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PVE Suvival / Horde Mode Guide

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by HuggyDeathBunny, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Right so many of you might turn your nose up in disgust at the mention of PvE over PvP, but, its fun I tell you! Plus quite frankly the fastest and most effective way to power level grind that XP. In around 10mins of play you can get 15000XP. Failed runs can get you 5-8000XP easily. And if you are an Apo, you can "cheat" with a well placed heal nade into everybody if they all about to die....and you can get as much as 100 resses at 30xp a pop (auto res then killed before fully ressed, its almost funny if it wasnt so depressing heheh).


    So lets talk Tyranid Survival mode known in game as Horde(not raid/lair). You can find this mode by clicking WORLD MAP, then in the middle on the right is a Tyranid Icon, click that then queue for the right hand option HORDE. You have a HARD mode and NORMAL mode option that is chosen by the leader. Difference being that they take more shots to kill onHARD, there appears to be about 50% more of them per wave, the Warrior appears earlier and you get DOUBLE the XP.

    First off, even though Steam has achievements for completing this with a full team of Apos/full team Assaults/full team Devs....this is barely possible and only by a really experienced group of guys, in fact I'm honestly not sure how to do it with only Assaults. But this is for later lamentations!

    It bares saying at this point that most of this guide is effectively used in defense mode in PvP as well.

    Stay. To. Gether.

    I dont care how incredibly good you THINK you are, nothing is going to save you from a swarm if your'e all alone! These things come from all angles and will suprise you.

    Choose your defence location wisely

    Each of the three survival maps has 2 spots that are do-able as last stand (only stand!) defense locations. Basically you want to limit attacks to a singular incoming direction, at worst two. Unlike in PvP, you dont need to worry about being naded if you are in a tight group.

    All maps you can make the lift your home, but the one with the multiple levels (the largest one) has a better spot on the 3rd floor to right. The other two the lift is in fact the best location as you have barriers tunneling them towards you, whereas the multi level one the lift entrance is wide open (images and sketches will be uploaded soon, or please help and send in your own!). More on this in Rule the Fourth.

    DONT use the closest ammo dump first!

    Here is what you are in for. Ten waves of INCREASINGLY NUMEROUS clawing beasties all intent on tearing your innards from your belly and wrapping them around themselves while they dance the night away to the sweet sweet tunes of Michael Bolton. Its true. My mom told me.

    So avoid using the nearest ammo dump until wave 9/10, why? Because you can actually make it up to 7 at least without needing to ammo up before the end of the wave.

    Then, when there is ONE Tyranid left....dont kill it! Wait for everybody to re-arm from the furthest dump and return to position before taking it out.

    Also on ammo, use your ammo packs on your Brothers early on, not yourself (and visa versa) so you get the extra XP boost. Just make sure you plan this ofc! hahah. We are here for the XP!

    Cover your angles, know your firing patterns and reload times

    Some major lessons here.

    Arrange your squad as follows >>>
    - Two major fire users (usually devs) on each extreme edge, firing cross over. ie the chap on the left covers right, crouched.
    - Assault/secondary fire in the middle and slightly in front just behind the intersecting fire lines of the two corner devs, crouched
    - Fourth man in the middle behind secondary fire, standing.
    - Apothecary in the rear, standing.


    Assault essentially tanks and draws heat, he RARELY kills anything except stragglers or bastards that sneak though. Secondary fire takes up when devs are reloading/heat cooldowns with Fourth man and Apothecary joining in as needed and endeavors to take down anything that gets close to the Assault that the devs arent seeing. THESE THREE only shoot then!

    **COMMON MISTAKE*** = OVERKILL! Ammo gets wasted and you'll find yourself overun while cooldowns/reloads are happening.

    Your devs should be able to position themselves in such a manner that the beasties are heading almost straight on towards them. Bit of a turkey shoot, fish in a barrel situation if you set this up right, but still challenging!



