able to crouch under an attack is a bug related to a fix made to allow you to attack over cover. So when we find bugs, we fix them! The joys of alpha. :p

    10. What incentives are there for all classes to be in melee?

    BRENT: Well, not all classes SHOULD try to get into melee. Devastators and Havocs should avoid getting that close to enemies (and that’s why they should always have an escort), and while tacticals have the melee advantage against heavies they should try to engage melee specialists at range.

    The biggest issue we see is that we want Tacticals to feel like once they’re engaged in melee, their best chance of survival is to pull out the pistol & knife rather than continue to fire away with their bolter. We’re going to be putting bigger aim penalties after rolling, making it harder/more dangerous to run away, make it so you can only lock-on with a pistol, etc.

    11. On the continent of Arkhona will all the available maps be permanently be linked to a certain game mode? e.g. if we have a map like pegasus will it always be domination or could there be some variety depending on attacker or defenders choices on the meta level or other maps being in either attackers or defenders control and which affect the current map? Of course, if there would be variety it should only consider game modes which would make sense in a strategic way based on the layouts.

    BRENT: At launch a given location will be linked to a specific game mode. However, we will be doing multiple versions of locations with adjusted layouts and different capture rules.

    12. Will assault style game modes be always linear or could there be descisions which affect the next selcetion of points to be taken? e.g. if we breach a tunnel entrance section to a fortress on the east we could try to capture the general power facility in the basement and win the match or if we breach it the wall in the west we could reach the strategic command center at the top of a tower and winning the match.

    BRENT: Fortresses have much more variety to the strategy and that’s where we intend to invest in multiple secondary objectives as you describe. You’ll always end up fighting in the inner sanctum at the end, but there are multiple breach points as well as the opportunity to bring down the AA turrets to launch a drop pod assault inside the walls.

    13. Will there be mixed game modes? e.g. a match starts in the assault style with breaking defense and breaching a wall, but once inside a big facility a domination style mode is simulating the desperate struggle over each single section of the facility. Or it starts with a domination style to hold and secure important points to be able to construct a unique siege weapon. If the attacker is succesful in holding enough points for a certain time the siege construct will breach the fortress and the match finishes in a regular assault stlye mode inside the fortress.

    BRENT: That sounds very similar to the fortress ruleset! Basically there are 3-4 secondary objectives, one or more of almost certainly need to be completed before the courtyard capture point can be taken. Then there is a final capture point in the inner sanctum, and of course the defenders have limited reinforcements so they can’t keep rolling back out to meet the attacker’s waves without consequence.

    14. The Powerfist is known to be a slow but high penetration weapon, will the Fist be able to be clashed with non power weapons or even deflected with a tactical's Defensive bash, or will it just be bumped on top of the Power Axe in the weight chart?

    BRENT: If you clash against a power fist’s “fast” attack, you’ll lose a quite lot of stamina depending on which weapon you were swinging. Depending on your weapon, this could be enough to instantly stagger you. The fist is quite slow however, so you can also more easily dodge its swings or attack between them with a fast weapon. The Power Fist’s strong attacks insta-kill infantry and shock tanks though, and can’t be interrupted by anything below a Power Axe.

    15. When the open area with a fortress and multiple outpost are in game how will the different game mode of the fortress and outposts will be integrated?

    BRENT: This is a long way out but at first we will require you capture several outposts before the fortress becomes vulnerable.
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    Answers from the 29th Q&A thread
    1. (team) Brent has described the Eldar as being strong at short and long ranges, but less potent in the middle ground than other Factions. How would the team describe the meta specialties of the Ork, SM and CSM Factions?

    BRENT: I’ll just copy you what it says in our design documentation. Of course, it’s much deeper than this, but these are the high-level tactical intentions:

    Space Marine armies are very strong at mid-range, and capable at short & long-range.
    Chaos Space Marine armies are very strong at mid-range, and capable at short & long-range.
    Ork armies are very strong at short-range, capable at mid-range, and somewhat weak at long-range.
    Eldar armies are strong at close range, somewhat weak at mid-range, and strong at long-range.

    Note that this is not meant to represent the outcomes of one-on-one fights but rather the movement of armies. Thus “close range” refers to any combat under ~15m. And keep in mind that we’re planning on making our levels bigger from here on out.

    2. What do you plan to have the other Marks of Chaos that are not yet in game do?

    Cannot answer right now.

    3. Will the Dark Reaper be able to equip the Eldar equivalents of Lascannons (Bright Lance) and Plasma Cannons (Starcannon)?

    BRENT: Tempest and Reaper Launchers will fulfill this purpose, with super-fast missiles filling the long-range anti-vehicle niche, and arcing missiles being the anti-cover weapon. Of course, we will almost certainly see bright lances and starcannons later on.

    4. It seems like it has been awhile since there's been any news on the narrative. How's that coming along?

    Cannot answer right now.

    5. Eldar are supposed to be added in a month so I guess you guys are playing quite a bit with them, how are they doing against SM/CSM? similar W/L and K/D ratios or are currently above or bellow? which class has the best performance? which class is the most annoying to play against?

    BRENT: Actually we haven’t yet been doing much combat with them – art and locomotion (movement) is the focus right now. I’ll give you an update once they’re part of our daily playtests.

    6. Now that Steam EA is here what is the next big goal for the development team?

    NATHAN: We’re now implementing the “Massive” part of the “Massive Online Shooter” since the Alpha is only representing the core shooter and finding the fun gameplay in that. When we’ve added most of the persistent world and game systems, we’ll consider ourselves in Beta but still use the Steam Early Access program to keep on playtesting.

    7. Speaking of character names, is the no spaces limitation gonna carry over? You can reserve a name with spaces but right now it all has to be one word. I'd assume no, but it makes me wonder why it's even there in the first place.

    NATHAN: Don’t expect anything in Alpha to stay that way to release, that’s the safe thing to assume. There will be wipes in Alpha and Beta and of course at Launch and we will respect the character names created on the website when that connection and system is established.

    8. When will we be able to see the belt-fed heavy botler again? More importantly, currently the suppression affects friendlies as well, is it the intention? Because it's quite annoying and also reduces the effectiveness of Devs/Havoc overall.

