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Q&A Answers Compilation Thread

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Djemo-SRB, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Welcome to the Q&A Answers thread.

    This thread will contain the answers to the chosen questions picked from the Q&A threads made in the General Discussions subforum (which are made every third week).
    The threads run from Saturday till Monday.

    Every batch of answers will be dropped here as soon as it is delivered to the Q&A team, so keep your eyes peeled.;)
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  2. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the first Q&A thread:

    1)Can we expect more depth in the melee combat? things like counter attacks, ripostes, being able to interrupt our own attacks and stuff like that, because right now it seems as simple as spam LMB and the guy that hit first wins.

    BRENT: We’re revamping the melee combat right now! Alexi, our new combat designer, arrived last month and he’s been working like a demon to improve the core combat & controls. The system is moving away from canned combos and adding multiple types of attacks. We’ll get him onto the forums soon to talk about it!

    2)What systems that are currently in place do you (the dev team) expect will need the biggest changes when alpha testing starts and hundreds of people are playing?

    BRENT: Spawning, capture systems & territory control. We can iterate a lot on basic gameplay and controls to get them to feel good with smaller tests, but the systems that really play out across multiple battles happening at the same time across the world are going to need a much larger volume of players to test.

    3)How exactly will the progression work?
    Will the tree work somewhat like battlefield3/4 or will it be more choice based? So say if I were to use a bolter alot, would I become better at bolt-based weapons? Or can I branch right off to the side and get better at plasma weapons if I chose to?

    BRENT: We want you to use the right weapon for the situation so we’re avoiding systems that encourage you to use the same weapon over and over again to improve (although of course, using a weapon a lot may increase your own player skill…). So XP is not specific and you can use it to spend your way through the progression trees. There are plenty of accessories to unlock as well as weapon specializations that increase the efficiency of using weapon types.

    In addition, there are randomized loot rewards with a different currency set for specific weapon bases and upgrades. However, this doesn’t mean that if you want to use a Plasma Gun you have to wait for it to randomly pop up – you can always predictably purchase the base version of a weapon type from a vendor.

    4)Are You sure You're going to meet the end of 2015 release date deadline or are You considering a delay if necessary to ensure the quality of the game?

    MIGUEL CARON: That is EXACLY the purpose of the Twitch…. To tell the fan that we are aiming for QUALITY and not for a DATE

    5)Can support classes specilize in offensive abilities? For example can I be a selfish warlock and exchange buffs for offensive abilities in my loadout?

    BRENT: Support classes will be able to put some specialization into offense, but they’ll never be as efficient at offense as other classes. They may be very good at debuffing, however.

    This doesn’t mean there won’t ever be psychic characters that are offense-focused, of course, they just won’t be the ones that fulfill the support archetype.

    6)What's the plan with the 4th Space Wolves basic class (support)?

    BRENT: He won’t be an apothecary, and he will be something appropriate for the Space Wolves. We just need to finalize our plans with GW to make sure what we want to do fits the lore and is appropriately on-brand. It’s pretty much what you’d expect though!

    7)Will any form of stealth mechanics be in the game and if so, how will you implement them?

    BRENT: At the very least the Striking Scorpions will have stealth. We won’t know for sure if it works until we get to them, but in the context of our game the thing that makes the most sense (and the first thing we’ll try) is to make them invisible or mostly-invisible to simulate them “hiding”.

    8)Will there be melee charges, as from a sprint?

    BRENT: Yes, that’s already in the game!

    9)Will there be slower but heavier weapons, that when they clash with a lighter but faster weapon they win over the clashing, making the one with lighter weapon stagger backwards.

    BRENT: Yep, that’s exactly how it’s going to be implemented!

    10)About how long until the 4th class of Apothecary/Sorcerer are ready to be featured as a playable model?

    BRENT: That’s actually very soon, the tasks have been made are currently in the queue and the sorcerer’s model is being put together right now. We’re going to do a full implementation on the Apothecary first since he’s faster in terms of features and the Sorcerer’s mechanics will be placeholder until the psychic powers system comes in, but it’ll let us feel out the role of the support class in a group.

    11)When will we get to see a map layout of Arkhona?

    STEVEN: The whole world? There’s a lot of production required before we’ll be able to go into detail with a map of Arkhona. We have a ‘high level’ map internally, but we need a lot of testing before we can say if it’s working or not. I’d say Spring-Summer 2015 we could release a high level map of Arkhona, with detail in certain sections.

    12)What about stretch goals? Will we have access to a list or something?

    MIGUEL CARON: Since we are not doing crowd funding per say, we can’t do streach goal in the traditional way but we are working on a similar mechanics to engage our fans in the commercial success of Eternal crusade

    13)Can we know something more about the 6vs6 module?

    MIGUEL CARON: Its 10V10 first, and maybe, if JF allows me, we could talk about it a little bit.

    Modules have been removed from the plans. Any answers in the other answer batches regarding them are now null and void.

    14)Will there be incentives for players of the same sub-faction to stick together? (i.e. better buffs, RP discounts for squad requisitions, etc)

    BRENT: At launch we want to emphasize faction unity so it’d be a little early to start stratifying players of the same faction. If you choose to make a Squad or Strike Force of all Space Wolves then you’ll probably look pretty cool but it won’t affect gameplay. After launch we might start doing more sub-faction-specific world content though.

    15)Can you tell us more about pets.

    BRENT: We’re still formulating our plans here, but at launch, pets will not play a significant part in PvP because if everyone was running around with little followers those big battles wouldn’t look very 40k (the occasional hero might be able to have them as appropriate, however). That said, in social and PvE instances we’re looking into what makes sense for launch, but it’s still a ways out.
  3. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the second Q&A thread:

    1) Will psychic powers shared between multiple factions/subfactions exist? (relating thread:

    BRENT ELLISON: Maybe, but our first goal is to make the factions feel as different as possible, so even if a power is mechanically similar we will probably name/theme it differently when it makes sense.

