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PvE Lair V2.0 - Narration and Atmosphere

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by DrDooManiC, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Honestly, if you think about the mission "Lair" itself...

    1) 5 Adeptus Astartes, battle-trained Veterans that are totally needed in the War of Arkhona, come together, to purge Xenos - Awesome
    2) Those five Astartes walk through room after room, purging Xenox - reasonable
    3) After a while they get a Fuel-cell and bring it to an Elevator - Huh?
    4) ... and escape with said Elevator out of the Complex

    As totally visible at the end of the Mission, the Tyranids are not purged, endless streams threaten you and you have to escape! It looks even worse then before!
    So either the mission is a Failure, all the time and you get rewarded for said failure, or the Objective was to get that elevator working again...?

    And this is exactly what i dislike with Behaviour. The lack of story, reason and so on. Wanna know how a real Lair should look like? I got a suggestion:

    The Tyranid Thread is becoming more dangerous. Codex Astartes would recommend to purge the whole underground-complex from enemies. As they need their Forces on the surface to fight of the other races though, they had to come up with a special plan. Send a small Kill-team, bring em to the center of the infestation and plant a Bomb OR overclock a reactor to destroy the Brood-pools that spawn all those gaunts. Part of that Killteam are you.

    Required Effort: A new picture of your faction leader, and some text. Easy as can be

    At the beginning of the mission, you and your killteam are lowered on an Elevator. During that, you get a quick briefing like "We located the Broodnest deep within the complex. Fight your way forward and purge the Xenos" Something as simple as "You are now on your own Brothers. Failure is inacceptable. The Emperor protects!" audible over the vox at the end would allready make for a better Atmosphere.

    The first few rooms are quite like they are now. You kill Tyranids and try to stay alive. But instead of a door that magically opens itself after the Tyranid-Counter goes down, You have to throw a capture key (Doesn't have to come from a tactical) into the door control, and have a progress bar now. (Delete the matchtimer btw) So, you have to stay alive until the Hack is completed and the door opens, Tyranids won't stop spawning until you close of the door behind you. A Tyranid gets stuck in the pipe again? Lucky for you, no longer game-ending, as you don't have to kill off all of them. When you get behind the door, the Room is completed.

    Next room, First off, delete the matchtimer. If matches take too long, spawn more or tougher nids to end matches in a natural way. And if some marines really won't go down, throw an extra Warrior or even two into the mix. However, if the Marines don't just stall, the real game begins. Instead of jet again points that need to be hacked, make a long corridor, that is blocked of by rubble, Tyranid-tentacles and catapillary towers (hope you know what i mean) or other obstacles that need to be cleared. Immidiatly you stand before the question "Shall i send more dudes to clear the path before us, or more to the back to defend us?" Make it into a easy maze, but every wrong turn you take, costs you time. Not from the matchtimer, but the longer you take, the more big fellas show up and try to kill you. After you reached the other end, door closes, safe again.

    Next room. The "kill to not die" room. This is the heart of the Complex, the Brood-nest or whatever is here, and you have to plant the explosive you carry around, or you set a reactor to overdrive. Tyranids attack constantly, you have to get in quick, and get out as fast as possible. Speed is key here. Once behind a door, saefty.

    Looky here, from now on we have a matchtimer! And ticks down constantly! When it reaches zero, giant explosion, cause, you know, you blew the complex up. Now the timer makes sense, and with some visual fire and boom it suddenly makes sense why the mission ends if the timer reaches 0.

    Allright, escape is the name of the game now. There is a supply-elevator, but the powercell is missing (sounds familiar?) Auspex tells you over com, a Xeno has consumed the cell and is nearby. Mission: Find it, kill it, restore the cell. Thing is, a Ranged Warrior has the cell. And he seems to be the only one who tries to evade combat. Of course, other Tyranids, a little pissed because of the bomb you planted in their nest, also try to attack you. Once the warrior is killed, the cell in it's place, the Elevator goes up and you have time left, your Mission control congratulates you to a succesfull mission. Fade out to black.

    Cutscene. Be it as simple as it has to be, but you see a Building blowing up, fire spewing out of corridors and you get a "You are awesome" screen + extra XP

    This extra Details, this extra love, some vox-com transmissions, some pictures, some Explanation, call it what you want, but this would add a whole new layer off atmosphere. You would suddenly feel a purpose behind the Lair-Matches, instead of the now verry dry, somewhat confusing mission we have now. No more "Stand here, kill everything, magic door goes up!" excuses, but actuall... plot! Of course, fill in faction relevant voice-coms or explanations, but you get what i meant with the Astartes example, or?

    What do you think?
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  2. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

  4. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    Um, Read Or Get The Fuck Out? Nice
  5. Thats Sad, Regretting OverwhelminGly To Force On (yeah, i forgott the Y for you)

    I mean... before posting TL;DR, don't post anything at all?
    Forum is for discussing

  6. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of transporting a bomb, setting it up and then having to escape.

    If the mission lacks a time limit until the bomb is placed, then the bomb could slow the carrier like the power cell does. It would force players to have to cover the carrier and prevent trying to run through corridors and avoiding combat.
  7. CMDante CMDante Arkhona Vanguard

    I am actually inclined to agree with you, lair modes are completely underwhelming in terms of gameplay, rewards and 'feel'
  8. ! THANKS !
    Even if you would have said "Omg, diz suckz!" i would be okay with it, but please... if it's TL so you DR, don't say anything at all. I may have overreacted here, im honestly sorry, but don't... do that again, please :D
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    I'm gonna.
  10. ZkullCrusha Murd3rDoll Steam Early Access

    I'd really enjoy a mission like that :)

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