    BRENT: This is two questions! Belt-fed heavy bolter will come in the next few months. Suppression will always affect friendlies to some extent, but we’re going to mitigate it. Specifically there’s a new feature coming to make suppression be cumulative rather than instant (although still quite fast), and it will take longer to accumulate on friendlies than enemies. We’re also looking at the HB damage since it seems to be a bit lower than intended atm.

    9. How will the Warlords become accessible/unlocked to players and is there a character level requirement for them?

    NOAH: Every match will have one warlord on each side. There isn’t a level requirement but there are a number of factors that will be considered. The requirements are things like size of the squad they are commanding, rank, the “thumbs up” rating, who got in the match first, etc…

    I talked about the subject a bit more in this post:

    10. How far are you guys in developing the tech needed for a full open world and can you give us any updates on the Road to the Open World that was written in the State of the Crusade IV written last summer (ie: more solid dates for releasing different map features)?

    NATHAN: We’re both investigating new tech that’s been coming up, like recently announced from Amazon – which incidentally we already use – and of course simply moving up the instance size. Open worlds of are basically instances that allow you to seamlessly move between them, no matter how many km2 they are so we’re working on both ends of the solution. No dates though, as the priority is Shooter, Massive, then bigger open territories. Reason is simple, an open world needs content unless we want to make “Warhammer 40,000 – Eternal Scenic Route”.

    11. Is there a reason that the camera is locked during executions/revives? If not could you please allow us to control the camera as we can during restocking of ammo.

    BRENT: For executions they’re locked because the point of the execution is to watch the execution, although this is something that will become more bearable when the executions are shortened and we will continue to evaluate this state. For rescues, I suppose we could unlock the camera… even though it won’t look as cool.

    12. Will badges used to spawn Elites & Heroes only be gained from RNG involved with the reward boxes earned through battle/reward boxes bought in the vendors with the "token" system or can the badges be gained some other way too?

    NOAH: It’s the other way around. You earn badges/tokens/teef from fighting and spend that on boxes or elites/vehicles. Badges and Tokens are essentially the same thing. We’ve changed the naming throughout development so that would explain the confusion.

    13. Is there any plans on having oceanic servers for the game ?

    NATHAN: Yes, we expect servers everywhere as we are running with in the Amazon Cloud but exact locations are not confirmed as we’re still working on the persistent world and database layer and game servers need good connections to those and we want to keep each persistent world (“Region”) as big as possible.

    14. You guys have expressed interest in having 2 factions vs 1 faction occasionally as a means of keeping overpopulated factions in check. In the event of the allied factions winning, who gets the territory? What about when 2 factions are defending? Why would, for example, Eldar players care about keeping the Ork's hold on a territory secure and queue up for that battle?

    NOAH: Matches are always one on one. If another faction ever does help it would be on behalf of a faction. Eldar for sure don’t care Orks holding territory. Eldar might have some other sneaky ulterior motive. Don’t they always?

    15. In the future plans for the game will only see the odd terminator spawn on his own walking around kicking ass ? Or have the spawn for terminators linked to all members of your current squad to create a massive load of destruction for your side?

    BRENT: You can always coordinate with your squad and have them all spawn, but we have discussed granting elite spawns to multiple players at a time. This would probably be a warlord power.

    16. Drop pods and Dreadclaws for LSM and CSM, respectively are planned, will there be webway portals for Eldar and Roks for Orks?

    BRENT: That is the intention!

    17. Will this game support DirectX 12 and if so, when can we expect it to be ingame?

    VINCENT: You can currently play the game on Windows 10. I personally do it at home. However, at the moment, it’s supported through the emulation layer which is not using DirectX12 specific features.

    We are using UE4 engine. They did start providing a Directx12 support since UE4 4.9. We are following UE4 main development branch and will continue to do so. We are currently on UE4 4.10. At the moment, the DirectX12 support is still in a young state. However, Epic are currently completing the new round of improvements for ue4.11 and they plan for much more as can be seen publically here

    So… when can we expect it to be in-game? The answer mostly depends on Epic works unfortunately. I know it is not the precision the community is looking for, but that being said, I hope it will be soon.
  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 30th Q&A thread
    1. The Stream of Corruption is criminally underused right now in live gameplay, not only because of its slow damage but because the Apothecary completely hard counters it(not only does the Narthecium fully heal and cleanse the poison, but it seems the heal over time negates any poison being applied anymore till the heal over time wears off, making the Apo and anyone he injects with the HoT immune to any poison). Have you considered buffing this psychic power in any way (aside from the planned AoE that it will become)?Like for example increasing the speed at which it accumulates poison, adding a movement speed decrease or perhaps better yet make it have an effect on any incoming healing on an enemy (for example reducing any healing the affected enemy gets by 30%, so the Apo cant just top a person back up from the worst of poisonings with 1 dose, but has to use one to cleanse the poison and another one to actually heal to full health)?

    BRENT: We’ve found one of the worst problems with the poison ailment is that it can be healed by the melee procs, making it effectively useless against anyone melee-focused class that’s successfully hitting things. We’re going to try and fix that and also give it an AoE effect before passing judgement. It’s ok that an Apothecary can clear it off quickly since that’s their job, particularly in the future when they’ll have to clear it off 5 or 6 guys once the AoE is in place. It’s certainly possible that there’s more tuning to be done on that, but I think it will have a relatively minor effect and therefore it’s best to wait until we do the full balance pass in a few months.

    2. I know orks are still probably a ways off, but i was hoping for a little early info on them. What ideas have you been tossing around in regards to making the orks shooting mechanics unique to the race?

    BRENT: Well, they fire a lot, they fire loudly, and they aren’t very accurate. Our goal is to match what you’d expect from the setting: volume of fire over quality of fire. In general, you can expect them to want to get closer than the Space Marines in order to reliably hit their targets.

    3. Is there anything in the works for improving indicators for melee combat - noticing when someone D-bashes or gets stunned/countered as examples? Most of the time it's hard to tell with the current animations. If you are stunned or countered, you have the weapon dropped down to your side as is the D-bash animation (one weapon will always drop down with this animation).
    It's hard to tell the difference on the two with dim and dark lighting effects on top of the staggered blurry vision and camera shake during melee combat. Just wondering if there will be improvements so you can be aware of exactly what it is for better counter play or take advantage.

