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PVE tactics and tips thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bladerunner777, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. False, the achievement for all of one class isn't hard as long as you do these 2 things
    1) Don't shoot your teammates
    2) stay together in the two swarming phases (purging the ventilator and walking the object)
  2. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was even thinking of creating a team of 5 heavy bolters only, if played well they wouldn't really need a medic. The problem is I never created a war party, every time I played with random ppl and often things got very chaotic (no pun intended :D ), that's why the sorc help was needed often. Besides you forget about warriors, especially the one in the sewers can wipe out the whole team pretty quickly.
  3. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Hit me up on Steam, if we play at matching times I'm up for trying that particular brand of insanity.
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  4. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    Heheh cool, write me your nick on pm. I'll be not present during this weekend tho but I will have a lot of time during the week days so we'll defininitely get in touch :)
  5. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    and in addition to that: remember bullet come from the weapon not from the crosshair, consider where the weapon muzzle is not where your crosshair is.
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  6. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Here's some.

    1.) Don't take the freaking Plasma Cannon. If you are going to take it, then don't freaking shoot team mates. Also, don't shoot point blank at the things attacking you like this is PVP. All you're doing is putting others at risk. If you're going to be so stubborn as to take a weapon obviously not designed for this, then you better have the skill to use it.

    2.) Speedrunners, stop being jerks. If you want to speedrun then fine, though I don't understand why you would on an already short as heck hive. If you're going to speedrun, ask your group if they want to. They shouldn't have to miss out on everything the PVE area has to offer, just because you wanna show your mom how fast you can run an already easy hive. Sure, I understand sometimes you gotta run past a warrior and just make it, but cmon guys.

    3.) Speedrunners part 2. If you're going to speedrun, at the very least know wtf you're doing. Way too many times I've played games where someone wants to go fast, yet doesn't stand on points, when they grab the pole they instantly roll or sprint, they never know where to be, etc. If you're going to speedrun, at the very least know where you're going and what you're doing. Otherwise, you just look like a derp.

    4.) Melee players, listen I know the hive can be a challenge for you. I really do understand. That being said, pick a freaking spot and stand there. When you start zipping around just swinging at everything that moves, yeah, surprise, you're going to get friendly fired. Sometimes, charging isn't the best option, fancy that. Remember, there are ranged players trying to help you, but they can't even fire their weapons if you're in front of them because of all the movement. Pick a place, or a side of the hallway, or w/e, and stay there. Work with your team, not "in front" of them.

    5.) Ranged players, guys.....friendly fire is on, the news is out. Stop firing blindly at everything that moves. Stop being selfish. Sometimes you will have to give up that kill, or stop firing your weapon, so you don't shoot a teamate. Yes, you are expected to stop shooting and put yourself at risk, for the good of your team. Try to train that trigger finger will ya.

    6.) Careful of choosing a JPA/Raptor The way melee is set up in this hive, and the way the hive map is, a JPA/Raptor is just going to get eaten alive 90% of the time. Sure, go ahead and play around with it, but if you're trying to be serious then you're going to want to drop it.

    7.) Get on the points people. In that one room, there are 3 markers for "control points". Don't just run around the area killing stuff, when you do that I hate you. Plant your butt on one of the points so it caps faster, spread out over the three points so they all cap faster. Make sure you push "E" on the little control monitors to start taking the point, otherwise you're just standing there for no reason.

    8.) When you have the pole (and you'll know what I'm talking about in the last section of the hive), don't sprint, roll, hop, boost, jet, etc. Any of those actions and you drop the pole wherever you were standing. Grab the pole from the point, and walk it to where it needs to go. Make sure your team doesn't sprint ahead of you.

    9.) Some parts of the hive the enemies don't stop coming at you. Experience will help you find out when this is (or other players will help you). Keep freaking moving and don't stop to kill everything in the area. If you do, you're screwing over your team and yourself.

    10.) If you're a "healer" class, for the love of jeesuz heal. It's your job to pick people up because you do it faster and better. Stop chopping/shooting bad guys for 10 seconds and pick up your teamate. Losing one teamate for a sector can be a death sentence at times. Your meds are more important than your gun.

    11.) If you see a teamate down, obviously try to pick them up. If you see someone going to pick a teamate up COVER THEM. The bugs in the hive love to surround a downed player and kick them while they are down. If they do that, then no one can get through the bugs to pick up the friendly player. If they do pick up the friendly player, he's just going to get killed by the 10 bugs around him when he stands up. If someone is down, let the healer (or whoever) go pick them up while you clear out the baddies and cover them in their moment of weakness.

    12.) You're a team guys, act like it.

    I'll add more if I think of any.
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  7. Tip for the first purging room: Stay in the room with the sector locks. Nids won't enter and will not attack, just stand being harmless as if they don't have a Synapse around them.
    I don't know if it works for the other rooms though.
  8. Elemir Swiftblade Warriant Arkhona Vanguard

    Team mates love to just run infront of the heavy's(Dark Reapers, Devastators/Havocs).

    Stop that

    actually really just stop running infront of everyone for that matter.

    If there is a place that you need to hold out at, let the heavy or a melee supported by a healer hold the choke point, everyone else try to kill as many as you can before they get to the choke point. Heavy's have enough ammo to hold off 8 nids, a bolter doesn't nor will flailing with a combat knife.

    Do not attempt to get someone up unless you are a healer ESPECIALLY mid swarm. All that accomplishes is you being locked in animation, taking damage and the person you picked up being instantly killed by leaping nids.

    Seriously people, stop running infront of each other.
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  9. -VI-Alerius Alerius Active Member

    Optimal setup in my opinion is 2 Tacs (stormbolter/plasma), 2 Dev (HB ftw), 1 Apo (Bolter).

    In the room with the 3 triggers: One HB on the first point covering most of the area + one back up (one nid spawns outside his cone of fire), one guy on the second point below point one and the other two at the thrid point.

    Overall: One Dev in the front + Tac, then Apo in the middle, and Tac + Dev at the back. The two at the back have to constantly switch their stances: run, stand + provide covering fire for the other one moving up, repeat.

    And the most important part: don't run around like a chicken (mostly the melee players...), mind the cone of fire (your own and the one of your teammates). Move as one - fight as one.
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  10. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    General rule for having melee teammates- if there's 3 or fewer gaunts on them, don't shoot. They may take some damage before the gaunts are down, but chances are, it'll be less than they'd take if you started shooting into melee. If there's four or more, pick targets that are closing but not actually in melee range, yet.
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