    2) Can the Devs update us on the role of Support and their healing capabilities: How much benefit will a medic-centric Support class (Apothecary and Pain Boy particularly) be to a squad in terms of active healing vs fighting vs passively buffing and are there any class models in other games that can be pointed to as examples of the role they're designed to fill ? I'm happy to accept rough percentage guess-timates and hypothetical scenarios obviously.

    BRENT ELLISON: It varies widely from faction to faction and depending on your loadout/specialization, but these are not healers in the traditional MMO sense – they’re more like medics in shooters. Some will be more like the medic in TF2, others will be more like the medic from old-school Battlefield who spends more time fighting than healing (for example, after a hit from the Narthecium a player will keep regenerating for a while so the Apothecary won’t have to repeatedly patch him up).

    Others will be more focused on debuffing the enemy, although this will be very active so you’ll need to train your malediction on the target continuously as long as you want it to have an effect. Regardless, the goal of every Support character is to be a force multiplier on non-Support classes.

    3) What do you plan to do if the entire F2Waagh mechanic spectacularly bombs and the Orkz are left as the least-populated faction in the game? For the Eldar you could always come up with some warp portal trickery or something similar, but the two outstanding characteristics about Orkz are their brutal close combat nature and their numbers.

    BRENT ELLISON: First of all, we’re really going all-in on the green tide – this unique F2P implementation this is the best chance orks have to represent properly in an massive context. We’re pretty confident that once we show the Orks off, the fun and flavor of the faction will be clear so combined with the fact that it’s possible to play them for free there will be a lot of Ork players.

    Of course, you never know what’s going to happen so it’s possible that we’ll need to adjust. This is all hypothetical, but the first thing we’d look at adjusting is actually their goals rather than their battlefield mechanics. For campaigns and rewards we would focus them on fewer objectives and territories so they could bring everything they had to the battles they do fight. They wouldn’t be a green tide across the planet of course, but they could still do so on the basis of individual battles.

    4) Do you think of creating totally new weapons, vehicles, armors, etc. That haven't been never seen before in the rest of the lore?

    BRENT ELLISON: Of course, as sometimes it’s necessary to support mechanics required for a video game and particularly a persistent open-world. However, our first goal is to implement the iconic 40k wargear that everyone’s looking forward to. Keep in mind that there’s never been a 40k action game with vehicles before, and there’s never been a 40k MMO released at all so everything is new in this context!

    5) Since the assault bike and Land speeders perform pretty similar roles, will we see the Landspeeder in game?

    BRENT ELLISON: Not at launch, but it’s a natural expansion.

    6) There has been discussion about how to differentiate squad leaders from the squad. Specifically, will investing points in a e.g. leader skills bring about cosmetic changes based on the amount of leadership skills you have? More information on this would be great for those of us who enjoy leading.

    BRENT ELLISON: If you mean guild leaders, then we’re looking at potentially having cosmetic differences if you’re a leader of a Squad or Strike Force. If you mean group leaders, then there wouldn’t necessarily be an inherent visual change, but there will be items you can take in your loadout that benefit the group. Since we don’t want to have severe buff-flation we’re going to put a very hard limit on buffs from specific sources, so your buffs from these loadouts might only apply if you’re the group leader or people might have to choose their source by cheering at them, etc. In this fashion you’ll be able to have leadership while still giving us designers a way to control the mechanical benefits (instead of giving them out for free whenever you make a group).

    7) Will the assault marine or raptor be able to make short jetpack boost on ground when running , giving them more movement flexibility(quick moving direction change) and about 150% of normal run speed ? (and if you say that ppl will abuse that ,programmers can make it to take lets say....half jetpacks power stripe from all 3, so u can use it 6 times .very fair )

    BRENT ELLISON: Not sure I understand this one, but actually while a jump pack character can make hops to cover ground more quickly, the intention is that they have LESS flexibility on the ground compared to those without jump packs. Keep in mind that an assault character can remove their jump pack from their loadout. A jump pack character has a huge advantage in flight, so there needs to be something for characters without jump packs to call their own.

    8) What WH40K Table-Top rules can be used in EC as actual rules or guidelines for game mechanics as opposed to which FPS mechanics would apply in certain circumstances? (relating thread with examples of what the question is talking about:

    BRENT ELLISON: Eternal Crusade is NOT based on the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game – like most 40k video games (including the Dawn of War series and Space Marine) it’s based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Although most of us are players of the tabletop, we’re not trying to implement any of the rules from there. Sometimes we’ll be inspired by tabletop rules that aren’t related to the lore (such as stat names or class categories), and of course we want to have things like “perils in the warp”, but I can’t think of any mechanics that are being lifted directly from the tabletop rather than the setting.

    That said, all our desks are covered in codices and we frequently reference the tabletop rules as a way of understanding how different weapons/items/vehicles are meant to be deployed in the 40k universe. For example, I’ll often look up something like “what’s the range of a reaper autocannon vs a heavy bolter” to get an idea on its intended tactical application, and that will inform its role in our game.

    9) When will we see ork/eldar gameplay?

    DAVID GHOZLAND: Unfortunately we cannot say when yet. They are still on our radar but we need to nail down the gameplay if the 2 first races SM and CSM. Once we get those ones right we will work on Orks and Eldar and keep working on them until we are happy with the result. We will keep working on the producing assets for those races in the meantime.
  4. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    10) How would the Howling Banshees speed, acrobatics, and mobility be translated into the game, so they could win CQ engagements?

    ALEXI LEVEQUE: They will of course be extremely agile and fast. Some of their moves and attacks will be contextual to other moves. For example there could be some special attack from the roll. About their ability to win melee engagement, it will depend on the players skills of course, but we will try to tune the game so they have their chance even against other melee specialists.

    11) How will continent sizes be handled? Will they be made to be able to have x amount of players in different areas? Certain amount of objectives? Bases? How will you determine how large a continent should be compared to another?

    STEVEN LUMPKIN: Right now, because it’s the easiest method, we’re assuming that all our continents will contain about the same number of square kilometers- but they’ll have different natural shapes. We’ve calculated how many battles we want active on a continent at any given time, and how much of the continent will be on the front lines (and thus available for battle), and that’s told us how many territories we need per continent. So that’s how we figure out how big these things need to be!

