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Q&A Answers Compilation Thread

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Djemo-SRB, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the eight Q&A thread:
    1. How are the two man bikes in the RTS going to be handled as pay to look cool instead of pay to sidegrade?

    BRENT: Primarily in that they don’t really give you an advantage, they’re just a convenient/fun alternative to spawning two bikes or a full transport when you only have two people. I don’t think you’ll ever hear about a battle in Eternal Crusade that was lost because the enemy had Attack Bikes…

    2. Are you starting to give more unique aspects to loyalists and traitors to make them look more like unique faction?
    expect for the estethics, the only thing that distinguish them atm is just the apothecary and the AS, where the latter still has to show abilities that make him unique...

    BRENT: The Aspiring Sorcerer is basically only implemented visually at the moment – the next step is to add the Psychic Power system which will change him completely. This is something we’re working on right now. As for the classes that the loyalists and traitors share, we will be adding their more unique components when the proper loadout/accessory system is in place as well as the expanded weapon roster.

    For example, Space Marine Assault characters can get access to Storm Shields. Chaos units generally don’t use shields, so instead if you want to be more survivable you should instead invest in a Nurgle Mark, or if you want to be better at charging into melee without getting killed along the way you should equip a Khorne mark. The core units of Space Marines and Chaos ARE similar in the IP, so the differences between them will come more from the specifics than their general role.

    3. Will there be Crowd Control effects from any load out wargear or psyker powers? Roots, Stuns, Disorenting (blind/unsteady camera or some sort of hallucination grenade/psyker power?) Snares, throws, pulls, knockdown, knockup or Frenzy (forced to attack anyone including teammates)?

    BRENT: Yes absolutely, but because of the action focus of combat, crowd control effects are much shorter than in a traditional MMO. If you stun a character it’s more of a stagger that lasts a second or two, for example. One of the most common is the suppression effect that comes from heavy, rapid-fire weapons like the Heavy Bolter, scattering your aim and making it more difficult to see. More will be coming in the future with the psychic system, but you’ll never be fearing someone for 10 seconds like in World of Warcraft.

    4. A spawning system was mentioned vaguely in the final Twitch of last year. Is it possible to have a more detailed explanation of how you want spawning mechanics to work? Or is it still to early to say?

    BRENT: This is something I’m working on this week so for now all I’ll say is that we’re moving away from the infinite-spawning-all-the-time system of Planetside 2 and toward something that supports more interesting gameplay situations like sieges. You’ll always be able to spawn somewhere, and we’re actually making it easier to spawn with your group, but we’re trying to avoid the clown car situation where an entire army can continuously stream from a small box.

    5. In recent years I've noticed a shift in Black Library when it comes to the portrayal of Chaos, I was wondering if the narrative of Eternal Crusade will be continuing this progression towards deeper motivations and such, or go for the more classic "hate fueled traitors" with little to no redeeming qualities? Or in other words, how do you intend to represent Chaos in this game's storyline?

    David Ghozland: This is more a question for Ivan, but I can already say yes Chaos space marines are more than mindless and soulless corrupted mass of muscles. They have their own agenda and their own motivations. They think they are right and that they made the right choice. From their perspective the loyalists are the mindless ones and the ones who haven’t understood the big picture yet.

    Ivan Mulkeen: Well, without giving away any secrets that we’re waiting to reveal, I can say this much about the Chaos portion of the narrative:

    “It’s definitely not the case that our Chaos narrative is about “hate fueled traitors”. The first year story-arc for Arkhona is very much a narrative driven by the Chaos faction. There’s a power struggle, and the actions are extremely personal—not random chaotic acts simply done for the sake of doing.

    The particular character I’m thinking of is methodical and driven. None of this “he believes he’s on the right side”. He doesn’t care about any side other than himself (and his god, of course).

    He’s conflicted, and he’s got some extremely difficult choices to make; choices the Chaos players will no doubt influence in one way or another. Whether he succeeds or becomes daemon food will be largely up to them.

    He’s not someone you should cheer for, though (unless you’re the kind who’d cheer for Doctor Doom or Darth Sidious). He’s a true sociopath —a cross between Prospero, with a dash of Gromph Baenre, and a pinch of Ramsay Snow.

    Chaos will have its own heroes (or anti-heroes), but these are the ones who, as David said, believe that the Loyalists are blind sheep who follow a false God. And of course, the Chaos community will build up its own heroes!”

    6. How will we play the module? Like, will it work similar to other matchmaking based games (lol, cod, tf2 etc?) or will we just join a random game?
    Similar to that, will we be able to invite our friends from the forms to join us in battle? ie: guild members?

    David Ghozland: We are thinking about that right now. The first iteration will be more of a random matchmaking system, than an open-world MMO; but we will do our best to bring some social and community features in this module. It would be nice to play with your friends, wouldn’t it?

    7. In the future are capture mechanics going to be more involved than standing around a capture point?

    BRENT: We’re modifying the capture system to put more of a focus on tactical/troop units, so we’re considering giving some sort of tool to those characters. In that case, you’d use your tool to initiate flipping the point but you’d still need to defend it for a certain amount of time (although you would no longer be required by the mechanics to stand next to it).

    8. Can you guys talk about HP, size and movement speed differences between factions/classes? Will we see armour or HP differences between classes on the same faction? for example assault and devastators should have the same stats, both are SM and both have the same armour, will you change that for balance reasons?

    BRENT: Accessories define your character’s survivability stats and certain accessories are locked to particular classes, so that can potentially affect any class. As for speed, anyone carrying heavy weapons (such as a Heavy Bolter or Reaper Cannon) is going to be slower. And the Eldar will overall be faster than the rest.

    9. When will we be seeing the update to the website that will allow guilds to be added?

    MIGUEL CARON: We’re aiming for Spring.

    10. For continents, will we being seeing more natural shapes, or are we going to have Planetside 2's squares, which ruined believability IMO.

    Steven Lumpkin: We’re currently aiming for more natural shapes, while striving to use as much of the heightmap as possible.

    11. Power Armor. There was some discussion a few months back and comments made by the Behavior staff about moving away from THQ's and Behavior's current model which acts more like a Conversion Field or Kustom Force Field and moving more towards an damage mitigation model that better represents how Power Armor actually works. Something more along the lines of how armor performs in WoW, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, "insert MMO here". Are there still plans to move away from the regenerating conversion field model and more towards a traditional damage mitigation model where incoming damage can be totally mitigated depending on armor values versus incoming damage source or the damage shared between your armor and health if the damage source is greater than the armor values?

    BRENT: Eternal Crusade is not a traditional MMO like WoW or Age of Conan. Armour in Eternal Crusade DOES have a mitigation value (“toughness”), which reduces incoming damage. The regenerating bar currently in-game is an abstract representation of continued damage against a point on your armour over a short period of time, which we are still playing with to get the right feel. Our biggest challenge in finding an alternative system is making sure it promotes the right kind of behaviour in players that is both fun and mimics “real” (or at least, cinematic) combat behaviour. It also needs to be intuitive and easy to read in a split second while under fire.

    We’ve had many internal discussions, evaluations and prototypes on the subject already, and while we are making some changes there are reasons why this system is the best we’ve found for our gameplay… thus far.

    12. What do you think will be the biggest obstacle or challenge to overcome before you can be a 100% sure EC will be fully released?

