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PvE not attractive to players?

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Skarbrand, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    Until the Power Klaw gits fixed, there might not be much interest in putting orc sweat into lairs....
  2. Deyz got nuthin' on me hat.
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  3. PhilosAzel Philos Ordinate


    Its a shallow game mode with copy and paste objective and environments. Also the Nid's have horrible animations imo, and looks kinda janky. There is also the lack of rewards, feeling of accomplishment. I think it would be much cooler if it were in a large map, not bunch of narrow hallways, ect.
  4. It just feels like the areas are to large in the PvE instances. It needs the dark, claustrophobic environment with water dripping chains ratting and sounds of distant machinery working, creatures not appearing from the exact same position next to the ground every match (place covered ledges that they appear on and then leap at the players from. They should seriously look at the original Aliens vs Predator game, specifically the Colonial Marine campaign for a killer example of how the environmental effects and sounds should be played.

    Using the pipes instead of the hallways would be a good addition as well. Have the players going through the sewer system beneath a Fortress to keep the Tyranid population in check so they do not attack the Fortress.
  5. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    The rewards suck. If you fail you basically get nothing and it becomes a huge waste of time. Hard mode is EXTREMELY unrewarding and is annoyingly difficult if you do not have a power fist or equivalent for other factions. This entire game is about cheese in all aspects. Its not even about being good its about cheesing the hell out of w/e the map/meta is and abusing it to the point of borderline exploit.

    Melee is retarded in this game period. Its broken in every aspect of this game and it still shows in PvE. You can just swing away wildly and tank the bosses and basically 2 shot him if you have power fist.

    There is only 1 map and you can't really just "play what you want". You have to play the meta or else you end up doing zero damage.

    But overall, ya, just unrewarding and not a whole lot of creativity put into it. Waiting for Deathwing. :<
  6. dhellfox dhellfox Steam Early Access

    yep that sums up pve and the main reason its almost dead outside LSM
  7. You get zero xp from killing nids', zero. So you spend a bunch of time beating a lair and then you get like 3000 xp? You fight the same three or four (generous) types of monsters? Through the same recycled environments? It sucks. Not worth it.

    Like Smiling death said, Lack of worthwhile rewards, both exp and requisition points and loot.

    Lack of common voice comms for most players, makes it difficult to be organised.

    Massively repetitive to the point it is mind numbing.
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  8. DiscoJacen DiscoJacen Well-Known Member

    Coz to give a crap, there would actually need to be CONTENT in that mode.

    1 map, 2 enemies requiring a full group and a long wait to play for average/low rewards?

    Yeah no.
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  9. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Boring and not rewarding imo, atleast in Tf2's Co-op vs AI mode you get special weaponry and hats.
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  10. Cath Cath Arkhona Vanguard

    Lets say it staight, PvE in EC should be what Deathwing is, but Deathwing is pure PvE game so its obvious that it is better at this aspect. Problem to me is what is a reason to spend precious resources for secondary mode of game which never will be as good as Deathwing seems to be?
    Seriously if there will be no other reason like connection to PvP campaign i will just switch to Deathwing for PvE experience.

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