    12) Will the Chaos Raptors get the old fashion, far better looking jet packs back, from shop or other ways ? as cool as 2 kegs on the back looks, i personaly at least find the old ones much cooler, and thx alot for everything!

    DAVID GHOZLAND: Well we want to stay in line with the current visual and look that GW is promoting. We will feature variations for raptors in the store after launch and the Old fashion look could be an option.

    13) Can you elaborate more on the player-driven hierarchy for factions? What are the current (tentative) plans for electing a war council? How often will the war council rotate members? Are there any plans for preventing the abuse of this system so that a select few individuals remain in control of an entire faction (or multiple factions, and thus, the game)?
    Reasoning being that we havent really heard that much about the system in any great detail outside how many people will be in it and that they will be able to give resources to people.

    BRENT ELLISON: We haven’t advanced on this system recently since we’ve been focusing on other things, so the plan is still that a certain number of seats will be using a free voting system, while the rest will be reserved for other methods that we’ll be exploring and discussing with the community as development progresses. This includes the possibility for seats that are voted on but in specific categories, seats earned through demonstrating skill in-game (EX: the Strike Force Leader whose guild contributed most to the campaign this month), seats picked by the Behaviour community management team and rotated to address different parts of the community, seats earned through competition, etc.

    We’re currently thinking of doing this on a monthly basis, but we’ll have to see if that’s monthly for the whole council or maybe terms of a few months offset so that a few people rotate out every month. As stated, we’ll be involving the community pretty heavily in systems like this so you’ll know when it comes time to get to work on it.

    14) Is there any chance that an execution will give some short-time bonus to allies or debuff to enemies? This will be an extra incentive to produce an execution directly in the height of the battle.

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, but at the moment it’s not intended to be an inherent property of executions. Instead, depending on your loadout you may be able to gain bonuses for your character or those in your squad/in the nearby area when performing them. For example, accessories modify how you gain “rage” (final name TBD), so one way to gain rage would be to perform executions. Then when your rage bar is full you can trigger it to give your group a temporary bonus.

    15) Will crawling be a thing? I understand that fully armoured Astartes might look a bit silly crawling, but they do it occasionally.

    BRENT ELLISON: Crouching is in, but not crawling. It’s difficult enough to get a character in power armour to raise their arms above their head without those enormous shoulder pads getting in the way! Note that very few modern third-person games have a prone position since it’s extremely difficult to make it look and feel good when your character is so prominent on the screen.
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    Answers from the third Q&A thread:
    1. Will the success & failure of campaigns manifest real physical change on Arkhona? And can you explain in what ways in some detail?

    Cannot discuss at this time.

    2. Any chance we will be seeing some models of the elite or hero classes soon?

    GHISLAIN BARBE: Unfortunately, not before next spring.

    3. When will we see the new Health/Armor system? Could you already tell us something about it?

    BRENT ELLISON: We’ve been iterating on it, trying to figure out what really works for both the feeling of the game and the RPG systems. We intend to show some changes to the feel on twitch very soon, however, within the next few weeks.

    4. When do we get to see ideas about how the the tactical side of the game is going to work (intended for the war council and leaders)?

    Cannot discuss at this time.

    5. Can we learn more about melee combat options available to the classes already developed, we've seen the assault classes swords and the devastators/havocs lunge(?)..but what melee weapon will tacticals have and in what way will the interaction between these weapons behave?

    BRENT ELLISON: Tacticals by default have had combat knives for some time now, which have their uses but in general don’t stand up to the larger weapons very well (keep in mind that a tactical also has a boltgun). There will be different forms of combat knife of course, and we may allow tacticals to use chainswords for greater cost.

    Some big changes are going into the melee system, so that’s our big focus at the moment. We should be able to show them very soon!

    6. Are smoke grenades planned to be implemented in the game?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s a possibility, but we have to test it first.

    7. Will players in the downed state be able to crawl to safety or are they left to the mercy of the spot where they are downed?

    BRENT ELLISON: At the moment they’re stuck in the spot, but we’re investigating our options here.

    8. Will the Pikko servers be used for the alpha/beta? Or will there be an alternate server until the Pikko is ready?

    Patrick Balthazar: We are not sure yet about the early access modules! Will depend on the progress of development. But there will be tests with the founders as soon as pikko is ready!

    9. What kind of weapon is the Wyrmfang Spear(power weapon, singing spear or a regular weapon) and which classes can use it?

    BRENT ELLISON: Sorry, this should have gone up a while ago – I’ve sent an update on. It’s a Singing Spear for Warlocks.

    10. How often are we intended to be able to manifest special classes (elite/hero) with our own personal effort?

    BRENT ELLISON: This is a balance issue that will be felt out through extensive tests with the community!

    11. How does bE intend to enforce strict bans and moderate the community when the game is $40 b2p with no subs and a (sensible) f2p/trial scheme ? What methods and standards are being looked at to reassure the average player that exploiters, bots and rule-trolls will be filtered/locked out promptly and permanently ?

    BRENT ELLISON: This will be coming in a lot later, but our primary concern is on the f2p side since it costs nothing to make a new account. We are constantly thinking about these situations and making sure the game design discourages or doesn’t allow for griefing possibilities or same-side exploits. Pretty much every time we discuss a feature we ask “How can this be exploited?” and “What would happen if a player switched sides to abuse this?”.

    Exploits will always happen, but it’s our job to make them as rare as possible and minimize their impact. To that end, f2p accounts that have not demonstrated that they’re worth trusting will have stronger restrictions in terms of friendly fire, use of resources, etc.

    As for hacks & bots, although being a server-based game helps for validations, we’re still just going to have to dedicate live resources to minimizing them and keeping up!

    12. Will we get the opportunity of getting to kill the devs in the game when it comes out? With means to being able to identify them as the devs when being killed? Or playing alongside with them?

    BRENT ELLISON: Heh, of course!

    13. As far as the Orks and the Free-to-Waaagh!! mechanics goes, what incentive/limitations will motivate someone who enjoys playing an Ork Boy to actually invest in it?