    David Ghozland: The biggest challenge on our side is the technology to achieve massive battles of the scale that we really desire. We are working very hard to design in a way that will make things easier on the tech side. But we might have to take some difficult choices in the near future in order to achieve our goals or accept some sort of delay. The answer might be in between.
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    13. Have you also considered making bigger continents by using two to create one land mass, with a mountain barrier between them (or use those massive fractures in the planets crust instead). This would help with believability in regards to continent size, and also open up some new gameplay options (like having secret pathways through the mountain barrier to attack the other continent, but require routine cleansing of Tyranid infestation).

    Steven Lumpkin: We’re looking at having a couple different environments, potentially separated by large mountain ranges as you describe. Players may have to take passes to move between the two environments! In other areas, we may have environments that bleed seamlessly into each other. We’re testing this now, and will know more soon!

    14. We are going to have the Ork and Eldar factions on a playable state sooner than expected or you just want to show us some moving ork/eldar?(Referring to the Twitter posts Brent and Ivan made about playing Orks and Dire Avenger animations)

    BRENT: We are currently evaluating this! Expect some more details soon, but our first forays into implementing these characters have been very promising and moving faster than we expected.

    15. Minimap and AI bots spotting players. What's the rationale behind the current enemy tracking system on the minimap? ie red dots. How does this fit in with the Lore? Is it appropriate to have COD style spotting on everyone's minimap all the time? It looks and feels like most copycat shooters on the market in my opinion rather than an experience that's unique to the technology 40k universe.
    Can a happy medium be found between the current "Normal" generic all seeing minimap(red dots everywhere) and a more "Hardcore" system(zero red dots)? A system that better captures the essence of 40k which relies more on squad comms and team work for finding and fixing enemy player locations via physically hunting our foes rather than an AI bot spoon feeding us enemy locations via red dots on our minimaps.

    BRENT: I’m not sure what you mean about AI bot spotting, but the minimap is a system under development and like most systems we wanted to get it up and functioning as quickly as possible first to fill the missing gaps in the gameplay. Now that it’s in the game and we’ve been playing with it for a while we’ll see how we want to tweak things, but it’s been a huge help already in keeping teams coordinated and helping understand what’s going on in the battle.
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    Answers from the ninth Q&A thread:

    1. Will the Attack Bikes be exclusive to Founders only? And if it is, then will it be permanent or timed exclusivity?

    DAVID GHOZLAND: No the attack bikes are not going to be founder exclusive. The community has clearly expressed its opinion about founders only things. Nothing but aesthetic will be unique to founders.

    2. Will switching weapons in tanks also have a time delay to stop solo tankers even more? I understanding an instant switch for dev teams is fine to test everything, but more often than not I see solo tank crews in play tests. Will this be different for playable versions, to further promote team play and inhibit one-man tankers?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, this is one of the features we’ll be trying out. Most likely not for switching to the driver’s seat, but when switching to the turret we intend there to be a short initialization delay (short enough that it feels ok, but long enough that you’d be at a serious disadvantage in a tank battle).

    3. Will the actions and outcomes that take place on Arkhona be a part of the official w40k lore? And if so, will the outcomes of these battles affect the factions in the lore in any way?

    Mathieu Fecteau: That a very good question. The world of Arkhona is now something official in the universe of 40k, this said we can’t tell if GW will use it in any other story or if it will affect the lore in some manner. This might happen or not but we have no information to share with you at the moment.

    4. What environments/maps are being created and could you tell us more about it. The planet seems to be a hive world so could we expect to fight in an urban environment? Could we see perhaps some more images of these uniques worlds?

    Steven Lumpkin: Right now we’re keeping the exact details under wraps, as we figure out what our tech and art team will allow- but rest assured we want Arkhona to look as striking as anything you find in a Warhammer 40,000 art book!

    5. How do you intend to implement plasma overheat and combi weapons ?

    ALEXIS LEVEQUE: First the plasma weapons have 2 fire modes; auto-fire and charge fire. For both the modes you will have a overheat gauge. The gauge will go up while firing in auto-fire and while charging in charge mode. The principle will be that the more the gauge will go up, the more your attacks will be powerful, but you take also the risk to totally fill the gauge (overheat) and then get staggered and take small damage.

    Combi weapon will just be a additional fire mode that use a different kind of ammo in limited quantity.

    6. Will Supply Lines work any differently for bases of different sizes such as more than 1 supply line for the biggest bases?

    BRENT ELLISON: The base takeover system/territory control is actually being reworked at the moment. When the design finished I’ll give a run-through for the community!

    7. Is there any progress to report or anything new or interesting regarding the PvE side of things?

    BRENT ELLISON: Basic AI is being worked on right now – the start of NPC navigation is actually being checked in today by our dedicated AI programmer. For prototyping purposes we’re doing it with Space Marines & Chaos first (since they’ve already got a full animation set), but I’m also personally working on the Tyranid AI rules. So yes, progress! We’ll show you guys as soon as we’ve got something.

    8. Will the RP pool for each individual player be limited to a certain amount to prevent stockpiling RP? Or will it be infinite? If it is infinite, then what is your plan to prevent organized SFs to mass their equipment at once to make an unstoppable assault?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, it will be limited – otherwise you’d be encouraged not to play in order to horde your RP forever. The goal is to make it so that you want to harness your community to have the most resources on any given day.

    9. What is the next feature you guys want to add? Will it make it to the first game module?

    BRENT ELLISON: Psychic Powers will be the next new feature, and it’s required for the Chaos side so it will definitely be in the first thing the community gets to play.

    10. Can you give us a comparison between two marines who want to use an apollo plasma gun? One who goes about buying it in the RTS and the other who goes out to get the in-game equivalent?

    BRENT ELLISON: The equivalent in-game won’t be called an “Apollo” and it will look different, but the base of the weapon has the same stats and effects. The main difference between ones purchased from the store and ones in-game is that with the Rogue Trader weapons you can quickly get what you want, but it will have some weapon mod slots pre-equipped that can’t be changed. The equivalent base that you earn in-game will have all its slots free, so while it will start off weaker you can customize it fully how you want. Obviously both can have equivalent stats when fully modded.

    11. Any news or plans for melee combat? Are we going to see it becoming increasingly complex or will we see a much smoother developed system?

    ALEXIS LEVEQUE: The melee combat cannot be too much complex as the game is also and mainly a shooter (you would not finish a combo before to get killed by someone afar). So the melee specialist need to be able to kill relatively quickly when he reaches a enemy. But we also want the enemy to have a chance to be able to go away. However we also want the melee combat to be meaningful. That means that we want the best player to win the fight, not only the first to attack or to defend. I am currently working on some improvements that will give it a good balance between all these constraints...

    12. A recent poll has shown that amongst the current founders alone there is about 33% of paying founders who would rather play a faction other then the planned 4 for launch, does this percentage influence decision making at some level?

    Yes it certainly does influence us but we have to have focus and we simply can’t tackle the entire 40K universe at once. Suffice to say, we have plenty of material for expanding the Eternal Crusade after we launch!

    13. Will there be an option for players to declare a preferred enemy and/or hated faction/Subfaction for their character at character creation? With a small associated buff towards fighting that specific Faction or Subfaction?

    BRENT ELLISON: We definitely intend to have background traits with that sort of flavor, but having a buff towards a specific faction isn’t an interesting choice in a PvP MMO – there’s not much you can do to counter it as an Eldar, for example. That said, bonus rewards for killing your hated enemy (XP, for example) are something we are planning at the moment.

    14. In some battles in PS2, when the forces of both sides are evenly matched, we have a situation where the vehicles of the attacker just sit idly outside the shield doing nothing or shooting at the wall uselessly. While at the same time, the defender's vehicles freely mow down infantry who go inside the shield, thus making the base nearly impossible to cap, even with the help of air support. Given that EC will have no aircraft at launch, how are you guys gonna deal with this kind of situations?

