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Q&A Answers Compilation Thread

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Djemo-SRB, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Answers from the 16th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) How "deep" are you guys planning to make individual class progression? That is, how much time (even a guesstimate or what you would like is fine) would you say it would take for a person to get all the possible unlocks for one class? Will it be a decently long path that will see you needing to focus allot of playtime on one of the classes to max it out and feel like you have
    went from a novice to a veteran (the before mentioned veterancy of basic classes) or is the idea to not make the individual class progression too expansive as to make it easier for people
    to unlock multitudes of options/classes faster?

    BRENT ELLISON: Our goal is to make each class quite deep with around ~50 hours of unlocks per class (and of course there are items that can be used by any class sprinkled throughout each progression tree). The earlier parts of the progression are cheaper though, so you can go wide early on if you like. Note of course that this varies a bit from faction to faction, as Eldar have fewer options per class due to having more classes and Chaos progression is less class-focused in general.

    2. I was kind of surprised by seeing that the stamina did not deplete while you attack, can we assume that's out of the picture and stamina will only be used for defensive moves (block and roll)?

    BRENT ELLISON: It actually does deplete now, something we’re testing out this week. We don’t want melee-focused characters to feel like they’re limited in their attacks compared to ranged-focused characters, but we’re going to see if that’s something we can achieve through tuning.

    3. Along with carryable medpacks and ammo able to be refilled at mobile spawn points what other forms of utility will players be able to provide to their teammates outside of class-specific abilities?

    BRENT ELLISON: There are morale buffs for leaders based on standards, any character can rescue another, and there will be accessories that benefit the group such as by providing information. Of course, many of the utilities ARE class-specific because this is a role-based game and we’re designing the classes to play off each other.

    4. What sort of defensive emplacements are planned to be implemented, other than the (faction-specific) Quad Gun? Deploy-able minefields? Deploy-able machine gun/laser turrets? Also, can you be specific on what automated defenses might entail?

    BRENT ELLISON: In general things like minefields and automated defenses are already a part of the level – a faction’s main “deployable” is the heavy weapons character who can brace himself on cover. There will be multiple forms of large turret though – the Quad Gun is strong against vehicles but completely destroys infantry. We’re going to be adding a las-based turret that destroys vehicles with ease and will need to be taken out by other means (infiltration, air strikes, etc).

    5. Will there be any enviromental hazard like lava pools, sand storms or something similar on Arkhona ?

    BRENT ELLISON: Of course! You can always use a good lava pool.

    6. Can we please get some more in-depth detail on how the Campaign System is going to work? What will each Factions requirements be to win the Campaign? Can only 1 Faction win? What do the players of that Faction get for winning the Campaign? How long do you expect each Campaign to last for on average?

    BRENT ELLISON: Nobody “wins” a campaign – you get a set of campaign objectives specific to your faction (and almost always directly opposed to another) and you try to complete as many as possible during the campaign period. At the end there is a summary of accomplishments tied to rewards for those that participated, and some Campaign Objectives have an affect on the server or give bonuses for the next Campaign. At the moment we’re looking at weeklong campaigns, but the Objectives themselves are of varying lengths and pop in and out during the campaign time.

    7. Will you guys encourage or even allow 3-4 ways battles to take place? Of course, they should not be common, but will they be even allowed in the first place?

    BRENT ELLISON: Eventually, though the system will initially support just two sides at a single location (even if more sides are fighting across the territory). We expect to expand on this in time. And of course just because there are two sides doesn’t mean that members of another faction can’t help fill out one of the sides as allies.

    8. Since there will no longer be Strike Force 'social' areas at launch, NPC's in the game world, nor any way to unequip/holster all weapons, might we at least have 1 common area per faction (aboard a ship or what not) where forces can gather and plan their next moves as such for sake of some social interaction?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, that is the plan. This is also where the training/practice area is located.

    9. In the stream we saw that the armour system is still based on an energy shield instead of a damage mitigator; You are going to change that, or are you sticking with the shield system? (I sincerely hope for the damage mitigation, and leaving the shield for Iron Halo and such...)

    BRENT ELLISON: The flavour and appearance of the system will change, but the core mechanics will remain simply because they encourage fun and believable behaviour from the players. Ultimately the gameplay and battlefield feel is better as a result of a partially rechargeable health system like this, which is why it’s so widely used. Of course, damage mitigation is also a component of the system that you can specialize in (“toughness”).

    10. Will we ever see a face designer for each faction and following that be able to equip and unequip a helmet?

    BRENT ELLISON: Helmet-less characters are still planned but won’t be present for the initial Founder Access.

    11. How close are you to feeling final with the bolter sounds? Can we listen to what you have at the moment to help polish them?

    Mathieu Lavoie: I think we have now pretty good sounds for the bolters.
    We are still tweaking the volume attenuation in game that affect the weapons sounds and we need to work on the different surfaces for bullet impacts as well, but I think we are in a good position.

    You will be able to hear them in action in the Founders Access of course. We’ll make sure that the founders can send us feedback regarding all aspect of the game including audio.

    12. What is your current development road map to Founder's Access? Please be specific.

    Nathan Richardsson: While we appreciate indies doing this, our roadmaps are confidential as we use agile development and rapidly adapt to change in the search for fun, for our future launches as well as Founders Access. The effort of updating those at the velocity we are developing for public consumption, and us adapting to change, only serve to increase confusion. We are simply too big and developing too fast for that kind of updates.

    Our goals for Founders Access specifically has already been revealed in a State of the Crusade more than a month ago.

    13. It might be a little early to tell but... how will the early access work? will we just enter a queue en join the faction with free slots, will we be able to pre-select a faction? will we have the option to add friends and/or to join in a party with several people?

    BRENT ELLISON: It will vary throughout early access – expect it to be very basic at first with more functionality and “MMO-ness” added over time. That said, for the initial launch we still plan to allow you to pre-select your faction and group with your friends.

    14. With the engine being revealed as Unreal 4 (right?), can you comment on the possibility of bringing the game to other platforms and, more importantly, operating systems that aren't Windows?

    Nathan Richardsson: No engine has been revealed yet, other platforms are still a possibility, but are not confirmed.

    15. Can we please get some more in-depth detail on how the Missions System is going to work? How are the missions given to us? Why would we want to do missions? Are missions individually given to each player or to the whole Faction?

    BRENT ELLISON: I’m not sure where this question is coming from… we have Campaign Objectives for an entire faction and there are Hives that you can enter with special goals that must be performed to complete the hive. In addition, leaders and Warlords can give your group waypoints and orders in the field.
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    Answers from the 17th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) The large open area zone is the only "stretch goal" planned? Can we expect something similar to other games "stretch goals" or is in Eternal Crusade "a stretch goal" something different? And are all "stretch goals" post launch features?

    David Ghozland: Here we are talking about a technical stretch goal. We are aiming for this and even more, but the limitation will come from tech first. We have some leads and a plan and we feel confident we can achieve this giving enough time and money.

    2. Territories are confirmed to be instanced, does that open the possibility to see tyranids on the surface of the planet instead of underground dungeons?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s certainly easier under that system, but for gameplay purposes we are still currently trying to give Tyranids “their own space” rather than re-using them in PvP areas. AI, especially horde-based melee ones, have very different requirements in terms of geometry and we really want to give them the space they need to shine.

    3. With invisible barriers around, how can we take the vehicles we already have to the next map? Do we have to abandon them?

    BRENT ELLISON: In the initial release vehicles are spawned on each map, but as the person spawning them you’re able to choose the vehicle loadout you like and it will take on the customization (colours, icons) appropriate for your chapter/legion/craftworld/clan.

    4. Will the agile nature of the Eldar allow them to get to places other races wouldn't be able to without a jump pack? If so, how will that be balanced?

    BRENT ELLISON: Eldar don’t climb or vault anywhere unique, they just do so much faster. Thus you can make use of those big 3m vaults in the middle of combat to get away or get to higher ground, while a Space Marine making that climb could easily be shot to death while doing so.

    That said, the Swooping Hawks are the only jump pack class with light weapons, so even though they get to the same places as other jump pack characters, they’ll use those spaces quite differently.

    5. How can guild members ensure all of their guild mates will enter a match as a group(10 to 100 players)? Once inside the match will squads be at the mercy of the "system" as far as which 10 man squad they're placed in?

    BRENT ELLISON: There is a “War Party” system for grouping up with people outside of a match, similar to those seen on PSN or XBLA. Once in a match you’ll be placed into a squad (or squads) with your Party members. There are some edge cases that need to be handled, but broadly this is how you stick with your friends and guildmates.