    BRENT: Yes, there will be improvements for sure. However, this sort of feedback will be polished once we’re actually convinced that the core mechanics are working as intended. Hopefully after the next patch we’ll be confident enough with the melee to move onto that phase.

    4. Given it's been said that you can fully progress a class in the progression tree, what do you intend us to be spending XP on after that?

    MICHAEL: Good question. We’re thinking about it. We’re hoping to continue expanding the progression tree at a regular pace.

    5. Do you guys plan on doing more with armor besides just increasing/decreasing it for certain classes or accessories? For instance, having certain weapons or damage types deal very low armor damage but very high health damage. Or having weapons that bypass armor altogether and directly damage health, force weapons maybe?

    BRENT: We’ve considered having some weapons deal more or less damage to armour, but it’s been hard to find situations in which that would actually be interesting. Bypassing armour on the other hand is already in the game – the poison ailment does exactly that.

    6. Bunkers and proper improvised fighting positions are noticeably missing from Eternal Crusade at this point and time, proper positions that cover your flanks and rear, positions with overhead cover built specifically for defenders to fight from. After reading the entire Horus Heresy and several 40K novels Astartes seem no different than warriors of our millennium as far as fighting in the defense, they build up defenses wherever and whenever they can using whatever they can, some Legions/Chapters more effectively and efficiently than others. Being a combat veteran I can tell you first hand in a combat zone you will see these type of bunker structures at any compound entrance, covering all roads and major intersections inside that compound, on the outer walls every 50 to 100 meters, protecting/covering Headquarters buildings, Barracks, field hospitals. These positions aren't randomly thrown down, they're set in place at strategic locations as a part of an overall defensive network.
    Will we see something similar in the level design? (

    PIERRE-RICHARD: The intention in the long run is that you should feel protected when defending a capture point building or when holding a position to prevent the other teams from moving forward. Some maps have more obvious problems, Black Bolt for example, and we are aware that we need to improve them.
    We will probably not use bunkers as a defense building, but we want to make sure that when holding a position you can at least be protected from some angles.
    We will need to balance our space to accommodate the line of sight for the vehicles and the players at the same time. Fortress have a stronger use of buildings and flanking positions and we know we need to improve that for our current maps.

    7. My question for the devs is, do they intend to format the game to be compatible for Macintosh computers? My brother players on a Macbook pro and struggles heavily to get decent FPS. I know a lot of people have this problem, but i'm hopeful that if the game becomes properly formatted for Mac's his issue will lighten.

    NATHAN: The answer is yes, to port to Mac. That’s the intent as the FAQ says.

    8. Will the Dark Reapers be able to equip other types of missiles in the loadout screen (e.g. Plasma Missiles, Krak Missiles etc.)? As far as I remember, the Eldar Missile Launcher can use different types of missles, so at least this one should be able too (obviously same for the other factions Missile Launcher).

    BRENT: We’re not actually giving the Dark Reapers an Eldar Missile Launcher at first – they’re getting Reaper Launchers, Tempest Launchers and Shuriken Cannons. The Reaper Launcher will have Starswarm and Starshot options, however.

    9. Will there be a small-scale (like 4v4 or 5v5) pvp game mode?

    BRENT: At some point it is very likely, but not planned for launch.

    10. Can I have two two-handed weapons? When Eldar release, I plan on playing as outcast ranger/ striking scorpion, so could I have a sniper/2h melee weapon as my loadout or do have to keep to pistol + 1h melee weapon?

    BRENT: For launch we’re not planning any two-handed melee weapons – all melee weapons are one-handed. We will expand to them relatively soon however, since they’re very popular.

    11. Is there any intention of allowing Loyalist and Chaos Terminator Elite classes to Deep Strike instead of spawning as a standard infantry unit?

    BRENT: Once we add the Terminators, that’s something we’ll definitely explore since it’s pretty iconic.

    12. Is there any intention of having a map where killing enemies is the goal of the map, and not just capping points?

    BRENT: Eventually that’s something we’re likely to add, but since we’re making more of an MMO than a lobby shooter we want all the battles to be meaningful to the persistent world and therefore they’re all about taking locations or clearing out Tyranids. We’re also balancing the classes for objective-based gameplay, rather than trying to make them all equally good at killing each other, so a deathmatch-style mode would probably not be as much fun.

    That said, there will be free-for-all kill zones in the social/tutorial area.

    13. Will we get any in-game reward for the alpha scout achieves? Maybe something fun like cosmetics or a title?

    BRENT: Interesting thought, I’ll consider it!

    14. Why do our space marines do a wimpy underhand throw and can you change it so they can do a manly overhand throw like a proper space marine?

    Cannot answer.

    15. With the Warparties coming rather soon, what will be the maximum size of them?

    BRENT: The maximum size will be the maximum allowed for one side in the Stronghold battles, so initially 30. You will be able to set limits though, in case you specifically want to do Outposts (15) or Hives (5).

    16. Will we be able to see the "gamer tag/Steam name" of the other players while ingame?

    BRENT: Not directly in a battle, since we want to immerse you in the 40k setting and let people play their characters without directly referencing their account if they wish. We may have options in the Friends lists though to allow you to choose to publicly display your “real” tag.
  6. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 31st Q&A thread
    1. (team) What are the elite/hero classes that are planned to be released at launch?

    NATHAN: These are still WIP, can’t give any details just yet!

    2. If I wish to play a greenskin focusing on mid to long range will I have a competitive build?

    BRENT: Ork weapons skew shorter in range than those of other factions. Therefore you can work with mods to push a given weapon out significantly farther than the average Ork (adding scopes, reducing damage falloff, etc), but the effective distance will be closer than you see for other factions’ extremes.

    3. How much equipment variations there will be available for Eldar classes? Weapons like the diresword, executioner, triskele, scorpion claw, biting blade and so on will also be available for the standard classes or just for their exarch counterparts? (veterans/elites equivalents). If not, how much equipment customization (accessories, armour, ecc...) can we expect for eldar classes to compensate their lack of weapons choices?