    BRENT ELLISON: As mentioned above, we’re doing some big changes to the takeover system that will move us away from the Planetside 2 style of spawning and base capturing. Expect a rundown when it’s ready!

    15. Vehicle access points. Similar to how embarkation and disembarkation works in TT and how ANY combat transports operates, will players only be able to enter and exit vehicles from access points? Not only does this effect the possibility of those riding inside to cheese their way outside the vehicle, materializing at random locations, killing enemy players then instantly re-entering the vehicle from any location, it also allows passengers to choose their exit point resulting in the bulk of the vehicle being used as cover from enemy fire. Nothing worse than exiting a vehicle in Battlefield 4, only to find the random location you exit is directly in front of the enemy instead of exiting on the side of the vehicle opposite of the enemy.

    BRENT ELLISON: Optionally choosing your exit side is something we intend to do (for exactly the reasons you describe), limiting where you can get into the vehicle is not. There are many situations that could cause problems (the kind that aren’t fun) if you could only enter/exit at certain points, and it would also just make the whole vehicle transport situation unnecessarily fiddly.
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    Answers from the 10th Q&A thread.

    1. (Team question) Considering the TTK (time to kill) is going to be kinda low in EC how do you think using abilities that do damage over time (like the posion Brent Ellison mentioned in livestream #1 for the Aspirant) or those that stun/immobilize/root/slow enemies will be a worthwhile thing to equip (specific weapons, ammunition, specific psychic powers)? Can you give an example how debuffs will actually fit in a metagame with the current TTK we have?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s actually similar to any shooter – you don’t have rows of icons to wade through, instead any given debuff, buff or DoT is meaningful and dangerous – something to worry about immediately. To that end, we’re splitting up different types of “buffs” to create the behaviour we want and ensure that we can really put a strong stat budget into each.
    Poisons, burning and the like are similar to Dark Souls – they have an accumulation value that affects their mechanics so they can tie more deeply into the roleplaying systems. You can potentially have any number of these (although only 3-4 will be in at launch), but really if you’ve got more than one at a time you’re probably going to be dead almost immediately anyway.

    Buffs can come from proximity morale sources (like a banner or hero), or active sources (like a psyker concentrating on you right now). You can only have one of each at a time, because we intend this to be an interesting and meaningful choice. If your Sorcerer is buffing your accuracy at the moment, you’d better start shooting because he’s spending warp charges.
    Debuffs are similar to the active buffs – you can only have one at a time because we don’t want to create situations where multiple sorcerers are just piling debuffs on targets. They need to pick the right one for the situation and send in the other troops immediately while they keep it active. A priority system (that differs for each archetype) determines what happens when more than one debuff is on a target.
    Healing is treated as its own category where you just see how much your health is increasing right now.
    Other effects like environmental damage, suppression, stuns, etc., aren’t really treated like debuffs in the system – the UI and animations should make it very clear what’s happening and the effect is relatively short just like any shooter or action game.

    2. Has Ghislain seen this? Its the end result of dozen upon dozens of threads and seems to be where the community see the models fitting well as the final ones to be see in EC (proportion wise).

    GHISLAIN: Yes I’ve seen it, and we’ve taken note of it and made some changes based on these comments/others. We hope to be sharing updated models as soon as possible!

    3. What are your thoughts about weapon Skins not being bound to its stats? (referring to RTS items, not having unchangeable stats on them).

    BRENT ELLISON: We don’t want to have pure Weapon Skins, where you look at a weapon and don’t know what it actually “is.” Mechanics like that take away from the feeling of a world – we want appearances to have meaning. It’s particularly bad in a PvP game where it’s nice to be able to know what the weapon is you’re fighting. That doesn’t mean we can’t have things like color-swaps or adornments on weapons though. The rule is to use common-sense.

    4. We know that the fan & founder base is rather big right now. But what are you actually going to do to further increase the fan & founder base? Attending E3, PAX, etc.? If you do ARG codes again or some local event, will those that stay at home have some other possibility to earn special things as well?

    MATHIEU FECTEAU: We’re not scheduled for any of the immediate upcoming shows. We really want to get ready to present new and impressive material rather than repeating what we have said before.

    Speaking of increase the founder base, of course we are going to move on and have more and more events, contests, reveals, etc.
    Some of them are fully accessible from the comfort of your living room ?. Until the launch of the Founders Access, this will ramp up slowly, but after this many events and focus groups will be tie with give away, prices and special/unique materials.

    5. I know is a bit early, but are you already thinking on the bikes (the single ones, not the RT ones) driveability? Are you going to take a "realistic drive" aproach (whith a risk of falling from your bike, or damage it, if you make driving mistakes) or a more easier and simplified one, without the risk of falling? (i hope you're going for a more realistic aproach!)

    BRENT ELLISON: At the moment we want it to be pretty simple so you can concentrate on things like shooting or chopping people’s heads off. Space Marines going too fast around a corner and falling off their bikes wouldn’t really be appropriate for the brand, and besides these bikes are about 4 feet wide so they’re pretty stable (note that a Space Marine can’t even reach the ground in these things).
    That said, we intend to put in fun things like wheelies, spinning the back wheel so you can aim the guns on the front, etc. The mastery will come more from making use of these advanced mechanics rather than just staying on your bike while going fast.

    6. We know the Tyranids are meant to be the main form of population imbalance correction, what other ideas are being considered in case they are not effective enough?

    BRENT ELLISON: Just for imbalance we intend to have the possibility to create new fronts in case there are enough people on a side but not enough territory to fight in, and also some light bonuses for factions on their back foot, like increased RP for each player that will let them use more tools against their numerous enemies. In addition, remember that the campaigns will be tailored for the faction, so a faction with fewer members won’t be asked to do the same things as a faction with too many players.

    7. What is the general philosophy about your approach to add depth to the game via "RPG elements" ?

    BRENT ELLISON: There’s a progression tree that you work your way through with XP where you can earn accessories for loadouts, certs that let you use weapons better, and access to a few new classes. In addition, you can earn weapon bases and weapon mods in reward boxes, where the weapon mods let you customize and progress the bases. Finally, there are traits that have permanent effects on your character. You pick one at the start and can earn them in a few ways. They’re also part of the end-game progression once you’ve unlocked everything else and at that point you have to carefully choose which ones you want to take because they get more and more expensive.

    8. Faction strongholds aren't supposed to be conquerable, but are they going to be invadable? And if so will it be periodic or tied to some objective requirements to open a temporary invasion?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s something we may expand to in the future, but due to the sheer number of players that would want to be in the shared “social” space at once (that can’t kill each other), we are planning on instancing them to make it a more pleasant experience for your framerate. That causes some friction with the rest of the takeover mechanics so it’s not a priority at the moment.

    9. Any chance Orks will get a more armored look similar to Black Orcs in Warhammer Fantasy? I know they're separate fictions but Black Orcs look awesome and I think you should consider it.

    DAVID GHOZLAND: Everything we do is in line with Warhammer 40,000 IP. Black OrKs are not part of this universe even if the treatment looks similar in the fantasy settings. Anyway we will propose some heavy armored Orks since they exist in the 40k universe too, but they will be treated as `space orks`.

    10. What kind of meta game are you planning? Getting this in focus early is the markings of a great pvp game, not just a good one. Will things change on the map dynamically with certain victories, will players leave any long term effect on the planet via what happens? Will long term, I am talking month long bonuses, go up if a faction fights a decisive battle (king of the hill style).