    DAVID GHOZLAND: Progression is the answer. As a boy you can still progress and unlock more skills, accessories, armors and weapons. But you will eventually reach a barrier before the premium player who has access to also the nobs, elites and heroes.

    14. Did you guys decide which heroes and elite classes will be at launch for each faction? can we get a list, or at least some examples?

    BRENT ELLISON: We have a list, but we want to make sure we can commit to it first.

    15. Who is JF? (Miguels answer to knowing more about the game modules was "Its 10V10 first, and maybe, if JF allows me, we could talk about it a little bit.")

    JFMB: Hi fellow Crusaders, I’m Jean-François Mercure Burroughs, Development Director on Eternal Crusade and a former Lead Programmer. I’ve been developing games for the past 8 years and have shipped around 10 titles. The role of the Development Director on Eternal Crusade is quite simple: It’s my job to make sure that the Creative Direction, Technical direction & Art Direction all converge to make the best game! This generally means a lot of meetings to understand the different needs of each team and then assigning the right priorities.

    There are things in life that you could never dream of; if somebody had told me a few years ago that I would be working on a Warhammer 40,000 game at Behaviour well I would have laughed a lot. But guess what, it’s happening and my hobby is now a pretty good tool for my work. I’ve been into the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 universes for almost 15 years, starting with Warhammer Fantasy Battles and a High Elf army. Being a hardcore role-player, I ended up with a bi-monthly game set in the grim dark world of Warhammer Fantasy Role-play and then, a few years later, Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy (which I still play with the same group of players). But the hobbyist in me moved as well from Fantasy Battle to 40,000 with a Space Marine army which I created as a successor chapter to the Ultramarines. Only a single army was not enough, I quickly added a splinter fleet of Hive Kraken which is growing in size! And then, well two armies were still not enough; what started a small Astra Militarum secondary detachment is now becoming a full grown army of its own.
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    Answers from the fourth Q&A thread:
    1. Are Behaviour planning to involve the Founders (or larger Community) in any of the decision making beyond the 5th Sub-Faction election or is that vote a one time perk ? Can you elaborate on any areas of design/expansion where our input might be helpful?

    Cannot discuss at this time.

    2. Have you considered allowing strike forces to name their strike cruisers? It would be awesome if instead of clicking "Return to the strike cruiser" button, you could click "Return to the Eternal Vigilance/Dominant Night/Void Crusha/Crown of Isha (I made these names up)" button. No visual customisation will have the same kind of feeling, the ship being truly yours.

    Cannot discuss at this time.

    3. In Livestream 8, there was mention of the possibility of players hitching a ride on full vehicles. Is this still being considered?

    BRENT: I wasn’t aware of this – it’s currently not in the plans at this time.

    4. How will individual races be varied in their performance. Can we expect comparisons like Eldar move fastest, Orks deal the most force per CC strike etc ? Are we talking a reasonably close 1-to-1 parity or will it be more like the lore where each have their strengths and weaknesses.

    BRENT: We’re not trying to make everyone the same, otherwise there’d be no point in having more than two races. Classes, weapons, strengths and weaknesses vary as you describe!

    5. Is there any source of inspiration for the character models?
    Do you look at specific artworks from an artist who works for GW or are the models based around form discussions about how we would like to see them.
    In addition to that, is there a specific art direction for the models, for example: DMO's bulky SM/CSM/Orks or like DOW2's more realistic/over proportionate look? You dont have to say its more like either of these, just an example of the vision for the complete models.

    GHISLAIN: There are probably two pieces that inspired us the most and those were the first Black Library's Soul Drinker Omnibus cover by Kai Lim, who was kind enough to do some illustrations for us afterward, and the Dark Angels Codex by Raymond Swanland, because it was the first marketing illustration that was ever linked to our game, even before I got on board, so it's the first thing I saw related to the game. Both pictures are simply fantastic. They have a lot of movement, they are dark and gritty, they have dramatic lighting, and a lot of material quality in their rendering.

    For the characters models, we were determined not to get creative with the IP but to stay as close as possible to what people see when they imagine their miniature in real life, so we really based ourselves on them for all the details, all the iconic elements, but we had to adapt the shapes and proportions from the heroic scale to a more realistic one, and also so that they animate well and look cool. A lot of decisions are often taken for purely technical reasons.

    It is difficult to say that we are realistic when we do character that are transhumans such as the Adeptus Astartes, or aliens, like the other races, since we lack a proper human reference for comparison, so there definitely is a level of stylisation wether we want it or not, but we tried to stay as close as possible to what we imagined they would look like in real life. That's for the geometry. For materials - textures and how lights react on them - we also aimed for realism - contemporary realism, that is, because realism in CG is always linked to what technology is available at the moment - but we tried to go a step beyond realism, so that lights affect more dramatically the characters than they would do in real life, so that it's a bit too much. But then again, we're dealing with ceramite, armaplast and such, which are material we know nothing about in the 3rd millenium, so what we think is stylisation might just be it.

    6. Will vehicles take tiered damage (ie. slowed or disabled) and by extent go out of control when hit by a killing blow? Like in Dawn of War 2.

    BRENT: We only want to do this where it actually makes the game more fun. Therefore a vehicle doesn’t slow or stop before it’s wrecked, but Trukks will have the Ramshackle rule and go crazy before they explode.

    We are going to look into damaging specific turrets, but we’ll only go forward if there’s something the player inside can do to fix it. Just having a turret break and requiring someone to sit around doing nothing hurts the vehicle’s social experience.

    7. A traits system was mentioned on the forums can you talk a bit about it?

    BRENT: On character creation you can pick a background trait that affects your performance and appearance in a small way. You may be able to earn traits in the late-game progression as well.

    8. Has the team thought about having Objective markers appear on HUD only with the press or hold of a button (similar to Destiny) so as not to clutter up the player's screen and potentially block threats from view or will we get an extensive HUD editing in game similar to what Battlefield 4 is doing now?