    6. Will there be roads between bases along which we can move troops using vehicles? Or will the combat areas be "arenas" that are accessed through the interface?

    BRENT ELLISON: Initially the combat areas are large matches accessed through the World Map interface. Later when we start integrating the spaces you’ll of course be able to drive between outposts and strongholds within a territory.

    7. If a player or group of players disconnect from a match will there be a "grace period" per say that will allow the player(s) to rejoin their guild mates in that same match?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, that is the intention.

    8. Is stamina solely used for movement and defensive melee actions at the moment? Can we expect to see stamina usage, modifiers, talents etc vary on a class by class basis?

    BRENT ELLISON: Attacks are also using stamina right now, although you can still make weak attacks when you have no stamina left. Stamina max and stamina costs will vary quite a bit from class to class (as we don’t want to punish melee classes for using their primary attacks), and also you’ll be able to modify them with accessories, weapon stats, etc. We will definitely be monitoring this system closely in the Founder Access and relying on both feedback and metrics.

    9. You said time ago that boxes and crates of various sizes will eventually be in game to support cover, or reach of higher places for non-assault classes, what about the possibility for the players to carry some specific "smaller" boxes around to place them when they think they will need some light cover? (obviously while doing this the player can't attack and it is vulnerable, so that such action could be possible only when protected or while preparing for defending the outpost etc.)

    BRENT ELLISON: We’re trying to avoid player-spawned geometry for various reasons, but dynamically-placed cover objects are particularly difficult due to how specific the cover behaviour needs to be relative to edges, corners, etc. Plus I’m not sure that having Space Marines haul boxes around is particularly on-brand. 

    HOWEVER, there are some ways to get dynamic “cover” using other players. The Eldar shimmershield is an obvious example, but Space Marines with Storm Shields can also crouch down and prop their shields up, allowing other players to fire from behind them from a bit safer vantage point.

    10. Will fighting outside these combat zones be possible? Hypothetically, if two enemy convoys came across each other, would they be able to engage, even though they wouldn't be fighting for control of an outpost?

    BRENT ELLISON: There are various Dynamic Matches that appear outside of Outposts and Strongholds. For example, Campaigns can spawn unusual match types in territories, and factions can deploy Command Vehicles in territories that give bonuses to their faction. In order to reduce the influence of a faction in a territory, you can attack these vehicles through special match types.

    11. When we will see again turrets in game? Also, are you planning to implement different kinds of turrets (let's say, heavy bolters, or battle cannon ones) other then the ones equipped with quad cannons?

    BRENT ELLISON: Quadgun Turrets are in-game already (with a cool new design that looks GREAT), they’re just not placed out in the level we’ve been showing yet. You will see them very soon! Of course, different factions have different turrets and we are planning a Lascannon Turret for some Space Marine fortresses.

    We’re being careful about smaller turrets because that’s the role of the Heavy characters, but we are planning some unmanned guns for interiors.

    12. Does suppression do anything to players engaged in Melee? What effects /role will psychology like special rule Fear, (weakens enemy melee capabilities) and psychic powers; Terror (causes Space Marines to actually know fear) and Horrify (the bane of sanity) on the battlefield as they are generally (though not always) a melee suppression/unit breaking effect?

    BRENT ELLISON: Suppression always blurs your camera, triggers recoil and increases spread. So while you won’t care about the spread in melee, you’re still going to have trouble doing whatever it is you’re trying to do.

    The other effects you mention are difficult to handle, since by default they would take away player agency. We want to encourage players to perform the iconic behaviours of the 40k universe, rather than forcing them to do so (as Fear does in World of Warcraft, for instance). For the moment we’re just planning some simple powers along these lines that will be somewhat similar to suppression, but once Alexis has dug deeper into the Psychic system we’ll know more.

    13. How will players navigate the gameworld from battle to battle? Will we be able to move through portions of the open world from match area to match area or will we only be able to join matches via a lobby?

    Cannot answer right now.

    14. When are the new items for the Rogue Trader being released?

    Nathan Richardsson: Since we can’t use them yet in-game, they have simply been prioritized lower than launch of Founders Access for the moment.

    15. Is there an effort to reduce the incidence of becoming stunlocked? For example, if a squad of Sorcerer's who are specialized in disorientation meets a squad of tacticals armed with blind grenades, either side could technically chain their equipment/abilities to render the other side completely helpless. Is this being prevented?

    BRENT ELLISON: You can’t actually apply more than one Malediction to a target, so it’s difficult to render a whole squad entirely helpless – powers generally make one strategy more difficult rather than just completely neutralizing someone (and that’s why you should bring mixed groups whenever possible). This is particularly true with powers that can affect multiple targets. If you brought multiple Sorcerers you might be able to stunlock a single target repeatedly (pending design and implementation of advanced psychic powers), but now we’re talking 2 or more versus 1 and you’d be better off bringing a Sorcerer and a Tactical so the Tactical can kill the target while the Sorcerer is cursing them. Also, lone wolfing is meant to be a risky strategy anyway!

    We don’t have blind grenades yet, and you can only carry a very limited number of grenades at once, and grenades are limited consumables that get pulled from your inventory as you use them (to be replenished from reward boxes). So on that front we’re taking a wait and see approach to see if it becomes a problem! If so, there are of course diminishing returns templates to consider, as well as other possible solutions.

    16. What are the plans for social interaction between players other than joining a match? Any plans for ships in orbit to have 40k appropriate social areas such as firing ranges, an armory, practice cages, mock battlefields or dining halls where players can conduct squad training, hone their combat skills, tweak and test various weapon builds, as well as just hang out with other players and do what Orks, Space Marines and Eldar do when they're not in actual combat?

    BRENT ELLISON: There is a social zone for each faction that includes the training/tutorial area, firing ranges, racetracks, etc. There are multiple instances of this location, and you will be able to go there with your friends/guildmates.
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    Answers from the 18th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) There were some interesting discussions this past week on the issues of asymmetric balance, especially where certain Faction-unique weapons and Advanced Classes are concerned. An asymmetric approach means you have numerous methods of moderating the power advantage of any one player asset besides simply gimping their outright potency (cooldowns, mobility, vulnerabilities, higher RP cost etc) and some of those can be seen in the way you've explained 2-man Eldar Grav Tanks vs 5-man Astartes Predators previously. And that's awesome because total balance is boring. Going forward as more weapons, Basic, Advanced and vehicle classes are introduced is that something we can expect to see a lot of ? I'm interested to know whether there are any other asymmetric comparisons (aside from the tanks) that you're working on presently and if you could give us one or 2 examples ?

    BRENT: Apothecary v Aspiring Sorcerer is the only one in the game right now, so it’s obviously our biggest focus. Just in terms of their healing powers, the psychic classes can heal at range (channeled HoT), but the medical classes heal much faster (one-off instant heal to full). On top of that the psychic class has a variety of psychic powers at their disposal for buffing/offense, etc., while the medical classes are balanced a bit closer to the Tactical in terms of survivability and combat skill (they can have bolters/shootas if they want). We’ll be adding more wrinkles to this as well, such as the Apothecary’s ability to apply poison to the weapons of friendlies, but this will be something we tinker with over time.

    2. Will mobile spawn points still be a thing now that battles are going to be instanced?

    BRENT: Yes, you can always spawn into the Transport Vehicle assigned to your group (no need to deploy it). There will also be spawn beacons. This is all still quite necessary because the maps are large and we want you to actively create your own fallback locations rather than just getting checkpoints from the system.

    3. With the new pistol lock for melee, how do you plan to handle plasma and melta pistols since they are traditionally a one shot kill on infantry?

    BRENT: Any one shot attacks for pistols must be charged before firing, which means that you’ll have a big warning period before it goes off. During that time you can either get out of the way or chop the guy to pieces – keep in mind you can’t guard while you’re firing or charging your pistol and at the moment the intention is to have a melee hit cancel your charge.

    4. Will there be aim decoupling for turrets and any players that can shoot from inside a vehicle? As in the turret on top of a Predator doesn't turn with the main body so a player can continue aiming in a direction while the driver turns the vehicle in a different direction. I feel such a thing makes for a smoother experience. This video brought this question to mind and demonstrates what I mean. Battlefield 4 CTE - Aim Decoupling and vehicle Occupant Info | It also shows a change to indicate class of occupants in the vehicle which would be nice in EC too.

    BRENT: Since you can’t actually control a turret and drive at the same time in EC, this is already the case! It would be way too annoying if the driver moved your camera when turning.

    5. Will infantry autocannons have the same over heat mechanics as the ones installed on predators that we have seen before? Or is this concept dropped alltogether (which would be a good idea imo) ?