    BRENT ELLISON: The campaign system is the primary driver of the metagame and the rest of the territory control just serves to get you in position to take on its objectives. We are looking at having certain settings permanently changed based on the big narratively-important campaigns, but potentially short-term (for the duration of the next campaign) changes for the rest. This includes things like discounts on certain vehicles, monuments in the environment, etc.
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  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    11. Weather effects.Will we have them? If not then why? it would in my opinion be a great way to alter the dynamics of battle. Sniping through a sandstorm hah!

    BRENT ELLISON: At the moment, this is a “we want them, but we’ll see” situation. Some weather effects are easier to produce than others!

    12. How are Wolf Priests being handled as they are both Chaplains and Apothecary for the Space Wolves?

    BRENT ELLISON: Wolf Priests are the support role for Space Wolves, replacing the Apothecary. They aren’t as good at healing & medic buffs, but have a Crozius and can offer similar morale bonuses to a Chaplain.

    13. What are the current thoughts on resources/items we will collect during game play? Weapons? credits?

    BRENT ELLISON: Reward Boxes offer Weapon Bases, Weapon Mods, Consumables (grenades & packs), and Visual Customization components like different Armour Marks. We’re considering putting Vehicle Loadouts in there as well.

    In addition, we’re considering a “token” system for buying from vendors. As opposed to RP, which is earned passively for the use of spawning things in the field, tokens would be earned through PvP, PvE and/or reward boxes and then traded in for either specific bases/mods or categorized reward boxes. If you “sell” any of your earned items, they’ll convert to tokens.
    This is still under development, but we want to offer you some way to get the standard weapon base or consumable you want without having to rely on RNG, and we don’t want you to hoard the resources intended for helping your faction so a system similar to this is necessary in some fashion.

    14. Have the devs already implemented the possibility to punch a tank?
    I am looking forward to causing havoc among a vehicle's crew, making them wondering where is the tank hunter, while i am knocking to their door!

    BRENT ELLISON: Yep, if you mean with a power fist. You can always punch them with your orky fist, though not to much effect!

    15. Will you consider more unique PVE modes beyond smash and grab dungeons? I love both pvp and pve and need pve to relax away pvp intensity. Maybe world bosses like Tyrannid Titans? Archaeology smash and grabs?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, at one point it’s something we’d like to explore for sure. We’re already looking at ways to expand the PvE beyond just the Tyranids.
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    Answers from the 11th Q&A thread.
    1. (Team question) How will armor customization work (comsetic and not cosmetic)? Will armor have someting similar to weapon modules or will customization come only from traits and unlock? Will all races have the same methods or will different races have different mechanics? If it isnt something you currently thought about, what games are you looking into for inspiration for the said armor system?

    BRENT ELLISON: Accessories are basically the armour mods, which you earn through the progression tree. They modify your stats or other effects, but they generally are applied on top of the armour, visually. Examples include bionic eyes, pendants, purity seals, etc.
    The armour itself is just another accessory, but it only comes in a few varieties as far as stats are concerned (standard, mastercraft, relic, possibly more). They have a higher stat budget than other accessories however, so they make a big difference in your build in terms of survivability and other players will be able to clearly see it on your character in the field. The rest of the armour options (including the marks) are all cosmetic so you can kit your character out as you like without having to be restricted by loadout.

    2. How do you think to implement the Kill cam? Do you already have a developed concept for it?

    BRENT ELLISON: Kill cam, no (as in, the camera changes when you kill someone), because while you’re watching that someone else could just come up and murder you. Death cam, on the other hand, is something we’re planning to do. As in, when you get downed your camera briefly points at the location of the person that downed you so you can understand what happened. We don’t intend this to go on for too long though, since the person should have the chance to get away afterwards. You’ll also get information about your killer in the UI, including what weapon they were using, their name and class, etc.

    3. Since we know that combat and movement for both sides of Space Marines is going to based off of Space Marine and Darksouls, ect. what will the Orks and Eldar take influences from? Should we expect to see the acrobatics of Warframe present in the Eldar? How will the brutality and resiliency of the foot slogging Orks be represented compared to what we've seen in the Space Marines?

    BRENT ELLISON: We’ve done a lot of research and ultimately we determined that in terms of movement gameplay the Orks won’t be too much different than Space Marines. They have similar builds and weights, so it makes sense for them to move similarly. Their animations will be completely different of course, reflecting their savage, ape-like nature and we hope to have some fun with it.
    Eldar on the other hand are heavily influenced by Japanese action games. They zip around the battlefield and hop over cover with little trouble. Our two top games in this regard are Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Keep in mind that they’ll still have the same general verbs and actions as the other factions, they’ll just do those actions differently.

    4. How many pools of requisition will we have on our own personal account? One for our account? One for each faction? One for each character? Or some mix of the three?

    BRENT ELLISON: At the moment we intend personal RP to be tied to your account. We don’t want the system to encourage you to make four Space Marine characters in order to access four different RP pools. But of course you don’t need RP to play, it just gives you a bit more independence.

    5. With the massive delay to the Founders Early Access in which ways will it benefit from the said delay content wise? Are you still planning on dropping the same old thing you wanted to launch on Q2 2015 or will it have allot more within it (like Eldar and Orks instead on only CSM/SM)?

    NATHAN RICHARDSSON: We actually merged “Early Game Module Access” into “Pre-launch Game Access” and that is now called Founders Access, followed by Founders Beta. This is to lessen development risk and simplify our path to launch. “Early Game Module Access” wasn’t delayed, it simply doesn’t exist anymore.

    Early Game Module Access was the very simple modules, like a shooting gallery for a single player, while Founders Access is more like an Alpha. More details will be given in the next State of the Crusade on what Founders Access entails.

    6. Will each faction's identity be reflected in how they hold territory? I.e. The Orks want to conquer the entire planet so have a massive continuous empire; Space Marines defend / reclaim imperial territory and establish regional kingdoms over specific objectives, Eldar being uninterested in territory control are searching for their "secret" so own territory that's not physically connected with each other, but instantly linked through webgates; and Chaos wants to corrupt enough of the planet to subvert it to the warp so it's embedded wherever other factions allow it to grow?

    BRENT ELLISON: That will be reflected more in the objectives of campaigns than territory rules. In fact, it works pretty much as you describe!

    7. Will Eldar vehicles, or any skimmers, be able to adjust their elevation a small amount? I ask because it would be neat to cruise a bit higher so as not to run friendlies over (only if they're crouching?) but can go lower to run enemies over. The manta in Unreal Torunament 3 is an example of what I mean (not it's jump). A video example in this youtube video @0:45 and beyond.

    BRENT ELLISON: Probably not, Level Design’s already having enough trouble managing vehicle/non-vehicle spaces at the moment. If the grav tanks can change their elevation they’d basically be able to get just about anywhere.

    8. Earlier you confirmed that conflict will be confined to the front lines as they are in Planetside with some actions behind enemy lines and the possibility to open up new fronts. What are the conditions you are considering that will allow this?

    BRENT ELLISON: Right now we want the opportunity to open a new front to be defined by certain world and faction conditions. Opening a new front should be a chance for an underpopulated or back-footed faction to start fighting back. If the Space Marines own half of the planet already, they don’t need to do such things. Whether or not a faction needs to do something extra to get the opportunity or whether it’s just given to them is still to be decided. Regardless, these are just opportunities – you still have to win that territory.

    9. Any chance we get to see more concept arts? (spaceships, cities, private quarters, social environments and such)?


    10. At this point in development is there any elaboration to give on the effects given by the different Chaos God Marks to the different CSM classes?

    BRENT ELLISON: Not yet, we’re still focusing on some of the core systems before branching into deep, detailed design on specific factions. The first big faction-specific feature will be the Psychic Powers for Chaos.

