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PvE Lair V2.0 - Narration and Atmosphere

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by DrDooManiC, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Nasher Nasher Firebrand

  2. Azrakhai Exosus Arkhona Vanguard

    I definitely like the idea! good job.

    In terms of Atmosphere I would definitely like to see the lairs become more...ominous?
    I would feel a lot more immersed if while me and the other Marines are walking through halls, the lights are out, you can hear the sounds of Tyranids moving around, shrieking in the distance etc.

    It's a bit too bright and..."normal" in my opinion.
    We're fighting against terrifying space locusts that want to not only kill us, but consume us and all organic life in the universe.

    Make me feel terrified to be in this Lair, fighting for survival.
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  3. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    This is an EXCELLENT idea! As it is, the Lair mode is honestly too bland for me to even want to try out. This version would definitely get me to play it more often, especially if you might rarely find strange crates along the way with bonus stuff in it (translates to additional XP/Req Points/RTC/rare cosmetic option). Another thing that should be up on the Feature Requests page!
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  4. As far as narration goes, an idea like this could be applied all across the board. This idea is spectacular, and it makes me wonder how more narration could be applied to even multiplayer matches (If Chaos defenders win, a scene with reinforcements pouring out of a portal for example).
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  5. Man, keep all them good ideas flowing Guys! I wasn't even aware how much more you could implement!
    I try to collect this all together before posting it on the request-board (Of course with mentioning you all)
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  6. Azrakhai Exosus Arkhona Vanguard

    Also just while I remember, I do enjoy the idea of Cutscenes.
    Not just for PVE but PVP as well.

    I remember back when I played the Killzone 3 Beta, during the Operations game mode there was actual in game cutscenes involving the players themselves.

    For example during the Intro you would see Helghast players setting up in defensive positions while ISA players were flying in on their transports (Can't bloody remember the name of those things) and after completing objectives it would show a cutscene of the Squad actually doing them i.e setting a demo charge on a door before taking cover to blow it up.

    Have an intro where the 5 Marines (and equivalents) are standing at the doorway to the lair as it opens up for example.

    So I would definitely add in cutscenes to your feature request and possibly add that it could be done for pvp as well. (or we could possibly add in the PVP cutscenes in a separate request)

    [Edit : Currently there seems to be no feature requests involving cutscenes so definitely would be a first. Would be willing to set 1 up for pvp cutscenes if we'd prefer to keep yours strictly related to pve]

    Video of the cutscenes for visual reference.

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  7. Dan3D Member

    To fix all current Lair is rename the fuel cell.
    That fuel cell should be named "Gene-seed" then it made a sense.

    "Bring back Gene-seed before it drain out or you were dishonour"

    For Eldar, Soulstone...
    For Ork, keep it a fuel cell... it is useable for ork. Battery for Stompa? Heh
    For Chao, same as Loyal but replace the plot.
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  8. Elifas Elifas Curator

    @Oveur IT IS TOTALY REASONABLE and propperly written
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  9. Hope that aint sarcasm? o_O If so, tell me where did i go wrong?
  10. Kriegson Kriegson Subordinate

    ..Mekboy gubbinz/ded flashy loot. Da boss told dem lads ta go back an get his mekboyz gubbinz or dey heard bout sum flash loot in dere could be turn'inta sum ded killy choppas an shootas.

    Looting is a good enough excuse for orkz.


    I'd like to see secondary/bonus objectives for more rewards, they would also be a good opportunity for storytelling in our quasi-space hulk mode. Wondering if it would be possible to code in a kind of nid attack on standard PVP maps to help keep matches rolling or help underpop factions.

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