    BRENT: These mechanics exist to prevent infinite-firing, but the rule is that you should never have to worry about reloading and overheating with the same weapon. You never reload in any of the vehicles, so they use the overheat mechanic. The box-fed Heavy Bolter has no overheat mechanic, but the belt-fed Heavy Bolter does. It’ll be the same for the Autocannon.

    6. What's the premise of the meta game now that open world, MMO player driven objective conquest is tbd? Will we still see a map that echoes the campaign's of RTS's in terms of "territory bleed" and the identity of each faction in how they hold/capture territory?

    BRENT: I’m a little unclear what you mean by this question, but the territory control and campaigns haven’t changed much. The next State of the Crusade by David should clarify this a bit and I’m putting together a future SoTC that’ll go into more detail on territory control.

    7. As Windows 10 will be released in the near future, from which point of the future on will the game support Windows 10?

    Nathan Richardsson: We don’t know yet when we will be able to fully support Windows 10, but expect right now that it will supported at launch.

    8. Vehicle Spawning; are vehicles already sitting in an instance, waiting to be used, or are they spawned? If so, what is the method of spawning them; off of a generic "spawn pad" that materialises them out of thin air (as seen in last years final twitch) or something more faction specific (anything from flavouring up the spawn pad so it becomes a web way portal, chaos warp gate, or tellyporta or a space marine teleport homer beacon, all the way up to being flown in via things like an ok drops hip or thunder hawk transporter, allowing players to call in a vehicle where ever they are standing, provided there is room and they're not inside).

    BRENT: Since vehicles can be customized and must have the appropriate chapter/craftworld/legion/clan colours anyway, they don’t sit out in the field. A player goes up and chooses which of their personal vehicle loadouts they want to spawn, and then it appears in a faction-appropriate fashion (right now they just magically pop in but that will change in the future). Vehicle drops, portals, etc.

    9. How will ork vehicles work RE: looting? Will they have generic vehicles as the other factions, or will there be the option to say, hijack/salvage a predator?

    BRENT: Orks have their own vehicles and by default you can’t drive other faction’s vehicles. However, the first thing we’re going to try for ork looting is more of a salvage/conversion mechanic where they turn an enemy vehicle into one of theirs. This will not be the main way you get vehicles though.

    10. While its understood that the team is focusing on the LSM and CSM factions in your drive towards the Early Access release, considering that the asymetrical balance touted to exist between the 4 factions was a concept made during the open world "dream period" for EC will such a system still work as well as imagined in the "instanced battles" system we are currently being told EC will have on release, given that such "instanced battles" will have maximum player population capacities can this in any way have a negative effect on the more specialized faction as compared to the generalist factions?

    BRENT: If by specialist you mean underpopulated, then the instancing system actually make this a lot easier since a faction can always get a fair match if they want. An underpopulated faction won’t be able to have as many battles, but they’ll have an equal chance at winning each of the battles they choose to take. The campaigns for those factions will be designed with that in mind.

    11. Can you please give us a full rundown of all the different ways you can be healed in this game? Will there be Ranged Heals? And Area Of Effect Heals?

    BRENT: I’m not sure I can give you all the ways, but Sorcerers/Warlocks have ranged heals and AoEs, while Apothecaries/Painboys have single target touch heals that apply an extra HoT or buff. These classes will likely also have exceptional methods of healing that differ from their standard applications, but those will likely be much more limited (just a few consumables per spawn, for example). In addition anyone can heal themselves with a med-pack or by accessing a supply crate.

    12. How is the Strategic Map going to work? In regards to initiating the Instanced Zone Matches? And what actually happens if 3+ Factions want to fight in 1 Instanced Zone Match?

    BRENT: This is going to be detailed in an upcoming SoTC!

    13. Now that bases will be instanced, what will happen to vehicles spawned in a base after the battle has ended? Will you be able to bring them with you to the next base or will you have to leave them behind? You can't drive them from base to base because the bases are 'disconnected'... or can you?

    BRENT: Since you don’t need RP to spawn vehicles anymore, there’s no need to bring your vehicle to the next battle. This will evolve alongside the road to the open world though (see the next State of the Crusade).

    14. Is there seriously going to be the ability for members of different Factions to ally with each other in fights in this game? If this is indeed the case, please give us as much info on this as possible?

    David Ghozland: At the moment alliances are at the faction level. A character cannot ally with another character neither can a guild with another guild. If the entire faction decide to be allied with another faction during a campaign, this will mean that players from the allied factions will be able to fight on the same side during a match. These alliances are and will stay temporary and will end at the end of a campaign or sooner if one faction breaks the alliance.
    The alliance system is not in the plan for launch at the moment, but we might have it sooner than we are currently expecting it. Stay tuned.

    15. Will pysker/supports ever be encouraged to form their own squads as a Brotherhood? If so what situations are they meant to perform well? Which will they struggle?

    BRENT: At launch we are not trying to encourage full groups of support classes, although feel free to try it out and see if you can break the game balance. The intention is for the class populations in the field to reflect those of the universe and so dedicated psykers should be relatively rare compared to normal infantry. Afterwards when we’re more comfortable with the class roles we will experiment with squads of these types of characters.
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    Answers from the 19th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) How extensive is the art/creative direction allowed to go with Chaos god related gear on launch (armor/weapons/voiceacting), considering full god dedication is set for post-launch? Or in other words, how much do you have to "hold back" (if at all)? Like for example something like bloated/ruptured stomachs for Nurgle followers, would that be too much before the post launch god dedication?

    DAVID: We will have the Chaos god Marks for launch. Surely some visual customization assets will come shortly after that but the full plague marine or Khorne berserker will be available post launch when the Chaos god will join the fight.

    2. Will you add a Quick Key for us to be able to Switch Camera Views from the current Right of Shoulder to Left of Shoulder and vice-versa while in battle? And will you do this before Launch?

    BRENT: No, we’ve researched this option but due to the character design and two-weapon styles, this would basically require us to double our locomotion animations (and even then would cause some problems). We’d much rather focus our effort towards other things. Note however, that our cover system DOES move the camera in this fashion, so when you’re next to a wall you are still able to see around it regardless of which side you’re on.

    3. If its possible for a "territory" to be contested by 3 factions (all 3 factions have a single outpost in their control) how does the match system progress the conflict to where a single faction controls 2 out of 3 outposts to unlock the stronghold battle instance?

    BRENT: An outpost’s defender is always the faction that owns that outpost, not the faction that owns the territory. The factions fighting in the territory simply must fight each other until one controls enough outposts to contest the stronghold.

    4. With the requisition system being replaced, what will now throttle players from repeatedly spawning tanks and vehicles?

    BRENT: Each vehicle station manages a number of slots tied to specific vehicle types, so it’s impossible to summon more vehicles than you have slots. Note that each group can only own a single Transport (such as a Rhino). The Warlord also has some capacity to spawn vehicles if he chooses those powers, and group leaders can request them from him.

    5. What considerations are taken into account when deciding when the game will release and which features will be included in said launch, exactly? What sort of thing could be done in order to delay launch for sake of inclusion of a feature, for example?

    NATHAN: First of all, we’re following a plan we set up at the beginning of the year, which as always has a launch window. That window includes a set of features and quality level (ranging from visual quality, to bugs, to game quality – also known as “fun”). During that road, we can see into the future that when we iterate more on certain systems, or others are taking longer, we adjust to that. We do this every 3 weeks. So when we’re in Founder’s Beta (Closed Beta) We continuously re-evaluate where we are and where we’re going to be landing in that launch window. Ultimately it’s scheduling with partners (Quality Assurance, Distributors, Get it into boxes, Don’t launch at the same time as GTAV “insert anything”), constant re-evaluation of feedback and progress, and ultimately – is it fun.

    6. Can the game Not use the traditional wins/loss ratio statistic keeping and instead use an SAT (American exam system) score keeping system instead? I mentioned this before in Ask the Devs forum.

    BRENT: We don’t intend to use any simple ratios like this at all. Campaigns (and therefore the strategic-level game) are about completing objectives, not winning a tournament or keeping your stats up.

    7. Will we also be able to purchase the future Expansions/DLC Bundles with our Rogue Trader Points?

    NATHAN: This will vary but in general, no, the DLC bundles are exclusive I would have difficulty seeing, for a multitude of reasons (partners, platforms) that they’d also be available for RTPs. Expansions are of course, always free.

    8. Will the defenders or anyone else be prevented from capping the Outposts while the Stronghold battle is going on?

    BRENT: No, but a change in the Outpost control does not affect the Stronghold battle or result. We want players to be fighting over Outposts while the Stronghold battle is in progress because it’s to their advantage to control the Outposts going forward regardless of the Stronghold battle result.