    11. What in-game elements (NPC's, strike force quests or PvP conflicts, PvE, etc.) will best allow players to immerse themselves into the evolving narrative of the game?

    DAVID GHOZLAND: PvP and PvE will have some story elements. The nature and means of the story telling will be different and will take different shape. For example, in a PvP campaign players might get information directly from their leaders while in PVE they might find some clues or archives which will deliver some story content.

    12. Have you put in more thought on sub-faction 'racials', or differentiating abilities? Can you share some of your thoughts on it?

    BRENT ELLISON: Nothing new yet, as stated above we’re focusing on the core at the moment!

    13. What would the Devs like to put into the game before launch/shortly there after, that isn't on the schedule?

    NATHAN RICHARDSSON: We have so many big ambitions for the Eternal Crusade that we could spend all day talking about what we’d like to add. Also, the schedule already extends 12 months post launch and still, the universe is so big that there is plenty to add to that schedule. And maybe that’s the hint, the universe is big …

    14. Will vehicles be able to be called down and flown in via drop ships, or will they always be materialising out of thin air on a spawn pad? Just ask Nathan how cool it was in Dust 514 to have your tank flown in, our how funny it was when a fool called in his own tank right in front of your AV. It makes players more cautious when acquiring vehicles, rather than just pulling them out in the middle of the fire fight.

    BRENT ELLISON: We plan to allow warlords to call them in via deep strike and while we’ll give a nice big warning about the landing zone, if someone doesn’t move out of the way they’re gonna get squashed!

    15. Are there any plans, whether after launch or as part of an expansion, to develop underground complexes or tunnel systems in the open world?

    STEVEN LUMPKIN: We’ll see what we can do on this front, but if we’re able to fit this kind of facility into our schedule it will be the exception. But we have some interesting ideas for this we’d like to investigate!
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  7. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 12th Q&A thread.
    1. (team question) The heroes of the Warhammer 40K universe are known for their ability to wade into the fiercest fighting and resist the odds, despite being an obvious focus for enemy fire. In lore they benefit from incredible plot armour and good fortune while on the TT multiple wounds, saves and game rules bend the fight in their favour. Either way it's pretty clear that the characters of 40K are exponentially tougher than they should be and seemingly protected by fate, with another champion of equal magnitude being the most reliable counter, leading to epic contests between two characters.

    Being such a major part of the IP I'm curious if Eternal Crusade will look to capture that unfathomable resilience and glorious identity for our Hero classes, even if they do not necessarily fit in a typical MMORPG/Shooter dynamic.

    BRENT ELLISON: The reason we want “heroes” to be limited and not something you can progress into permanently is that we want them to be genuinely more powerful than everyone else so that when they’re on the field they really make a difference while also being a giant target for the enemy. We don’t intend to have specific punishments for losing a hero (although of course you’ll have rewards for killing one), but we are considering a large-scale penalty for a side that loses their warlord, or a bonus for the other side. And of course warlords will frequently be hero or elite classes.

    2. How will warlocks replenish their warp charges? slowly overtime, using consumables or killing downed enemies/saving downed friendlies? (maybe add to this question: different race have different warp charges mechanics?)

    BRENT ELLISON: Not over time, since we generally try to avoid any mechanics that encourage you to wait around for too long. You’ll be able to get them back from consumables and the same locations you can spawn/restore ammo & health from. Other methods for restoring warp charge we’re thinking of tying to specific accessories, in which case it will be faction specific (executions for chaos, for example).

    3. On destructible walls, are you planning on making specific destructible ones, with the core and massive ones indestructible? And once you broke the wall, there will be phisically based rubbles who can actually hit the players near there? (not only the enemies but the demolishers too) what will happen to the debris once the wall falls? will they dissappear or form some advantageous cover for the attackers?

    Steven Lumpkin: While we’re still investigating destructible walls and won’t know the answers for certain for some time, I expect we’ll be making specific sections of walls that are destructible. It should be obvious which walls your weaponry can damage, and which are impervious to your fire. We’re not yet ready to discuss the possibility of rubble damaging nearby players, but it’s likely that destroyed walls will remain as some measure of obstacle to navigate.

    4. Given that multi-faction conflicts will occur in EC have the Dev team considered making the kill "assist" xp reward eligible to players from other factions?
    (faction A player wounds faction B player who is then killed by faction C player, does faction A player get an "assist" while faction C player obviously gets the "kill" reward?)

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s just based on shooting at enemy targets, so that’s how it works!

    5. With more need to be a tactical class to complete objectives, will there be more need to be another class to be able to do other specific things?

    BRENT ELLISON: Not sure I understand this question, but our goal is not to give something special to everyone. Instead it’s to reinforce the fact that this is a strategic operation and the powers of the non-tactical classes exist to facilitate the tactical classes getting to the objectives. Those jump packs on the Assault serve the purpose of allowing them to get behind the walls and open a drawbridge for the Tacticals, or to serve as a vanguard force that jumps on the enemy and keeps them busy while the Tacticals advance. A Devastator takes a position and controls a space with his Heavy Bolter in order for the Tacticals accompanying him to advance (and of course the Devastator is probably in trouble without other classes to guard his back anyway). Etc.

    6. Will the progression be free or restricted? By restricted, I mean like in normal RPG games where you can choose only 1 line to follow while abandoning the others.

    BRENT ELLISON: The progression trees aren’t restricted in that manner – you can eventually have all the certifications & accessories in the game. However, for end-game traits you’ll have to pay more for each one you want, making it (hopefully) functionally impossible to get them all.

    7. How can defenders win a battle? You spoke about attackers having "limited time" to capture the base.
    When does the timer start (does attackers' faction publicly declare the start of an assault?) and what happens when the time runs out (do destroyed walls repair themselves and all attackers are banished?)

    Cannot answer at this time.

    8. How will Reaper Launchers function? Will they be hitscan, even though they're technically a rocket weapon? What situation will Reaper Launchers excel in over the Shuriken Cannon that I would want to take the Launcher over the Cannon?

    BRENT ELLISON: Reaper launchers are more for shooting vehicles or firing over cover, while the Shuriken Cannon is better against infantry – like the difference between a Plasma Cannon and a Heavy Bolter. They fire rockets and rocketswarms – not raycasts like a bolter.

    9. What eldar classes will be "tactical" for capturing objectives? If it is only DA, do you see the 1 out of 6 classes being a handicap compared to the other factions 1 out of 4?

    BRENT ELLISON: We don’t expect even class distributions at all – you should pick the classes that are appropriate for the situation. And keep in mind that a class is just a bucket for different loadout components so even though the Eldar have 6 classes, each is narrower in function than the Space Marine or Ork ones. The Dire Avengers are the only tactical Eldar class, but they have more flexibility than other classes anyway.

    10. Are you reviewing your actual shield-armor system? As for example, giving a damage mitigator value as armor, and relegating the shield bar system to actual shields? (like iron halo)

    Cannot answer at this time.

    11. How much creative freedom are you guys/gals allowed by GW?

    Nathan Richardsson: We have a lot of creative freedom, but obviously there are strict constraints on the universe itself. There is canon we have to follow but we can also request additions if we feel that’s necessary, such as Arkhona which is a new location.

    12. Can the defender faction bring reinforcements from outside of the fortress without spending fortresses spawn ticket pool?

    Cannot answer at this time.