    You have 10 waves of these things with the final wave about halfway through spitting a Warrior out at you as well. The Warrior, if you haven't seen one, is a fucking huge bastard thing five times the size of any of the others and a has a health bar which I'd hazard is equivalent to at least 50 normal Tyranids. Oh and he said something about your mom. And a goat.

    - Get your squad loadouts sorted, an apothecary is not essential, but dammit can help if things go awry. Best success rate is Assault, two or three devs, Apothecary and standard AP Marine. Beam weapons work, sniper and AV do not. Everybody except the Apo carry Ammo Packs and AP nades.

    - Exit the lift and take your positions. Apothecary cast immediately your healing beacon, buff every Marine and take position rear. Reason for casting beacon early is so it can regenerate while still active on the ground and you can hurl one at a stray marine to res them if they fall off a ledge or hit melee and end up getting shot in the back of the skull.

    - Always shoot in burstss, watch your firing patterns and reloads. You should only find DEVS overheating in the later levels, this of course is when secondary units firing picks up.

    - Assault moves to intercept incoming, hold them and let the others kill them off. May seem boring at first, but wave end you are allowed to go nuts and finish the last ones. All by yourself! Also....the Warrior is all yours...Move back occasionally towards the Apo to get a healing buff, but mostly you are shield up and taking it hard baby.

    The first three waves you should not need to use Ammo crates.

    You will see at the top of your screen when there are 3 Tyranids left. This is when you all head out for the FURTHEST ammo dumps. Avoid killing the last one until all are ready.

    From wave 4/5 your DEVS will start to need to use their ammo packs. From around 8, the AP and Assault guys will want to give theirs to the DEVS when there is a lull. For 10, you will need to get moving.

    - In the early waves, you can start practicing pushing out. When the main hoard comes, you will not be able to move, later they scatter and you can all slowly move forward. This is essential for taking down the warrior, as you WILL need more ammo. If you comfortable, then hold position.

    - Apothecary needs to buff everybody every 30 seconds or so, just in case. If your healing nade runs out before end of wave, and you are not under it for emergency ranged resses.

    ****If somebody goes down, kill the TYRANID FIRST before getting him ressed. If you are down, only crawl TOWARDS your squad if nothing is on top of you. IF you are under attack by then, move AWAY from the group, and head to where the APO throws his healing nade for you. This way, your squad can clear the beasties around you without you then being ressed and instantly killed again, you also alleviate the pressure on your possibly soon to be overwhelmed squad as TYRANIDS attack the CLOSEST thing.****

    Wave 10

    When the warrior appears, if you haven't started pushing out, you're probably all screwed. Assault, now is truly your time to shine. Apo get your healing nade in the middle of an open area, Assault, you want to kite him around that nade. At this point everybody needs to ammo up FAST. Tyranid waves are STILL coming in, so deal with them first. Single DEV on the Warrior, everybody else on the waves.

    On the multi tier map, you have the easiest time, as you can just all drop off to the lower level, and head to the lift. This spreads the wave out and gives you time to not be swarmed.

    On the level that the lift exit is raised a little and there are lots of fire pits around, you will have a tough time. You want to move to the first staircase heading down left, cover each other while reloading, then move to the upper terrace and slowly circle around as a group. I personally havent finished that level, but nearly did! With that tactic. Suggestions welcome!

    The level where the lift opens into a broad area is also pretty easy. You can take turns running to the ammo dump which is metres away while the other sustain covering fire, obviously healy nade goes in the MIDDLE, not on the ammo dump as you get healed when picking up ammo. The Warrior is easiest here too as the Assault can kite him in circles right in front of you, and nobody really needs to move.


    Noye, this is a guide, not a hard and fast fixed set of rules. For example, a variant that works on all maps, is to have a DEV brace on one of the walls that allows him sight down the incoming peripheral spawn avenue, your Apo or the Secondary Fire squad member then crouches immediately next to them and stops anything from sneaking up on him.

    TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Feel free to upload some too with suggested positioning and thoughts on tactics!

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  2. The Warrior goes for the closest player OR the one who's agroing it the most. So I'm not entirely sure how you imagine kiting it as Assault while other players shoot it, the Warrior WILL go for them.