    9. Can the territories points of interest only be contested by 2 factions .. or is it possible for 3 different factions to capture a single outpost each on the same territory?

    BRENT: Territories can be fought over by any factions that have adjacent territories – specific matches can only have 2 sides, however.

    10. So in a scenario with the LSM and CSM fighting and Orks allied with CSM:Can Orks capture/flip points? Will Ork suppression fire (and other harmful effects) affect CSM? Basically how will these allies interact with each other in an instance.

    BRENT: There will only ever be two sides in a match, and if there are allies from a different faction than those two sides, then they will function exactly like they are on one of the sides. This is a ways away however, so we will look at it in greater detail in the future.

    11. In a similar CSM and Ork being allied scenario: If CSM win the match do Ork get any XP for the victory? If an Ork captures/flips a point who gets the xp reward? Will Ork players earn XP for killing CSM or suffer FF penalties?

    BRENT: See previous response – it’s exactly like being on that side.

    12. Will captured territories individually grant perks to either adjacent locations or faction-wide?

    BRENT: Certain territories grant bonuses to the entire faction, but there are only a few of these since we don’t want to have a landslide victory (the more you win the more you win). Outposts within a territory grant more options for a warlord to choose from, but only within that territory.

    13. (team question) Post release patch are supposed to be every 2-3 months, what about patch and update during FAaccess and Fbeta, there is a planned roadmap or the FA and FB will recive update "when is ready"?

    NATHAN: Yes, we have an update schedule for both Founder’s Access and Founder’s Beta. We estimate these to be every 1-2 weeks, depending on the scale of the update and how it fares in the Quality Assurance process. It will be similar in launch, we have smaller free updates all the time, but perhaps not as frequent as every week. There is a thing to be said for game stability and every week isn’t necessary good for stability, no matter how much Quality Assurance is applied. Just sending out a patch, even if it only contained a text file that says “IT’S NATHAN LOL KEK” can crash machines. I have nightmares from patches. Sorry.

    14. (team question) When the Design team put together the (awesome) CSM perk trees they must have taken into consideration that any expansion containing a god-dedicated Legion would cause problems with 3 of the 4 purely god-based perk nodes on the tree: Can't have a World Eater using Slaanesh, Nurgle or Tzeentch skills. So how would you envision expanding character progression as those restrictive Sub-Factions come online ? Do you think those options might transfer to Undivided Legion players who want to pursue one god or the other too ? a Night Lord player permanently Marked by Tzeentch for example?

    BRENT: The progression trees just give you options, rather than actually changing your character so regardless of what you unlock there it doesn’t affect your character unless you equip it in the field. The endgame Specialisations on the other hand, affect your character no matter what and are much more permanent choices. We haven’t done too much exploration into the specifics of how we want to expand/restrict the tree, but there are a lot of options and we are building the system to be open and easy to update.

    15. (team question) How do you plan to make it up to the Aspirant and Warlock for having the Perils of the Warp while the Apothecary and Painboy dont have a similar mechanics that hampers their gameplay?

    BRENT: We don’t intend to make it up to them, because first of all the Perils of the Warp is a mechanic that gives them more options, not less (you can risk Perils to overcharge your powers and make them stronger), and secondly the psyker classes at the moment seem to have more potential and versatility than the non-psyker classes. So until we get metrics and feedback showing otherwise, we don’t intend to put any nerfs on the Apothecary and Painboy. In fact, we’re expecting to need to do the opposite!
  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 20th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) In the latest interview on MMORPG there was talk of Founders Access and Steam. Will the Founders Access be available on Steam from the start and if so will the Founders get Steam keys?

    NATHAN: We haven’t determined what framework we will use to deliver the Founders Access and Founders Beta. If we use Steam or other similar ones, you will of course get the appropriate keys.

    2. Most of the Rogue Trader Store items have an extra quote stating that they can be upgraded. Is this actually true? Or are they in fact unchangeable/non-upgradeable/unmodifiable?

    NOAH: There were some ideas floating around about maybe the RTS items would have no mod slots but we’ve gone away from that since then. The moddable weapons and mods aren’t created yet other than in spreadsheet form in mine and Michael Chan’s computers but the current plan is to have the ones in the store be moddable. Moddable is not a real word and I’m informed of that fact each time I type it but I will continue to do so. Moddable moddable moddable.

    3. The RTS items have their statistics possible to be achieved by in-game methods. Will purely cosmetic items such as the Champion's Shoulder Pad for LSM have an in-game equivalent to be earned?

    NOAH: There will be cosmetic items in the RTS that are only available in the RTS. Actually the majority of the items in the RTS will be exclusive to the RTS. That’s kinda the point. If the question is “will there be cosmetic items earned as loot in game” then the answer is yes you will be able to earn cosmetic items to customize your characters with but it won’t be the RTS items.

    4. Which vehicles are planned for launch? Will there be enough space to drive them around in the current maps?

    BRENT: Transports (Rhinos, etc), Tanks (such as Predators, etc), and Ordnance (Vindicators, etc) for all factions. We wouldn’t make them if we weren’t planning on providing space for them!

    5. Campaign objectives, you guys talked about them, some kind of special events played on non regular maps who will play those maps? the first people to queue? will there be several instances of the same mission and the faction who wins most "maps" will win the event?

    BRENT: In general everyone will be able to participate in campaigns, but we are working on a system for high-value battles that only the top veterans would participate in and will give you more details when we’ve got a firm direction. Our goal is to avoid any aggregate mechanics for outposts/strongholds though - you should see the results of your own battle on the actual location you fought in.

    6. Will assault oriented classes get a leap or charge ability if they do not have a jump pack?

    BRENT: It depends on the class. Howling Banshees will have something like that, but for example Space Marine Assaults can choose to take a Storm Shield to make up for the reduced mobility, Chaos have different powers depending on their marks, etc. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

    7. A lot of chapters have special units within them like the Ravenwing, Deathwing, and Death Company. Will we be able to access the color schemes for these units? Will we have to purchase them in RTS, ,unlock them in game or both.

    NOAH: The units you mention I would consider all to be Elite units. To use an Elite or Hero in a round you need a consumable to spend that we are currently calling Badges. One badge for an Elite and two badges for a Hero. So if you were playing as Blood Angels you could choose, instead of spawning as a regular Assault Marine, to spawn as Death Company if you had a Badge to spend but you can’t just look like Death Company all the time. Not even if you pay me. Maybe if you pay Nathan but probably not. No, probably not.

    8. Will guilds have any type of progression system?

    BRENT: At the moment we’re trying to keep Strike Forces as purely social structures with an opportunity to make a name for themselves and show their presence in the game world. We want to make sure you choose the Strike Force that plays and socializes in the way you like, rather than because they’ve advanced enough to earn X gameplay powers. So while we’re not planning access to gameplay-affecting rewards at the moment, your guild will have the opportunity to earn trophies and show off how awesome they are. Being in a guild with a history of success on the battlefield may also be a route to access to expert-level battles (although it won’t be the only way).

    9. Is it still true that if I purchase a unique Elite or Hero from the Rogue Trader Store, that I will need to unlock their "free" equivalents in the game first before I can actually use them?

    NOAH: No you don’t have to earn or unlock specific other things besides being able afford the Badge to spawn as that unit. Badges are earned by playing matches. The exact drop rate for Badges isn’t determined but it’s enough that those units still feel special. There will be other “free” Elite and Hero units to unlock through gameplay such as the Death Company mentioned in the question above.

    10. When are flamers intended to be developed?

    BRENT: We’re going to do some tests, but just as a matter of priorities they are not planned for the initial launch set. Likely soon afterwards though.

    11. When territories switch hands, will there be a visual effect on the map like that of an RTS, where the victor's adjacent territory "bleeds" into the conflicted territory and makes it part of the faction's empire?

    NICOLAS: There will be definitely an animation occurring when territories will switch side but we haven’t decided on the details.
    We haven’t iterated that much on the Continent map at this point during development.
    As we define a bit more the style for the map and its elements, we will come up with the fitting transition animations.

    12. Once a team successfully attacks or defends a outpost can that outpost be attacked again in a attempt to capture or recapture it? Or will a cool down timer be in place locking out that outpost?

    BRENT: It can immediately be attacked again (which is why the Defender’s goal is always to run out the clock). However, if Faction A attacks Faction B’s outpost and fails to take it, Faction C has the priority to attack it before Faction A can try again.

    13. When are we going to have an Eldar or Ork Livestream?

    KATIE: We’re a bit delayed due to our trip to France, but I’m hoping within the next 2-3 weeks.