    BRENT: The Eldar will all be more limited in their loadouts than the other factions because they have more classes – if you want a Space Marine to carry a meltagun you just equip it on a Tactical Loadout, whereas if you need melta as an Eldar you use a Fire Dragon loadout. Therefore they have a roughly equivalent quantity of options compared to other factions, those options are just spread across the more classes.

    As for the weapons themselves, we’re dipping into Exarch weapons for the Swooping Hawk and Dark Reaper, and will expand into more of them later on. The Dire Avengers will also be able to put plenty of mods onto their Shuriken Catapults to push them into different roles.

    4. How will the "glowing stones" effect the eldars visibility to the enemy on grim dark maps?

    JFMB: The gems won’t glow; they shine as per our current models ingame.

    5. In addition to Tug-of-War, Domination and Siege, are there any other modes in development or are being considered for launch? If not, how will do you plan to avoid the monotony of three modes based around capture point gameplay? (eg will some maps (not just fortresses) feature interesting secondary objectives?) Examples would be greatly appreciated!

    BRENT: We’ve barely gotten started on the types of things we can do with geometry on our maps (we haven’t even released a vehicle-focused Tug of War), so I’m not concerned about variety yet. Secondary objectives add a lot of complication and potential confusion, so we’re going to make sure we nail the core experience and train the player base first. Remember that launch is just a day in the game’s development, and plenty more will be developed afterwards.

    6. Is there still going to be Voice Modulation through the use of Razer Comms? So that we can actually sound like Space Marines, Eldar, Orks, etc.?

    NATHAN: Still WIP, can’t give details just yet.

    7. Which warlock psychic powers will be available at launch (or eldar release)?

    Cannot answer right now.

    8. Are you sticking with the Halo/Space Marine regenerating armor or would you be open to experimenting with other types of armor degradation? Such as permanent loss, peeling off layers, or multiple segments of regeneration?

    BRENT: The current armour mechanic is encouraging the type of player behaviour that we wanted it to, so we’re not looking at changing it in the near future.

    9. What is the purpose of the current capture points, in regard of their location and their function?

    BRENT: They represent control of their associated building - it’s a somewhat abstract game mechanic similar to the flags in Battlefield or the tactical objectives in 40k tabletop. The more important issue as far as we’re concerned is making sure the buildings themselves make sense to capture, either because they clearly have a valuable function or because they have a strategically significant position.

    10. With shield bearer's having two items to break, how is a MoN ever supposed to beat him 1v1?

    BRENT: There’s plenty more tuning to be done, but not every loadout is going to be able to rush forward and beat every other loadout. A character with a storm shield is hard to kill, but his real power is just his ability to herd targets – he’s great at guarding points or putting pressure as he trudges down a corridor… but you can just turn and run away from him and get someone with a plasma gun to run in and take him out.

    You CAN make a MoN that can deal with shields though – our intention is to make Power Mauls efficient against shields, or you can also equip a plasma pistol. But the standard bolt pistol/chainsword Traitor Assault will need to find some other way to get to the capture point behind that shield bearer besides a frontal assault.

    11. What type of anti tank options will orks have? Will we get the sticky close range tank busta bomb, rokkits, or will they just be reskins of other faction options since orks don't have melta bombs/guns?

    BRENT: Super Stikkbombs, Rokkits, Kannons, Zzap Guns and (most importantly) Power Klaws. They’re Orks!

    12. Regarding new fortress design, why is there an open path on the wall for attackers to come through? Aren't the fortresses supposed to be 100% gated? I would like to know level desinger's thoughts on this, because from gameplay design standpoint, when defenders have limited lives resource and attackers do not, having an opening in the defense can prove fatal for the defenders.

    • Having multiple secret entrance (right now, 2 in the current fortress) forces the defenders to feel vulnerable even behind the gates. Most of the Castles do have secret entrances (actually secret to exist the castle), but it works both ways, right? I do agree that some are more obvious than others.
    • If the attackers had only one way to go in, then it would funnel the action into one place which would make the fight less interesting in our opinion.
    • In our game we want to encourage the team play, and asking for example one squad (or two) guarding different access makes collaboration even greater.
    • And If you manage to win as a defender, then you’ll be really proud of what you accomplished!

    13. Will the plasma cannon see some type of nerf in the future? As it stands out atm, it seems suited for lone wolves because of its versatility, rather than promoting a support play style. It can deal with groups of enemies at long range with the charged shot and gun down approaching opponents in close range with the hip fire mode.

    BRENT: The different fire modes will always be an option, but you’ll want to specialize one way or another with weapon mods – including the choice to remove one or the other. As part of this implementation we’ll be adjusting the balance of the weapon. It is not intended to be a strong option at close range.

    14. How many players can crew the Wave Serpent, Fire Prism and Warp Hunter and who will have control of the Wave Serpent's Shield?

    BRENT: Wave Serpent has 10 seats, Fire Prism 2 and Warp Hunter 1 or 2 (currently being decided). The Wave Serpent’s shield is not controlled by a player.

    15. When will the models and other visual areas of the game start to be completed. The game doesn't look terrible now by any means however i feel it is not up to the capabilities of the engine or today's standards. So will the game be changed visually soon or is this the way it will remain.

    Cannot answer right now.

    16. Will the Dark Reapers be able to use both Starshot and Starswarm Missiles in their Reaper Launcher?

    BRENT: As part of your loadout you choose whether it’s using Starshot or Starswarm. The Starswarm fires multiple shots rapidly (and can be charged to fire several at once), while the Starshot fires a single, fast-moving projectile that follows your camera.

    17. How will eldars tall helmets be treated as regards to hit box damage multipliers?

    BRENT: The top of the helmet does not take damage. ;)
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  7. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 32nd Q&A thread
    (team) 1. A question for Michael. Getting closer to the RPG wargear system explosions (tick tick tick), what games have you studied for inspiration on things like stat weighting, crafting, gear progression and acquisition, and in what design areas would you like to innovate with your own uniquely-EC systems ?

    MICHAEL: Since we’re not as stat-heavy as traditional MMORPGs (where many stats are used to simulate combat) the design has trended towards fewer, more impactful item slots in each loadout over the course of development. You could say that we’re drawing from Tribes 2, an old favourite of mine, and games like Call of Duty for their loadout systems; although we intend our equivalent of “perks” to be heavily Warhammer 40,000-themed.