    This can be used to our adventage as Tacticals w/ melta bombs. By provoking the Warrior into going after oneself before melta bombing it, teamkills can be avoided more easily.
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  3. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Some good tips for Horde Mode:

    -Do not bring AOE weapons unless you are really good.
    -Do not bring medikit, you'll have a medic. If you got the points bring an ammo pack.
    -Have one healer class with a heal spell. Healy beacons are a must.
    -Have at least two heavy weapons.
    -If you bring a Tactical, don't use the regular crappy bolter or storm bolter. They chew through ammo too fast and are not that useful when there are heavy bolters around. A heavy bolter dev is always better.
    -Always bring a servo skull. Do not bring more than one Tactical.
    -If your team is very good, bring a plasma gun or grav gun and melta bomb second tactical or a Power fist / shield assault. But this is for expert teams only.
    -If you are LSM, bring at least one Grav weapon. It slows the gaunts down and lets the heavy bolters take them down with more time.
    -Beware grenades. The hitboxing is very bad in this game. They will fly back at you, be stopped by the marine standing next to you, and so on.
    -Do not jump in front of the heavy weapons guy, especially if you are an Eldar.
  4. Here's one more tip - NEVER stand directly behind and to the right of crouched devastator. You'll block his camera and make his aiming very hard.
  5. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    And for GOD'S SAKE, STOP DANCING in front of the Heavies, guys.

    I know that dancing is the norm in PVP. You move or you die and if you block someone's shot, no biggie, they are moving as well.


    If you block the heavy weapon, he cannot keep the gaunt swarm from getting close and chomping on all of you. Which they WILL. I know that dancing is the way of the game, that you have to jump in front of firing heavy weapons or you are a sissie.

    But if you want to have ANY chance of winning PVE games, then please don't do that in PVE. Lair is a bit easier with a good team who have clue how to play it but you will still get TKed by accident if you do not watch where you are going. If you bring melee into Horde mode and start dancing back and forth in the line of fire, you will be LUCKY if your allies shoot you repeatedly. They probably do not want to. Not everyone knows how to vote kick but they will figure it out.

    Play as a team, know your role, fight as a team and you can win. Don't and you are lunch. Simple as that.

    And... I hate to say it? But your dancing really sucks. I don't think the Tyranids are very impressed.
  6. As a guy who anchors the team as a Hvy Bolter 95% of my horde fights, lets make sure we're clear: If you get in my line of fire and start dancing, you get ONE warning, unless its obvious your melee swing carried you into my lane or some other equally obvious justification. After that, and ESPECIALLY after wave 5-6, the rounds I use on you are a SMALL price to pay for ensuring we all make it to the end... Because at that point not only aren't you in my way but because you're crawling back to us you're giving me the chance to do some high-velocity scraping of bugs off of you.

    One other pro-tip, and I'm seeing this VERY frequently in the Devastator crowd. When its down to the last 1-3 bugs, if your non-Devs are confident they can kill those then jump into the lava/poison/whatever and suicide, especially if your team is posting up in the elevator. Yes you die, but you'll respawn at the start of the wave in the elevator, fully reloaded, and you didn't cost your team a supply box reload!
  7. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    Just make sure not EVERYONE does it at the same time. So embarrassing when that happens on wave 14...
  8. I agree. If we've decided to suicide-reload, we always appoint a "designated survivor" who does NOT suicide and just uses the boxes.

    More than any other mode, PvE (and especially Horde) requires communication and teamwork.

    Our typical 5-man loadout is two Devastators with Hvy. Bolters (both with ammo packs,) an Apothecary with Survival/Abiding vial and Apothecarian/Abiding Beacon, a Tactical with Double Ammo and a close-range bolter, and then somebody to handle the Warriors (lately we've been playing with Grav weaponry.) All/Most of us are in the same discord channel giving periodic ammo counts, calling for the Tactical to sweep/flush out the strays and/or resupply, etc.
  9. Like THIS. Don't be this guy...

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