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PvE Lair V2.0 - Narration and Atmosphere

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by DrDooManiC, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    This game needs more purpose and story. Period. They slapped this game together from the scraps of what was salvaged from the original MMO concept by the initial dev team.

    Now that its out and is trying to make its way in the gamer market its found that it can't hold player's attention or interest. Bugs and opimization aside, the game has no feel or story to it. There is no purpose to anything other than to just shoot some stuff. Fair enough, but many games do that MUCH better than this one.

    Slapping on some half-assed written campaign text wasn't really a step in the right direction either. We get that we're fighting on this planet. What we have no idea of is WHY we are doing it. What's the purpose?

    In Planetside 1 and 2 the goal was to lock planets to gain control over mining operations (more or less). You were 3 factions vying for power and control much like in this game. However the fights had a lot more purpose and you got benefits for locking a continent/planet.

    Planetside 2 sadly doesn't do this nearly as well but at least the feature is there. Planetside 1 was awesome with this as some days you would log on and your favourite planet would be locked and you'd be forced to fight somewhere you didn't like.

    Going back to PvE and Lair game mode, there's no real purpose or point to it. You don't get anything special like they promised you would get (mods, wargear, etc) and the whole event is boring and dumb. There's no last boss really just a warrior that shows up once in awhile and you never seem to purge the xenos.

    They really need to stop and think what they're doing and why they're doing it rather than just willy nilly throwing shit in all the time.
  2. Things they have mentioned in the last few twitch streams:
    • Now that the campaign framework is live (and the performance bottleneck that delayed it is resolved), they can include PVE goals in the campaigns.
    • Veteran loadouts in PVE are coming
    • Q: "Will we see a boss mode for PVE?" Nathan's answer was, "Yes."
    • Multiple mentions of PVE-specific rewards.
    • The "why" behind the fighting apparently begins with 13 short stories on the website, written by prominent GW writer(s). (? who knew ?) Found it:
  3. VexusH VexusH Recruit

    Great idea. 10/10.
  4. Robertson rhoomba Preacher

    Love this idea. Would be overwhelmingly happy to see this kind of idea stretched to the other game modes as well. DON'T LOOK AWAY DEVS!!!

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