    13. Will synapse make effected nids faster, stronger, better, smarter and tougher?

    BRENT ELLISON: This is early in the development, but the primary effect we’re planning right now for synapse creatures is to give more direction to groups of gaunts. While a hormagaunt would normally roam around attacking whatever it sees, a synapse creature can give several hormagaunts a target that they will relentlessly pursue until dead. And if you kill the last synapse creature nearby it will have a feedback effect on all the gaunts in the area.

    14. Patrick said that the P2P orks will be Nobz. But the Lootas are boyz. So the Lootas will be the only boy class for a P2P Ork, or Flash Gitz will replaced Lootas, or the devs will create something different?

    BRENT ELLISON: Orks are pretty freeform so we’re not sticking too closely to the names of the tabletop units – for example the heavy weapons character is just an ‘Eavy (name subject to change) which, depending on his loadout, COULD adhere pretty closely to the Loota identity. Also, Nobz are actually the elites – everyone plays as Boyz most of the time. It’s just that free ork accounts can ONLY play as Boyz.

    15. Are we having Tacs only as cappers or will the other classes still be able to affect the process ?
    Eg. Will non-tacs be able to say neutralize but not actually cap?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, Tactical archetypes are the only ones that can place a capture object, but any class can remove or destroy the capture object. Once a point flips you’ll need a tactical to get it back though.

    16. Since the eldar have more classes, and the RT weapons are unique to one class (as opposite to the majority of the other races items), wouldn't be better to make these cost a bit less, while offering more of them?

    Nathan Richardsson: Pricing for items in the store is NOT final and you can revert all your sales before we launch.
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  8. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 13th Q&A thread
    1. What sort of unique flavour elements are you planning on adding for specific characters to increase immersion? For example a Space Wolf would behave more reckless at times then lets say an Ultramarine, a Sorcerer of Tzeentch would stand there elegantly weaving his spells at the enemies like an artform, whilst a Sorcerer of Nurgle would be more crude and spit/vomit many of his spells at the enemies.

    BRENT ELLISON: Just to start, I want to emphasize that there are a lot of character types in Eternal Crusade, and our focus is first and foremost on providing the widest possible set of identities as we can. We didn’t want to just offer one Sorcerer character that we chose for our purposes, but rather preferred to allow you to pick your favorite identity from the faction wherever we possibly could.

    Because of our focus on breadth in this regard, we aren’t putting a huge amount of attention into each individual identity. Keep in mind that, for example, Aspiring Sorcerers of Nurgle represent less than 2% of the characters in the game (Chaos is potentially 25% of players, potentially 25% or less are sorcerers, 1 out of 3 might be Nurgle-aligned) and so we can’t put too many small details into them *specifically* at a sacrifice of the bigger picture.

    Instead of emphasizing the differences between characters in the same faction (beyond what’s necessary to fulfill that identity and gameplay of course), we’re focusing on difference between factions. For example, both Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines use chainswords that share attack animations, but they have different executions to sell the bloodlust of Chaos versus the ruthless efficiency of the loyalists. We’re also investing in differences between the sub-factions so that an Iron Warrior feels properly distinct from a Night Lord, for example. This takes the form of different customization elements, unique accessories, traits, etc. In some cases even unique Weapon Types.

    So while the Sorcerers with different marks will play quite differently since they have unique psychic powers and the chaos gods affect character stats already anyway, this specific example of flavor polish isn’t something we’re focusing on at the moment.

    2. Are you considering a throwback to the DoW series where players may have the option to make themselves vulnerable as they "pray to the point" instead of fighting in order to hasten its capture?

    BRENT ELLISON: No, we’re actually trying to avoid these situations. Since this is an action game where you play a single character, we’d rather everyone be encouraged to get up and fight or watch for enemies instead of sitting and looking at a progress bar.

    3. Will bolter round explode against soft targets such as Orks like it does in Space Marine?

    BRENT ELLISON: If you mean “Will there be big explosive blood bursts when dealing damage against health with bolter weapons?” – then yes! Same as in Space Marine.

    4. About adding new character's slots for the founders, have you considered the possibility of buying a maximum number of slots with Rogue Trader points? Like for example, 2 slots max limit, at 20000 rtp each so that if a warrior pack owner wants the extra slot he/she can renounce all the other RT items?

    Nathan Richardsson: Yes we have considered it, but no decision made as it will be part of the larger economic strategy as well as what the real value of a character slot is. 4 character slots gives you a lot of opportunities already – and the number is coming from the number of playable factions.

    5. How will we unlock Rogue Trader Points in game?

    BRENT ELLISON: At the moment we have no intention of allowing you to get “real money” in-game. This may change in the future, but we don’t want to encourage this sort of grinding. Of course, this means that anything purchased in the Rogue Trader store must not have an unbalancing effect on the game, which is our goal.

    6. What are some ways you intend on tackling CPU issues?

    Cannot answer right now.

    7. Different races have difference sizes and since the biggest difference at launch will be between SM/CSM and Eldar, will there be cover too big for an Eldar to shoot over and cover too small to effectively protect a SM/CSM?

    BRENT ELLISON: No, everyone will be able to use cover the same way from a size perspective. In fact, Eldar are roughly the same height as Space Marines (taller than normal humans), they’re just not nearly as wide.

    8. Will there be a way to practice with hero classes before actually spawning them?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, you’ll be able to train with any characters/weapons in the hub area.

    9. In tabletop and lore Space Marine Sergeants (and their traitor counterparts) are typically equipped with the iconic Sword+Pistol combo. Do you want it to be a viable build? If yes, what class will it be? A tactical with a sword or an assault without the jump pack?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, you can be an assault character without a jump pack. As to whether you can use a tactical with a sword or whether you’ll just be an assault veteran in a group of tactical is something we’re still working out, but most likely if you want to focus on melee weapons you’ll want access to the Assault-specific accessories more than the Tactical ones so there’s not currently any gameplay motivation for you to want to be a “Tactical without a bolter” character.

    10. Will enemies be able to hear automatic combat dialogue ("Grenade!" "Need a Medic!") and by extent use it as a way to find anybody trying to be stealthy?

    BRENT ELLISON: No, we’re filtering automatic dialogue so that only friendlies hear those types of barks.

    11. Will items from the Rogue Trader, like the Relic Power Fist, Relic Armor, or Master of Relics, take on sub-faction specific traits and/or colors when used with said sub-factions?

    BRENT ELLISON: Right now that is the intention, particularly for the characters. Some weapons may keep their original look - it really depends on the item and whether it would lose its uniqueness if it changed to sub-faction colours.

    12. Will the founders access be open only at certain times with a line to get through? Or will it be accessible to the correct founder's wave 24/7 for us to try and let you guys know how it goes and answer your queries about things?

    Nathan Richardsson: Founders Access will vary over time. It might start with long weekends, then become closer to 24/7, it all depends on what server capacity we have and what we will be focusing our testing on. There will be no lines, once you and your “wave” gets access, you will always have access.

    13. Are you planning on giving the non-support classes the possibility of carrying limited "medipacks"? By limited i mean with a very small cap (let's say 3, or 5 at max upgrade) and with a high coldown for use. If yes, how powerful will these gadgets will be?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, we already have those in the game. Right now you can only carry 2-3 depending on your loadout and they heal you to full. The Apothecary’s Narthecium on the other hand currently has 20 uses and in addition to healing you to full it gives you regeneration for a period of time so you don’t need to be repeatedly attended to. We’ll be tweaking all this as we playtest of course, but we have always intended to give a little bit of healing power to other basic classes if they choose to do so.

    14. Recent information about the Aspiring Sorcerer’s mix of low survivability and ineffective offense has been the cause of some concern on my part, as it sounds a bit like the AS will be the least combat viable of all the classes on an individual level in essentially all circumstances. Are there going to be progression options that allow for more direct damage-focused sorcerers to be a combat contender like all their other brethren?

