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PvE rewards could use some tweaking

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Hungarian_Patriot, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. And I'm not talking only about the fact that unless completed (won't happen often w/ random teams), the rewards of lair mode are laughable. In my experience, horde mode gives as much as a completed lair, with a fraction of the effort required. But what really grinds my gears is that while support actions give additional XP, killing the 'nids does not. I assume that the reason for this is that the devs do not want players to priorize making kills over playing the objective, but this too, is unfair.

    Support is needed, but the people who win the game are still the ones who shoot. Just today, a Warrior w/ venom cannon caught my team in the open and ventillated everyone but me. I killed it from full HP all alone, with 3 melta bombs, and what did I get for it? Nothing, other than a pat on the back from my team. As a Devastator, I make as much kills as the two guys after me put together in horde, what do I get? Nothing. The Apothecary on the other hand, swims in XP he gets for healing.

    This brings about another issue. Players who contribute nothing also get their "fair" share from the rewards. An example, in a horde game we had a pacifist Devastator who refused to shoot the 'nids unless he was threatened directly. We also missed a player, so it was 3 of us VS the horde. We managed to make it to wave 10, the Warrior pwned us as usual, and then this parasite who hid in a corner and had 24 kills in the whole game got exactly the same amount of XP as I with over 200 kills. How is this fair?

    There must be a way to reward individual performance and punish wanton idiotism without encouraging glory hounding, right? We should take a look at the most important things in teamplay:
    -sticking together
    -watching each other's backs
    -not blocking each other's fire
    -playing the objective

    In Left 4 Dead 2, the game detects if a player saves another from being hit by a zombie, by shooting the zombie just as it's about strike. PvE could use a similar system, and related XP rewards. People who walk into the fire of someone else should be punished. Say, if a player was holding the trigger for at least one sec and not changed his aiming direction, and someone walks into his fire, the offender should get an XP penalty. That should hurt moronic ground/jump assaults who try to steal kills from a heavy weapons character by rushing in front of them. And finally, players should get like 1 xp/sec for staying in the capture circle in Lairs.

    I assume that the biggest problem with giving XP for kills is that some people would rather kill stuff instead of going to the safe rooms or objectives. If the time runs out, or if the palyer gets killed himself, then this is detrimental to the success of the mission. To prevent this, XP for kills / headshots / whatever else should be awarded only AFTER securing an objective. What I mean is that if there are objectives A and B and C, then the XP for kills between A and B should be awarded only after B is secured. XP for the kills between B and C should be awarded only after C is secured, and so on. If the objective is failed, the XP for the kills and related actions should be null and void.
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  2. I'd like to see tweaking to stop incentivising hard mode waves with the intent of dying on the warrior as the way to optimise xp collection. I like the other mode but its a ghost town.
  3. PVE rewards should include character titles as well as exclusive weapon, armour and banner skins that are exclusive to PVE. I.e. You must do X, Y and Z to to unlock a special title that can only be attained via PVE. Or you must complete A, B, C and D as an Apothecary or Wolf Priest to unlock Mark II Apothecary helm. Complete X mode successfully 10 times to unlock special PVE gauntlets. Revive 50 players during PVE unlocks special title and a special skin.
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  4. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    you get double XP from hard mode. if you actually complete a lair its fine xp.
  5. Ultima75000 Ultima75000 First Blood!

    PvE is just boring right now. Honestly after playing a bit the Tyranids just don't feel interesting to fight against. Especially in melee. I feel like I do more in melee in L4D2.

    Don't get me wrong I'd love more rewards for PvE but I want to have fun doing and feel like I put in some good effort. Right now the nids feel like cardboard cutout zombies.

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