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Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Demetri_Dominov, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Yes, it works partly, but problem is that, first, they dont die from one heavy attack and a little bastard will surely have time to hit you back before you finish him, not to mention that you rarely face one tyranid unsupported by his fellows. Secondly, when you're supposed to capture a point you have to stay within a pretty limited area which restricts your maneuverability greatly and when you're surrounded by at least three tyranids they'll certainly reduce your armour to zero. Third, I cant propely defend ranged classes from close-combat engagements for in most cases I have to battle several nids at the same time and I cant roll aside because in this case they'll have access to ranged classes, so I pretty serve like a living shield :D
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  2. I agree just having pve spawns on any instanced pvp map, spawn points for little tyranids to throw everyone off a bit occasionally would be cool enough, let alone the odd large tyranid spawning within the last 5 minutes of a match that goes on for a while to make those last moments in an already tense situation feel even more dramatic. The tyranids would not have to be op or tough enough to make a huge impact on the match outcome, even just having them as minor threats that add to the overall atmosphere would be cool enough.
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    A couple of other things would help tremendously;

    1. Let more people join existing missions. This way you can start out as 1 or 2 people, and then add more as the going gets tougher. The lock is right there! Why cant we let Billy in??
    2. Change the map, or change the AI. Now people go to a dead end and hold out. The tyranids all do the same thing and run straight into a bullet storm. It may be safe, but its also booring. So either remove the dead ends, but better teach the Tyranids to climb under the platform to get closer, and then up over the rails. Or along the roof and drop down, i.e. change the route finder to weigh different routes based on how close the last tyranid got.
    3. Show the ongoing missions on the map, so I can pick what I want, just like the main map. And put a little smiley face on any match that has a guild member or friend in it.
    4. Also let me chose ahead of time if I want hard or easy, or dont care.
    5. More kinds of Tyranids.
    By doing these steps we may have created Mass Effect 2 horde mode, but that game was/is awesome.

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