    NICOLAS: Yes, we have thought about having to press a button or having HUD editing options to show/hide Objective markers but haven’t implemented anything yet. We are actually waiting for all our Objective types to be defined and then see if some of them need to be always visible and which one we could hide, etc. We definitely want the HUD to be as less clutered as possible when possible. A system that we have started to implement is fading them out if too far (we are using this for the faraway territories at the moment but will extend it to other type of markers at one point).

    9. Will your weapons mutating and getting organic features be a part of weapon upgrades/customization and not just cosmetic for CSM?

    BRENT: We can’t say for sure yet, but the plan is for chaos upgrades to include this sort of theme.

    10. What 40k novels has bE been reading to help get their imagination flowing, for an artistic point of view?

    Multiple Team Members: The Horus Heresy series, Gaunt’s Ghosts series, Eisenhorn series, Fear the Alien, Codex books, Path of the Eldar, Ravenor Omnibus, Priests/ Lords/ Gods of Mars, among countless others!

    11. Will player deployed turrets and platforms make it to Eternal Crusade?

    BRENT: These are not planned for launch, but would be a natural part of an expansion for engineer-type characters.

    12. What is being done to ensure that all of the landscape is utilized? How will you avoid spawn hopping from outpost to outpost?

    We’re still investigating solutions to resolve this issue, but the designers are aware of it!

    13. Will there be global events similar to planet side 2 with their "Alert system". Events that will help promote squads, platoons, players fight for territory for exp/resource boosts to their faction?. Example "Capture this amount of territory or bases with in the time limit"?

    BRENT: Yes, that is the purpose of the campaign system. However, we’re going to try to make it a little more involved than just capturing as much territory as possible. In fact, one of our explicit design goals is to make it so capturing a lot of territory is always a means to an end, not a victory in itself.

    14. Can strike cruisers be filled with NPC's? I'd love my Word Bearer to be surrounded by groveling slaves.

    Cannot discuss at this time.

    15. Will there be body collision? So that players can actually block entrances and not have enemies just run through and around causing a lot of friendly fire. No collision for friendles so troll can't trap their team.

    BRENT: Yes, characters have proper collision. There is still walking collision on friendlies so the world looks and feels real (we don’t want a ton of space marines standing on one spot clipping through each other), but we’re making sure there are ways to get through them regardless (like rolling).
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    Answers from the fifth Q&A thread:
    1. At least for now chainswords kill in just 3-4 swings (and we saw a one shot with a charged attack on the last stream), can we expect more powerful weapons like power fist or two handed weapons to kill in one or two attacks? maybe not even downed state?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, we’re trying a few different things with the melee damage right now, but expect Power Fists and Thunder Hammers to be absolutely deadly. The Downed State is just a negative health state where players die at a certain threshold, so large amounts of damage can skip it (or take you closer to the threshold). Of course, if you instakill someone you don’t get to execute them so it’s something we’re going to be keeping in mind.

    2. Will we be able to contribute new items to the rogue trader store sometime after release and if so, what do you plan on letting us contribute? Would we be able to contribute at any time or would we have to wait for contests?

    MIGUEL CARON: We are working on a plan to allow UGC (user generated content) inside Eternal Crusade. Please be patient since we need to find solution to the fact that it’s a well known powerfull IP versus an original game that has less LORE restrictions.

    3. There has been several threads on what is needed for a command structure to work and for players to want to be apart of it. One of the main things people have asked for is an interface, IU, whatever you call it, that can organize squads, groups, and command structures and display it easy. Are you looking to implement a system that can help people organize squads/raids/battle groups?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, absolutely. Nicolas is out of town but he can probably give you a bigger update on this when he gets back!

    4. Will the sheer numbers increase the powers of the Orks, i.e. will the armor/life/damage bonuses be related to the numbers engaged ? (waaaagh-effect related damages)?

    BRENT ELLISON: Our goal is to encourage Ork players to behave like Orks – gathering in massive groups and swarming across the landscape. We have some mechanics in-place that to start (bonuses for gathering around bosspoles), but we’re going to keep pushing carefully in that direction to make sure the Green Tide is a regular feature of stronghold battles.

    5. Can we have an update on the intended prices for the rogue trader store and relic weapons?

    MIGUEL CARON: We have made a first 30% reduction pass and for now will keep price as is but will monitor the market and our founders opinions constantly.

    6. What is the general idea for Eldar gameplay? Will they play the same style as the other factions, but with the obvious differences in speed and animations that make them different? Or is there going to be a whole new style of play?

    BRENT ELLISON: They will have similar features for basic movement, but our goal is to make them feel completely different. Orks and Space Marines are heavy, clunky beasts and they feel like it. The Eldar are graceful gymnasts so they’ll be moving faster, turning faster, vaulting & climbing faster, etc.

    Note that the Swooping Hawks jump packs behave quite differently from Ork and Marine versions though, since they’re built for gliding and shooting.

    7. Does the loss of all of a race or faction Hqs and outposts during a campaign prevent it from respawning for a short period of time (i.e. 30 minutes for example) ?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s actually impossible for a faction to lose their last spawn point – the headquarters are immune to capture.

    8. Can you explain if sorcerer and warlock might have more offensive abilities rather then simple buff/debuff, warp abilities comparable to ranged weapons for example? (in a bit more detail, how the offensive loadout of the Sorcerer/Warlock will work)?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, although the purpose of the Aspiring Sorcerer and Warlock are to be force multipliers on other classes so they’ll never be AS powerful with their individual offensive capabilities. Whether through healing, buffing, or debuffing they make melee, ranged and heavy classes more powerful. So there will definitely be some psychic shooting, but you won’t want to have a group of 10 Aspiring Sorcerers instead of 8-9 Tacticals + 1-2 Aspiring Sorcerers.

    Keep in mind that buffs and debuff psychic powers are not generally intended as fire & forget spells. You want to train on your targets and keep it going while other players fire so it requires a lot of coordination. The Sorcerer/Sorcerer Lord & Farseer are different of course, and have greater individual offensive power.