    14. Will there be a way to represent your guild in-game such as markers or custom accessories?

    BRENT: Yes, there is a spot reserved on your character for your Strike Force allegiance. It’s different for different factions though – for example the Space Marines have a crest attached to the shoulderpad and one of the kneepads reserved for Strike Forces.

    15. Who on the Xenos factions can Wall Jump (like the Assault Marine)?

    BRENT: Stormboyz for sure, we’ll see about the Swooping Hawks once they’ve been tested. Most likely they’ll have something like that but it might work a bit differently.

    16. As a F2P player can i earn RTP myself to purchase from the Rogue Traders?

    NOAH: FREE2WAAAGH players will never be able to play their way past the velvet rope that paying customers are allowed to cross. That requires a game key that is purchased as part of a Founder pack now for a good discount or once the game launches for the price of a similar AAA game. With that said we’ve discussed and are not opposed to allowing players to earn RTP in some capacity but it does open a can of worms on our side when it comes to balancing prices. Maybe we will let you earn RTP from other players. I like the sound of that.

    I think it’s good to keep in mind that Eternal Crusade isn’t a F2P game. Eternal Crusade is a Buy2Play persistent game with no subscriptions and regular free updates supported by the Rogue Trader Store. There is a F2P aspect that will let people try a bit of one faction but it’s not a game that lets people play all the content if they are willing to grind long enough like many other F2P games.
  6. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 21st Q&A thread
    1. (team question) Have the devs planned to add something like the Wardrobe system from Guild Wars 2 to EC? Would help with storing skins we buy from the store or those we earn in the game and changing appearance of our gear (that we already bought/earned) when we want to.

    NOAH: What we have planned isn’t exactly like the Guild Wars 2 wardrobe but we do have plans for UI to browse and try on different wargear.

    2. How will artillery be implemented into the game, will it just be a simple rechargeable calldown or will there be an actual battery somewhere on the over map you have to control?

    BRENT: Some of them have to be controlled, but you’ll always have access to the basic anti-infantry strike and if your Commanders invest in a territory you’ll have access to an anti-fortification one. Warlords only have a limited number of powers per battle though, and they have to choose which ones to take at the start. OF COURSE this is pending implementation and testing.

    3. Since Warlocks use Runes with their psychic powers and thus are able to more easily avoid Perils of the Warp how will their risk/reward system work compared to the Sorcerer?

    BRENT: The system will be similar for all psykers, but the accessories you have access to may modify different variables and at different rates. Right now we plan to make things more predictable for Eldar than for Chaos (less risky but also less reward-y), but we have to see when we test the system.

    4. Could you please explain to us the differences between the 5,000 RTP Armours and the 10,000 RTP Armours in the Rogue Trader Store? .

    NOAH: I asked around and this seems to be a mistake. I will see to it that this is rectified. A decision hasn’t been made as to how but if the cheaper one goes up in price anyone who bought it will get to keep it and if the more expensive one goes down in price then people who own that one will be refunded the difference. Thanks for pointing this out.

    5. Will items be added to the RTS that will change vehicle armor to past patterns? We will be able to change the look of our Rhino to the old MK1

    NOAH: We would like to have vehicle related cosmetics in the RTS eventually but for near future we’re focusing on gear for your character.

    6. How is F2W going to work in the matchmaking part of development? Are they going to have some sort of numerical advantage in the matches themselves?

    BRENT: That is a possibility but we need to test our player limits first. Having many more orks will make a big difference on the war however, as they‘ll be able to fight a lot more battles at once.

    7. How exactly will the system for the Perils of the Warp work (the reactionary targets you mentioned before), how many " power tiers" will the mechanic have (1st being the regular, second overcharged, third?) and will the Perils be affecting the Force Weapons in any way? Also will the system work differently on Hero classes that are psychic?

    ALEXIS: The system will work according to the power type you use. Whether it is a power that you release at once after charging it (like a fire ball for example) or if it is a power that you use over time (like the heal). If it is a power that you charge and release, the idea is that the more you charge it (to release something powerful), the more you take risk. A power over time will over heat and stop if you just hold it, but you will be able to maintain it longer and more powerful if you overcharge it but then you take a risk. There will be three levels of perils according to the amount of risk you take. Also every time you fail the next peril level will be +1 (it goes down after a while). Heroes are not designed yet but of course, one way or another they will be “special”.

    8. In the Twitch from July 2nd (#25) Brent said that there are no classes using Boltguns (or in general, rifles) and Chainswords (or in general, proper melee weapons as opposed to the combat knife) simultaneously, when ask about the time needed for switching from Bolter to Sword and back. Heroes aside, what about classes like Space Wolves Grey Hunters? They are famous for using Boltguns as their main weapons and utilizing a wide array of melee weapons like chainswords/-axes, even Power weapons and so on – even the most basic Space Wolf uses heavy melee weapons to an extent unseen in other chapters, they virtually always carry Bolter and Axe. As the Grey Hunter should be the equivalent to the Tactical of the other Chapters, how will this be adressed?

    Cannot answer right now.

    9. Is there any possibility to get a secondary grenade throw like CS:GO? I've seen you guys several times try to throw a grenade to someone close to you and with the current system you always fail miserably (and it's not your fault), it will also be useful to be able to quickly throw a grenade over cover, around a corner or to someone a level below us.

    BRENT: Good idea. The task has been made.

    10. What kind of vehicle customization are you guys thinking of adding?

    BRENT: Chapter customization is already in, but specific loadout retooling is something we’re going to investigate a bit down the line. Eventually we’ll have a robust vehicle loadout system similar to character customization since the groundwork is already there, but that may be something we’ll put more effort into later. At the start you might just earn specific loadouts like “Autocannon Predator”, “Lascannon Predator”, etc.

    11. What/who will determine who are your Allies, and who are your enemies? Is the War council able to make peace with Eldar to help take back territory from the Orks for example?

    BRENT: At the moment we’re planning on having it be up to the Faction Council and possibly Commanders. However you probably won’t be able to make full “peace” across the entire world, but instead just agree for certain battles or locations.

    12. How many weapon types are you thinking of adding? (Meaning, bolters, melta, lascannon, etc).

    BRENT: There are roughly 25 Weapon Types per faction, pretty evenly split between ranged, melee and heavy. And of course there will be variations of each type which we’re referring to as Weapon Bases (Godwyn Bolter, etc). Those are the actual weapons you’ll get in-game and be able to mod.

    13. Forge world has a lot of upgrades for tank door and armor plates showing off more chapter symbols and icons. Will we be able to purchase things like this in game or in the RTS.

    BRENT: Yes, we plan for you to be able to customize your vehicle – that’s why we’re using a vehicle spawning system instead of just having them sitting out there by default. It will probably initially not be as extensive for vehicles as it is for characters though, since they’re the main focus of the game.

    14. Will guilds gain currency to be able to purchase items,buffs or special features? If so can you give us some example of what guild features you have plans for?

    BRENT: Our primary intentions for guilds are for them to be a great social structure that can make a name for themselves and see the results of their efforts on the gameworld. Players should join a guild because their friends are there or they like how they play, not because it gives them a mechanical bonus. So while we will be looking into different ways for a guild to customize themselves and show evidence of their victories, we’re not currently planning on having guilds progress and gain access to buffs, non-cosmetic items, etc.

    15. Brent mentioned that whirlwinds will be added eventually, but given a force's inability to deal with artillery due to indirect fire, and the stationary nature of those driving/firing them, how will they be a fun addition to the game?

    BRENT: Well, that’s why we’re not planning on adding them right now – we’re focusing on the infantry experience and getting randomly struck by artillery as an infantry isn’t that fun. However MMOs evolve over their lifetime and I can definitely see us finding a way to make them work in the future.

    16. If a guild captures a part of the facility, Will the guild name and emblem be shown as the one that captured it in the world or on a map?

    BRENT: The guild icon of the warlord that captures a location will be displayed on the strategic map as proof of your awesomeness.
  7. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 22nd Q&A thread
    1. (team question) We recently discovered that blood angel death company will be an elite class. What is planned for dark angels deathwing/ravenwing? Will they be an elite bike rider (black knight in particular)? Will other subfactions have special elite classes?

    BRENT: This isn’t something actually planned for any time soon, it’s just that those sorts of characters fit nicely into the elite categorization. When we add subfaction-specific elites, we’ll make sure to cover everyone.

    2. With the new game mode will infiltration based classes like Eldar Striking Scorpions be able to capture locked points?

    BRENT: No, in terms of match-wide strategy Jump Pack characters and infiltration characters serve the same role of being able to get to places without the other side necessarily knowing they were there. Otherwise they must follow the same objective rules as everyone else.