    The point restrictions of each item in a loadout is directly inspired by army building for the tabletop game. We want players to test and refine their builds; trying to make something viable out of the options and constraints before them. I’m hoping that in doing so, players will discover new playstyles – and as we expand on or balance the items, new possibilities will emerge that the community will enjoy sharing.

    Acquiring weapons and their modifications through a randomised reward system has been part of game direction since the early concept phase; inspired by a similar mechanic in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

    For the time being, I’m focused on delivering a solid foundation onto which we can later further expand on; but for now, I’m most excited about what we can do to make each faction feel different through itemisation.

    2. Word Bearers are often depicted as having passages of the Book of Lorgar written on their armor, flesh, and flesh of people they've flayed and stuck to their armor, in game will we be able to have some sort of runic transcriptions on our armor, on flesh parchments attached to our armor or heads when helmless?

    MATHIEU: Hopefully for launch, if not something close post launch. Packages of personal customization for your characters. Aesthetic elements.

    3. Will there be any battle opportunities outside of the outposts and fortresses of the game? For instance, a battle over a crashed ship in the desert, or a skirmish between two sides in no-man's-land while battles at opposing outposts take place?

    BRENT: Eventually yes, but for now we’re focusing on battles over specific locations that will be gained or lost as a result of a given conflict.

    4. What kind of secondary objectives we would receive in near future?

    BRENT: Don’t expect anything new in the next few months, as there’s still plenty for us to work on with our maps in terms of layout and geometry. In the future there will be AA turrets, power stations and smaller destructible walls to take out.

    5. How will the swooping hawk grenade pack function relative to other grenades - damage, range, radius, explosion delay etc?

    BRENT: The swooping hawk will actually be able to use a few different types of grenades there in order to accommodate different goals – anti-vehicle, anti-infantry, etc. However, they’ll blow up on collision instead of bouncing and he’ll have a lot more than the standard infantry so each of them will be a bit weaker than other grenades.

    6. What types of grenades are being planned for launch per faction? What sort of grenades would you like to have post-launch?

    BRENT: Frag, Krak, Melta for SM/Chaos, Plasma & Hawk Grenades for Eldar, several different Stikkbomb types for Orks. There may be more than that, and we are also investigating some variety within those types. After launch we’ll be looking at things like Haywire, Stun and more exotic stuff.

    7. How is the healing for painboyz planned to play out and will they have support abilities the other factions won't have an equivalent version of?

    Cannot answer right now.

    8. Would characters (and their progression) sync between the NA and EU servers? Or would there be separate character slots between the different regional servers due to the lack of security between the two databases/technobabble?

    NATHAN: Characters would not be synchronized between regions, they would be separate due to databases/technobabble and the reason for why we only have game servers in North America right now.

    9. Will the console versions of the game feature split screen? If yes; will it be two players maximum (like most shooters), or could up to four friends sit and play together on the same couch?

    BRENT: No, our first priority is getting the highest number of players possible with an acceptable level of performance. Split screen is one of the most taxing things you can do to your game’s framerate since you’re doubling the rendering.

    10. Can we freely choose between servers. Will our account be locked onto the server you first choose or will we be able to migrate our account from one server to another?

    NATHAN: This hasn’t been determined yet as it is both a question of technical implementation and down to policies of platforms, such as Microsoft and Sony.

    11. Will there be any kind of aim assist when using controllers since using a controller can be a bit difficult sometimes.

    BRENT: Yes, for sure on the consoles. We’ll see whether we use them on the PC though – we don’t want to introduce features like this that could be easily exploited to give further advantages on the mouse and keyboard.

    12. Any update/information on what Exarch weapons we can expect the Aspect Warriors (non-Exarchs) to be able to wield?

    BRENT: Haven’t we given out the full list? You’ll see it very soon but I can say that the Tempest Launcher is one of them!

    13. Will swooping hawks be able to equip the grenade pack, plasma grenades and haywire grenades all at the same time like in TT?

    BRENT: That is not what we’re planning initially – if you want to have grenades to cover all situations like that then you need several Swooping Hawks with different loadouts. We may allow more diversified loadouts like that in the future but it will be at significant cost.

    14. We will have few types of vehicle we customized or only change our 1 predator\rhino(I mean menu won't change just vehicle we summon)?

    BRENT: The Predators and Rhinos that you get from the normal vehicle spawners will primarily just take on the cosmetics you assign. Later you’ll be able to spawn vehicles independent from them with your specific gameplay customizations, such as Razorbacks, Las Predators, etc.

    15. Will we ever see a trench warfare game mode?

    BRENT: Not sure what you’re expecting from a game mode but there is a map coming with trenches and bunkers!

    16. Nathan promised that the Founder's would get some kind of compensation for the 3-man vehicles not being ingame at launch (Vyper Jetbike and so on), the original quote can be found here: So what will the said compensation be?

    NATHAN: Since we are still developing all the wargear, armour, weapons, vehicles etc. this has yet to be determined. Likely you will get something else as compensation and then also get the bikes later. In any case, we love you and will make it up to you.
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  8. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 33rd Q&A thread
    1. Currently the Sorcerers healing mechanic is too time taxing in comparison to how much time Apothecaries healing mechanic taxes from him. One might argue that its fair because the Sorcerer can heal from range, but i truly feel that it isnt enough. You can go into any match and you will see Sorcerers spending 90% of their time on their heal while in comparison the Apothecary quickly finishes with his healing duties and then assists with his bolter/chainsword. I would implore the team to look at potential alternative designs for the healing of the Sorcerer that would actually free his time to be able to use his other spells, cause you can currently clearly see on live servers that other powers are horribly underused, caused by the afore mentioned overly time taxing design of the heal, Sorcerers are forced to spend more time healing then using other powers. It also clashes with the before mentioned design of the Chaos faction, being a more offensive one, while its supports cant use their offense cause they are forced to heal most of their time on the field if they want to be viable supports to their team. Can you guys please consider reworking how the Sorc heal works so we actually have more free time to use our other abilities? Like for example making our healing revolve more around quickly applied heal over times (HoTs) rather than direct healing with the constant time taxing "latch" mechanic?

