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PvE not attractive to players?

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Skarbrand, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. PvE, like a lot of things in this game, to me is a foundation which is not nearly complete enough to really enjoy. There's too much wrong with it now (cap'd xp, repetitive play, formula running, etc) that makes it unappealing for now. It' just one of those things that I'm keeping my eyes on and waiting to see how it will develop. Hopefully in a few months it'll be something worth running.
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  2. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    Copy paste deathwing....done...
    Convert PVE to space marine's Last stand for now....Done....
    Increase rewards to something relevant... Done
    Make an actual queue that you know what's happening...if the guy is connected..if you are waiting for a player...or a player to ready.

    Also...some kind of information on to WHY? are you there and what are you doing there?Maybe
  3. DoomJester DoomJester Arkhona Vanguard

    Heretic!!! There is no need for a reason to kill the xenos! And if you are xenos too, you still want to kill the! They are the horde of detestable cockroaches who wish to eat everything, purge them all!

    Though yes, last stand ish would be fun, issue being lack of diversity and player power, we are not all captains, farseers, mekboyz and sorc....potent, sorcerers.
  4. I personally don't play PvE that much due to the simple fact that the usual PVE mission will take me 10+ minutes and grant me <2000 xp, which I could earn within 5 minutes of a PVE match,
  5. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    I usually don't queue for PvE because:
    • There is almost always 0 players in the queue, meaning a long wait time.
    • There are always problems in the lobby with waiting for players.
    • The "you have been kicked for inactivity" when the game starts bug after waiting for so long.
    • Warriors decimate 90% of random groups because the conditions and equipment to beat them without blowing up your team mates are so specific.
    • The alternate strategy to fighting a warrior is to run away or just avoid it while it pointlessly shoots at a team mate in cover. I despise this "run away" strategy. It rips away all the possible challenge to be had and I don't really find trying to escape all that exciting.
    Things that would probably make me queue for PvE a lot more, if not all the time:
    • An estimated queue time instead of number of players in the queue shown.
    • Clean game starts every time without people crashing on load screens or inactivity kick bugs.
    • The ability to mess around in the starting zone while waiting for players to join (there's a loadout change terminal anyway. The starting screen is pointless).
    • Warrior balancing. Reduce the canyon of effectiveness of certain equipment against them compared to others. Primary example is the power fist, which can 3-shot a warrior. Every other melee weapon has to hack away for a few minutes to get the warrior down. This makes power fists pretty much mandatory (even 2 right now, to ensure one of them can hit the warrior). Possibly lower the warriors weapon-weight slightly. Currently he just smashes through anything that's not a power fist in seconds.
    • Remove "run-away" as a viable strategy and focus the experience on overcoming challenges as a team.
    Long-term considerations I would like to see:
    • Boss fights. This is definitely, in my opinion, one of the greatest things about all good PvE experiences. It would be amazing to have to fight a carnifex or possibly even a zoanthrope using psychic powers. Good boss fights involve avoidable hazards that require player skill and learning to conquer.
    • Biovores: could feature in a large open area with a gauntlet-type running area, where you have to avoid incoming spores and destroy the biovores when you get close enough.
    • Gargoyles: flying overhead in an open-topped area. Shoot them down or take cover from their gunfire.
    • Rippers: Terrifying waves of tiny flimsy rippers. Best dealt with by high RoF weapons and explosives.
    • Raveners: Could feature in a sandy open area and "burrow" around with some graphical effect as they burrow underground. Avoid them as they burst out of the ground and battle them after they emerge. Maybe you have to battle a hit-and-run ravener a few times before finally killing it in a final encounter.
    • Lictors: Could operate similar to Left-4-dead and Vermintide units, where it emerges from the shadows to attack lone party members and trap them in an attack, requiring team mates to arrive and damage the Lictor to make it retreat. Reward team play. Punish solo players.
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  6. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    1) Agreed, need more people playing to make it worth while
    2) FAR too often, yes. Haven't had the bug with the door not opening and everyone not able to do anything but quit recently. Maybe fixed? We can HOPE.
    3) That is fixed. THANK GOD.
    4) Agreed. Warriors as they are are simply too powerful for @80% of PUGs and the 20% usually lack communication so they often fail as well.
    5) Agreed. Running away is not my favorite tactic either.

    That said, I get far less lag in PVE games and I crash far less often.

    We can hope for more maps, more enemy types, more everything. As it is, this is a foundation with little built up around it so I can totally understand people getting bored with it. For me? PVP sucks due to lag and broken mechanics/exploits. So, I only play PVE or with my guild where we can use teamwork to counter the exploits.

    I want more enemies as well. Opening a door and coming face to face with a wall of Spore Mines would be a hard counter for those who like to run off and leave the group.
  7. True, I'd forgotten the exception of the TOVL weapons - they were very nice indeed, unless you happened to have a Sovereign weapon (I didn't). Still, I think Mythic's logic there was that TOVL wasn't pure PvE, and so it was justifiable to slip in gear that was practically equivalent to the second to highest PvP armour available in terms of stats, if not necessarily in terms of bonuses - that was very heavily class dependent, IIRC.

    TOVL was its own screwup, though. The concept of the zone was great, and worked very well. The world boss PQ was actually a lot of fun. The concept of the TOVL dungeon was also great, just utterly borked in execution. An invadable PvE instance looks good on paper, but the way Mythic actually did it was a griefer's charter for lone players to duck in and try to disrupt a run, forcing the people on the run to sit on their arses for 30 minutes or risk being kicked from the dungeon if they wiped. And wiping in TOVL was remarkably easy to do what with bosses and mobs that would bug out in various unique and interesting ways and a number of very unforgiving timers on the boss fights.

    The balancing was also a little horrific for anyone going in there without existing TOVL gear. I do have some sympathy for Mythic on that point, because they were moving people effectively over a tier up in gear stats from TOVL drops and so they aimed for a balancing point that would be challenging for people with some pieces of TOVL gear...but Tzeentch almighty, that was a horrible entry level to have to smack your head against even if your group had full Lost Vale sets.

    Return of Reckoning is an awesome project, and one I've supported very briefly in a non-technie way.
  8. Elohim Elohim First Blood!

    Pve before needed for balance a strong faction and let them losing territory need taking back from tyranids......but actually is totally useless doing a frustrating run for nothing.
  9. I hear that there is an XP cap for PVE which is 1000

    = Fuck that, when i can get like 5k-ish xp off pvp in most matches
  10. dhellfox dhellfox Steam Early Access

    its been changed to 3k on a win now on normal medics can get up to 5 if played right

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