    However, these characters shine when it comes to ambushing and accomplishment of secondary objectives which are absolutely vital in the more strategy-oriented Stronghold matches. For example a Striking Scorpion could sneak in and destroy the generator powering the turrets, open a drawbridge, etc. The Jump Pack characters can do the same of course, but they’re much more obvious about it.

    3. Are there any updates to the extent of what Eternal Crusade's version of a 'player studio' might entail? I.e. things that a player could submit for inclusion into the game such as helmets, animations, 3D models, etc.

    NATHAN: Three major things that are blocking that right now, which is our own focus on bringing Founder’s Access, that anything that goes in requires our approval as well as Games Workshop, and this is very much a post-launch feature. We still would like to see this in some form, it’s proven great when executed well in other games. I would first and foremost see this beginning with decals, “guild” markings and other such decorations.

    4. In the keybinding section, there are keys dedicated to "consumables". What kind of consumables are we going to see in EC?

    BRENT: Consumables used during a match include Med-Packs, Ammo Packs, Spawn Beacons, Ammo Stations, and Repair Kits. The Narthecium’s heal is also treated as a consumable for now so you always have easy access to it regardless of which weapon you’re using. In the future we may add buff kits or special tools.

    5. How will the Orks be balanced compared to the other player Factions? As they should rely heavily on bringing more players to the war on Arkhona through the Play-to-Waaagh! scheme. But if a lot of them are locked out due to match population limits, how exactly will they then use their population advantage? Plus most of the Ork Players will not have access to the Elite & Hero Classes, which will seriously gimp their side, wouldn't it?

    Cannot answer right now.

    6. EC aims to be a perfect blend between shooter and melee game play. This would be incomplete without functional bayonets. When will we see functional bayonet attachments for bolt guns and similar firearms?

    BRENT: There isn’t currently a purpose for bayonets because you always have access to a superior melee weapon – in the case of the Tactical marines that’s the Combat Knife. You can always just instantly trigger a melee attack with your secondary weapon already, so bayonets could only be either an inferior or cosmetic alternative. We’ll PROBABLY add bayonets later as a cosmetic option, but it’s not a priority at the moment.

    7. Will there be multi-factional warfare (4+ opposing Factions) in these Open World Territories? Or is it still only ever going to be 2 opposing sides per Match/Territory in this game?

    NATHAN: In the beginning, to lower risk in development, and decrease complexity in balancing, game modes etc., there will only be 2 factions. However, we will be trying out variations of this as soon as we can, such as 3-faction or 2-faction+Tyranids. The major drawback with this of course is that with our server technology, if we have 100 players in a territory, each faction would only have around 25 players if it’s 4 factions. 200 and it’s still only 50. And that doesn’t even start to take into account the complexity of a game mode that allows 3 factions to attack a defending faction, if it’s an open world. We’re quite enthusiastic to try, but we’re getting the basics fun first.

    8. You guys describe the game as a tactical shooter, what tools are you gonna give us to ensure the gameplay is more tactical than arcade? Which tactical games do you use as reference for EC?

    BRENT: Tactical games we often reference include Battlefield, Enemy Territory, Planetside 2 and so on – role based, objective-based shooters where the team that works together and chooses the best tools for the situation will always come out on top. Our longer time-to-kill (compare to Gears of War) also helps even things out to make sure superior positioning and class synergies come out on top.

    As for specific battlefield tools, you’ll have access to pings and waypoints (both in the 3D view and on the battle map) as well as comms and spotting systems for coordination. The group leader’s banner and group-promoting XP events encourage players to stick together, as well as the group-assigned rhinos that serve as spawn points. And the maps are being constructed in such a manner as to encourage fights between fortified positions where smart control of alternate angles, suppressive fire and other techniques will be key.

    9. Will the subfactions have noticable strengths? For example, will the Blood Angels be stronger in melee than for example the Ultra Marines?

    BRENT: The whole reason we chose to just do a limited number of subfactions per faction is for this purpose. However, we are still in the early phases of determining subfaction-specific “traits” so there’s not too much to talk about in terms of mechanics yet.

    10. Will there be Dots? Aoe Dots? "Noxious Cloud" style maybe?

    BRENT: Yes, these will be handled through the Ailments system, where you build up negative status effects on targets. The more poison they have, the longer it lasts and the worse it is.

    11. I'd wanna know: Has there been information floating around concerning the mechanics of Elites / Heroes? Will they be 1 guy gets to run around as a hero, 10 guys as elites (insert election system for who gets to play them here) And when the objective is done, they all just teleport out? Or carry the fight on?

    BRENT: Although there are ways for characters to be given access to heroes and elites by the situation or the Warlord, you will primarily use a personal currency (specific to this purpose) to spawn them. So don’t worry about never getting to play as your heroes if you don’t play nice with the commanders. You can play as a hero/elite until killed – it hasn’t been decided yet whether you can “keep” them at the end of a battle if you’re still alive.

    12. With all the main leaders revealed and their artwork shown, are we going to see the sub-faction leaders revealed at some point?

    Cannot answer right now.

    13. When we see bikes, trikes and maybe Land Speeders implemented, will there be an adaptation of the Dark Angels players as Ravenwing and how would that be implemented? As a special sub-faction class giving it a unique flavor to distinguish the Dark Angels from the other sub-factions or would it be just recoloring the Armor as soon as you hop on the bike? Same goes for Deathwing and the analogous situation with Space Wolves (Rune Priests etc) or Blood Angels (Death Company, Baal Predator etc) also not following the Codex Astartes as strict as the others.

    BRENT: Fortunately the Ravenwing aren’t the only Dark Angels that ride bikes, so no need for the recoloring trick. When we add special sub-faction specific characters later they will be treated as elites, but we haven’t put too much thought into vehicle-focused classes like that yet.

    14. If other factions are added (Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Necrons etc.) How will level design/gameplay balance be affected considering that some of said races are nowhere near as large as the SM/CSM armies. Their size could also give them an unfair advantage due to being smaller in stature as well.

    BRENT: We’re quite a ways out from having to deal with this issue, fortunately, and the first factions we’d consider don’t have this problem. ;) However, it would have to be taken into account as part of their balance. An obvious example would be that they’d have less health due to being harder to hit.

    15. Now that you have chosen to delay the Eldar Twitch, when can we expect it?

    NATHAN: It’s not as much a choice as it is that we don’t have enough material yet to show that fills an entire twitch. The same applies for Orks. We simply deprioritized them and believed we had more approved material to show, but estimated that we didn’t after digging properly into it and estimating the massive amount of work it would take to get there. So it’ll come in as soon as we possibly can, but our priority is our closed alpha to give founders access early and start that development process.

    16. Will we be seeing Sub-Faction specific warcries? Ex: "I am Alpharius/For the Emperor!" for Alpha Legion? If so, what kind of sub-faction specific warcries would we see for Eldar and Orks? (Specifically Altansar?)

    BRENT: Yes, all cheers, deploy barks, and other flavour VOs are sub-faction specific. Altansar get even more than that because they speak entirely in whispers…

    17. What future challenges do you feel you will face before the release of FA?

    NATHAN: It will be a mix of technological barriers and finding the fun, with all this variety that we have. Pushing the boundaries of server technology while maintaining stability – on top of trying to innovate with territories is difficult at best. Then we have to balance all the factions and all their gear, vehicles, classes etc., and make it extensible so that we can continue to add to the world. That being said, Closed Alpha is to help us minimize risk and iterate earlier with more feedback, from more sources. And founders getting access to closed alpha is essentially founders access – except of course that we are under NDA and it’s much smaller to start with – so some of these challenges we’re tackling already. As they say, the way to eat a Carnifex, is one bite at a time.
  8. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 23rd Q&A thread
    1. (team question) The Tactical classes will be the only ones who can secure capture points but will there be other strategic objectives built into maps that require another specific class archetype to complete ? e.g Assaults being necessary to clear a wall and drop a gate control.

    BRENT: No, there are no other “hard” blockers like that. Instead there are elements of the map that clearly promote certain classes, such as low walls set out for the Heavy Bolter to be braced on, or windows for the jump packs do leap into. Also, only certain weapons (such as melta) can damage fortifications, so that requires certain loadouts (available across multiple classes) or a siege weapon like the Vindicator.

    2. Will psychic phenomena always take the same shape in varying strenghts or will they differ between a wide range of effects like in the roleplaying games? I can remember being said that the more you overchannel the higher the risks, but not exactly what risks. Will it always be something like "X damage" to yourself or will it be determined randomly out of something like "the stream of warp energy shortly nauseates you: Screen blurs and shifts for a short time" to "worst case: Psyker dead in 2 seconds, surrounding players better jump for cover", with the grade of overchanneling adding to the random number? So will it be lethal/annoying/funny or just damage? (The best part about psychic stuff is the backfiring here and then).