    9. Chaos God-Dedication stuff is NOT going to be fleshed out completely at launch, but are there plans to have God focused gear for each class available in-game? Take the first 3 RTS items:
    2 blessed by Khorne - Chainsword, Armor (chest)
    1 blessed by Tzeentch - Armor (chest)
    Can we expect that sort of God-themed gear to be available/common throughout the game?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, god-themed weapons/accessories/psychic powers will be available, and our intention is also to make Undivided a valid choice.

    10. Will the ballistics laws be respected ?

    BRENT ELLISON: This is a pretty broad question, but bullet drop (for example) is not a priority for us at launch, particularly as we’re not doing a big focus on the sniper experience to start (although we’re hoping to do so later). Our goal is to first play up the fantasy and fun of the setting.

    11. So far jet-pack based troopers are very tactically overpowered. They are very hard to hit and they throw grenades. What do you have planned that could fight them and put them in their places since they are very hard to shoot at a distance?

    BRENT ELLISON: Actually we’ve made a big effort to balance the jump pack out and it’s made a big difference, to the point where they’re definitely not dominating like they used to. You can shoot them out of the sky, they’re much easier to track now, etc. We are going to continue to make an effort

    12. Will standards be able to be wielded with hands? (aka standard bearers?)

    BRENT ELLISON: Maybe, but for the moment we’re trying them as backpack accessories.

    13. I know were limited to color shades with subfactions so as to keep it obvious to which subfaction one belongs, but how varied will colors be for trim. I play Ultramarines for example but what if i wanted to play 4th company which has green instead of gold trim could i change just certain armor detail to any color?

    DAVID GHOZLAND: Yes most of the companies colors and symbols variations will be added at one point in the game, but for the 1st and 2nd companies. This is the kind of pure cosmetic option which will be available in the store soon. When you create your space marine, you will get a default shoulder pad color trim or knee pad symbol you will be able to modify later for a small fee.

    14.Can you explain what the last twitch meant by the comment "lesser armoured units" in regards to sorcerer and warlock classes when both classes wear either power armour or rune armour (a power armour equivilant)?

    BRENT ELLISON: The class of armour you wear puts you in a broad category of damage soak, but our focus on individual characters allows us to have a greater granularity of stats than you find on the tabletop. As a result, you can supplement your mitigation, health, fields, etc., with accessories. Tacticals, Assaults and Apothecaries (for example) have access to more survivability-related accessories than Aspiring Sorcerers and Warlocks.

    15. Do you plan on making assaults on vehicles available ? I mean, a Halo- or Titanfall-like possibility for a trooper to jump on a slow-moving vehicle to stick a grenade on its hood, or tear some pieces of its armor in order to shoot in the such made hole ?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, you can already land on a vehicle as an assault, meltabombs and krak grenades stick to vehicles, and power weapons are intended for use against vehicles. Either you smash them with an attack from the air or you brace yourself to hit them as they come at you – for example, you can start charging your power fist or thunder hammer so you smash a vehicle as it’s going to run you over.
  8. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers to the sixth Q&A thread:

    1. How is the PvE part coming along and can we hear more about it?

    BRENT ELLISON: Nothing new to say yet, but we’re doing a major push on it very soon.

    2. Will we see pshycic disciplines? or some variation of psyker powers? i know they will be different for every faction, but i was wondering if, for example, a Sorcerer will be able to choose between direct damage dealing powers like maybe telekinesis, or have more of a support role by choosing Biomancy.

    BRENT ELLISON: To start, we’re defining these as god-aligned or undivided, so you can expect a Slaaneshi (Aspiring) Sorcerer to have a very distinct skill set from a Nurgle (Aspiring) Sorcerer. However, an undivided (Aspiring) Sorcerer is also a valid option, so we’re going to be experimenting with things like giving them more Psychic Powers to bring to the field, more Warp Charges, etc.

    3. Can we get a confirmed list of weapons/heroes/elites/vehicles available at release?

    DAVID GHOZLAND: Not at this time.

    4. At this early stage of balancing how is having the CSM's "medic" option (term used loosely) providing support from much greater range than the Apothecary intended to distinguish the way CSM squads fight from their LSM cousins ? What effective range are we talking about for their abilities, like removing the Danger State ? Are there planned builds for both the Warlock and AS to effectively integrate into specialist squads that prefer both ranged and melee combat (which adding a Boltgun to the Apothecary armory allows) ?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s difficult to talk about balancing for features that aren’t in yet, but we’re going to start by putting regen powers at 30m max range and see how that works. Psychic shooting attacks are similar effective ranges to boltguns without scopes, so the first ones we implement will work best at 60m or less (max range will be farther ofc). If you want to integrate to a ranged group, you should take those psychic powers and whatever you think will benefit ranged friends and harm ranged enemies. If you want to integrate to a melee group you should take better Force Weapons and nova powers, as well as blessings that you think will benefit melee friends.

    5. Are terminators confirmed?


    6. My question is what resources are they going to draw upon for the psychic powers of all the psykers in EC? Will it be more focused on the tabletop, lore or is it more along the lines of a combination between the two?

    BRENT ELLISON: We’re planning on using Warp Charges, but they’ll work as a limited resource, not something that constantly recharges. You’ll be able to get them back anywhere you could spawn, and we’re looking into being able to recharge them in the field through special cases as appropriate to the character (executions, for example).

    7. Can you confirm that when controlling my character with a keyboard and mouse that I am able to enter a vehicle or melee combat and pick up a controller and simply start using that seamlessly?

    BRENT ELLISON: Yes, that’s working exactly as described right now.

    8. How does the dev team want spawning to work? As in how will players spawn, what restrictions are there (limited or unlimited), how will spawning be handled in an outpost under attack, etc.

    Cannot answer.

    9. When will you release the first wave of beta testers?

    MIGUEL CARON: Fan call for BETA testing (first come first serve) will start end of Q1 start of Q2 next year but with very small group to start with

    10. Will you upgrade Assaults with quick small blast from jet pack that would give more speed to SM running on the ground so it would look like every step you make is prolonged because of higher speed?

    BRENT ELLISON: We’ll see, but right now the Jump Pack units don’t need anything else to make them more powerful and we actually want them to have a disadvantage in tight spaces like interiors (switch to your ground Assault units for those fights).