    BRENT ELLISON: When designing balance, you always have to start from the perspective of characters that have perfect knowledge of their situation, perfect knowledge of the game systems, and assuming there are no additional outside factors. That’s why, for example, we can say that an Assault character will beat a Devastator if they’re only a few meters apart – we’re assuming perfect play in a naked situation. There will be plenty of times in the game where a Devastator beats an Assault in melee, either because the Devastator knew how to play better, or used the geometry better, or other characters got involved, etc.

    Under the perfect conditions of game design, even the most direct damage-focused Aspiring Sorcerer will lose to a damage-focused Tactical marine if they’re in an empty field with no one else around and they play both play perfectly. This is because the Traitor’s role would be compromised if you could make an AS build that performed equally in the same situations.

    So as long as a character is in the Support archetype, he will never be as good at dealing damage as a Tactical, Heavy, or Assault archetype. That doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to kill other players frequently of course – look at the Engineer in Battlefield 4. His focus is destroying and repairing vehicles, but the carbines they have rack up an impressive number of kills. In our game as a Sorcerer if you can apply a nasty ailment on a target and get away they’ll die without support. Or if you spot the enemy first and start zapping. Or if your target is focused on something else. Like any shooter or action game, skill and situation are hugely important variables.

    One more note is that although the Aspiring Sorcerer is in the Support archetype, not every psychic character will be. The hero sorcerer will certainly be capable of terrifying direct damage.

    15. Have you tested flamer weapon mechanics to a point where you could tell us whether or not they'll be in-game?

    BRENT ELLISON: Not specifically, but we’re now confident that we’ll be able to do them at some point. Not sure about launch yet though.

    16. Since backpack banners also serve as personal heraldry in some cases is there any chance for us to use banners outside of squad/company leader roles?

    Cannot answer right now.
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  9. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 14th Q&A thread
    1. How has the Game Design team decided to approach stat budget itemization for weapons and is the team still considering having weapon bases with unique stats ? It seems like having two statistical systems at work (bases and mods) could complicate the horizontal balance by exaggerating the inevitable slight imbalance that may exist between different weapon/mod combos. Would having sidegrade weapon bases with alternate stats be additive when mods will provide raw stats too?

    BRENT ELLISON: Having weapon bases with unique stats doesn’t affect our balance because those stats can be different without being better, or we simply give them a greater point cost in loadouts if they are objectively better than other weapons. With regards to mods, however weapons and their point costs for loadouts are being balanced under the assumption that they are fully modded and thus there is technically a vertical progression between an unmodded weapon and one with a full complement of mods – although it’s much smaller than average RPG progression.
    Note that it’s quite quick to get a weapon base up to its full stat budget of course – the rare mods are those that give particular stats/features or very small vertical improvements (2-3% better). But keep in mind that you will be at a small disadvantage if you go into the field with a completely unmodded weapon.
    One note about the weapon bases is that some come with unique mods pre-attached that cannot be changed – thus using up a mod slot that would otherwise be definable by the player. In that case their stat budget is not greater than normal, some of it is just going towards stats or features that might not be available elsewhere.

    2. Which classes can use the pistols on the Rogue Trader store? Will you update the store adding which classes can use each weapon?

    BRENT ELLISON: Right now we are planning to allow all classes to use all the pistols thus far available with the possible exception of the Heavies (Devastator, Havoc, Dark Reaper, ‘Eavy Boy). That’s pending some testing on our side for how we want to handle their sidearms.
    Yes, all the weapons should have information about classes that can use them. It should be there for most of them, but I’ll check.

    3. You guys talked several times about hero classes and how you want them to play, but what about elite classes? For example, what will be the difference between a tactical marine and a Damned Legionnaire?

    BRENT ELLISON: Elite classes are more powerful than basic classes, but they have a cost associated with each spawn. The standard elite classes that the system is built around are Veterans – unlockable elite versions of the basic classes that have more loadout points. Other elite classes are made with a similar philosophy (and stat budget), but are generally fixed in terms of their loadouts with unique weapons and properties. Thus the Damned Legionnaire are like Tactical Veterans but their stat budget goes into Boltguns that fire flaming bolts and a high survivability.

    4. Will morale mechanics play a role in EC beyond suppression effects?

    BRENT ELLISON: With the “reward rather than punish” design philosophy in mind we’re focusing mostly positive morale effects. Staying near your leader gives you a Morale Buff based on his standard, killing the enemy Warlord gives your whole side a temporary bonus, etc.

    5. Recently we heard about "second founding" chapter skins possibly being available in-game. Can the Devs reveal more information on this concept and in particular how such options would be mirrored for the other factions beyond LSM?

    BRENT ELLISON: Since we’re putting a lot of effort into putting gameplay differentiation between the Chapters, the second foundings are initially being conceived as cosmetic choices to give you the opportunity to customize your character a bit more since Chapter colours are usually quite rigid. Nowadays most armies have similar options (shrines for Eldar, mobs and tribes for Orks, etc) so if you look at any recent codex or supplement you should be able to get an idea for where we’re focusing our investigations.

    6. What mechanics are being considered to encourage large scale battles, for instance are there any plans to have mechanics that will benefit more then a single squad when teamed together? Are there any plans to have mechanics to support players from different factions working together?

    BRENT ELLISON: If previous massive games are anything to go by, we don’t have to worry about encouraging large-scale battles – it’ll be a bigger challenge to encourage factions to play strategically and apply chunks of their forces where they can have the greatest effect. That’s actually the focus of our efforts – making sure sides don’t just zerg up and throw bodies at one base at a time.
    We want multi-faction alliances to be as organic as possible, so the mechanics we’re putting in are largely oriented around campaigns where two factions might have a shared goal to prevent another faction from pulling something off and thus could benefit from teaming up (particularly if their working against a much larger faction).

    7. Are all progression trees similar in design between all factions, like do they all follow the same type of outline or will each tree be different?

    BRENT ELLISON: The basic rules of progressing through the trees are the same, but each faction’s tree is structurally quite different. Under our current direction the Space Marines have a fairly rigid, hierarchical tree, while the Chaos one winds about in circles and has multiple paths to the same point. The Eldar have very distinct clusters to represent the big differences between the Aspect Warriors, and the Orks have a wide spread of options available to them at any point.

    8. Will ammo be limited? I don't mean in terms of paying requisition points for special ammo but will bases that are under siege and cut off slowly lose ammo from a pool so that once it reaches zero people who spawn there will find their guns dry and need to rely on melee weapons.

    BRENT ELLISON: An individual character’s base ammo is limited and must be resupplied in the field through consumables, supply drops, etc. However, you always get your ammo refilled when you respawn and there are unlimited sources of ammo at your spawn points so a side never really entirely runs out. There’s definitely something cool in the survival experience of counting your remaining bullet boxes, but it’s different from the game we’re making where we always want you to have the resources to play your class.

    9. Has the Dev team come to any decisions on Eldar Aspect armour colour schemes vs craftworld colour schemes? Will the players have the option to choose between the two as a primary/secondary colour palette? Otherwise how will an Aspect warrior will be displaying their Craftworld affiliation if not through options in armour colour palettes?

    BRENT ELLISON: Nothing final yet but we’re investigating the best way to work with how they’re shown in the brand since some Aspect Warriors have been presented as taking on craftworld colours from time to time. As mentioned above we’d also like to get Shrines into the game as customization options.

    10. What is the art direction for explosions in EC? Is there a source of inspiration like space marine or planet side you're drawing from?

    Cannot answer right now.