    BRENT: Sounds like you’re talking about perils of the warp, which haven’t been implemented yet but we hope to have a few unpredictable effects. We’re trying to avoid things that just straight kill you (since that’s not as much fun for the enemy), or that could potentially be beneficial (such as exploding in a radius).

    3. To Nathan: you said you chased fun, not dates, so how much fun are you having right now? On a scale of say, 1 to 4 weeks?

    NATHAN: (Answered in Friday’s Twitch) Friday Answer : 2 weeks of fun.

    4. It's been said that in order to accommodate the very different projected populations between the four factions, that different objectives besides territory capture may be present for different factions at any one time. What thoughts does the team have for our factions' objectives in the open world verses the earlier matchmaking scenarios?

    NOAH: Work right now is focused on getting the match made games fun and creating a fun meta game in the “strategic layer”. The various factions will each have their own flavor for the way accomplish their goals. As the game morphs from match made to open world we will strive to maintain those flavors. Objectives will always involve lots of fighting. As they say; when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    5. Is there an update on the in game economy? What are the details?

    NOAH: Things are progressing but there isn’t much new to tell. There will still be XP awards that are used towards progression trees which unlocks abilities, accessories, heroes, classes and equipment discounts. There is still a loadout system with equipment slots and a cost to use all the gear with tradeoffs for better items. Factions each have a currency they earn such as Teef for Orks that is used to purchase gear. There is a lot of loot and many variations of every weapon. I was recently looking at concept art for 28 different Space Marine chain swords and that’s not even close to all of them. We’ve still got a lot of consumables like ammo packs and grenades. So really the answer is “no” there isn’t an update as there is nothing new beyond what we’ve already talked about.

    6. Player retention, what's the plan to keep us playing? (besides making the core gameplay as fun as possible).

    NOAH: Besides fun core gameplay we want to create an interesting “strategic layer” that gives more context to the ongoing wars and we plan on doing free expansions every three months (or so) to add new features, new classes, new items. Basically the game will be constantly evolving and improving based on the feedback of our lovely players. Make it fun and keep it fun and when it’s not fun fix it so it is!

    7. You release the early access (Soon), what's next? eldar and orks? keep working on the core gameplay with the data gathered? or just keep working on the EA to give us a experience closer to what the game will be at release?

    NATHAN: It’s actually all of the above, but in order of priority, and when the elements are ready. So yes, core gameplay first, keep working on the experience and adding more systems and features, get in Eldar and Orks as soon as they are ready and so forth.

    8. Still no ETA for the Xenos stream?

    NATHAN: No, our priority right now is Closed Alpha so founders get their early access and can become an integral part, of the development of the Eternal Crusade. That means we don’t have many people working on Xenos right now and accordingly, few things which are ready and cleared to show.

    9. Is it possible for professional teams to have televised matches of Eternal Crusade or do professional matches require instances like in Counter Strike?

    NATHAN: The way we’re doing things, we are taking into account pre-set matches, so that professional teams can have matches like that on our servers. It’s basically the same infrastructure as “guild” matches. What will come later is proper support for professional matches, so that the spectator has a proper overview of what’s going on etc., commentator and what have you.

    10. (team question) If the feedback coming from the first wave player require to change and redo some feature that will delay the future waves?

    NATHAN: Depends entirely on what needs to changed. We fully expect changing things as part of natural game development, but yes, if there is something so fundamental and huge, it could certainly delay future waves. I find it rather unlikely though.

    11. (team question) If during the founder access the numbers of founders rise too much (because new people buy the founder pack or upgrade the pack) the sale of the packs will be stopped or the new founders will be put in queue?

    NATHAN: There is no such thing as too many founders. In fact, more founders just means more stuff, faster. But if you buy a captain’s pack, and we’re still in the captain’s wave, they are added to the end of the captain’s pack wave.

    12. (team question) The closed beta is under NDA but the developer are allowed to stream and show the closed beta? what info will recive the fan not in the closed beta? patchnotes, gameplay videos?

    NATHAN: Yes, we will stream from the Closed Alpha as well as select partners, for promotional purposes and the greater good. Patch notes and all news will probably be public pretty fast, and we want to lift the NDA as soon as possible so people can stream it. We just don’t know when that is yet.

    13. (team question) Do other Factions have their own IP-appropriate versions of the wargear Marks that Chaos Space Marines can use in their loadouts?

    BRENT: No, because they have their own flavour. We don’t want to just create differently-skinned systems across the factions, but instead have them play and progress genuinely differently. Everyone has accessories that they can use to customize their loadouts, it’s just that Chaos has a set of four very influential accessories across classes that really define their playstyle. Orks have much more freeform accessories regardless of class, Eldar have stricter loadouts but more classes, and Space Marines are somewhere in the middle with more military flavour to their accessories.

    14. (team question) Can all 4 Factions lose (or win) their campaign simultaneously?

    BRENT: Since you can’t lose or win a campaign, no!

    NOAH: In theory it could happen but in practice that’s highly unlikely. Every faction has its own goals and the campaigns aren’t on a timer. The leaders of the factions get to decide what their goals are and where they want to attack so while two different campaigns could end at the same time the likelihood it would ever happen is pretty slim.

    15. (team question) The Ailment AoE system, how will you cast these AoE spells? Will you be locked in place as you cast the AoE, or will you be able to move around and cast it? Will you be able to move it (the AoE) around or will you only be able to channel it in one place you cast it and need to stop casting to cast it somewhere else? Finally how does overcharging things like poison and other DoTs work, does it apply more poison faster or makes the poison stronger?

    BRENT: This hasn’t been implemented yet (though it’s coming soon), but the current plan is that for ranged AoEs you channel against a point in the world and the effect radiates out of that, while self-centered AoEs just channel continuously around the caster. In both cases you will be able to move while channelling. With ailments, applying more poison causes the poison to be stronger (like in Dark Souls), so the overcharge will do something like that.
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  9. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 24th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) What consumables and wargear accessories besides health, ammo, repair kits and grenades are you planning to add ? And will there be anything resembling a squad inventory or leader gear (beyond the icon/banner)?

    BRENT ELLISON: Because squads can be assembled on the fly, we don’t want to give them an inventory – the closest is the squad rhino that you can spawn into and track. Of course, rhinos can be upgraded and tuned so you’ll be able to modify its capabilities and appearance. We’re also adding spawn beacons for squads to use, as well as ammo stations that allow for easier resupply for the whole team (although they’ll cost more in loadout points). In addition, there will be a lot more variety in the current consumables & grenades once the full itemization system is in.

    2. Can a squad or strike force leader change the name of his team?

    BRENT ELLISON: Not sure I understand the question here – what do you mean by team? Your group in the match? If so, we weren’t planning on doing so since they’re a very temporary structure.

    3. Can guild names be applied to formations?

    BRENT ELLISON: What is a formation in the context of Eternal Crusade?

    4. Will battles (or some of them) include AI fighting alongside players ? Something like imperial guards helping space marines, guardians helping eldars, renegades helping chaos, boys helping orks.

    BRENT ELLISON: We’ve talked about this in the past, and if we do so it’d be to fill in spots for missing players. Since adding NPCs to a battle reduces the number of players that the server can handle, we want to avoid that whenever possible. We won’t be making new factions (such as imperial guards) just for this though.

    5. How big are squads? Can we adjust their size to some degree? Say have 6 people in a squad for a smaller group task, or 12 for a bigger one.

    BRENT ELLISON: Squads in PvP are currently between 2 and 10 players. It’s up to you how many you want to invite, but we’re basing these around standard unit sizes from the lore. That said, we’re planning on starting with 5-player squads for PvE, and we’ll be investigating 10-player later.

    6. Will future resources gained for controlling a territory or area be passively gained just by occupying these areas or could they be dependent on multiple facilities in different regions causing the need to protect production lines by escort missions or equivalent? e.g. one faciliy extracts promethium/adamantium ore and the other facilitiy has to refine or smelt it before your faction gains the resource to be spent by Commanders? There could be more resource fields compared refineries/forges, the material could be transported the refinement facilities by timed AI convoys which need protection or could be attacked. Since refinement facilities are bottlenecks in the production of resource they might be hotspots to fight for. Occupied bastions in the vicinity might allow for automatic protection of supply etc etc

    NOAH: This looks like a feature request in the form of a question. They touch on a lot of different things. Controlling territories will unlock abilities for warlords on the battlefield. We will go more into the system once it’s closer to production. Escort missions aren’t currently planned. Does anybody like escort missions? They sound like such a good idea but end up being “follow the slow NPC” or “ride in the car with the NPC”. What game has good escort missions? I digress… Having a territory that supplies another territory and there being some sort of link between the two is a good suggestion though.