    11. Will we see minimal load out and aesthetic options on our Hero and Elite Classes? Vehicles as well? Something we can save in template form so we can deck out each hero and vehicle with 2 or 3 various builds and or 2 or 3 various skins? If not, what are the reasons behind the decision?

    BRENT ELLISON: For Heroes/Elites that’s what we’d like to do at least for cosmetics. Vehicles will have different customization options as well.

    12. What kind of rendering distance are you guys and gals aiming for? So far, I've seen tanks used more like something you'd see in an arcade setting, versus using them like actual battlefield tanks where they use their superior optics and RANGE/Distance from target as an advantage. As in 1 to 2 KM range on their main gun or auto cannon.

    PATRICK BALTHAZAR: Rendering distance is currently about 2km, but will depend on the power of the PC/Graphics card available.
    Effective range for weapons is for sure not that far, also depending on how many players are on screen you might not get a rendering distance for characters that far.

    13. Roll button spam, we're still seeing it. Are any other mechanics on the drawing board, something a bit more fitting for an Astartes, Ork or Eldar? ie Side stepping, back stepping, ect. I understand Eldar are an entirely different topic and are acrobats in their own right, my question pertains mostly to Ork and Astartes.

    BRENT ELLISON: I’m not sure I understand the question. Tactical Marines will be rolling no matter what – Astartes are quite agile and this is what’s expected from the brand. However, we are looking into addressing the spamming from another angle. Most games with roll/sidestep mechanics limit you to (for example) two rolls in a short period of time and we’re trying to find the most natural and intuitive way to do something similar.

    14. Will we be able to shoot one-handed weapons while sprinting?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s something we’re considering, but at the moment it would be extremely difficult to hit anything!

    15. What is the next ranged weapon type to be demonstrated?

    BRENT ELLISON: Should I say? Next in the queue for the combat team to tackle are Psychic Powers, Plasma Weapons and Meltabombs so one of those will be appearing on the horizon once we’re done with the current pass on the core mechanics.
  9. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Answers from the seventh Q&A thread:
    1. Can we expect a much more challenging progression system than what THQ's Space Marine offered? Ie extremely shallow and didn't require much time invested. Since we will have access to all classes via one character, per faction, how do you plan on keeping the long term progression(months... years) "carrot on the stick" interesting for each base class, and thus each character, without the need for rolling alt characters? What upgrades or unlocks(if any) will I have to strive towards after 6 months of gameplay on my Tactical class? Same question after one year of gameplay on the same character?

    BRENT ELLISON: We’re making an MMO progression, so there’s a lot more to unlock and acquire than in Space Marine:

    • Accessories
    • Armour Sets
    • Certifications
    • Weapon Bases
    • Weapon Mods
    • Consumables
    • Vehicle Customizations
    • Character Traits

    These come from both the progression trees and randomized rewards, and of course we’ll be adding more content to each of these categories as time goes on. The Character Traits in particular are related to end-game progression and are on a completely different timescale to the rest. That said, progression still only takes a game so far and thus the “real” end-game is about making a difference in your Strike Force or faction’s standing in the world.

    (It should be noted that there’s plenty to explore with alts – different chapters/legions/clans/craftworlds have different things to unlock and there are always the other factions as well)

    2. It's been a long time without any news about progression (loadout system specifically) and also about supply lines and other more strategic elements of the game, can you guys tell us something new about those two subjects?

    BRENT ELLISON: Nothing new on the loadout yet because it’s our next big UI task to tackle! For supply lines I’m looking at some potential alternative scenarios at the moment to make stronghold battles more siege-like - evaluating the possibility of limiting spawns for defenders in certain scenarios, but in a way that makes sense in a persistent setting and doesn’t separate you from your group.

    3. Have the devs made any development decisions yet on the composition of armour and its associated customisation potential?

    Cannot answer.

    4. How many individual pieces of armour constitute a full suit and how many points on each piece might be customisable? if armour is for example 5 pieces ....chest, helm, greaves, gloves, backpack then how many potential types of customisation could be applied to any single piece, and at what other points on a character model could customisation occur? ie: cloaks, tabards, trinkets/trophies, belt accesories etc

    BRENT ELLISON: At the moment the character is broken into as many tiny pieces as you can imagine: rims, backback balls, shins, kneepads, etc. This is to facilitate any customizations, rank visualizations and allegiances we want to in the future. As for the player-facing customization, however, we haven’t finalized this yet. It shouldn’t be surprising at all (shoulders, backpack, etc), we just haven’t done the final checkoff yet. Note that for the most part the bits and bobs outside of the armour (trophies, belt accessories, iron halos) are actually being treated as accessories that you earn through progression and have stats or other effects associated with them.

    5. Would like to know more about battle flow and how the dev team are wanting the spawn mechanics to work in depth.

    BRENT ELLISON: As mentioned in question #2 we are currently in the process of re-evaluating the spawn mechanics now that we know more about the game and can more comfortably deviate from the template, so this is potentially getting some major changes!

    6. Will Sternguard veterans ever be added into the game as an elite class? Or will it just be more of we can customize ourselves to look like one with certain wargear options?

    BRENT ELLISON: It’s a little bit of both – you will be able to basically play as a Sternguard veteran with the options you expect, but we’re not sure yet if we’re going to label you as such. There is a veteran elite class you can earn for each of the basic classes that lets you have more points in your loadout (for a cost) so you can basically play with more powerful equipment.

    7. How do you plan to build bases that are fun to fight in and force players to capture and defend objectives instead of simply surround the spawn room and camp it for the entire capture time? I played Planetside 2 in the past and ive seen that players usually try to build a front in the base that is as small as possible, usually resulting in a surrounded spawn room wich leaves little chance for defenders to act with most players refuse to try an assault to break the camp.

    STEVEN LUMPKIN: We’re talking about a few solutions to this! For smaller outposts, we may have to look at alternate spawn methods, such as the random spawns you find in Battlefield. For Fortresses, with their focus on siege-style gameplay, we think that if the attackers are able to camp the spawn room, then it’s because they’ve effectively already won. If they’ve broken through the defenses to be able to do that, then the fortress will fall pretty quickly. We haven’t finalized our solution to this, but it’s on our minds.