    BRENT: Although we’re going to significantly increase the heal rate on Foul Regeneration, we’re not going to rework it other than to fix bugs. The reason for this is that Foul Regeneration is just one of the healing psychic powers that will be available to chaos. It is intended to be the fastest way to heal a single target since it requires all of your sorcerer’s focus, but there will be a number of other healing powers including those that do AoEs, those that last for some time after you stop firing, etc. So if you want to play your support role differently, all you’ll have to do is pick different spells.

    2. Back in the day it was said for PvE think Left for Dead, would you say that this is still true?

    BRENT: Yes, it is similar to Left4Dead, Space Marine, Mass Effect 3, those sort of experiences. You have specific goals in some areas that require you to stay on point or move things about, and then you have segments where you’re moving through corridors to get to the next objective as quickly as possible while the Tyranids are spawning all around you. In the end, you must reach the extraction point to escape.

    3. @Orobas , You made no promises, but I'm curious to know your findings about a better sprint attack / shoulder bash like that of the game Space Marine. How's it comming along?

    BRENT: We’ve looked at it but right now we’re deep into getting the Eldar and Orks functional so improving the animations for Space Marines is currently on hold. Once the other factions are in we’ll start fixing those sorts of issues again.

    4. If Commanders and Councilors are pushed to post-launch will we see any of their abilities/responsibilities elsewhere in the game until they're finally realized?

    BRENT: We don’t really want to put in powers only to take them away from people later, so expect them all to come together as part of a unified system.

    5. What services and functions will we find in our faction garrison? Will we have access to the current hub functions (Loadouts, War party management, queuing, etc.) while hanging out in the garrison?

    BRENT: At first there will just be the tutorial skulls for learning to play and the target dummies to let you see how much damage your weapon does in different situations. There’s a shooting range, a melee field, vehicle driving zones, etc. We’ll add war parties and the world maps later, and then loadouts and duelling.

    6. Will we see a jungle map/tropic bio-dome before launch? Preferable either a rather dense jungle or an overgrown defense station/fortress.

    BRENT: Not for launch, we’re currently working with the iconic 40k “no vegetation” theme. Of course we’ll be doing more different types of biomes later.

    7. Have you decided what the other God Marks will do?

    BRENT: We know what we want to do, but there are some tech and testing dependencies so we can’t say for sure yet.

    8. Are the subfactions still going to get special bonuses or are they just skins now? If they are getting bonuses can you please expound upon what kind of bonus (bonus damage to a certain weapon or a special activated/passive ability) they are going to get?

    BRENT: The subfaction differences will primarily come from different wargear and weapons AND STUFF.

    9. Will the Striking Scorpion have the Mandiblasters?

    BRENT: Yes, although they might not be able to use them initially.

    10. What are you planning to do with the space between outposts on the world map? For instance, PVP fee roam war zones, random event battles, PVE strongholds, etc.

    BRENT: This is something we will expand into later.

    11. Will we be able to play as different personally customized warbosses on the ork faction, and if so how big will they be in relation to other units.

    BRENT: This will be part of the elites system when we add Ork warbosses.

    12. Will the game feature a Field Mechanic Support Class ( Commonly known as a Loyalist Techmarine, Chaos Warpsmith , Ork Mekboy or Eldar Bonesinger )? This could be a very interesting and versatile new addition to the game which could bring defensive capabilities such as turrets, deployable cover, ammo boxes with supplies, teleport homers, etc.

    BRENT: That is something we talk about regularly, but it is post-launch content.

    13. We have pro-Imperium maps, but will we have pro-Chaos maps with Big Chaos symbolics, places for sacrifices etc.?

    BRENT: Yes, although initially they will all be recently-captured imperial Arkhonan structures. As the other factions get more settled in we will introduce these things.

    14. Any update/information on what Exarch Weapons we can expect the Aspect Warriors (non-Exarchs) to be able to wield?

    BRENT: Tempest Launchers, Twin-Linked Avenger Shuriken Catapults, Hawk’s Talons and Sunrifles for launch. Possibly Firepikes too (they’re really, really large so we’re having trouble fitting them in the animations without causing wall & character clipping).

    15. Can we get an option to turn off execute?

    Cant answer right now.
  9. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 34rd Q&A thread

    1. (team) Will Veterans and Elites have wargear and loadout options or will they only have fixed loadouts?

    BRENT: Veterans will always have full customization – the only loadout difference between them and the basic class versions is that veterans have more loadout points. For other elites, we will initially only be launching with ones who have fixed loadouts, although we are investigating some visual customization. Later we will have elites like Terminators who can be customized and we will have a better terminology for these classes.

    2. What gameplay mechanics have you decided on for the WAAAGGGHHH ability/effect if any for orks?

    BRENT: We will probably evolve the Waaagh! mechanic over time but the first thing we’re looking at is reducing the wave respawn time to 0 to discourage self-preservation. There will also be a survivability buff.

    3. Can Orks refer to the planet as "Orkhona" instead of "Arkhona"?

    NATHAN: Uhm, no. However, we’re fine with Orks having problems pronouncing it correctly so we won’t stop you.

    4. There is an ongoing discussion about the fact that the Dire Avenger is the only capping class for the eldar. One idea to make this more amenable was to increase the speed at which the Dire Avenger captures points, this solution comes with many problems but could show the eldar's "better than you" philosophy that is otherwise shown by the aspect warriors. While I am not suggesting that this is the perfect solution, it does beg the question as to whether the capture time will be variable at all? Does bE have plans to make capturing points a variable number based on class/race/loadout/objective type?

    BRENT: We are very wary about changing the capture time for points, since it has a potentially huge effect on level design and the player’s ability to predict what’s going on in a map – for example, as a player have to be able to make a judgement about whether you can reach a point in time or not and having a difference in capture time makes it much more difficult to make that decision (in an uninteresting way). The only area we are considering adding variability to in this regard in the immediate future is an advanced version of the capture key that takes longer to remove. That said, I’m pretty confident that after launch we will be seeing more experimentation in capture mechanics and tuning.

    5. Any update/information on what Exarch Weapons we can expect the Aspect Warriors (non-Exarchs) to be able to wield?

    BRENT: I answered this last time!