    11. Are missile launchers confirmed for Founders Access?

    BRENT ELLISON: No missile launchers for Founders Access – we’re keeping it lean so we can iterate based on your feedback.

    12. Have you defined the number of continents you want to release at launch?

    David Ghozland: 1 continent for launch.

    13. Is Eternal Crusade canon (part of current / future lore)?

    David Ghozland: We would love that to be the case, but this is more a question for GW.

    14. Will Jain Zar (or other faction leaders) ever get to take to the field?

    David Ghozland: Faction leaders are more high level characters in charge of the faction than actual units on the field. We are investigating the possibility to use them for events, but I cannot promise anything at this point.

    15. If games like Ghost Recon Phantoms are considered Pay-2-Win with an in-game store carrying purchasable "sidegrades", consumables, and skins that are also earned through normal play, how exactly is Eternal Crusade not going to be P2W?

    Nathan Richardsson: Ghost Recon Phantoms is a Free-to-Play game, so their store is managed accordingly. Eternal Crusade is not, it is much more like later boxed shooters (Defiance, Destiny) with DLCs and a store, where we focus on visuals, versatility, services, “sidegrades” (which is a highly debatable term), and variations of what is accessible in the game. If you could buy gear which is the best, and is not attainable in-game, that store would be providing you, by definition, ways to pay to win.
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  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the 15th Q&A thread
    1. (team question) How will the overflow maps will work in eternal crusade? Is it a different map all together or is it a copy of the main map? And will the overflow map have influence on the campaign result?

    BRENT ELLISON: Overflow maps are temporary mini-continents called “Battle Islands”. By controlling the central territory on a Battle Island you can get access to additional powers that affect the rest of your territories (currently they give you more Warlord Powers). Battle Islands are intended to be limited to just two factions and their creation is dependant on server populations. To prevent runaway power if too many Battle Islands get created for your side they won’t map their bonuses 1:1. Instead you’ll need to control more Battle Islands to get the same effect.

    Please note that this system is very work-in-progress and will likely be heavily modified before Beta!

    2. How will the health system work for the xeno factions? Will they have the same "shield and health" thing the space marines and traitor marines have or will it be something different?

    BRENT ELLISON: Same system, but very different tuning in order to get the proper iconic behaviour. We are considering an additional system for Orks though, to encourage them to get into melee by allowing them to recover health. Please note that this was something we discussed before playing Bloodborne. ;)

    3. I had heard on the grapevine that you're planning on cutting the number of continents available at launch, so is the remaining continent to be multiple (2-3+)times the size of one of the previously expected continents? What is the overall expected landmass in comparison to previous expectations? (6-8 64 square kilometer islands if I remember correctly)?

    David Ghozland: 1 continent 16x16 km for launch with 4-6 smaller islands around and some instance-able maps PvE and PvP.

    4. Can more details be shed on the design and goal of using a targeted lock-on system for melee?

    BRENT ELLISON: Lots more, as you hopefully saw on Twitch last week! The goal is simply to make it easier for you to keep track of your targets in melee, and also allow for better input schemes on the mouse and keyboard. One of our ongoing challenges has been finding a comfortable way to guard outside of the gamepad, and with the lock-on/guard toggle we’ve finally got something that works (it’s also made the gamepad better by letting us shift buttons around to move crouch off the left stick). As a bonus, it’s also turned the pistol into a much more interesting component of the game now that it’s become a part of melee combat.

    5. Will there be a Punish/Forgive mechanic for when a player is killed/downed by a teammate? This way lets accidents happen without punishing a player by adding to a stacking penalty toward something like locked weapons. Mistakes can be made by anyone after all (by both killer & killed).

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes! We’re working to make sure this is as simple as possible. Our current plan is to assume punishment, but allow forgiveness.

    6. You said you already started working on Eldar classes, when will you start the mocap? will you show us some footage of it like you did with Space Marines?

    BRENT ELLISON: We will show you as soon as we start, but it’s still at least a few months out.

    7. About the latest iteration on melee combat, Brent mentioned 3 types of attacks fast attack, strong attack and bash, are charged attacks removed or are the same as the strong attacks?

    BRENT ELLISON: If you mean charged attacks as in holding down the button, yes that’s the same as the strong attack. If you mean a charging attack as in pressing the melee button while sprinting, that’s different but still in the game.

    8. What will the maximum player limit be per continent on release? Will it be similar to Planetside 2, where you can have up to 1200 players per continent?

    David Ghozland: The entire server population will be playing either on the continent, the islands or in the instanced maps. That should give you an idea of the number of player per continent.

    9. It's been stated one can equip different types of ammunition in a loadout; one example being the screaming ammunition for the Widowmaker Bolter in the Rogue Trader. What varieties of ammo are being looked at? What effects/purposes/roles can we expect to be filled with this feature?

    BRENT ELLISON: The special ammo are temporary ways for you to boost your firepower in specific directions – damage, penetration, status effects, etc. These are always consumable items brought to the field or summoned by a warlord, so you generally won’t be using them the whole match but when it’s time to make a major push or fight at a location to the last man you can break them out.

    10. If combat has different attacks buttons and effects, strong, fast and such. Will there be a combo system to string attacks together to do more damage and knock enemies away? Like <- A, Y, X.

    BRENT ELLISON: You can string together different types of attacks but we’re not using a canned combo system like in Space Marine. It’s more like Dark Souls where you need to pick the right attack for the situation.

    11. When you were talking about the 5th subfaction vote you told us about the traits of the subfactions we would be voting for.Can you tell us about the traits and other unique aspects of the subfactions that are already going to be in the game?

    BRENT ELLISON: We don’t have the specific traits and benefits designed yet, at the moment we’re doing general themes which you can probably guess from their codices. For example, the Deathskulls are all about stolen weapons, the Iron Warriors are siege and vehicle-focused, etc. I have a task coming up very soon to dig into this further so expect more details in the future.

    12. How long will Founders' Access run for until Founders' Beta? How long will Founders' Beta last? Naturally these are estimates not set in stone.

    Nathan Richardsson: Founders Access will run till we’re happy with the core mechanics, and ready to proceed add the persistent world, which is what we believe is the Founders Beta.

    13. When we are in the battlefield it will act like a 3rd person shooter, but when we are in our stronghold, is it possible to have your mouse free, a wider field of view, and move around similar to WoW? And if so can we switch between the third person mode and the more free view mode while we are in the stronghold?

    BRENT ELLISON: While we won’t be having a movement scheme like WoW, we’re investigating the possibility of a “safe” camera. Even now though, you can spin the camera around your character to get a full view of him (unlike, say, Space Marine).

    14. Has the team considered giving players the means to ping the minimap as a way for squads to coordinate? I ask because it would be quicker than going to a map screen and setting waypoints to say mark where a spawn vehicle is then going back to map screen in order to remove it sometime after it's destroyed. Or just enable quicker waypoint marking?

    NICOLAS BRUNONI: You will able to Ping a location on the Map Screen (which will be a button press away) and also in the environment by aiming with your Reticule and pressing the associated button.

    We could allow Pinging on the Minimap/Radar but you would need to switch to Cursor Mode to do so. Also, the Minimap/Radar might prevent you from setting a Ping far from your location – it has a range limit and might not include all the necessary terrain details.
    Ping stays only for short moment so you don’t need to worry about removing them manually.

    Waypoints can be added in the same way as Ping and can be removed as quickly as setting them up.

    Waypoints can also be associated with an Action, like Capturing, which means that they would automatically be removed when the Action is completed.

    15. Commissar caps for Deathskull Orks?

    Cannot answer right now.
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