    8. We know that Tech Marines, and there counter parts, will not be in the game at Launch, so we dont get a dedicated Engineer. From the Streams we know that the quad canons for base defences are self repairing and we seen that there might be some sort of Repair Packs that players can equip. We also have vehicles that can get damaged. Since not much was said about breaking and repairing stuff yet i would like to know a bit more about it. What can you confirme to be destroyable besides the quad canons and the vehicles? How will these items be repaired? If players repair them how do you plan to get them involved and doing it and equipping Repair Packs over Ammo or Helath Packs? How will the repair system change with the addition of dedicated Engineers (Tech Marines etc)?

    BRENT ELLISON: We want repair of vehicles to be similar to restoring health on characters – it’s relatively quick but you don’t do it in the middle of combat. You get out of the way and park, someone gets out and fixes things with a consumable (and are vulnerable while doing so), and then you’re back into the fray. We may revamp the general repair and vehicle system when we do the engineer pass, but they should basically be a force multiplier on vehicles just like support characters are a force multiplier on infantry. Vehicle buffs, regeneration, debuffs on enemy vehicles, improved turret power, spawnable turrets, etc.

    Anything that’s tied to a base, on the other hand is part of the base experience and its status and ability to get repaired is tied to the larger meta-game. Having linked supply depots nearby allows gates, fortifications and turrets to repair themselves faster and thus it’s important to try to control as much of the surrounding territory as possible before making a real push on a stronghold. This will also need more hooks for the engineers, but it’s not something we’re working on yet.

    9. Can we expect in the future some Teleportation backpacks for Heroes or Elite class?

    BRENT ELLISON: Of course, we’ll have Warp Spiders eventually!

    10. The vehicle HUD window(top down view), which is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen(EC's current HUD top right, bottom left in the image below). Can you guys and gals at Behavior please show the direction the turret is facing in relation to the body of the vehicle in that window? As a long time tank sim player, when manning the main gun it is quite easy to become disoriented and not know what direction your main gun is facing when the driver is moving the vehicle. Most tank sims have this feature, and it's priceless as far as increasing situational awareness. It's also a critical feature for the driver, so they can keep the frontal armor aligned with the main gun(facing enemy threats).

    Brent Ellison: Yes, we are planning to do this!

    11. We hear about plinko or what's it's called being used for the servers but when will there be any kind of tests for this? Because as far is it goes how I expect the launch to go is this... Launch, annoying bugs, weeks of patches, game starts working. The only reason I say this with the type of business model you guys are using for transparency is how are you going to test plinko or the possibility of consoles and pc combining en masse to see it work? Like if at launch 40,000 people (heh) from all three systems play at the same time, chances are there could be a bug. What's the plan on testing/finding bugs and such? I just don't want to be waiting for so long and at launch have some BS happen.

    Patrick Balthazar: The way we plan to do “Launch” is having a large series of tests with the founders first – essentially giving them access asap to help us stabalize the game before we hit any open beta already.
    For bugs – there will always be bug, I am long enough a MMO developer and player to be able to see that you can’t fix everything, but again, thanks to the founders and the early tests we are doing we will have a huge amount of serious bugs solved before open access is granted!
    Our strategy for the console/pc combination is not final – but because of the nature of updates and patches to consoles we will have a different more limited test series there. Most of which we will have a QA department and extrernal QA testes help us figure out the major downsides.
  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    12. Can you tell us a bit more about the XP distribution in the game? How do you going to treat support tasks like healing and laying down supressive fire vs pure combat tasks like killing players? How are you planing to deal with assists vs kills? How do you want to distribute XP among vehicle crews?

    BRENT ELLISON: Players are rewarded for skillfully performing their role in the team. If you’ve played any modern shooter you can expect the usual from kills XP events (kills, squad kills, assists, assists that count as kills, spawn kill penalties, vehicle kills, fighting around an objective, etc), but we also reward you for buffing a friendly that successfully executes their role or debuffing a target as it’s taken out. These are treated similarly to suppression assists in BF4.
    Healing and rescuing get immediate rewards, but they also highlight that we will need a general anti-exploit system. XP isn’t the be-all end-all of progression in our game so even if you cheated your way to max XP you would still be missing quite a lot for your loadouts, but we still need to have systems that detect exploit-likely activities, such as killing the same person over and over in a short period of time, rescuing the same person over and over in the same period of time. These systems need a lot of iteration to make sure they don’t penalize honest players, of course, and that’s something we’ll be handling down the line.
    (Oh yeah, for vehicles, you will get XP as a driver if someone else kills someone. We’ll experiment with giving XP to other passengers as well.)

    13. There has been discussions on the camera in game, will there be an option to switch shoulder camera sides? From left to right or opposite?
    I understand this could be possible for both console and pc version, so will there be a chance of implementing and or experimenting with this?

    BRENT ELLISON: At this time we are not planning to devote resources to a side-switching feature. This is actually a much larger feature than it seems, with a lot of extra overhead for both production and performance. We’d rather spend that time on more actions, and we have other mechanics we’re working on for dealing with issues like seeing around left-hand corners.

    14. What are the biggest technical problems that come with hosting such massive battles over the internet? What is the expected lag for example for the australian community?

    Patrick Balthazar: The biggest challenge is the hardware – each server will have only one network card and therefore the limitations of that imposed. But thanks to our load balancing we will be able to distribute that load onto multiple servers. This is a common technique used for cell phone towers and other systems already – but we will utilize it for our game!
    When it comes to lag, that is something that is still to be tested – we are working on making sure that everyone is on equal footing as long lags is under 250ms, it will still be playable up to ~350ms, but after that there is no trick that can be applied anymore, BUT – in case we find a huge number of players unsatisfied, we will consider local servers for those communities. So an Australian Server is something that could happen!

    15. Will there be impassable rivers (fast flowing/lava/toxic sludge)?

    STEVEN LUMPKIN: We’re considering this, but I can’t say for certain!
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