    6. Can we expect a one-handed version of the Singing Spear or Power Spear to be in by launch, to prevent the inevitable whine about P2W the Wyrmfang Spear would cause?

    Cannot answer right now.

    7. Can we have Blood Ravens?

    NATHAN: No, Blood Ravens are part of Dawn of War and not our license. You should jump on those games on Steam if you haven’t already.

    8. Are there plans to have different company color themes for the Space Marine chapters to choose from? If so, will there be a similar option for chaos?

    NOAH: Yes, one of the least expensive cosmetic items in the store will be changing the shoulder colors for the various subfactions. We will do Space Wolf great companies and will try to have something for every faction.

    9. Are Faction vehicles going to asymmetric in potency and cost even if their mechanics play different ? Will their be different caps on vehicle numbers and deployment cost (if that's still a plan now or later), for example Orks fielding a higher number of weaker vehicles than the Eldar grav tanks ?

    BRENT: That is very likely, but we are going to test them as-is first. For example, the Eldar vehicles are highly maneuverable and the Wave Serpent has better weapons than the Rhino, but it is also more fragile.

    10. (team) What is the function of the "belt" slot in the loadout screen and what exactly will we be equipping in that slot?

    BRENT: We have removed the belt slot! There will still be belt-type wargear though, affecting how many packs or grenades you can carry.

    11. (team) The loadout cost is the only limit for wargear? Are there any other limits in a loadout? Like for example a cap on the number of grenades, or on a certain combination of weapons and wargear.

    BRENT: Slots and points are the limits. However, the slots are a major part of your constraints, as different classes allow different items in their slots. For example, an Apothecary can only equip boltguns or chainswords in their Primary slot, and certain wargear is limited by class. In the case of grenades, you just slot something like “Frag Grenades” into that slot and if you want to carry more of them you need to equip wargear that increases that count.

    12. (team) Will all Marks of Chaos be asymmetrically balanced against each other and if so how much gap could their be between potency and loadout cost for two different marks?

    BRENT: We would like them all to be equal, but we’ll have to see how they play out in the field. The major benefit of the point system is that it gives us another great tool for balancing the loadouts, so if one of the marks turns out to be too powerful we will increase its cost.

    13. (team) What squad spawn options besides fixed map spawns and Rhinos will be available, and how will they work?

    BRENT: Eventually there will be deployment beacons, although those probably will not be available for launch. These are consumables that someone can place out in the gameworld to give their squad another place to deploy in the map. If the enemy finds them however, they can be quickly destroyed.

    14. (team) What types of maledictions can we expect to see for Chaos? Can you give some examples?

    BRENT: There aren’t many different types of malediction effects intended for launch since most of the things you could imagine either aren’t interesting or make the game pretty un-fun for the target. However, we’re looking at different types of triggers and contexts for the damage increase effect (such as procs when someone kills a target of the spell). This is in addition to genuinely offensive Chaos powers causing damage and ailments.

    15. (team) Have you given thought how you will visually represent each Chaos God Mark on our characters (visual ques for enemies mentioned before by the team), and if you have can you tell us some ideas how you see each Mark being represented visually?

    BRENT: Yes, we’ve done some improvements on the shoulder Mark of Nurgle to make it stand out more, and we’re looking at adding more colour variations on the rest of the armour similar to how Black Legion has special god warbands. There will also be wargear and customization that is god-specific.

    16. Will we see a jungle map/tropic bio-dome before launch? Preferable either a rather dense jungle or an overgrown defense station/fortress.

    BRENT: Not for launch.
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  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 35rd Q&A thread

    1. (team question) Now that we are getting all the Chaos Marks, can you go into a bit more detail about what differentiates varied Aspirants by their role and design? For example, what will be the difference (battlefield role wise) between a Nurgle marked Aspirant and a Slaanesh marked Aspirant?

    BRENT: An Aspiring Sorcerer that chooses to equip a Mark (which has a loadout cost and a bonus/penalty) can use Undivided powers or ones specific to that god, so they can always still use Foul Regeneration, Warp Instability, and any other Undivided powers in the future. Initially, Nurgle Aspirants will have access to close-range healing and poison application in order to support from the front. Slaaneshi debuff enemy targets and support friendlies in melee. Tzeentch Aspirants are more directly offensive with fire-related powers, and should be best either embedded in a ranged-focused squad or dropping HoTs on characters right before they enter a dangerous situation.

    Most of the powers are already on the Founder’s server and will be hitting live soon, so of course we will likely adjust this based on the feedback and metrics.

    2. Will the Striking Scorpion's stealth be of any use in PvE in the future?

    BRENT: Yes, a character above a certain stealth threshold will be a lower priority target for Tyranids. However, they will still go after him if he’s the only character left.

    3. Why was it decided to change the design of the original design concept of the Twin linked Avenger Shuriken Catapult (that's a long name....)? There is an official Games Workshop Twin Linked Avenger Shuriken Catapult. All these components are in the Plastic Kit, it's not a conversion.

    BRENT: That is one concept of the TLASC, but not the only one possible in the 40k setting. Since we don’t currently have dual-wielding for guns, we worked with GW to create a Twin-Linked version of the weapon that allows us to expand the armoury of the Dire Avenger currently in-game while still being on-brand.

    4. What is the Ork siege tank going to be? A Kill Bursta from FW, something else entirely?

    BRENT: It is a Gunwagon with a giant kannon, for which we have a name in mind but it hasn’t been made official.

    5. It's been a long time since we've received any news regarding the campaign map and the persistent world. Is the information stated around a year ago in State of the Crusade IV and V still valid? If so, how will the "120 unique points of interest" be handled? I assume it means plopping our current and upcoming maps around the terrain of the continent and tweaking things as needed. But what about maps like Torias and Maggon where the current terrain plays a larger role in the map?

    NATHAN: The next State of the Crusade will be about the metagame and the latest progress and where it’s going, along with how it is designed to extend easily with new game modes, open territories, more traditional MMO mechanics and such. The 120 locations were a huge limitation for us because it didn’t scale up. You could only have “thousands” playing the territorial conquest, the rest were playing in so-called “overfow” locations. Now, we have far more than 120 locations and it scales up to hundreds of thousands participating in territorial conquest.