    7. Are War Lords/Commanders a distinct class (Captain) or can they be anything and will they have a Command Squad (veterans only)?

    BRENT ELLISON: Warlords can be any class, but they are allowed to play elites (such as veterans) or heroes for free. On top of that though, they have unique visualization to communicate their status, including colour changes and a cape. We won’t be making an official, unique Command Squad, but we are looking at the possibility for the warlord to give free elite spawns to a group to simulate something similar.

    8. Will Orks be able to shoot out of Trukks or Space Marines out of the top hatch of Rhinos in future?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s something we’ve planned but not prioritized yet. We still have a lot of basic work to do on the vehicles first.

    9. What are the next weapons You plan to introduce after plasmas and the axe?

    BRENT ELLISON: Should I really say? Meltabombs and heavy melee options are the next priority, not sure which will be done first though.

    10. Will Meltas have any viability versus infantry or will they be intended solely for anti-vehicle? (Viability as in, within ~10 feet will Melta weapons outshine bolters in CQC, but beyond that ~10 feet meltas will be at a distinct disadvantage?)

    ALEXIS LEVEQUE: Melta weapons will of course have distance limit and they will be more easy to use against vehicles than against infantry. But with the proper skills it can be a one shot kill.

    11. Will there be holiday events, despite lore conflicts?

    NATHAN RICHARDSSON: We’re considering it, but it has to fit within the lore. We can be inventive of course and there are holidays in the grim darkness of the far future, so we’ll see.

    12. How could any Games Workshop lorechange affect the game over time?

    NATHAN RICHARDSSON: Yes, it certainly could. We’re sticking as close to the lore as possible, so anything can happen. Who knows possibly both ways?

    13. For we offensively oriented Sorcerers, what is the status of witchfires and pyromancy? Will we soon be seeing Aspiring Sorcerers lobbing flaming balls of death and other such things themed from the Pyromancy school of warpcraft?

    BRENT ELLISON: You should see one or more by the end of the year. The first that we are planning is a poison-applying power.

    14. Will icons for friendlies and hostiles that are outside of your view become larger the closer they are (so you can do things like gauge how far away a downed friendly is without needing to turn and look at them)?

    NICOLAS BRUNONI: Not at launch, maybe after if there is still a need for it.
    Since it is a Licensed product, we need to be really strict with what we allow in-game.
    If we go with Mods, we would need to have a extensive review pipeline that might be too heavy to sustain overtime.

    15. Will there be mod tools/mod support? Such as custom Huds, models, textures, and sounds?

    NATHAN RICHARDSSON: No, we don’t plan to add that ability at launch but in the grim darkness of the far future, you might become the modded hud.
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  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 25th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) Will there be more then 1 animation for casting psychic powers besides that hand wave we currently have and how broad will the psychic power pool be? Will we have tons of spells to choose from or will it be a small amount similar to how other classes only have a small array of weapons at their disposal? An estimated number would be nice if possible.

    BRENT: We will create new animations for new targeting modes, so all single-target channeling powers will use the same animation but when we create a Nova power or a channeling PBAoE then it will have a new animation. Right now each class only has a small array of weapons but that’s just because we don’t have itemization in yet. Itemization will be dozens of weapon bases and mods to give them lots of variety, and we will do similarly for psychic powers. That said, there will be fewer powers than there are weapon bases, but that’s because each psychic power is more than just a statistical change.
    It’s really too early to say, but we should have at least 15 powers at launch (6+ undivided, 3+ for each god besides Khorne). This will be explored further in the future when we really dig into the tools.

    2. So there seems to be a general consensus among the Chaos players (at least the ones that commented on the thread discussing it) that the name change of the Tactical to Traitor is... not ideal. I know you guys are busy with playtesting and whatnot, but I was wondering if you were willing to reopen the discussion of alternate names for our Tacticals? Sorry to beat a dead horse but Traitor is more than a little loyalist-centric.

    BRENT: This is designated by the brand and is unlikely to change.

    3. Nathan has previously stated that the open world is projected to arrive within two years. What are the primary reasons behind this specific number of years? (I.e., is there a hunt for another Pikko-like system out there, or is technology being looked at which might be developed 'in-house'?) .

    NATHAN: It’s both, although the statement wasn’t about a full open world with large battles but rather large open territories with huge battles. There is more technology in development and we also have internal plans, so whatever happens first and fits our setup will be used.

    4. Will Eldar use deployed transport vehicles to respawn in the field as we see currently in livestreams with the SM or will they be more reliant on strategically deploying Webway gates to respawn?

    BRENT: Webways will feature in the game, but since the current thematic explanation for respawning in transports is a strategic deployment rather than teleportation or other such methods, standard respawning for the Eldar will be similar.

    5. Anything to share on what the vehicle line up for the xeno factions will be?

    BRENT: Sure, since we’ve already revealed it a few times: Wave Serpent, Fire Prism, Warp Hunter, Trukk, Looted Wagon and (some form of to be determined Ork Vehicle with a massive kannon).

    6. Will Howling Banshees be able to use a Triskele?

    BRENT: Not at launch.

    7. Will players have a option to create their own maps, then automatically give players the option to download the map and play online? Sorta like in Starcraft

    NATHAN: No, this is not planned at launch but we are eager to explore it through the Steam Workshop, which we can then deploy the best maps to all platforms. It might even be more open on Steam than on Consoles, who knows, it’s way too early to tell.

    8. Will buildings like a stronghold, Imperium cathedrals and other terrain features be destructible like in battlefield 4 during a intense battle? And will it affect objectives, or the battle itself.

    BRENT: Some components will be, yes, and they are a vital part of the siege experience. But we’re not going full destructible since that changes the infantry experience significantly and the infantry are our primary focus.

    9. Is there a chance we will see Warlord options to be able to call in airstrikes or strafing runs from Thunderhawks, Storm Talons and DA Ravenwing Nephilim Fighters, etc and faction equivalents? or even orbital bombardments?

    BRENT: Orbital bombardments and airstrikes for sure – Thunderhawks and other flyers dropping the bombs or doing strafing runs are likely but we will be investigating.

    10. Do you plan to extend the attacker's territory size on the map? Because as it seems right now, there is virtually no place for the attackers to prepare their assault. You're pretty within enemy's range the moment you spawn.

    BRENT: This is something we’re iterating on and so far you’ve only seen our first iterations. The next set of maps have multiple spawn points and give more options to the attackers.

    11. Currently the vehicles featured give the impression that they are quite light as they can easily topple and role. Are there any plans to give the vehicles a more threatening and heavy feeling?

    BRENT: The promised vehicle revamp hasn’t happened yet due to technical reasons (we’re waiting on a new version of the engine). It’s going to be started in the next 2 weeks. We aren’t happy with the current feel, so there’s a lot we want to improve.

    12. When committed to a match (current lobby shooter or later open world), will we have a fixed loadout decision, limited or unlimited loadout changes?
    The last one has the risk to undermine the warlords strategy and the first one forces the factions to have weapons for all kind of situations ready.

    BRENT: Keep in mind that right now you are just picking from a huge selection of pre-made loadouts, when in the future you will be editing your own loadouts from the tools and items you’ve earned. You will not be able to edit your loadouts in a match, and you will have a limited number of loadouts per class to choose from in the field.

    13. (team question) How many loadout slot are planned? now we use a lot of premade loadout. but for example how many loadout we have on the tactical? we can modify a loadout when in game or only before start a battle? Will eldar have less loadout slot because they have more classes?

    BRENT: We will give loadout slots for every class so that the option to switch to the most appropriate general role for the situation is always available. As for the actual number of loadouts, or whether you can increase that number, it hasn’t been determined yet. As mentioned above, you cannot edit your loadouts in a battle.

    14. (team question) How much more effective will the first Elites be beyond the Basic classes in combat ? How will they influence the players around them and will they be a class that your team tries to protect or will they be leading from the front ?

    BRENT: The very first elites will be the veterans, who don’t have any unique items, powers or skills - they just have more loadout points compared to the basic classes so you can equip more stuff. In that regard, it will be up to you to determine how they should be used.

    15. (team question) While im assuming the chances of requesting a store item and getting it made are really small, to whom should we address these requests in hopes we might get lucky and the artists end up making that cosmetic request a reality?

    NOAH: They should post in the thread with the same name as their question:
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