    However, each location isn’t “unique” from a map perspective, in fact we made that decision a long. Besides the Imperium being build by pre-fabricated buildings and structures, in a shooter, knowing the map is part of the skills of the player. Trying to memorize 120+ unique maps is counter-intuitive for a good shooter experience. On the flipside, we have things that creates variations and random or warlord activated gameplay elements which change things, like warp storms and such (mutators we call them) and of course time of day or different biomes affecting gameplay is also something which makes variety in visuals and gameplay, while not having to learn a new map.

    6. How and when will battle commanders be decided?

    Cannot answer right now.

    7. So now that we have tokens and weapon mods, can you explain a bit how the economy is supposed to work?

    BRENT: You earn tokens from battles and lair missions, as well as campaigns, and you can spend them on either specific weapon bases (mostly the standard versions, which unlike now will not be automatically placed into your inventory) or reward crates of various types. Reward crates contain weapon mods and bases with different rarities. Some bases will be purely cosmetic differences, some will be upgrades (with an increase in loadout cost), and some will be unique that cannot take weapon mods but have stats and properties not available through modding. Examples of unique weapon bases include Plague Knives and Skorcha Rokkit Launchas.

    8. ETA on increased warparty limit?

    BRENT: Should be very soon, we just need to prevent you from trying to access battles that your party will not fit. Note that you will have much longer wait times if you are in a large war party.

    9. Will it be possible to use elite characters (like terminators) in PVE in future?

    BRENT: Yes. Not immediately, but possibly by the time Terminators arrive.

    10. While I realize aesthetics are not a top priority, and rightfully so, what's the status of the "no helm" look for Space Wolves. i.e. Faces, Beards, facial tatoos, scars, service studs, etc?

    NATHAN: The no-helm looks are still on hold and lower priority than finishing the basics of all factions. After that, the no helms etc. will be parts that we’ll add to the visual customization, which is quite easy for us.

    11. Any new information on the new "middle ground" between open world game and lobby shooter?

    NATHAN: Yes, we will in our next State of the Crusade explain how our architecture is easily extensible, allowing us to create the experience of an open world without it’s drawbacks in an online shooter, as well as more structured or “on rails” experiences in PVE and PVP. Recent examples would include Destiny, Division and Star Wars Battlefront, but with our own flavor and approach that fits the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

    Open Territories as we call the concept is the open world approach with dynamically distributed content and game modes on top, such as trying out 4 different Warparties in one map, that also has Tyranids, exploration and a victory condition. Gather together to win the Tyranids? Whom do you turn on first? You know, fun stuff like that.

    12. Any updates on the DirectX 12 front?

    NATHAN: Not specifically. We pretty much follow the direction of Unreal Engine 4 and try to do as little modifications to it as possible so that we can more easily update to new versions of the engine when they come out. That means Unreal Engine taps into DirectX 12 naturally but we’re not doing it specifically ourselves.

    13. When will a difference between firing weapon classes? These are Assault, Rapid fire, Heavy, Salvo and Ordnance. At the moment most weapons feel like Rapid fire weapons, they are accurate when you aim and stand still and are great for firing from the hip when close up. But assault weapons are accurate on the move and we do not have that at the moment. good example is the Avenger Shuriken Catapult that has a huge bloom if it's not aim, but it should be a run and gun weapon. Heavy weapons are either move or shoot, not peekabo shooting.

    BRENT: There are a lot of changes happening regarding these systems right now, so I’d recommend giving it a try in the next week. That said, our intentions are as follows: Orks should be (generally) running and gunning all the time so they will have the smallest difference in accuracy between shoot, move & aim (although they’ll also have the worst accuracy overall). Space Marines are meant to be the ultimate flexible warriors (and Chaos are similar), so they’re placed in the middle and should be fairly accurate while moving around, but significantly better while aiming.

    Eldar are at the extreme, where we intend them to have the biggest difference between hip and ADS fire. The vision here is to make a well-played Eldar look like they’re always in control, running forward, stopping to fire, killing their target and running off to their next goal. This is not working right now since Eldar don’t move fast enough to pull it off, and their weapons aren’t killing their targets quickly enough. There are two big changes intended to address this: one is that we’re increasing the basic Eldar movement speed, and the other is that we’ve found a bug in our shot system that causes high ROF weapons to fire at a slower rate than the numbers would indicate. Since Eldar weapons have the highest fire rates of all the weapons, they are more affected by this bug than the rest and that’s why the shuriken catapult underperforms.

    Both of these issues have been addressed internally, so the changes will be going out for testing very soon and we’ll see if it lets the Eldar play in the run-shoot-run manner we intended.

    14. The Eldar equivalent of the Vindicator can take down Fortress Gates from extreme range in the opening minute of the battle. Astartes Vindicators on the other hand have to get almost within hand grenade range to hit the gates. This results in Vindicators getting destroyed at a substantially higher rate than Eldar siege guns and as a direct result the gates are taking much longer to take down for Astartes in the Attack. As you can imagine, that's results in a hefty imbalance in favor of Eldar when they're in siege mode. What are the plans to even out this imbalance? Iron Warriors fans especially want to know..

    BRENT: That is unintentional – the range of the D-Cannon will be reduced in the next patch!

    15. What is the names of the free Eldar pre-order weapons? We sent in the results of the naming poll quite a while ago, but we haven't heard anything apart from "the names have already been decided".

    NOAH: All pre-order weapons with the “venerable” skin just have a “venerable” prefix.

    Venerable Boltgun
    Venerable Avenger Shuriken Catapult


    16. The Power Fist is currently obsolete versus Eldar Armor. It's currently a death sentence to try and attack an Eldar Tank or Transport with the Fist because vehicles no longer flip over, which gave the Fist user time to attack and an immobility status on the vehicle. 9/10 I attack an eldar vehicle with the Fist get ran over by the driver. Why doesn't the Fist cause a 'shaken' status for the crew(3 to 4 seconds of "suppressed) as well as some form of mobility debuff that disables the vehicle engine after each strong attack?

    BRENT: The Fist strong attack prevents vehicles (including the Eldar ones) from moving, and put a big suppression effect on the turrets. They’re behaving this way internally, so if you see otherwise then it’s a bug that should be reported.
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